Ornament Storage Ideas: How to Store Your Ornaments for Years?


Last updated: Nov 19, 2021

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Ornament Storage Ideas: How to Store Your Ornaments for Years?

How to keep your Christmas ornaments so that they will last for years? Here are some ornament storage ideas to get you inspired!

Christmas is just around the corner! It's time we stepped on the gear and cook up a beautiful Christmas tree to get on the holiday spirit. But, what to do when you're all done with the ornaments and decorative pieces? Do you just throw them all away?

In this article, Gossby will give you some fantastic suggestions on ornament storage ideas to keep them in mint condition forever!

What is The Best Way to Store Your Ornaments?

Ready for now? Below, you’re about to discover 7 ways to organize your Christmas ornaments. They’re easy to follow, trust!

03 Easy DIY Ornaments Storage Ideas

1. Use Boxes You Already Have

Already have extra plastic containers lying around the house or garage, you may use them to store ornaments then. All you need to do is to create layers & dividers to separate your ornaments.

Other decorations can also be used as layers within plastic boxes. Using protective materials to wrap ornaments and arrange them in a single layer at the bottom of boxes. Add another layer of wrapped ornaments on top of a soft decoration, such as a tree skirt or stockings.

2. Use Egg Cartons

It sounds strange? No! many people love to store their Christmas ornaments by using egg cartons. You just simply put the cartons at the bottom of a storage box & fill them up (this method works best with small ornaments).

Then, lid & stack another one (I mean egg cartons) or lightweight decor items on top.

ornament storage ideas using egg cartons
Store Ornaments by Using Egg Cartons (Source: Ulleo)

3. Use Your Cups

This ornament storage idea is prevalent among DIYers as it's super easy to make with things you've already had (or can get at the lowest cost). The only thing you should know is that this way won't work well with large or odd-shaped ornaments because it leaves lots of unused space.

If you love this method, you need a hot glue gun, a box, cardboard as well as plastic drink cups. First, cut the cardboard into pieces (make sure they will fit inside the storage box). Use the gun to glue the bottom of the cups to the cardboard & let it dry.

Next, fill one of the cardboard pieces with cups with decorations and place it in the box. Fill in the gaps with bead strings and lightweight, non-breakable embellishments. Continue stacking and filling layers until your box is filled. To ensure that the following layer has a level surface to rest on, avoid overfilling each layer.
banner personalized christmas ornaments

03 Most Convenient Ornament Storage Ideas (Not DIY)

The DIY method is great but I know that not all of us will have enough time to do it. So an alternative way is to purchase storage boxes and then, all you need to do is just put your Christmas ornaments into them.

1. Drop-in Ornament Bins

If you want to store your ornaments (even with other decorations) in one place, a storage bin will be what you need. It may also be stored within the container store's weather-tight plastic containers for further security. When it comes to these delicate little guys, it's better to be cautious than sorry.

Using Drop-in Ornament Bins to Store Ornament
Use Drop-in Ornament Bins to Store Ornament (Source: The Container Store)

2. Tray Holiday Ornament Storage

Because of the extra-long straps, this container also works as a tote, allowing you to transport your decorations with greater convenience and prudence. It also makes it simpler to spread them out so you can see everything and have a plan of action while decorating the Christmas tree.

how to store Christmas ornament
Use Tray Holiday Ornament Storage (Source: Bed Bath & Beyond)

3. Farmhouse Ornament Storage Box

This ornament organizer makes storage fashionable with its elegant French country-style pinstripes. A transparent front also makes it simpler to discover certain decorations without having to open the entire box. Organizing rows by color is a fantastic technique, as demonstrated here. Furthermore, the zipper closure adds an added layer of security.

best way to store ornaments
Use Farmhouse Ornament Storage Box (Source: The Container Store)

How to Store Personalized Christmas Ornaments?

Don’t you know that you can find a diverse collection of personalized Christmas ornaments at Gossby? Once you browse an item, you will have many customizable options to decide what will be printed on the ornament.

But, how to store them?

Because the ornaments are all made of durable materials which are:

  • Aluminum ornaments

  • MDF/ Plastic ornaments

So, the way you store them will be so simple.

Just store them in a dry place, away from sharp objects. You can re-use holiday tin boxes as a storage option so you will have a reason to purchase more cookies and candies.

Bonus: What Personalized Christmas Ornaments You Can Find at Goosby?

Here are some awesome ornaments to give as personalized presents on Gossby: 

1. Family-themed Christmas Ornaments

Bringing love to your home is a great idea to celebrate Christmas this year with your family. With touching illustrations & messages printed on the ornaments, you will make the whole family burst into happy tears.

how to organize christmas ornaments
"Mother & Daughters Forever Linked Together" Ornament

2. Sister-themed Christmas Ornaments

Your sisters (also your besties) are the ones that you would love to share everything with. So, why not mark a memorable Christmas by giving them unique sister-themed ornaments that show them how much you love them.

ornament storage ideas at gossby
"Because Of You I Laugh A Little Harder Cry A Little Less And Smile A Lot More" Ornament

3. Pet-themed Christmas Ornaments

If your loved ones are pet lovers, they surely love this one-of-a-kind gift. With pet arts printed on the ornaments along with sweet quotes, you will make pet lovers smile ear to ear.

ornament storage
"Forever in My Heart" Ornament

4. Memorial Christmas Ornaments

Losing someone special in your life is the hardest thing in life. But don't you know, you may leave the world but not your heart. To keep the beautiful memories you've been through with them, you can make memorial ornaments and hang them on the Christmas tree.

store christmas ornaments
"I am Always with You" Ornament

If you’re looking for unique & heartfelt decor items for yourself or someone you love, claim the special “Deals & Offers” and find yourself the best one now!

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