Personalized Gifts Guide: How to Find The Perfect Custom Gifts for Every Occasion?


Last updated: Nov 17, 2021

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Personalized Gifts Guide: How to Find The Perfect Custom Gifts for Every Occasion?

Personalized gifts have completely revolutionized the gift-giving world. For so long, we've been overwhelmed by various products, all competing for the “best gift” title. Finding a present for someone has never been easier. But such mass-produced gifts don’t even begin to comprehend how you feel about the recipient. It’s the thought that counts. And what’s a better way to showcase your love and appreciation than a customized gift?

Let’s start with the basics!

What is a Personalized Gift?

Personalized gifts are gifts that are specifically tailored for a person based on their preference or characteristic. A customized gift often carries a person's name, picture, creative designs, or other elements that make the item unique and exclusive.

Why do personalized gifts work? We, as individuals, are “unique and untouched”. The same thing goes for our family, friends, and loved ones. When we make a gift with the recipient’s quirk, preference, and personality in mind, we’re celebrating what makes them special.

Add personal touches to create exclusive, meaningful presents!

It’s the textbook's perfect gift: unique and personal. Those are the values that the receiver will cherish for a long time. A prime example would be customizable gifts based on the recipient’s hobbies.

Say they’re a fan of afternoon tea or love to watch Netflix with a cup of hot chocolate in their hands, you can get them a personalized mug. So, every time they take a sip of their favorite drinks, they will think of you.

Why Personalized Gifts Are The Best Gifts?

Here are 5 reasons why customized gifts are simply the greatest:

#1 They’re Unique

A personalized gift will always be one step ahead of other gifts because they’re uniquely personal. Unlike mass-produced gifts that you can grab from the shop, personalized presents show creativity,  memories, and feelings. That’s what makes them special and stand out from the crowd.

#2 They Show How Much You Care

Another reason would be customized presents that display how much effort a person puts into surprising the ones they care about. They can just buy something from the store, but they choose not to and decide to go with a personalized gift instead.

It allows the personal connection to come shining through. In other words, a personalized product materializes the relationships and shares a special connection between the giver and the recipient.

Showcase your thoughts and undivided attention to the recipients with personalized gifts.

You may think to yourself: a gift is a gift. Well, not in this case. A personalized gift ascertains a connection, celebrates it, and strengthens it with time. Surely, you could not easily forget how beautiful your relationship is with someone.

The saying goes: "It's the thought that counts."  Customizing a gift showcases thoughts and more on the part of the giver.  Not only do they choose the product, but they also spend time personalizing it.  

#3 They Make The Recipient Feel Special 

Want to make someone feel special and important? Get them a personalized gift. Whenever a person has an item designed specifically for them, they inevitably start to feel special about themselves. People love that feeling. Everyone wants to feel the love and appreciation from their close ones. It’s a universal truth. 

When it comes to maintaining the exclusivity and closeness in a relationship, customized gifts just blow normal gifts right off the water. Say it’s a wedding,  Thanksgiving dinner, or a day in the week, custom gifts always win over people’s hearts. Anything which has been customized will be more appreciated than store-bought gifts.

#4 They Fit Every Occasion 

There’s not a single time of the year that personalized gifts don’t fit. They are universal. You can give customized presents to anybody on any occasion. No gender, age, or sex limits people from giving others personalized gifts.

You can always find such gifts for all kinds of occasions and all sorts of people. Whether it is a wedding, a birthday bash, or a family gathering, personalized products are a perfect gift any person would love to receive.

Give personalized gifts - no matter the occasion!

#5 They’re Easy To Make

Technology has made personalizing gifts much less of a hassle. People can now create custom presents for their friends and family, right from the comfort of their homes. There are online stores and digital distribution platforms that offer personalization services on many of their products. Plus, you don’t need to be an artist.

Most of the product design has been done. What’s left is adding personal touches based on the recipient’s quirk and reference. The whole process could take more than a few minutes. 

Where To Buy Personalized Gifts?

Shopping for personalized gifts has never been easier! There are tons of e-commerce websites providing personalization services. You can now tailor a unique gift from your vision without ever leaving the door.

However, be careful whenever you’re shopping online. Digital scams and identity theft are two of the most common threats in the virtual world. Choose secure, safe, and transparent platforms to shop your products.

Looking for a quality site to shop? Check out the following top sellers of customized presents:

#1 Gossby

What’s the perfect word to describe Gossby? A game-changer. We combine top-quality products with world-class customer service to offer an experience that is second to none in the industry. Gossby’s designs cover a wide range of categories for every occasion.

Want to find a personalized Christmas ornament that rocks? A custom mug for your besties? We have it all! Tying all of our products together is creativity. You won’t find this number of items with as many custom options anywhere else! 

Read the reviews of our past customers on Trustpilot.

Gossby offers you a chance to celebrate the moments, relive lost memories, cherished stories, and more.

#2 Etsy

Etsy is a global online marketplace where you may find some great unique items. It’s a verified platform offering data security and universal support.

#3 Shutterfly

Want to print a photo on everything? Shutterfly is to visit. The site also boasts quite a collection of customized gifts to choose from. 

How To Create The Best Personalized Gifts With Gossby?

We see how customizing a gift may sound intimidating. If you don’t know where to start, it can turn out to be a nightmare. But that’s the same for everything, not just in this case. Luckily, crafting a gift from your vision with Gossby is a piece of cake. Our creation process is super laid-out and guaranteed to deliver a design that impresses. 

Follow the 5 simple steps below to start your journey on Gossby:

  • Step 1: Browse through our inventory to find a product design you like. We have personalized coffee mugs, T-shirts, and more, ready to meet your needs!

  • Step 2: Customize the design to your imagination. Utilize all the personalization options available to create the most amazing gifts ever!

  • Step 3: Preview the design and make sure it turns out just the way you imagine. If not, feel free to make any changes until it does. 

  • Step 4: Add your design into the cart and proceed to payment. 

  • Step 5: After the purchase comes through, make yourself a nice cup of tea, kick back, and relax. We will process the order and send it to you as soon as possible. 

Best Personalized Gift Ideas 2021

A meaningful personalized gift is a foolproof gift option, only second to a Tesla Model X. Inherently unique, a customized gift represents how much you care about the recipient (friends, parents, siblings,...) - enough to get something done just for them. The cherry on top? Most of these awesome gifts you can personalize come in under $30. So, regardless of your budget, you can always bring home a present that will impress. 

With Christmas just around the corner, there’s no better time to start customizing your gifts than now! Here are some of our best-selling items to inspire your imagination:

Personalized Gifts For Christmas

Celebrate the year’s most anticipated Holidays with impeccable gifts from Gossby. Looking for custom Christmas present ideas for friends, family members, loved ones, or a coworker you hardly talk to? there’s always something to match your needs in our inventory. 

Here are some of our most popular personalized Christmas gifts

#1 "Because Of You I Laugh A Little Harder Cry A Little Less And Smile A Lot More" - Personalized Ornament


#2 "Mother & Daughters Forever Linked Together" - Personalized Mug

#3 "Our first Christmas together 2020" | Dog - Personalized Mug

#4 "Being My Sister Is Really The Only Gift You Need. Love You" - Personalized Mug

#5 Peaking Cat - Meow - Personalized Ornament


Personalized Gifts For Mom

Moms are incredible. They’re women of perseverance, patience, and unconditional love who endure us through those confusing rebellious teenage years. Our mother deserves the very best.

Whether it’s her birthday, Christmas, Mother’s day, or just a random day of the week, there’s no bad time to put a smile on her face. If you care enough, and you should, customize a present that tells just how much your mom means to you. 

Looking for perfect customized gifts for mom? Here are some great ideas to get started on:

#1 Like Mother Like Daughters 2D - Personalized Mug


#2 First my Mother forever my friend - Personalized Mug


#3 Mother & Daughters Forever Linked Together - Personalized Poster


#4 Mother & Daughter Forever Linked Together - Personalized Mug


#5 Love Tree - Mother & Daughters Forever Linked Together - Personalized Mug

Personalized Gifts For Dad

Speaking of unconditional love, don’t forget about your father. He might miss your dance recital or a few baseball games here and there, but deep down, your dad loves you to the moon and back.

So, sit through your father’s super corny jokes, smile, and tell him how much he means to you. Not so good with words? Create customized father gifts and let them do the talking instead. 

Surprise your father with the following personalized gifts for dads:

#1 Daddysaurus - Personalized Mug


#2 Best Dad Ever Ever Ever Just Ask - Personalized Shirt


#3 Best Dad Ever Ever Ever Just Ask - Personalized Mug


#4 The Love Between A Father And Daughter Is Forever (N) - Personalized Mug


#5 Father And Children Forever Linked Together - Personalized Mug


Personalized Gifts For Her

Looking for a thoughtful and unique gift for the special lady in your life? You’ve knocked on the right door.  Gossby proudly offers a wide selection of custom gifts for her - everything you need to impress any woman in your life.

Whether she’s your mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, friend, sister, or a bartender who pours you drinks daily, shower her with love and appreciation with our personalized gifts.

For Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, her birthday, or just because, our custom gifts will surely warm her heart and make her feel extra special and cared for.

These customized gifts for her will melt any woman’s heart:

#1 Up to 5 Sisters - Life is better with Sisters (Ver 1) - Pink White - Personalized Mug


#2 Sunset - Mother And Sons Forever Linked Together - Personalized Wrapped Canvas


#3 The Most Purrfect Cat Mom Ever - Personalized Mug


#4 LGBT Couple - All of Me Loves All of You (Girls) - Personalized Pillow


#5 Christmas Letter To Grandma - Personalized Pillow


Personalized Gifts For Him

Adding a personal touch to a gift makes it transcendent. It’s subtle, unassuming, yet without it, the gift’s value changes drastically. Think of a chocolate cake. Without the chocolate frosting, it’s just chocolate bread and will never feel the same. Sure, you can always find something for the special man in your life from a gift shop around the corner.

But ask yourself this question: Would the gift you’re giving him makes him see how much you care or how special he is to you? If not, get him something he’ll truly cherish - a custom present decorated with thoughts, care, and love. 

Here are 5 customized gifts for him that’ll steal your man's heart:

#1 Couple Christmas - Life is better with dogs - Personalized Mug


#2 Kissing Couple 2 - My Soulmate - Personalized Mug


#3 Kissing Men Couple 3 - Every time I see you I fall in love all over again - Personalized Mug


#4 All I Want For Christmas Is You - Personalized Ornament


#5 Man and Dogs - Dog Dad - Personalized Mug


Personalized Gifts For Sisters 

Under all those hair-pulling, scratching, yelling, sometimes a little fighting, there’s a love that challenges the very limit of time and space. Whether you admit it or not, you cannot stop loving your sisters.

So, comprehend the importance of your relationship with a thoughtful personalized gift. Whether it’s her birthday, Christmas, bridal shower, or just, a customized gift will let your sister know just how much you love and appreciate her.

Here are some ideas for the best personalized gifts for your sisters:

#1 Sweaters Leggings - You're My People - Personalized Mug


#2 Side by side or miles apart, Sisters will always be connected by heart - Personalized Mug


#3 There Is No Greater Gift Than Sisters (6345) - Personalized Mug


#4 Life is better with Sisters (Ver 2) - Ornament - Personalized Ornament


#5 Sisters Are The Rules (The Oldest/Middle/Youngest Sister) - Personalized Shirt


Personalized Gifts For Best Friends

If you're lucky, you've got a best friend to do some Bonnie and Clyde action with. So, if you have not one, but a group of besties, you must have been a saint in the past. Celebrate the bond you share with the most thoughtful and heartfelt gifts for best friends from Gossby.

They’ve stood by your side through thick and thin, picked up the phones whenever you call, and shaped who you are today. It only makes sense that you treat them with as much care, love, and appreciation as they do to you. 

On the lookout for the best customized best friend gifts? Here’s a taste of the collection we offer: 

#1 Up to 3 Women - Not sisters by blood but sisters by heart - Personalized Mug


#2 You are my person, You will always be my person (Ver 2) - Blanket - Personalized Blanket


#3 COCKTAIL FRIENDS - It's always more fun when we're together - Personalized Mug


#4 Vintage Best Friends - You're The SHE To My NANIGANS - Personalized Mug


Personalized Gifts For Pet Lovers

Owning a pet makes life a lot happier, and also more expensive. But all costs aside, pets bring out the best in us - caring, patient, and forgiving. Celebrate everything good and pure about man's best friends with thoughtful, practical, and fun gifts for pet lovers.

You can customize the designs with personal details such as the recipient's furry friend's name, breed, or more.

Here are some of our favorite personalized gifts for pet owners:

#1 Dog Lady & Her Bug - Life is Better With Dogs - Up to 5 Dogs Personalized Shirt - Personalized Shirt


#2 Funny Dog - This Is My Couch Go Sit Over There - Personalized Pillow


#3 Girl and Dogs - I'll Be Watching You. - Personalized Mug


#4 Curious Cat - Cats are my favorite people - Personalized Mug


#5 Girl and Dogs Autumn - Life Is Better With A Dog - Personalized Mug


Shop Personalized Gifts? Shop with Gossby!

Don’t let your gifts be just another item that sits on the shelf. If you love someone, let them know with the most thoughtful personalized gifts. Shower them with care, attention, and love by customizing a present with your own personal touches. Everyone can pick up something at the shop. It’s the ones you put effort into making that count. 

Gossby proudly presents an extensive assortment of customized gifts for everyone on any given occasion. Whether it’s for your friends, family members, a random homeless guy on the street, there’s always something you can find for them, right here on our website.

Browse through the gigantic inventory, choose a design that you love, and customize it in any way you see fit. Make your gifts feel special, unique, and meaningful, today!

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