Christmas in 2022: History, Date, Tradition and More


Last updated: Dec 07, 2022

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Christmas in 2022: History, Date, Tradition and More

Once September hits and the first Autumn gust hits the city, everyone comes to the same conclusion: We’ve finally reached the last quarter of the year, and we are so close to ending the year with a fantastic feast!

The year has not been kind, so we deserve a break. If you want to serve Christmas 2022 right, read this guide!

History Of Christmas

Winter has always been a season for families to gather around the fire to warm themselves due to the cold it brings, so that’s not entirely a tradition. Early Europeans had honored light and birth way before Christianity notified the day to be Jesus’ birth, both as a show of gratitude and wish-making for the spring to come. 

This is especially for the winter solstice, as people marked it to be the darkest and coldest day of the season so that they could start to hope for warmth and sun right after. Scandinavian’s Yule even extends the festivity beside the burning log from the winter solstice until the end of January to see the sun slowly claiming space in the sky.

history of christmas

Pre-Christian celebratory activities still included elaborate feasts and heavy protein and carb portions. People tended to associate any fertility deity with the beginning of a fertility season and eat the crops provided. As Christianity made its way through the continents, it integrated many parts of local traditions and formed the Christmas we know today.

Fun fact about Christmas: Jesus’ birth might not even be around the winter solstice, but rather somewhere in spring (which would explain why shepherds are herding their flock). Pope Julius, I decided on the day so that Christmas could absorb other pagan holidays and spread the religion.

However, there once was a time where Christmas was canceled. During the first few years of the 17th century, religious folks tried their best to rid Europe of Christmas due to the decadence often associated with the holiday.

By popular demand, Charles II was restored to the throne and returned from the popular holiday.

Christmas only came back to favor in Europe when Charles II ascended to the throne and brought back the joy of winter solstice, and in America, when English customs were no longer in effect. Once the American Revolution took place, it carried the occasion we now knew as the American Christmastime in 1870.

The figure now recognized as Santa Claus came to the country right after. He was initially known as Saint Nicholas, who donated all his inherited assets to help those less fortunate than him. He was given the title of the Saint of children and sailors, thanks to a folk story of him giving gifts to three orphaned girls on a cold winter night.

christmas 2021 and santa clause

“Dutch immigrants in New York introduced Sinter Klaas”/Santa Claus, and his iconic red padded hat and suit stemmed from a marketing campaign by Coca-Cola. The caricature is still prevalent now. 

The practice of celebrating winter solstice as a turning point for the year has been around for longer and in more cultures than most people notice. Nowadays, Christmas 2022 has united us all across the globe, and we all wait for Santa’s gifts to be delivered worldwide to all good children. 

Well, at least until we find out that it’s our parents who put the gifts under the trees anyway!

When Is Christmas In 2022?

Ever since the long-gone Pope’s decision, the world has celebrated Christmas on December 25th and Christmas Eve the night before. 2022 will be no exception, as all churches and homes will hold their Christmas celebration on the fourth Saturday of the month - December 25th. 

We understand the excitement for the Christmas date 2022, and we share the same sentiment as well! No matter where you are in the year, one is bound to look forward to spending the last week of the year with their family and loved ones and enjoying the fireplace’s warmth.

1. Christmas Timeline

Lost on what steps to take this holiday? Here is a full timeline to track your Christmas preparation and celebration!

Follow these dates right here:



November 1st - November 24th

As soon as November hits, you should start to plan and shop for Christmas already. 

November 25th


November 26th

Black Friday - A day for shops to get rid of every holiday-related item via a huge sale so they can start stocking for spring. This is the time for people to take risks and secure gifts and items for Christmas, so the sight of people lining up outside stores and malls as early as 4 AM is a familiar scenario.

November 30th

International Buy Nothing Day - A day for you to spend time with your family and take a rest from all the shopping frenzies.

December 1st - December 23rd

Start prepping your house and gifts for Christmas. It’s when you decorate your tree, wrap presents, cook feasts and write Christmas wish lists.

December 24th 

Christmas’ Eve

December 25th

Christmas Day

1.1. Christmas Date In 2022, 2023, and More

Here are Christmas dates for later years as well, in case you circle back to this guide in the future:





December 25



December 25



December 25



December 25



December 25



December 25



December 25



December 25



December 25


Although most commercial calendars already mark the holidays for you beforehand, keeping a tab of the day will allow you to be aware of your time and prepare more thoroughly for the special occasion!

2. Christmas Trends in 2022:

What is so special about Christmas 2022, and what do you need to do differently this year? The below sections will show you everything about it.

2.1 Christmas Decor Trend In 2022 - Going Green

This year, the Christmas decoration trend tends to head towards minimizing waste and pollution as a whole. The world, in general, is making its way towards amending the bond with nature and fixing its mistakes all those years.

Going green also comes with the benefit of preventing you from going broke! Here are a few suggestions to how you can go green this Christmas:

  • You might want to save up for a live tree this year instead of a plastic one. Try to buy locally grown trees to ensure that the trees can still live after being brought to your home.

  • Instead of trashing the house with your ornaments and getting rid of the trees after January, you can opt to turn the Christmas tree into a home for the birds. Say goodbye to glitter streamers and plastic orbs, and say hello to seedballs, pinecones, and trays of peanut butter!

  • It’s best to replace those easily ruined cheap light strings with LED Christmas lights this year. They might cost a little more upfront, but they shine bright without using too much energy. Besides, the LED Christmas lights are also long-lasting, thus saving you lighting costs for the next few years!

  • Schedule your lights to turn off once you hit the bed this year. Leaving the lights to shine outside for 8h+ is not going to be kind to your electric bill! Doing so will greatly reduce its shelf life, forcing you to buy replacements for next year or even this year!

christmas decor trends in 2021

These are just a few things you can do to prevent your Christmas from contributing to global warming and plastic use. Yet, this is a good start for those who have never tried going green on their holidays before!

2.2. Christmas Gift-giving Trend In 2022 - Personalization

If you plan to get something made especially just for your loved ones this year, you’re on the right track! Personalized Christmas gifts are the solution to the oversaturated and cliche gift scene, and they will surely create a special feeling in your family and friends’ hearts!

There are two ways you can get personalized items this Christmas: buying customizable gifts or making your own. Items that tend to be personalized are mugs, bowls, pillows, notebooks, or ornaments so that you can be on the lookout for those items.

christmas gifts trends in 2021

Making your gifts has its merits, even though it’s quite time-consuming. People in your life will feel extra love when they receive something you painstakingly craft for them since you took the time and effort out of your life to think of what they like. Meanwhile, ordering customizable gifts will save you so much time while still looking stylish!

Gossby will tell you all about them in the Traditions section if you want specific items to seek! Do not miss those amazing ideas!

personalized Christmas gifts

2.3. Christmas Entertaining Trend In 2022 - Virtual Catch Ups

Not every family is fortunate enough to gather together under one roof this Christmas 2022 due to the pandemic. Thus, many laptops are going to log onto Zoom or Google Meet on December 24th and 25th. Keeping each other safe from the virus is one of the primary must-dos for people from countries still under the influence of COVID-19 and its variants.

Nonetheless, virtual catch-ups may be limited only to those who do not know how to go about it. Let’s look at some suggestions:

#1 Taste Test

Instead of preparing your feast for the special night, why don’t you prepare another family's meal? Order a cheese board or charcuterie board and set the destination to your parents’ house, or purchase a huge pizza and a collection of different wines. The items can be something you all have nostalgia for or something the other party has never tried before!

taste test in christmas

Once the food arrives, you can have a virtual taste test party and compare feasts. It’s bound to give a very mish-mash of cuisines and lots of fun for the whole family!

#2 Virtual Board Games

There are so many ways you can hang out with one another via the Internet, due to the galore of multiplayer game sites you can test out! Let’s try out Pictionary, Garctic Phone, Scrabble, Spyfall, and countless other games at their respective sites. If you all have Steam, you can download Tabletop Simulator and try out the different board games available within the assets system.

Virtual Board Games in christmas

The best thing out of Virtual Board Games is that the bragging rights are massive! It’s time to show your uncle that you don’t even need to cheat through the screen to beat him at Monopoly!

#3 Gift Exchange

Open each other’s gifts over a phone call and watch the reaction on their faces light up! Many people spend their time at home making custom gifts for their loved ones, now that they do not have to run to work as much anymore. If you want to carry out an occasion for the virtual gift exchange, be prepared to see paintings, homemade sweaters, scarves, and socks.

2.4. Christmas Food Trend In 2022 - Home Baking

Even with the shortage of flour this year, you can still make use of your time at home and have some tasty homemade treats. The elaborate and impossibly sweet Yule logs and decadent whole-bar ice-cream cakes are out, and the flourless homemade simple chocolate cakes and fresh apple pies are in!

Christmas Food Trend In 2021 - Home Baking

Want to take a step further into the flourless route? Why don’t you try making a vegan cake this year? There are so many diverse types of vegan pastries on the Internet, waiting for you to try them out for you and your family! The lack of eggs and milk will allow the cake to last so much longer, letting you enjoy the sweet bites even after Christmas night is over.

What are Christmas Traditions?

Over its lifetimes, Christmas has gathered quite a few common practices iconic to it, so you can draw inspiration from this list down here!

1. Countdown Routine

There are many ways to go about this particular tradition, but the most common way to do it is with an advent calendar. You can choose from many types of advent calendars: chocolate mini-cabinets with 25 drawers containing different types of sweet treats, strings of pouches with a to-do list for the day, or happy wishes for the holidays.

Keeping a countdown until Christmas helps contain the excitement for the big day and make every day of December leading up to Christmas as special as Jesus’ birth itself!

2. Send Cards

This is especially fun if you a) have kids or b) are interested in arts and crafts. The season is full of cheers, and a way for you to spread that cheer and good is to compact a message into a piece of paper and send it over to your loved ones.

christmas traditions - sending card

If only sending a card feels a little too empty, attach it to those gifts that we’re about to share in the next “Giving Gifts” section!

3. Have A Grand Feast

Every culture agrees that a grand feast where everyone chips in are the best way to connect family and community spirits! Eating together has been a part of any type of festivity and celebration, but a Christmas dinner is way more special!

grand feast in christmas traditions

Many families like to go for Christmas dinner potluck-style. It means everyone attending will have to bring something to the table, and the portions are big enough to knock everyone into a food coma until the next morning. When the children are fast asleep from hours of eating, you can start to put presents under the trees without them suspecting a thing!

4. Leave Treats For Santa

“When Santa arrives, he will have a delicious treat waiting for him by the trees, so he can replenish his energy and continue his journey!” The tradition of leaving treats for Santa under the trees teaches children to give back to those who do you good in life!

traditions of christmas - Leave Treats For Santa

The classic treat “Santa stop” combo is a glass of sweetened milk and a few cookies. Yet, you can also opt to ask the children if they want to take a bit of their dessert portion from the Christmas dinner for Santa to make the experience more personalized for each kid!

5. Giving Gifts

This tradition explains why Christmas is known as the Season of Giving to Thanksgiving’s Season of Gratitude. Giving gifts to those you appreciate is the best way to show them how much you love them and how well you know them and their tastes.

With this list of gifts provided below, you will be able to turn the typical Christmas 2022 gifts into an item that touches your friends and family’s hearts with custom quotes or designs!

5.1. Personalized Christmas Ornaments

What’s better than to aid the family you’re sending the gifts to with their tree decorations with a Christmas ornament? They will think of you when hanging the ornaments on the Christmas trees or other places in the house.

personalized christmas ornaments

With Gossby ornaments gifts, there are various styles with simple designs from lovely to romantic for you to pick. Aside from the meaningful images on these ornaments, it’s also the quotes that warm up the giftee heart this cold season.

5.2. Personalized Christmas Mugs

A mug is a surefire way to have your gifts be a part of your loved ones’ daily life. The options to customize the cups are the same as with ornaments, but they are much more practical! 

A simple white mug with warm-hearted quotes and images is enough to make the lonesome Christmas 2022 as lovely as the old Christmas in previous years! Gossby’s mugs allow you to tell how much you care for the receiver.

personalized christmas mugs

Instead of some nice clothes, why don’t you give your daughter a mug this Christmas? She’ll be using them way more than those dresses these days!

  • [Find more] many other options for Christmas gifts can be found in our personalized mug collection!

5.4. Personalized Christmas Canvas

Not only will a canvas print be meaningful and beautiful, but it is also a functional gift as an addition to the house during the festive seasons! Believe us, Gossby’s personalized canvas is always one of the most favorite choices in this category. 

These classy but appealing canvases can stand out from other decorations in the house and surely capture the attention of all the visitors!

personalized christmas canvas

Moreover, the canvas will surely express what you want to tell the receiver by its unique design and sayings. Not only on Christmas, but every time looking at it, they will think about your love.

05 Fact About Christmas In 2022

Fact 1

Along with Christmas 2020, this is one of the rare festive occasions where people have to celebrate inside due to COVID-19. Nonetheless, if there’s a will, there’s a solution! The celebration simply does not stop because people cannot see each other.

Fact 2

Zoom and Google Meet are predicted to be the most popular platforms people will spend their Christmas on! The communicative tools on these pages are relatively simple to use for all ages and have very simple sign-up methods.

Fact 3

The flour will play a less important role in Christmas 2022 feasts in America due to a shortage in provision.

Fact 4

As a result of the flour shortage, the most common sweet-related phrase to be searched for on search engines this Christmas is predicted to be “flourless cake recipes.”

Fact 5

There will be tons of Christmas movies across streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos, etc., marking a change in Christmas movie consumption behavior for this year’s Christmas.

05 Must-do Christmas Activities

Aside from the typical traditions, here’s how you can shake up the activities to suit the family’s style.

1. Shop For Christmas

November and December are the months where people focus their spending for the holidays, so look out for Christmas-edition of the typical items you see at the store!

Christmas activities - Shop For Christmas

2. Go Caroling Or Host a Karaoke Session

Once you have knocked down the feast, what should you do with the excess energy? - Host a caroling competition if your family’s musical, or simply revisit the classic songs via a karaoke session!

best christmas activities are Go Caroling Or Host a Karaoke Session

3. Decorate Christmas Trees

To decorate a Christmas tree, you should prepare a whole lot of ornaments and streamers. Be sure to keep the tree out of your pet’s reach, though, or it will ruin the hard work of you and your family.

Decorate Christmas Trees

4. Watch A Christmas Movie Marathon

It’s time to visit the Christmas cinematic cornerstones: Home Alone, The Christmas Bride, The Santa Clause, 12 Men for Christmas, etc.! Even if you don’t enjoy cheesy movies, you can still enjoy the marathon with your family by your side!

Watch A Christmas Movie Marathon

5. Decorate A Gingerbread House

A gingerbread house will not make itself pretty; grab the youngsters of the family and layout creams and colorful candies for them to spread their creativity!

Decorate A Gingerbread House

Wrapping Up!

That is everything you need to know about Christmas 2022 and what should go into the festivity, including custom Christmas gifts, activities, and traditions! 

No matter how busy you are, remember to spend time with your family on this special holiday! Hope our post has guiđe you through everything you need this Christmas.

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