Nhu Hong: The Visionary Artist Behind Gossby's Dong Ho Collection


Last updated: May 23, 2024

Nhu Hong: The Visionary Artist Behind Gossby's Dong Ho Collection

Lately Gossby proudly presents the latest addition to Dong Ho Limited Collection, starting with the "Natural Melody Collection". This first lineup is a timeless tribute to Vietnamese heritage, bringing to life the vibrant tradition of Dong Ho paintings, celebrated for their rustic charm and natural, vibrant colors. Each piece in this limited edition not only showcases the exquisite beauty of these traditional artworks but also serves as a meaningful gift that bridges the gap between tradition and modern design.

But who is the visionary artist behind these captivating designs? Let’s delve into the story of Nhu Hong, the creative force bringing Vietnamese culture to the world.

Who is Nhu Hong?

Nhu Hong is a celebrated Vietnamese designer and artist renowned for her deep appreciation of Vietnamese culture and her innovative approach to blending traditional elements with modern design. Her work reflects a profound understanding of Vietnamese heritage, making her a significant figure in the art and design community both in Vietnam and internationally.

Early Life and Career

Nhu Hong’s journey in the world of art and design began with a deep-seated passion for Vietnamese culture. Her career spans over several decades, during which she has made significant contributions to the art and design community. From a young age, Nhu Hong was fascinated by the rich cultural heritage of Vietnam and sought to preserve and promote it through her work. She began her career in the 1990s, working with local artisans to create handcrafted gifts and souvenirs that captured the essence of Vietnamese culture.

Design Philosophy

Nhu Hong's design philosophy revolves around minimalist structures imbued with traditional Vietnamese thoughts and philosophies. Her works often reflect ancient Vietnamese cultural elements, using design to tell a story that resonates with both modern and traditional aesthetics. She is deeply influenced by Eastern philosophy, particularly the concept of "nothingness" (represented by the number 0), which symbolizes the universe and the unity of all things. This philosophy is evident in her designs, which often feature asymmetrical lines and shapes that create a sense of dynamic beauty.

Achievements and Awards

Nhu Hong has received numerous awards and recognitions for her contributions to art and design. Some of her notable achievements include:

  • Vietnamese Design Excellence Award: Recognized for her innovative designs that reflect the cultural heritage of Vietnam

  • International Art and Design Award: Honored for her contributions to promoting Vietnamese art on the global stage.

  • Cultural Preservation Award: Awarded for her efforts in preserving and promoting traditional Vietnamese crafts through modern design.

Notable Works

Nhu Hong has worked on various projects that highlight her talent and dedication to cultural preservation. Some of her notable works include:

  • Deco Design: These designs blend vibrant colors and materials, showcasing the beauty of Vietnamese cultural motifs in contemporary settings.

  • Spring Scene Design: Inspired by King Tran Nhan Tong's poem "Spring Scene," this artwork depicts Dong Temple in golden sunlight, mist, and blooming plum blossoms. It features cranes symbolizing wisdom and nobility, conveying a message of strength and aspiration.

  • Dấu ấn Hoàng triều Design: Inspired by the Nguyen Dynasty's dragon symbol, this collection features seven dragon designs, each reflecting the artistry and cultural significance of the dynasty.

The Limited Dong Ho Collection

The Dong Ho Collection

A timeless tribute to Vietnamese heritage. This collection is more than just a series of products; it is a project dedicated to reviving and preserving an ancient art form. Our first limited lineup, the "Natural Melody Collection," brings to life the vibrant tradition of Dong Ho paintings, celebrated for their rustic charm and natural, vibrant colors. 

Discover more about the Dong Ho Collection at HERE.

Gossby’s mission of "Love Connection – Cultural Connection" aligns seamlessly with the Dong Ho Collection. This collection serves as a cultural bridge, combining Gossby’s vibrant brand with the traditional aesthetics of Dong Ho art, thus fostering a deeper connection with customers through love and cultural heritage. 

Visit Gossby Dong Ho Instagram at HERE.

Contributions to the Dong Ho Collection

Nhu Hong’s collaboration with Gossby on the Dong Ho Collection is a testament to her commitment to cultural preservation. Her designs for the collection blend the rustic simplicity and deep cultural significance of Dong Ho paintings with modern, functional products. Each piece in the collection reflects her meticulous attention to detail and her passion for sharing Vietnamese heritage with the world.

Detailed Product Descriptions

The Dong Ho Collection by Gossby features two distinct versions: the Mother’s Day gift set and the Father’s Day gift set. Each version includes a variety of products that showcase the exquisite beauty of Dong Ho paintings while serving practical purposes.

The Mother’s Day Gift Set:

“A mother's love is like a flower,

delicate and yet strong”

At the heart of this collection lies the delicate pink carnation. In Christian legend, it represents a mother's endless love and devotion, a love that perseveres through every season, just like a mother's presence in our lives - constant and beautiful. Especially for Mother's Day, pink carnation represents the deep gratitude and love to all Mom has done.

The gift set include

  • A White Ceramic Mug (11oz) - adorned with personalized artwork.

  • A Charming Postcard

  • A Delicate Spoon

  • A Stylish Wooden Coaster


The Father's Day Gift Set

“A father's love is like a mountain,

unwavering and ever-present.”

The collection centers around the majestic mountain, a universal symbol of strength, stability, and unwavering presence. Just as the mountains stand tall against the elements, so too does a father's love provide a constant source of support and protection for family. Each piece of this gift is a small token of immense appreciation for father’s love and unwavering presence. 

The gift set include

  • A White Ceramic Mug (11oz) - adorned with personalized artwork.

  • A Charming Postcard

  • A Delicate Spoon

  • A Stylish Wooden Coaster 


Unique Features of Dong Ho Art in Products

The Dong Ho Collection stands out for its use of natural colors and traditional woodblock printing techniques. The colors in Dong Ho paintings are derived from natural materials, creating a vibrant and earthy palette that includes shades like the green of leaves, the red of hibiscus flowers, and the yellow of marigold pollen. These natural colors bring a warm and lively feel to the artwork.

The shapes and composition in Dong Ho art feature simple, yet meaningful designs with clear, distinct lines and harmonious color arrangements. The designs often use flat areas of color, which contrast with the intricate details of the woodblock prints, creating a unique visual appeal.

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The Artist's Message

Nhu Hong believes that art should reflect the artist's soul and touch the lives of others, allowing them to experience life and emotions through the artwork. Her goal is to create vibrant, living pieces that carry the spirit of Vietnamese culture and resonate with a global audience. Through her work, she aims to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, ensuring that the rich cultural heritage of Vietnam is preserved and cherished by future generations.

By introducing the Dong Ho Collection, Gossby invites everyone to explore and cherish the rich heritage of Vietnam while celebrating the universal values of family and love. Whether it’s for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, these exquisite pieces offer a meaningful way to honor and appreciate the special people in our lives.


Nhu Hong’s work is a beautiful blend of traditional Vietnamese art and contemporary design. Her contributions to the Dong Ho Collection for Gossby have helped bring Vietnamese culture to the forefront, making it accessible and appreciated by a global audience. Her dedication to cultural preservation and her innovative approach to design make her a true visionary in the world of art and design.

By exploring the work of Nhu Hong, we gain a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of Vietnam and the importance of preserving and promoting it through art. Her work serves as an inspiration to all who seek to create meaningful connections through design.

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