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Which Christmas Ornament Ideas Will Suit Your Tree the Most?


Last updated: Nov 20, 2021

Gossby Experts

Which Christmas Ornament Ideas Will Suit Your Tree the Most?

Instead of relying on mass-produced Christmas ornament ideas, people now tend to show a huge interest in personalized items. A customized ornament not only shows the creativeness of the givers, but it’s also a one-of-a-kind present that can hardly be found anywhere. 

Apart from the customized Christmas items, we would like to suggest various wonderful ornament ideas that will satisfy even the pickiest person. Check them out.

Top 4 Personalized Christmas Ornament Ideas At Gossby 

There hasn't been any easier way to make your unique items than finding personalized items at Gossby. You can decide what to print on the customizable ornaments so that they can appear nowhere but your house.

Top 1: Personalized Christmas Ornament Ideas For Family

The “Mother and daughter” ornament is one of the most meaningful Christmas gift ideas to hang on your family Christmas tree. This brushed metal matt decorative item has the graphic of a mother and her daughter sitting under the falling snowflakes of Christmas.

personalized christmas ornament ideas for family

You will have various quote options to put on the ornament like “Always together”, “Like mother like daughter”, etc. Just imagine your mom’s expression when she sees one of these quotes - a statement that you are always beside her!

With her name engraved on it, she would know how much you actually care by these small but elegant details.

Top 2: Personalized Christmas Ornament Ideas For Best Friends

You can be sure that your besties can feel your sentiment towards them if they see this ornament on your Christmas tree. Just look at how close the friendship of these girls standing together is in the image of the item!

personalized christmas ornament ideas for friends

The quote “Life is better with sisters'' will definitely help you express how these “sisters” mean to you and your life! It’s a way to bond your friendship by having such cute ornaments hanging in the tree. Though you guys share no bloodline, here you are, under the same roof! Let them cherish this Christmas with you.

Top 3: Personalized Christmas Ornament Ideas For Pet Lovers

One of the most optimal ideas for pet lovers must be items with the image of their favorite animals on them. The “Peaking cat” ornament is such a lovely gift you can try!

personalized christmas ornament ideas for pet lovers

The maximum number of cats to print on the ornament’s surface is three. The adorable cats will remind you of the fluffy friends of your family. If you are having a Christmas party without your pets nearby, this decorative piece can somehow make their presence more obvious.  The quote on this Christmas decorative item is the ordinary cat sound “Meow” - simple but meaningful, right?

Top 4: Memorial Personalized Christmas Ornament Ideas

Unfortunately, a beloved family member goes far away forever, and you still want his/her presence during the Christmas vibe. This family memorial ornament will be the most appropriate Christmas ornament idea.

the best personalized christmas ornament for the loss

The graphic on the item is two people sitting together, with one of them having angel wings. Of course, the person having angel wings is the one who has passed away, but this ornament will diminish your sorrow of not having her/him with you on Christmas.

The quote variation is also diverse to match your demand, but on the whole, these quotes mainly emphasize that your beloved always lives inside you and other family members, and that would never change!

personalized Christmas ornaments

05 Homemade Christmas Ornament Ideas

Getting impressive items with low-budget is still possible if you follow some suggestions below:

#5 Vintage Paper Ornament

To properly complete these simple vintage ornaments, you only have to prepare scissors, craft glue, craft punch, and ribbon/ string.

Homemade Vintage Paper Ornament ideas

Form the paper into your wanted shapes with scissors, then use the craft punch to make a hole hanging the ornament or to create some embellishments. Once you’ve finished, hang the ornament on the Christmas tree by ribbon or string.

#6 Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornament

This ornament is one of the most environmentally friendly Christmas ornament ideas because you can recycle unused popsicles. You can turn the popsicles into beautiful snowflakes by arranging them into an X-shape. There will be two “X” patterns made from the popsicles.

Homemade  Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornament ideas

Then, use glue to attach them diagonally. It looks like you place a “plus” sign onto a “multiply” sign. To steady the combination, you can utilize thread to tie the contact point of the two signs.

#7 3D Paper Ornament

Other creative projects from paper are the multidimensional lantern-look-alike decorative object. For each decorative piece, you need to prepare a 1.25’’ x 5’’ paper strip, two 1.25’’ x 7’’ paper strips, and two 1.25’’ x 7’’ paper strips.

Homemade 3D Paper Ornament ideas

At position 1.4’’ from each of the strips, puncture to create a hole there. Next, tie these strips together with string or wire via the holes. Thread a ribbon through the string-tie spot to hang the ornament on.

#8 Wood Beads Ornament

If you want to opt for traditional Christmas ornament ideas, wood beads may be a suitable choice. At first, you have to connect the separate wood beads by threading them with a string. After that, use a piece of string to keep the beads on the tree.

Homemade Wood Beads Ornament ideas

#9 Wool Ball

From the redundant wool dryer balls that you don’t use anymore, you can utilize them as low-budget Christmas ornament ideas. Besides, you may want to draw some additional colorful snowflakes on the balls for a more impressive and lively outlook. On the top of the balls, you should sew a floss loop for easier hanging.

Wool Ball christmas ornament

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05 DIY Christmas Ornament As Gifts

Making DIY Christmas ornament ideas sometimes is a chance for your whole family to gather during the Christmas season. Here, we would like to offer you some DIY stuff.

#10 Clothespin Ornament

Clothespins are the common and available stuff in any house. To turn the clothespins into Christmas ornaments, you have to detach their springs first. The adequate number of clothespins you will need is about 10-14 pieces.

clothespin christmas ornaments

After removing the springs, you should use glue to attach the top of each clothespin together so that they will become a big clothespin circle. Hang the circular clothespins combined with a glued twine.

#11 Olaf Ornament

Cartoon-related Christmas ornament ideas always attract your kids. It would be great if you can bring an image of a Frozen character onto your Christmas tree. Olaf is an optimal choice. You can use felt to create Olaf ornaments, white felt for the body, black felt for eyebrows, mouth, buttons, and orange felt for the carrot nose. Plus, tiny twig pieces are for the hands.

DIY Olaf christmas Ornament ideas

Once you finish getting all these parts ready, you need to glue them all together until the Olaf shape is obvious. Next, attach the Olaf ornament to a popsicle and hang it on the tree with twine.

#12 Paper Ball Ornament

Why not utilize some colorful paper? Firstly, prepare some paper balls and fold them. On the paper balls you have folded, draw oval shapes on them. Then, cut out the oval drawings, unfold the paper balls, and glue both ends of the paper. Now you have an interesting ornament for your Christmas tree.

DIY Paper Ball christmas Ornament

#13 Fluffy Santa Ornament

With easy-to-find materials like felt, pom-pom, faux-fur, and craft wire, you will have lovely ornaments hanging on your tree. The fluffy Santa ornament is an example.

Fluffy Santa christmas Ornament

Two triangle pieces of red felt are for the Santa hat, faux-fur is for making his face, twisted craft wire will form his glasses, one pom-pom is his nose, and the other pom-pom is the hat’s top.

#14 Rudolph Ornament From Walnut

The Walnut Rudolf ornaments may be the easiest Christmas ornament ideas on this list. You need to prepare googly eyes, ears from brown felt, and a nose from red pom-pom. Glue them on the walnut and thread the wire through the drilled spot on the walnut shell to hang the Rudolf ornament.

Rudolph Ornament From Walnut

05 Christmas Ornaments Exchange Ideas

When participating in a Christmas party, you will need some Christmas ornament ideas to serve as exchange gifts. Scroll down and pick some recommendations for your party.

#15 Vaccinated Santa Label

During the Covid-19 pandemic, vaccination is the most effective method to deal with the virus. The ceramic vaccinated Santa label is one of the noteworthy Christmas ornament ideas to spread the importance of vaccines to your friends and family.

Vaccinated Santa Label exchange ornament ideas

#16 Ho-ho-holy-shit Candle

Do you want to opt for funny decorations at a Christmas party? Take a Ho-ho-holy-shit candle as your exchange gift. The candle is made totally from US soybeans without any phthalate ratio. It also has a cotton wick that is free of metals, which is completely safe for your health.

Ho-ho-holy-shit Candle ornaments

#17 Funny Quaran-tree Label

Interesting word-play labels can be great Christmas ornament ideas. Not quarantine, but it is Quaran-tree. The label reminds us of the unwanted situation in the Covid-19 pandemic in a funny way. Besides the Quaran-tree graphic, you can customize your own design on the back of the label if you want.

Funny Quaran-tree ornaments

#18 Vaccinated Xmas Ornament

Other Covid-19 related Christmas ornament ideas are the high-quality birch plywood “Vaccinated” snowflake ornament. This ornament not only boosts the Christmas vibe with the shape of a snowflake, but it is also a way to propagandize the need to inject vaccines.

Vaccinated Xmas Ornament

#19 Pickle With Santa Hat Tree Ornament

The combination of a pickle with a Santa hat can be exciting Christmas ornament ideas on your Christmas tree. The figure is made from ceramic, resin, and polyresin. It will be an appropriate exchange gift at a Christmas party with your humorous friends.

Pickle With Santa Hat Tree Ornament

Bottom Lines!

Choosing suitable and impressive Christmas ornament ideas will spread the Christmas vibe to anyone who sees the ornament or receives it as a gift. Among all of these categories, personalized Christmas ornaments stand out due to their uniqueness and match with the owner's demand. So, what’s your favorite choice? Bring it home now.
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