Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas 2022: 10+ Presents For A Romantic Celebration Of Love


Last updated: Apr 21, 2022

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Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas 2022: 10+ Presents For A Romantic Celebration Of Love
The last couple of years has been total mayhem for all of us. Valentine's Day is coming. It's time we spread some love and positive vibes to all those who have remained and walked through a dark chapter in your life with some one-of-a-kind and thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts ideas.

With Gossby by your side, you can wrap up all your unspoken words and transform them into personalized gifts with meaningful messages, designs, and photos. From coffee mugs, fleece blankets, to pillows, and T-shirts..., we’ve rounded up the ultimate gift ideas for a romantic Valentine to inspire you with nothing but the best gifts for him, for her, for friends, and family. 

Without further ado, let's check out some of the best Valentine gift ideas for everyone you love!

How To Pick The Perfect Valentine Gifts?

Showing your love, appreciation, and affection is everything that Valentine’s Day is meant to be. And although you don’t need to wait until this exact day to tell your special someone how much they mean to you, a lovely Valentine reminder will surely warm up their hearts no matter what. 

couple kissing with baloon - valentine's day gifts
Remember, it's the thought that counts.

However, gift-giving is undoubtedly an art that not everyone can master, especially for some of our gentlemen who are in a constant struggle of finding gifts for the women in their lives among the hundreds of options out there.

Here are some tips to help you survive this “battle” and come back in one piece:

  • Make a checklist: This step is indispensable in every gift-giving occasion as you don’t want to miss out on any potential presents. The tip here is to make a long list and write down everything that your giftee will likely appreciate (don’t be lazy!!). Of course, you can just buy all the options on the list and hope for the best! This list will give you an overall idea of what to look for, making shopping much easier later. 

  • Create a nostalgia feeling: This pandemic has separated many families and friends, and what could be better than a seemingly simple gift like unique personalized mugs and heartfelt custom canvases to bring all those beautiful memories back to life? As these presents excel at evoking “homesick” emotions, your loved ones will deeply feel they’re loved, no matter where they are. 

  • Bring together a care package: From spa treatment to remind your recipients of taking care of themselves more this year to office packages for those working from home to ease their inconvenience, you are making their New Year goals and resolutions easier to achieve. Keep their well-being in mind when choosing gifts for Valentine's.

  • Make them laugh: Smile is the best medicine, don't you agree? There is no doubt that sentimental gifts will likely shed some tears; hilarious ones will lift their spirit greatly. If your relationship is built on gags, funny moments, and pranks, then bring the loudest laughter through your Valentine's Day gifts ideas
  • Add a personal touch of yours: Believe it or not, personalized Valentine gifts are often highly appreciated as you have put your heart and soul into making them. Knitting a scarf, writing a poem, making a memory photo book, or creating a custom coffee mug. An out-of-this-world Valentine’s Gift is about to be born!

  • Go for exciting experiences instead of physical items: This suggestion applies to those who value experiences over material gifts, so you should consider gifting your loved ones with tickets to their favorite workshops, local events, or music concerts. 

Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas For Her

We know that bouquets of roses and chocolates are all-time favorite presents, but let’s think outside the box this year when it comes to choosing Valentine's gifts for her - the most important woman in your life.

roses chocolate wine - valentine gifts for her
If your schedule doesn't allow much space, at least bring a bouquet of roses, a box of chocolate, and a bottle of wine.

Filled with creativity, cuteness, uniqueness, and especially love, our list of personalized Valentine gifts below will guide you by finding loving gifts for your fiance, wife, or girlfriend and emerge victoriously.

Romantic Gift Ideas On Valentine For Girlfriends

We totally understand the importance of finding a gift for your girlfriend this Valentine - one that is as unique and special as she is. But our women are unpredictable, isn’t that right, gentlemen?

There are thousands of Valentine's Day gifts ideas out there, from jewelry and clothing to handcrafted items, and you don’t want to ask her to ruin the surprise, you’re left behind with no way out. 
best gifts for valentines - Kate Hliznitsova
Giving Valentines' Gifts to Your Woman (Source: Kate Hliznitsova)

The gift-giving process doesn’t have to be such a pain in the neck as long as you follow our guide below. Whether your girlfriend is a coffee addict or a wine enthusiast, you’re bound to find something thoughtful and practical as Valentine presents. Let’s go and make your woman feel like on cloud nine!

1. "My Heart is Wherever You Are" Mug

Does your special lady enjoy a cup of coffee every morning to start her day off right? Then, a pair of couple personalized mugs is one of the best Valentine's Day gifts to get her in 2022. 

couple mugs - valentine gifts
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Feel free to customize the couple’s names, hairstyles, and skin tones to match yours, pick up a cheesy yet romantic quote, and choose your favorite background design from our 1000+ customized options. Romantic custom coffee mugs are perfect for toasting your love for years to come!

2. Photo Couple Mug

Seeing the beautiful face of your significant other every time waking up is such a pleasant way to begin a day, isn’t it? Then our photo couple mugs will amaze both of you with their “magic” and bring your loved one closer to you each time.

photo couple mug - gifts for lovers on Valentine
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All you need to do is post the best photos of you and her on our site, and let us take care of the rest! No matter how far she is, distance means nothing when someone means so much and this mug would be one of the best Valentine gift ideas.

Heart-melting Gifts For Fiance On Valentine

What Are Heart-touching Gift Ideas For Valentine?

The nervous beating of your heart when you were proposing to her and the burst of happiness when she said “Yes” must have been the most joyful moment of your life! It’s about time to celebrate a new chapter of you guys together with something special. Let’s scroll down to see what it is.

1. Customized Blanket - To My Husband When We Get to the End of Our Lives Together

What’s better than having a good snuggle on the couch and watching Netflix in your loved one’s embrace on a chilly cold winter day? 

custom fleece blanket - ideal valentine gift for her
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We don’t know about you, but it sounds perfect to us! Don’t forget to complete a romantic evening with our custom fleece blanket of a hugging couple waiting for the sunrise on the beach. Beautifully designed, utterly comfortable, and reasonable-priced, this blanket has been our all-time favorite when Valentine’s Day comes.

2. Kissing Couple Custom Coffee Mugs

Do you remember the moment of her in a gorgeous red dress and you in a black suit at the engagement party? Our personalized mugs of a kissing couple will recreate that worthwhile moment and make it last forever with time. Available in Ceramic and Two-tone mugs, with names, hairstyles, skin tones, and quotes changeable!

best valentine gift is personalized mug
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Cherished Valentine Gift Ideas For Wife

Once again, coming up with the perfect Valentine's Day gifts ideas for your wife this special day is no easy game (we guess you’ve known that already!). Go beyond roses and chocolates and necklaces and sweep your wife off her feet with something she couldn’t find anywhere else.

We have dozens of romantic gift ideas that can put the broadest smile on your wife’s face or drown her in tears of happiness.

1. Girl and Dogs Blanket

If she happens to be a dog mom, then Bingo! Gossby has the best gift ever for your wife this Valentine that she will love and cherish forever. With hundreds of cute dog breeds to choose from, a dog lover blanket will likely make her scream out with joy and excitement.

custom dog blanket - Valentine gift ideas
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2. Memory Photo Mug

You are searching for Valentine gifts that remind your wife of invaluable family moments whenever she uses it or feels blue? Our collection of memory photo mugs is exactly what you need!

Whether you want to create a thoughtful keepsake of family memories or honor the love with your one and only, a pair of photo mugs are the ideal means to send your love messages.

custom photo mug - valentines gifts
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3. You, Me, and Our Baby Mug

If you have just welcomed the birth of your firstborn child, then congratulations! Undoubtedly, your wife has gone through a hard time delivering the baby healthily, and she deserves the best of everything in this world for her sacrifices.

mother custom mug - valentine's gifts for wife
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A small gesture from you - like gifting her a mother personalized mug on Valentine’s Day - will express your love in the most meaningful and special way possible.

banner personalized gifts for couples

Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas For Him

You might think gift shopping for men is just a piece of cake. While you may get away with a pair of his favorite sneakers or a watch, it wouldn't hurt to put some more effort into it. 

Skip these typical and generic Valentine gifts and add some spices to your relationship! Think carefully about how you want your boyfriend, fiance, or husband to feel when receiving a Valentine gift. After all, you want to make him feel cherished and loved.

best valentine gifts for him
Surprise Your Man (Source: Icons8 Team)

Take the romantic lane and opt for something sentimental. Taken care of and understood? Find him something useful that he can actually use. Amazed? Dig deeper into his hobby and come up with one-of-a-kind Valentine gift ideas.

Below are your man-approved Valentine presents that score you huge brownie points in his heart!

1. Personalized Couple Mugs - My Heart is Wherever You Are

Growing old together must be every couple's life goal, mustn't it? Our collection of personalized mugs with more than 50 shades of love, from the first date and getting to know each other to dream-like weddings and first mother/father’s day together, is bound to meet the expectations of gift-giving on Valentine.

custom mug couple grow old together valentine gift ideas
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All our personalized Valentine's Day gifts are customizable with names, quotes, clothes, and many more options to express your creativity and imagination. You just need to add a personalized touch to the design and let us make your wishes come true. Let make your loved one happy with this romantic Valentine present.

2. Custom Pillows 

Display the best design of yours on our custom pillows and send them as stunning Valentine gifts when you can’t always be there to hug your man yourself. With various themed designs to choose from, our pillows promise to bring the most comfortable and sweet feelings to your special someone when used.

custom pillow - valentine gift ideas for him
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3. Custom Fleece Blankets For Dog Owners

Get cozy up with your favorite custom fleece blankets. Lightweight and a cinch to pack, our blankets are perfect for a romantic picnic at the beach and a good snuggle on the couch while watching your kids playing soccer.

man and dog blanket - valentine gift for boyfriends
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4. Photo Desktop Plaque

Beautify your desk with a custom desktop plaque 7x5 showcasing your favorite photos and beautiful memories. Goosby's desktop photo plaques come in delicate backgrounds and layouts, allowing for more photos displayed in full color with meaningful quotes.

Not to mention the desktop plaques being made from high-gloss hardboard makes it surprisingly durable with clean lines and no frame needed. Valentine's Day gifts ideas that remind him of your love every single day, it doesn't get any better than that. 
gift ideas for him in valentine
Photo Desktop Plaque (Source: 365 Canvas)

Check out these articles to get more ideas to celebrate a memorial Valentine's Day:

Here's To A Romantic Valentine's Day!

There are no formulas or one-size-fits-all Valentine's Day gifts ideas that apply to every couple. One that works for some may not for others. The key to choosing an impeccable Valentine's Day present lies in understanding. It must come from the heart.

The perfect Valentine gift ideas don't have to include luxury items. Instead, find something practical or sentimental, or a mixture of both.

We hope our guidelines be of great assistance to you in pinpointing suitable Valentine gifts. Go embrace love and show your special ones how much they mean to you! 

Gossby wishes you the most romantic Valentine's Day of all.
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