How to Decorate Christmas Trees with only 8 Steps?


Last updated: Dec 05, 2022

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How to Decorate Christmas Trees with only 8 Steps?

Once again, we’re going to welcome Christmas with joy and fun. Chances are, we all love the time that we spend decorating Christmas trees together with our beloved ones. So this year, if you’re seeking some help for more decoration ideas, let Gossby guide you.

Besides normal ornaments, garland, lights… there are many accessories, indeed, you can opt for personalization or style.

Personalized Christmas ornaments, for instance, would be a good idea to be included in the answer of “how to decorate Christmas tree”. It’s because you can customize details printed on the ornament to make it a special item for you or someone you love.

So, don’t waste your time, keep scrolling down and reveal some secrets to be able to decorate Christmas trees like a pro.

In this article, we will discover:

  • 08 steps to decorate Christmas trees like a pro

  • How to decorate Christmas trees with ornaments?

  • How to decorate Christmas trees with ribbon?

08 Steps to Decorate Christmas Trees Like a Professional

With these following steps below, you’re about to get your Christmas tree looking its best for a festive holiday.

Step 1: Position Christmas Tree

Select an ideal position to place your tree. Perhaps, it would be somewhere that won't get knocked as people squeeze past and make sure to prevent it from standing near direct heat (like a fireplace), especially if your Christmas tree is a fresh one.

For a fresh Christmas tree, let set it up securely in a tree stand. You can fluff it but just be gentle so as not to knock off the needles. Trim any stray branches as you can with secateurs or pruners for a neater look.

Decorate Christmas Tree by Positioning it
Source: Joshua Herrera

If it's an artificial Christmas tree, it needs to be put together. Once you complete, just take your time to fluff the branches which is separating each one to add volume & cover as much area as you can.

Remember, the branches are the foundation for your overall scheme, so you need to put it in the effort. Keep stepping back to look at your tree as a whole to view if any areas are not covered.

Step 2: The Lights - Pop It On

In case you don't have a pre-lit tree, string lights will be required. First, plug them in to make sure they work - it's much better to find out if they don't work before you lose time placing them on the tree, and it's way simpler to get the lights correctly positioned while they're lighted.

The Lights - Pop It On
Source: CJ

Starting at the top, thread them around each tier of branches, making sure they're snuggled deeply closer to the trunk than the branch tips so the lights may shine through.

Continue to take a step back to verify the placing of the bulbs - you want an even dispersion of lights over the tree. Use lights with a green wire to blend in with the tree's leaves.

Step 3: Let Add the Tree Topper

A common mistake is to leave the topper until the last step when you fully decorate the Christmas tree. It can cause a danger that you'll knock off your food of labor while trying to place it onto the tree. Everything would be way easier if you do it at this stage.

Christmas tree topper
Source: Andrew Becks

Step 4: Fill the Tree with Picks & Sprays

Indeed, picks & sprays will add texture to your tree and of course, fill any spaces between branches for a fuller. As a result, your Christmas tree will be fancier.

Step 5: Start Hanging Baubles

At this stage, you will hang your baubles in your loved base color. Keep in mind that the large baubles for the bottom and the medium-sized ones for the central area & the top of your Christmas tree.

Start Hanging baubles
Source: Kelly Sikkema

Rebecca Stanton (a stylish from Dobbies Garden Centres) once said "Place your larger baubles first to ensure your tree is balanced, then work your way around them to add smaller baubles."

Step 6: Add Feature Decorations

It’s time to add character and wow to your tree. Whether heirlooms, collectibles, or homemade ornaments, position the heaviest decor items towards the inside of the tree first, so the weight is supported by the larger branches.

There are many options for you to choose from to add some wow while decorating the Christmas tree such as ornaments, collectibles, heirlooms. By doing this, you're about to fill any gaps inside the tree for a more 3-dimensional & interesting look.

Add Feature Decorations

An alternative for common ornaments would be the ones that you can choose what will be printed on them.

Step 7: Its Review Time

Examine your tree from a distance to see any flaws, gaps, or spots in need of more sparkle. Smaller decorations like little baubles, bells, or small hanging stars work well as fillers.

decorate Christmas trees
Source: Kyle Head

Glass (or acrylic) icicles on the ends of branches match the brief well for a sparkling, winter wonderland concept, adding added sheen and visual appeal.

Step 8: Using Tree Skirt to Finish Decorating Your Christmas Tree

If you don't want the tree stand on show, use a tree skirt to cover it up until it's covered under a stack of neatly wrapped gifts. It doesn't have to be a ready-made item; consider concealing the stand with fabric that matches your motif, such as burlap, linen, faux fur, or sheepskin.

Done! Here are 8 steps you can follow to decorate your Christmas tree for a festive holiday.

Want more? Gossby has the bonus part below. Enjoy!

How to Decorate Christmas Trees with Ornaments

In this part, we will show you a step-by-step guide to decorating your tree with ornaments.

Before You Hang Christmas Ornaments

One suggestion is that you should hang the lights and garland first. When you begin hanging ornaments, leave the lights on so you can see how they will appear when lit.

04 Easy Steps to Hang Christmas Ornaments

When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree with ornaments, if you follow these easy instructions, you will always end up with a beautifully decorated tree that everyone will love.

Step 1: Pick Your Christmas Ornament Hangers

Determine whether you will hang your ornaments using ornament hooks, ribbon, thread, or even green florist's wire. For the majority of individuals, ornament hooks are the cheapest and most convenient option.

If you have dogs or small children, try using ribbon or thread to hang your ornaments (at least on the bottom section of the Christmas tree), since they may be less dangerous to them if they come into touch with the hangers. At the moment, all Swarovski Crystal decorations have a beautiful satin ribbon for hanging.

Step 2: Select Ornaments

If you have a lot of the same Christmas ornaments to hang, we recommend starting with them and making sure they are equally placed around the tree before hanging the rest.

If the majority of your Christmas decorations are distinctive and distinct from one another, you can begin with any ornament you choose.

personalized ornaments to decorate christmas trees
"Meow" personalized Christmas ornament

Step 3: Hang Your Ornaments

Larger and heavier Christmas decorations should be hung farther within, closer to the tree's trunk, where the branches are stronger.

Step 4: Finish Your Decoration

Just take a step back, smile, and enjoy your beautifully decorated Christmas tree with your family and friends this holiday season once you've hung all of your Christmas ornaments.

personalized Christmas gifts

How to Decorate Christmas Trees with Ribbon

The second bonus part here. With these steps below, you will become an expert in decorating Christmas trees.

Here is the 6-step guide:

  1. Cut ribbon into arm lengths. 1 spool will provide around 8-10 pieces of ribbon. By cutting strips, you may get a lot more ribbon out of a single piece.

  2. Make a fishtail out of one end of each strip. Fold the ribbon end in half and cut a diagonal line from the center outward.

  3. Begin with one strip at the top of the tree. Scrunch the ribbon's blunt cut end together and pin it on a branch with a bobby pin.

  4. Allow the ribbon to fall into position naturally. Gather it about 8-10′′ down from the top, compress it together, but this time leaves some slack, allowing the ribbon loop out in a ‘C,' then use a bobby pin to connect it to a branch back about 5′′ from the tip, towards the stem of the tree.

  5. Go through the process again. Each ribbon strip will be wrapped around the tree 3-4 times.

  6. Allow the ribbon's fishtail end to hang.

Closing thought!

We come to the end of the article “How to decorate Christmas Trees”.

Gossby hopes you’ve already found yourself the best way to make your tree gorgeous for a festive holiday ahead. If you’re looking for more information relating to Christmas topics, you can browse these articles below:

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