Christmas Tree Decoration - 10+ Ideas to Bring the Merry Vibe to Your Home


Last updated: Dec 05, 2022

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Christmas Tree Decoration - 10+ Ideas to Bring the Merry Vibe to Your Home

Christmas trees, the highlight of your festive decor, offer wonderful chances not only to spread some seasonal cheer but also to express your unique taste. Many people are into themed Christmas trees, with a carefully loved color scheme and matching baubles. However, others love the haphazard charm of personalized ornaments handed down over generations, with DIY paper chains along with other quirky touches.

Indeed, there are tons of options for Christmas tree decoration so, it seems to be hard to consider which one would suit you most. Fortunately, Gossby got your back!

We’ve rounded up some brilliant ideas for Christmas tree decorations to help you ready to bring a merry vibe to your home. Now, let’s begin!

What is the Best Christmas Tree Decoration Idea?

All of you might want to get the exact answer to this question. We know. Everyone wants to seek the best for them. However, the best decor idea for a Christmas tree is up to you. As long as it matches your living space, it’s the best!

Below, Gossby would love to share some Christmas tree decorations that you can follow. Read and find a suggestion that suits you most.

05 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas with Red Ribbons

#1. Christmas Tree Ribbon Bows

Ribbons readily fashioned into large accent bows contribute to an unexpected festive appearance. For a colorful and unique blend, use a combination of solid and patterned ribbons. Then, only a few solid-colored ball ornaments, and your tree is ready for the Christmas season to begin!

Christmas Tree Decoration with Ribbon Bows

#2. Simple Ribbon Christmas Tree Topper

A large ribbon bow as a tree topper can make even a Charlie Brown-style tree look lovely; no further decorations are required. Decorating tip: For a form-retaining bow, use a wire-edged ribbon.

Simple Ribbon Christmas Tree Topper Decoration

#3. Tartan Plaid Ribbon Tree Decorations

Bring it on, plaid! For many, Christmas isn't complete until the halls are decorated in red tartan plaid. Classic red & green plaid ribbons in tartan patterns, like  Stewart & Chisholm, give your Christmas tree a simple, homespun feel when woven as a garland around your tree.

Tartan Plaid Ribbon Christmas Tree Decorations

Even better, overlay ribbons in a variety of tartan designs. Then, as a ribbon tree topper, put a large-looped bow on the top limb, and you're ready to celebrate. Don't forget to bring your plaid-wrapped presents to add even more festive tartan!

#4. Romantic Ribbon Christmas Tree Garland

A flirtatious, feminine touch is added to your Christmas tree with a wrap of shimmering mesh tulle ribbon. Beaded snowflakes and pink and blue glass decorations complete the design. To get the same effect without the pouf, use shimmering organza ribbon in a two or three-inch width.

Romantic Ribbon Christmas Tree Garland

#5. All-white Christmas Tree Ribbons

Let wrap your Christmas tree with shimmering white organza ribbon and then, adorn it with large bows made of the same ribbon for a luxurious effect.

All-white Christmas Tree Ribbons decor ideas

04 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas with Personalized Ornaments

#1. Personalized Family-themed Christmas Ornaments

You can add a jovial vibe to your holiday by using family-themed ornaments to decorate Christmas trees. Not only is it a unique item for Christmas tree decoration but also a gift for your parents to express how much you love them.

family ornament - christmas tree decor

#2. Personalized Best Friend Christmas Ornaments

Together with your besties, let celebrate this Christmas with this personalized best-friend-themed Christmas ornament. Hanging it on a Christmas tree, both of you will smile ear to ear whenever seeing the message “There is no greater Gift than Friendship”.

best friend ornament for christmas tree decorations

#3. Personalized Pet-themed Christmas Ornaments

If you’re a pet lover, you don’t want to miss this Christmas ornament. Your dogs or cats…, they’re not just pets. Indeed, they’re members of your family and it’s great to celebrate Christmas by hanging their illustrations printed on personalized ornaments on Christmas trees.

pet ornament - christmas tree decor ideas

#4. Personalized Memorial Christmas Ornaments

Definitely, it isn’t easy to say an eternal goodbye to someone you love. It’s a loss that makes you hurt. However, they can leave this world but not your heart.

memorial ornament - christmas tree decoration ideas

This holiday, if you want to decorate your Christmas tree with a memorial vibe reminding you of your special someone, you can consider this option.

personalized Christmas gifts

05 Red & Gold Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

#1. Classic Red & Gold Decor

Want a stunning combo? Go for red and gold ribbons along with a combination of Christmas globes and poinsettias of the same color.

Classic Red & Gold christmas tree Decor

Although it appears thick in comparison to other Christmas trees, the mix of gold and burgundy creates a Christmas mood that may suit any home. Gold and burgundy blend well with the wintery Christmas motif.

#2. Small Elements

The color combination of gold and red can make everything stand out nicely on other solid hues, even on the same gold and red backdrop. You may also choose a backdrop of yellow and maroon that will stand out brilliantly because of the little components that will become fantastic focal points in an attractive green mass represented by the Christmas tree.

Small Elements christmas tree Decor

For the ideal finish, use things carefully and cleverly.

#3. Rustic Mix Of Poinsettia

Because of their prominent presence in burgundy and red, poinsettias frequently win the Christmas décor game.

Rustic Mix Of Poinsettia christmas tree Decor

The beautiful flower exudes a festive mood with its vibrant colors, whether fake or fresh and is accented with rustic gold decors and simple soft white lighting. Burlap may be used to enhance the décor.

#4. Golden Lights & Burgundy Globes in Simplicity

It is difficult to find a clutter-free Christmas tree, and some may even consider them uninteresting or dull, but the setup that follows certainly does not fit into this category.

Golden Lights & Burgundy Globes in Simplicity

Powerful red Christmas globes sparkle in a burgundy green mass, accentuated by warm light ornaments, forming a very strong presence in a traditional beautiful setting. One that cannot accept clutter and requires simple things that cannot be questioned.

#5. Classic English Manor Christmas Tree

The English Manor-inspired tree is magnificently ageless, especially with red–gold decorations. The diversity of decorations at various scales provides a beautiful focus on your tree through depth, and the delicate burgundy ribbons around the tree are subtle but undeniably there.

Classic English Manor Christmas Tree

To help you get more ideas to celebrate a memorial holiday, we've compiled other articles relating to the topic "Christmas" so you can enjoy and know how to celebrate the holiday that you love the most.

What’s Your Best Choice?

It's the most brilliant time of the year, and decorating the Christmas tree is at the top of the list of reasons why. The Christmas tree, as a symbol of family tradition, acts as a meeting spot and the main point of holiday décor. However, with so many lights, garlands, decorations, and toppers to choose from, the selections may be bewildering.

Hope the top 10+ suggestions above will help you to choose the best Christmas tree decoration for a festive holiday ahead.

Merry Christmas!

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