How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2022?


Last updated: Jan 25, 2022

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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2022?

Finally, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the time for you to celebrate your love for the significant others in your lives. Although Valentine is the day of love, it puts stress on you about the way to celebrate the day whether you’re a new couple or in a long-term relationship.

So, the question is: how to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, some will take their beloved for a romantic dinner at a fine restaurant; however, others may opt to enjoy the day at home. Generally, there are many ideas about Valentine’s Day celebration to go for, and below, we rounded up the 10+ most romantic ideas for you to choose from.

Some additional information will be included so, make sure that you won’t miss out on them.

10+ Wonderful Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas

So, it’s time to answer the question about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In this list below, Gossby would love to share with you 15 great ideas to celebrate Valentine with your S.O, your friends, or just only you.

We’ll divide them into 3 parts so you can easily find the idea that suits you the most.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Sweethearts?

1. Surprise Your S.O with a Breakfast in Bed

The first thing to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to cook an assortment of your sweetheart’s favorite breakfast foods and then, enjoy them together with your sweetheart. Make sure that a special meal will be served on the stray with a cup of coffee or glass of juice (as your interest).

This idea is the easiest way to start a romantic Valentine’s Day and your honey will appreciate the thoughtfulness for sure.

A Breakfast in Bed - valentine's day celebration
Surprise Your S.O with a Breakfast in Bed (Source: Toa Heftiba - Unsplash)

2. Make Valentine’s Day Cards

Don’t you know, a card has more meaning to it when you make it yourself, instead of buying one from a store?

If you have no idea, you can easily find some great suggestions on Google or Youtube. Make sure you use your own words to express your special love to the one you love.

A Valentine's Day Card - valentine's day celebration ideas
A Valentine's Day Card (Source: Mockaroon - Unsplash)

3. Enjoy Your Favorite TV Shows or Movies

Perhaps, this Valentine’s celebration idea will be loved by people. Grab a soft blanket and some food, such as popcorn, chips, or chocolate, and spend the day resting with your sweeties. Choose a selection of movies or a TV shows that both of you will love.

Enjoy Your Favorite TV Shows or Movie - how to celebrate valentine's day
Enjoy Your Favorite TV Shows or Movie (Source: Max Harlynking - Unsplash)

4. Spend Time Having a Little Chit-chat

Why not? This Valentine’s Day celebration idea will help you to know more about your lover. Open up a little & connect on a more intimate level by getting to know your sweetheart even better. Even if you've been together for years, you'll be astonished to learn something new about him/ her.

Having a Little Chit-chat with Your Lover - celebrate valentine's day
Having a Little Chit-chat with Your Lover (Source: JLC IMAGERY - Unsplash)

5. Planning Valentine’s Gifts

The Valentine won’t be complete without sweet Valentine’s Day gifts. You can indeed give everything to your sweethearts as long as that gift comes from the bottom of your heart.

However, you can skip buying gifts at stores and make personalized gifts instead. By adding your personal touches to the gift, you can easily steal your lover’s heart.

valentine's day gift - how to celebrate valentine's day at home
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6. Plan a Romantic Dinner at Home (or Restaurant)

Think about foods that both of you love the most and don’t try to make dishes that you’ve never made before.

You don’t have to go for elaborate meals to make the dinner special and romantic. Instead, you can create a romantic atmosphere by dressing up the dining area with candles, roses, and more…

Plan a Romantic Dinner
Plan a Romantic Dinner (Source: Faizan - Unsplash)

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Besties?

1. Gather Your Friends to Your Home for a Potluck Dinner

Sound exciting, right? If you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends, just ask them to bring prepared dishes to your place and then, enjoy them with joy and fun. An alternative option is to order foods from your most-loved restaurants.

Gather Your Friends to Your Home for a Potluck Dinner
Gather Your Friends to Your Home for a Potluck Dinner (Source: Rendy Novantino - Unsplash)

2. Plan a Board Game Night

Instead of having a wonderful evening with your “Valentine”, you can sit down and play a board game with your besties.

Select board games that are specifically made for a group of players and that’s a great Valentine's Day celebration idea we would love to share with you.

Plan a Board Game Night
A Board Game Night (Source: Karthik Balakrishnan - Unsplash)

3. Plan a Future Vacation

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at home (with your friends) doesn’t mean you cannot think of a vacation to the places you love. Together with your besties, just print out the maps and spend the night talking and planning about your future vacation.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on Your Own?

1. Feed Your Soul with a Spread of Snacks

Nothing but your favorite snacks will be the best thing to go for when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day on your own.

It can be a bowl of popcorn you passed around with your siblings when you were a kid or an apple cake your grandma made for you. Get yourselves these things to call upon your beautiful memories and fill your soul with happiness and warmth.

Feed Your Soul with a Spread of Snacks
Feed Your Soul with a Spread of Snacks (Source: Mc Jefferson Agloro - Unsplash)

2. Enjoy an Evening of Self-Pampering

You’re wondering how to celebrate Valentine’s Day alone? Here’s the best answer to go for. Fill the bathtub with fizzy bombs, fragrant salts, or stress-relieving essential oils.

Let your body sink into a padded back pillow. Put on a moisturizing face mask. Start reading a new romance novel. Wine, chocolates, and candles may also be required, and we have a bath caddy for that.

Enjoy an Evening of Self-Pampering
Enjoy an Evening of Self-Pampering (Source: Maddi Bazzocco - Unsplash)

3. Go to Wine and Painting Class

This is a unique Valentine's Day celebration idea that offers you the perfect excuse to get boozy and crafty in the same stroke. Additionally, you won’t be going home alone.


Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

As said, this article will include additional information about Valentine’s Day celebration. Not just discover how to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’ll figure out the reason why we celebrate the day.

Let’s take a flashback to the ancient Roman Fertility Festival of Lupercalia - the origin of Valentine’s Day. The “modern-day love” take on it is said to have come from the third century. It’s said that Emperor Claudius II did outlaw marriage because instead of going to war, men did want to stay at home with their wives.

That’s the reason why Valentine’s Day was born.

Which Countries Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Want to discover more about Valentine’s Day celebration? Here are 30 countries that are going to celebrate Valentine in 2022.

  1. Argentina

  2. Brazil

  3. Bulgaria

  4. Chile

  5. China

  6. Colombia and Guatemala

  7. Czech Republic

  8. Denmark and Norway

  9. England

  10. Finland and Estonia

  11. France

  12. Ghana

  13. Germany

  14. Ireland

  15. Israel

  16. Italy

  17. Japan

  18. Mexico

  19. Philippines

  20. Romania

  21. Slovenia

  22. South Africa

  23. South Korea

  24. Spain

  25. Taiwan

  26. Thailand

  27. Wales

Wrapping Up!

Finally, we come to the end of the article. We believe that when you read these lines, you did have yourselves the answer to the question: how to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Hopefully, these ideas and information above will help you to celebrate the day of love with joy and romance.

Wait no more, start to prepare and surprise your sweetheart now!

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