Valentine's Day Decor: How to Bring Romance to Your Living Space?


Last updated: Dec 29, 2021

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Valentine's Day Decor: How to Bring Romance to Your Living Space?

It seems uncommon to decorate living space on Valentine’s Day. People often focus on finding gifts and making the other half impressed. However, they may forget that a gorgeous space contributes greatly to the mood and makes their beloveds get the holiday's special vibe.

Yet, finding nice Valentine's Day decor isn't an easy feat since you may overdo it and make your space overwhelming.

Gossby truly understands your concerns and that’s why we create this article. The information you read below will guide you through how to make your space stay on track with the best Valentine's Day decor at home!

Scroll down and discover, shall we?

How Can You Decorate For Valentine's Day?

There are countless ideas regarding decorating your space in Valentine’s atmosphere. You just have to follow the holiday’s theme, such as red and white, the heart sign, or anything that indicates sweetness and love.

Below are some decor ideas for Valentine's day that we have compiled for you.

1/ Stylized Candles

It would be a shortcoming not to mention candles in this list. Candles stay at the top-recommended Valentine's Day decor when you want to bring romance to your space. It releases a soft sense and ivory light to the atmosphere, chilling our minds.

Stylized Candles - valentines day decor
Stylized Candles (Source: Omáš Vydržal - Unsplash)

However, plain candles can’t say anything about the holiday. You can add touches to them, so they fit in the vibe. There are many options for stylizing your candles.

You can add red ribbons to the candle cup and top it with a heart or cupid charm. Or you can choose candles with red charms inside.

In this case, the container should be see-through. After that, you can put your candles on the dining table or on top of any counter in your home.

2/ Add Printables

This is one of the most wonderful yet simplest Valentine's Day decor to jazz up your space. All you have to do is choose the right design that perfectly matches your home and blend in with other decorations. Then, print it out and place it wherever you want.

Add Printable - valentines day decor ideas

The printing frame matters, too. If you want to place the art on the wall, you can choose the poster type. But if you intend to place it on the countertop, you may want to head for a personalized wrapped canvas

3/ Display Chocolates & Sweets

Yes, chocolates & sweets are the classic Valentine's Day decor ideas. Still, have you ever thought of placing them around the house to enhance the scene? It’s a fabulous idea, and it’s not so hard to prepare.

You can wrap those chocolates in colorful candy wrappers or store them in see-through jars with lids. Put them randomly anywhere in the house so that the scene looks more natural.

Chocolates & Sweets - decor ideas for valentine's day
Chocolates & Sweets (Source: Jennifer Pallian - Unsplash)

4/ Use Throw Pillow

Even though your sofa or chair at home is in a different color than the main theme, you can always spruce it up with some throw pillows so that it can fit well with the rest of the room.

What if your sofa is already full of pillows? Find some pillow covers to replace the current ones!

There are so many ideas for decorating a personalized throw pillow. Just add your own personal touches to transform the mediocre pillows into your loving keepsakes!

Use Throw Pillow- valentines day decor at home
Use Throw Pillow to Embrace Your Living Space in Valentine's Atmosphere

Some fun patterns would also be suitable, such as chevron prints, polka dots, or stripes. These are not too hard to make. We recommend you DIY them if you have enough time!

5/ Arrange Flowers

It’s the middle of Spring, which is in February, why don’t we take advantage of some flowers? It doesn’t need to be the luxury roses, but any pink, red, or white flower should do.

Just visit your local florist and find a mix of those colors mentioned. A combination of peonies, gardenias, and carnations would make an elegant appearance on your bouquet.

Arrange Flowers - elegant valentines day decor
Flowers Make Valentine's Day More Romantic (Source: Brooke Lark - Unsplash)

You can place it alongside the stylized candles on top of the dining table. Or on the countertop to add more charm and romantic sense to the house. You can reuse them when the season is over by turning them into a dried bouquet.

10 Romantic DIY Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

Apart from the amazing methods above, we introduce you to some other ideas for this special occasion!

1/ Heart-shaped Wreath

Who says you can only use a wreath for Christmas? With available material at home, you can easily create your heart-shaped wreath for creating a great decor idea for valentine's day.
Heart-shaped Wreath

The material could be rag, gingham wrapped, or even flower! The point here is to choose the right color that carries the main theme of this occasion but doesn’t drive the wreath far from other decorations of the space.

If you don’t know how to make this item, you can buy one with the shape & rewrap it yourself.

2/ Garland

This is another easy-to-make Valentine's Day decor on this list. You can get so creative with this type since it only requires cutting papers and hanging them onto the string. Take reference to some candy heart shape, or write meaning sayings and quotes on them.

Heart-shaped Garland

3/ Hot Chocolate Bar

To make this, you need to arrange a clean spot with all the needed ingredients and tools to make hot cocoa. Passersby will surely be impressed not only by the look but also by the heartwarming effect of this DIY Valentine's Day decor.
Hot Chocolate Bar

4/ Candy Heart Bouquet

This can be regarded as a combination of bouquets and sweets. To create this look, you will need a clear jar. Put colorful heart-shaped candies inside it, then fill the top with flowers.

Unlike the mentioned bouquet, this one would look better with roses. Still, you only need a few roses to complete this look. You can put this elegant Valentine's Day decor on the tabletop. A bow tie around the jar can make it super cute, too.

banner personalized gifts for couples

5/ Blooming Letter Monogram

Many use this letter monogram as wall art. It’s simple yet unique enough to wow visitors. Don’t be afraid by the look and think it’s hard to create. You only need to stuff flowers inside of the letter’s frame.

Blooming Letter Monogram

6/ Heart Branch Tree

It might take some time and effort to make this tree, but trust us, the design is worth a try! You will need a vase, multiple branches, some glue with colorful paper to make the heart leaves.

Do consider the place you will be placing it to determine the length of the branches and the size of the leaves.

Heart Branch Tree

7/ Sweater Heart Pillow

It’s time to make use of those old sweaters at home and turn them into pillow covers! This Valentine's day decor DIY will breathe a cozy sense to your place. Plus, it’s super affordable and fun to do!

That you two spend time together making this lovely stuff is sweet enough for the day! The only warning here is to choose the color properly. Not every sweater’s color and style can match the vibe.

Sweater Heart Pillow

8/ Button Burlap Heart Picture

You can make this Valentine's day decor at home in your free time. With just some simple sewing techniques, colorful buttons, and a canvas of your choice, you can make a decorative picture that stands out from the other normal pictures!

9/ Glitter Letter Banner

What Valentine's day decor ideas speak louder than a letter banner? Let the banner tell the visitors which holiday you are celebrating!

We recommend you hang those glitter letters with a string rather than glue them onto the wall. This way, it will be way easier to clean afterward!

Glitter Letter Banner

10/ Confetti Balloons

If you’re holding a party to celebrate this season at home, confetti balloons are a must. Those balloons know how to boost the mood of any party. You can choose red, pink, and white balloons or the clear type with colorful paper inside.

Confetti Balloons

Add Personal Touches To Your Valentine's Day Decoration - Why Not?

The development of the world has made our options more plentiful than ever. Still, those items lack meaning and often cost us quite a fortune.

That’s why customizable items (or personalized Valentine's gifts) have recently been a trend among the decoration community. Making the decorations yourself or the gifts to give your other half is the best way to sweeten Valentine’s Day.

Why is that?

  1. A personalized gift lets the giftees know they're loved wholeheartedly. Because it’s not hard to purchase something out there on the market, but you have chosen to pursue the harder path - personalized gifts. Your loved one will then acknowledge your effort and time putting in the gift.

  2. This kind of gift can also be your treasured keepsakes for a lifetime. It’s proof of the unbreakable bond between you guys. Every time looking at the item, your love will think of you and how thoughtful you are.

  3. Though carrying so much meaning, customized presents are often inexpensive. They also come in a wide range of styles and types. Allowing you to unleash your creativity with the present!

Excited yet? If you’re curious about which options are there to choose from, take a look at the following recommendations from Gossby:

1/ "My Soulmate" Mug

personalized coffee mug
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2/ "When I Say I Love You More, I Don’t Mean I Love You More Than You Love Me..." Wrapped Canvas

personalized wrapped canvas
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3/ "To My Husband, When We Get To The End Of Our Lives Together..." Fleece Blanket

personalized fleece blanket
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Apart from the guideline for Valentine's Day decor ideas, you can enjoy these articles to get more ideas to celebrate the holiday with your sweethearts.

Did You Have The Best Choice?

There’s no better way to enjoy this season to its best without proper Valentine's Day decor. These ideas will help you light up your space and even spice your relationship with your love. Try to make good use of and preserve your decorations. You may want to reuse them next year

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