Easy DIY Room Decor Ideas To Light Up Your Living Space


Last updated: Dec 12, 2021

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Easy DIY Room Decor Ideas To Light Up Your Living Space

One of the most exciting things you can do is redecorate your room. Choosing the right room decor will help you make your space your own. DIY room decor is a great way to express your creativity.

Today, we will be looking at amazing DIY room decor ideas that will definitely light up your living space.

Easy DIY Room Decor Ideas For Girls

It can be daunting trying to find the perfect DIY room decor for your room. Here are some of our favorite easy DIY room decor ideas for girls;

#1 Washi Tape Door Handles

Liven up your doors by using decorative washi tape to add a splash of color to your doors. Simply choose your preferred washi tape and wrap the door handle in it, being careful to keep the tape tight to reduce sagging or creases.

washi tape work table
Let your imagination guide you! (Source: Unsplash)

Once completed, your door handle will have a fresh new look. Plus, if you get bored of the color, you can easily remove the tape and swap it for something else.

#2 Rock Book Ends

Painted rock bookends are a lovely DIY room decor option for your bookshelf. Simply find a large rock or buy one from a craft store and decor it as you see fit. 

bookshelf living space
A well-organized bookshelf makes an impeccable piece for your living space. (Source: Inaki Del Olmo - Unsplash)

You can be as creative as you like with this one. Super simple, this DIY room decor is sure to liven up your bookshelf. 

#3 Succulent Fairy Garden

Succulents are the best indoor plant due to their ease of care. You can create a stunning indoor succulent fairy garden simply by buying a wide planter box and adding some fairy-themed decor. 

succulents garden
Succulents are great for keeping indoors. (Source: Maria Orlova - Unsplash)

Stones, mushrooms, and other fairy-theme decors will make your succulent garden pop. Place it anywhere in your room for some easy DIY room decor that is sure to stand out.

#4 DIY Cork Key Holders

This practical DIY is the perfect room decor for your bedroom or living room. Start by collecting some corks or buying them from a craft store. Use craft or super glue to glue them to a wooden backboard. 

used corks
Turn the otherwise wasted used corks into something amazing! (Source: John Murzaku - Unsplash)

Drill two holes in the top sides of the wooden board. Thread twine or string through to create a hanger. Once finished, you’ll have a seamless cork holder that looks stunning in your living space. Practical and unique, this is a great DIY option for your room decor. 

#5 Terrarium

All you need for a terrarium is a glass jar, some dirt, some seeds, and water. Set up the terrarium to either be a water terrarium or a plant terrarium. Watch as the ecosystem takes hold in front of your very eyes. Terrariums are a fun hobby and make great DIY room decor for your desk. 

terarium work table
It's an entire ecosystem, built into one sphere. (Source: Nielsen Ramon - Unsplash)

#6 Confetti Wall Art

Confetti wall art is a simple DIY project that is sure to make your room stand out. Buy different colored reflective paper and cut out different sized circles. Organize the circles on your wall in a cascading design. 

splash art paint
Try our artistic side on the wall, just not too much! (Source: Dragos Gontariu - Unsplash)

Blu Tack will hold your confetti to the wall with ease. Simple!

#7 DIY Resin Jewellery Tray

A DIY resin jewelry tray is a little more difficult than the other options in this list. However, this practical tray is absolutely stunning and is a great companion for your jewelry.

resin dropping
Resin is such a versatile material - perfect for creating decor pieces. (Source: Douglas Bagg- Unsplash)

Buy a resin mold on Aliexpress and some craft resin and other resin supplies. Choose your color and other decorations (you can add glitter, crystals, sequins, and more) and create your tray. 

#8 Hanging Planter Box

Hanging planter boxes are an easy DIY that your room will love. You can follow the instructions here to start creating hanging planter boxes today. 

planter box on the wall
A simple planter box might be everything you need for the living space. (Source: Ruslan Keba - Unsplash)

#9 Geometric Wall Art

Geometric wall art is a fun DIY room decor that you and your friends can make today. You can use washi tape and paint to create a simple DIY canvas that will look incredible in your room. 

geometric wallpaper
A geometric wallpaper also works! (Source: Liana Mikah - Unsplash)

Your friends will love making these DIY geometric wall art canvases with you, and they are super simple to make. You can even start making them as gifts for your other friends. 

#10 Hanging Polaroid Wall Decor

Hanging polaroid wall decor is a simple DIY room decor option you should use today. Simply attach string to your wall using blutack. Buy mini pegs from your local craft store and attach your favorite polaroid photos to your string. This adorable DIY room decor is sure to brighten up your room decor today. 

polaroid images
String up the framed memories and hang them up the wall (Source: Annie Spratt - Unsplash)

DIY Room Decor - Add Unique Personalized Items!

Why stop at DIY room decor? Adding unique personalized items to your living space is a sure-fire way to truly make your room your own. Personalized items are beautiful and easy to match with any theme idea. This means you can truly create your own aesthetic in your room. 

Here are some of our favorite personalized items that you should add to your room today:


You use mugs every single day. The perfect companion for your morning coffee, afternoon tea or midnight cold water run, a personalized mug is the best way to add a personal touch to your room. 

life is better with a dog mug
Not just a wonderful decorative piece, this mug will be the perfect cup to enjoy your daily drink with.
girl and dog custom mug

This ‘Life is Better With a Dog’ mug is the perfect personalized mug option for a dog lover. Get your furry friend emblazoned on this mug and add your names below to show how much you love your dog on a daily basis.

We also recommend the ‘Sisters Forever’ mug if you have sisters who you love more than life itself. This special mug is a true testament to your close relationship. It’s a cute reminder of your sisters that you can look at every single day and smile.


Blankets are a must-have in your room. Creating a personalized blanket allows you to truly nail your aesthetic.

life is better with cats blanket
Wrap yourself up in the warmth and coziness of this personalized blanket.
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We absolutely love this ‘Life Is Better With a Dog’ blanket. Create a beautiful keepsake of your furry best friend and snuggle up with every night with this unique personalized blanket. This blanket makes a great gift for your friends. 

If you’re more of a cat lover, we also stock a ‘Life is Better with Cats’ personalized blanket that you are sure to love. 


Want a funny pillow that highlights you and your cat’s special friendship? This ‘There’s Probably Cat Hair on This’ throw pillow is a great addition to your room. Able to be personalized, you can memorialize your furry friend in style with this personalized pillow. 

this is my couch pillow
Puffy, soft, and huggable, just like your dogs!
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Dog lovers - we have a fun personalized pillow for you too. ‘This is My Couch, Go Sit Over There’ is the hilarious doggy throw pillow your room needs today.


Christmas is fast approaching and having unique, personalized Christmas decorations is an absolute must. Here are two of our favorite ornaments that you need in your Christmas room decor this year.

best friend chirstmas ornaments
Celebrate your unbroken friendship this Christmas with our personalized ornaments.
best friend custom ornament

This special ornament is a great way to showcase your bond with your friends. This best friends ornament can have up to 9 names on it and makes a great gift for your besties. 

We also recommend this Winter Friends Ornament. A gift for sisters or best friends, this customized ornament is sure to spark joy for you and your loved ones. 


Canvas prints make lovely wall decor. Personalized canvases add a unique, memorable touch to your living space. Gossby stocks a range of personalized canvas options you can customize to suit your aesthetic today. Our favorite canvas is this ‘I Am Always With You’ memorial canvas. This is a beautiful item that commemorates your loved one.
memorial wrapped canvas
Honor the memories of the lost ones with a thoughtfully wrapped canvas
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Shop Custom Room Decor At Gossby

Gossby provides a wealth of unique designs and ideas for easy DIY home decor items which means there is sure to be something you love. Plus, you can get your besties memorable gifts at inexpensive prices. Gifts that they are actually sure to love!

There are elaborate collections of different products which means you can truly find the perfect gifts for your friends. Some of our most popular offerings include personalized mugs and throw blankets. 

room decor
It's time to customize your living space! (Source: Omar Prestwich - Unsplash)

We offer detailed personalization options, down to the number of people, hair color, and more. This means you can create truly personal gifts with ease. 

Our extensive customer care service means you will love shopping with us. We answer any queries ASAP and offer a hassle-free gift buying experience you will love. With over 30,000 reviews, we are one of the leading retailers of gifts online. 

Our reviews speak for themselves. Gossby guarantees you top-quality products at rock-bottom price points, allowing your gift budget to stretch even further.

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