How To Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine: Top Tips To Get A Yes


Last updated: Jan 16, 2022

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How To Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine: Top Tips To Get A Yes

Getting bored with being alone, Gossby will show you how to ask someone to be your Valentine. Even when your confidence is big, you might get anxious and harrowed when thinking of how to ask someone out on a date. This is stressful but nothing is impossible if we know to make it right.

How To Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine?

Crushing somebody is an exciting experience for many people. But if you want to include them in your love affair, there are some classic ways to ask your crush to be your Valentine. Read the below to take action before February 14!

1. Write A Letter

Meeting directly is hard to express what you want so you can create a card or just a white paper to say your thoughts. Don’t make it complicated or too long that the main point is blurred. You can draw some cute images and decorate, however, words are the most important to care for. 

love letter - how to ask someone to be your valentine
Express your love with a romantic love letter, it doesn't get any more classic than that!

Start with a compliment on their appearance, write some sweet suggestions like “I don’t know if…” and end with your signature. It’s a traditional and sweet method of voicing your heart. A letter can warm her heart and indicate that you are sincere and serious with this confession. In case they live somewhere far from you, sending a love email means a lot to them. It’s a useful tip on how to ask someone to be your Valentine online.

2. Give A Cute Gift

Why do we say that you should give your crush a cute little gift instead of an expensive one? As this is your first expression, you need to avoid showing off. They would feel your true emotion when seeing a heart-shaped box of candies or a little teddy bear key tag. Or else, you can pick personalized Valentine gifts at Gossby to mark an impression on them.

Then, say something to explain why you give this present to them and ask for a date out. Be gentle and calm while talking to them. Aside from it, you can pay for their drink at the coffee shop or bar where you met them and got attracted.

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3. Ask In Person

Dragging a new position for someone is never easy, especially turning a person to be your lover. From general guidance on how to ask someone to be your Valentine, there are no specific examples of saying directly to your crush. You need to wait for a good chance to speak up your soul. 

couple kissing - how to ask some to be your Valentine
Channel your inner courage and ask your crush out!

Many people love private spaces, hence, you should pull them aside and share your thoughts. It’s also a way to protect your natural appearance from other people’s eyesight. Moreover, you need to be prepared for their reaction if they say “No”. Respect their heart and try to hold your disappointment. Maybe you still have another chance on another day? 

What To Say When Asking Your Crush?

Since you might stutter when standing in front of your crush, we offer some hilarious ways how to ask someone to be your Valentine online to make the situation more relaxing and natural. 

The Funny

Here we will show you how to ask someone to be your Valentine funny.

A funny handmade card with your crush’s chubby animated image inside and bring a chocolate box then tell them: “I decided that you’re currently far too attractive to be my valentine. Because of this, I demand you consume all these chocolates to fatten up and make me seem better by comparison.”

couple laughing - how to ask some to be your Valentine
Getting someone to laugh is a great ice-breaker.

It doesn’t sound humorous? Don’t worry, use this amazing idea. You can create a comic book including their pictures that one by one leads to your thought of asking them to pair up with you. This tip might consume lots of your mind to make a sensational storyline to attract him/her.

Your humor doesn’t stop there, you should ask them: “I’d like to ask you out, but with everything closed, maybe I could ask you in?” Ohh-ahh, so smart and funny that they would nod down immediately or at least, want to know more about you.

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The Punny

Putting considerable effort into confessing would tremble you for some time. However, thinking of a day he/she is hand-in-hand with you, all the anxiety may disappear and you are urged to take action. 

If you don’t want to make it serious, we will help you with how to ask someone to be your Valentine funny and extremely uniquely.

First, you need to choose the right timing. It’s a crucial step to get a “Yes” from your would-be lover. Then, sail the love boat with these punny love quotes.

“Care to help me rearrange my plant?” Saying this means you honor their great heart with a green thumb.

couple hugging sunset - how to ask some to be your Valentine
Showcase your creativity and wit with a punny punchline!

“I’m pretty tired of looking at the inside of my apartment. Could I have a look at the inside of your apartment?” It’s straightforward to ask them on a date and be your partner.

“Are you hungry? I just ordered enough take-out for a family of two.” That’s a punchline to show your confidence and cuteness at the same time.

When you and your crush are in a conversation and you feel it’s time to ask them to be your other half, just say: “We share such pretty thinking and I’d love to have an endless talk with you. Could you be my Valentine?” They can see that you are adorable and elegant.

“I was chased by Cupid the whole day and got hit by their arrows. It was from you. My next Valentine would be better with you.” We cannot avoid silliness and cheesiness when loving someone but they would get goosebumps at first and find it hilarious. Just wait for a smile and nod from them.

The Cute

Upon what to say when asking your crush, we find some cute and flirty ways to help you to conquer them and go on a date. You will no longer worry about how to ask someone to be your Valentine. 

More than just they feel alone when it comes to some special occasions, having a partner in life shoots people into a loving universe where stress and tiring would distract them no more.

You can use your talents to bake some cute biscuits or a handmade card with lovely drawings. After that, use one of the following sayings to express your mindful emotion.

presents - how to ask some to be your Valentine
A little word of advice? Just be yourself!

“You know, everyone is uploading pictures together with their lovers today and all I think about is cute would we look in a picture together.” You hit the target certainly when saying this.

“In case I don’t meet the standards to be your Valentine. Would you please lower it?

“Are you single now? Me, too. Maybe we are meant to be together. All the love spread this Valentine encourage me to say this: I like you. Not today but since forever. I just don’t know how to say it.”

“Just wondering if you have plans for tonight? I’m thinking about doing something with you.” Confession sometimes may be cheesy but a tempting mood would be a good opening to run your compassion next time.

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Three Tips To Guarantee A Date On Valentine's Day

Not everyone can express their emotion out loud but when you are up to love life, you need to get prepared from appearance to spirit. Making up your mind about how to ask someone to be your valentine, the good news is that we’ve got some effective tips to help in succeed in winning your crush’s heart.

#1 Just Do It

People like to feel special and sometimes make the situation complicated. If you overthink and get stressed just because of ways to reach their love, you may miss a chance to approach them before somebody else. 

chocolate - how to ask some to be your Valentine
Start by offering a sweet present.

Furthermore, you need to believe in yourself. They will not like anyone who loses confidence and becomes sweaty out when being with them. Being shaky and timid would lead to a negative result. This is just a confession, not a limb for marriage ahead. Stop thinking too much and take initiative right away

#2 Choose The Right Timing

As we have mentioned above, choosing the right time is super important. How if your crush is busy or in a bad mood, you come and ask them to be a couple with you? Oh, you got the answer. Of course, they will shout out “No” and even kick you off if they get worse.

Since they are your crush, you will know a bit about their schedule. Avoid when they are talking to other people or on a full meeting day that blows their mind. Let’s observe to know if they are free and ready for a talk. Then start your perfect plan.

#3 Put Effort Into It

One of the simple ice-breaker tips for you is to put all your heart to make the moment incredible and thoughtful. Even when they don’t agree to be your Valentine, they still can see your true heart and keep being your friend. Everything needs to be sincere and clear.

woman thinking - how to ask some to be your Valentine
Put your thoughts into picking the right moment to ask your crush.

Make sure you know how much you like them and plan a perfect day to show you are ready to be their sweetheart. Whether your preparation is a casual talk or a surprising moment, everything has to be well-done.

In Conclusion

Finding the other half for your love life but how to ask someone to be your Valentine drives people’s minds crazy. Try all the tips above to pull your crush to be your companion. Destiny is in your hand, Gossby wishes you successfully have a happy love with your beloved one.

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