Halloween Game Ideas: 20 Ideas to Celebrate Fa-boo-lous Holiday for All Ages


Last updated: Aug 18, 2021

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Halloween Game Ideas: 20 Ideas to Celebrate Fa-boo-lous Holiday for All Ages

October is a chance to unleash your creativity with a series of Halloween game ideas. You may try the best you can to entice friends and family members by inviting them to your crazy theme party.

Our 20 Halloween games for adults and kids in this article will explore your “hallowed evening” event. Finally, you can find some cool gifts to reward the well-earned winners in our Personalized Halloween Gifts section.

Who will be Your Guests?

Organizing a Halloween party is not only a celebratory event but also a fierce competition. There will be a lot of events going on in your town on that day.

To best accommodate your party guests, the first step of the plan is determining who they are. Making a guest list early also helps you calculate the number of participants to allocate to the appropriate Halloween games.

who will be your guests for halloween games

If you intend to invite people you know, you can call or email invitations to inform them of the party's contents. In case your event is open to the public, you'll need more preparation than that.

Gossby recommends you print cheeky and unique invitation cards to hand out at your kids’ schools if your party is geared towards children. Depending on the characteristics of the visitors, you may have different ideas on how to make a guest list.

How Much Space Would You Have?

After you have the guest list, it's time to prepare the space for the party. A small yard in front of the house can be enough to accommodate 10-15 participants. We recommend that you prepare two playground areas for both adults and children. That way, your neighbors can safely bring their children to your home. 

In addition, it’s also crucial to prepare a resting area for the elderly because your friends may bring their extended family to the event.

How Much Space Would You Have for halloween game ideas

If you're predicting attendance by an entire town’s population, consider a local school campus or a stadium. A nightclub or a Halloween pool party will probably excite young people, but we do not recommend these locations for children's events.

It would be best to sell tickets to events over 20 people before the party starts. This action is for the event's design, dining, and the security of the guests.

  • Ideas to decorate your home with a spooky vibe can be found here?

10 Halloween Game Ideas for Kids

1. Toilet-paper Mummies

The Egyptian mummy is a mystery to humankind because of the curses and myths surrounding it. Let’s imagine your kids’ Halloween party turned creepy with walking figures wrapped from head to toe with white ribbons.

Its horror is the beginning of an interesting game called: mummy dress-up. First, of course, you need to prepare toilet paper. This game will make everyone helpless with non-stop laughter.

Toilet-Paper Mummies - halloween game ideas for kids

There will be a few teams of three, consisting of one mummy and two wrappers. The team that has their toilet paper roll done first is the winner.

Who doesn't have toilet paper? It is a cheap and hilarious game. After wrapping the toilet paper, you can bring the fun up another notch by asking the players to draw on the mummies. With a little paint, they will create creepy but equally funny masterpieces.

2. Donut-eating Race

You're missing out if you've never taken part in a donut-eating race. Whoever eats all the donuts hanging on the string the fastest is the winner.

Your stomach will hurt from all the laughter from watching children trying to finish hanging donuts without using their hands or any other support. The game will become more interesting with strange-tasting donuts, but you must ensure food allergies and safety standards for children.

Donut-eating Race - halloween games for kids

One way to level up the game is to add some pureed greens to their recipe. As you know, not many kids like to eat vegetables. But in this game, they will try to chew and swallow if you have enough Halloween gifts to stimulate the winner.

Before doing this, you need to inform yourself about possible allergies from participating kids.

3. Pop The Pumpkin Balloon

You can always find bubbles at any party, and so a game was born: Pop The Pumpkin. It is one of the Halloween game ideas for kids that is simple to set up but extremely fun.

These inflating 5-inch orange balloons with glitter and loads of candies inside will have your kids jumping for joy.

Pop The Pumpkin Balloon - game ideas on halloween

It would help if you wrote the prize names on paper, then stuff the balloons. The lucky person will choose the balloons that have the reward.

We have an idea for you to make the party atmosphere hotter. You can challenge the kids by having them throw darts at the squashes from a distance of 6.5 feet. The prize will go to the person who pops the most balloons.

4. Marshmallow Toss 

Marshmallow Toss Game is one of numerous funny Halloween game ideas for kids. Small marshmallows and paper cups are essentials at any party, but you can also surprise them with giant marshmallows in buckets.

Marshmallow Toss - game ideas for kids on halloween

Guests need to Try to throw marshmallows into these cups or tin buckets. The more goals, the more presents they receive. This game idea is very suitable for those who have a tight budget.

5. Shadow Bowling

Make your party pop with this budget-friendly game. It is enjoyable for all kids over 3 years old.

You just need to save as many cans as possible beforehand. The game becomes more fun when you let the kids paint and decorate the cans with color and Halloween-themed scrapbook paper.

Shadow Bowling

Once everything is ready, divide the children into groups of 3-5 children, and ask them to take turns rolling a ball towards the cans lined up in front of them about 6-10 feet.

The atmosphere will heat up when the clashing sounds of cans are mixed with the cheers of parents. The team that spills the most cans becomes the champion.

6. Pumpkin Patch Throw Down

Now you set up a playground as the description in the picture below. And a noisy battle will break out with the laughter of children.

Many teams will participate in this game. The members of each team will take turns tossing the balls in the center basket to knock all the balls on top of the upside-down baskets.

Pumpkin Patch Throw Down - halloween game ideas for kids

The team that completes their race in the shortest time will win the prize. While the kids play this game, don't forget to blast some of the best Halloween songs and enjoy funny carnival sweets.

7. Pin The Nose On The Witch

The scary witch's ugly nose fell off. Can your kids blindfold themself and place the nose on the witch?

This party game is both challenging and funny for smart kids. Bursts of laughter are intended for misaligned noses, while the cheers sound will praise whoever sticks the nose in place.

8. Halloween Bingo

Bingo is always a hit game for Halloween playdates or parties. It is easy to find Halloween Bingo cards online that allow you free printable. You can buy them inexpensively online or at local stores.

Halloween Bingo games for kids

But if you don't want to deal with the bother of printing enough cards for a large party. Consider using a digital version instead.

9. Feed The Monster

We all have great ideas for Halloween; some may have taken weeks of planning. This project, on the other hand, requires you a couple of hours maximum, so don't worry! Make this Halloween "Feed The Monster" game with ease!

Feed The Monster halloween games

It is super budget-friendly as you can reuse the paper box and available material to set up your monster. Remember to decorate however you like with a "Feed me!" sign in front. The kids toss balls or candy to feed it!

10. Witches Hat Ring Toss

This ring toss game will keep the kids and adults excited. It's a snap to arrange and play. A colorful foam board might be used for the base.

Witches Hat Ring Toss

Cut out circles from the black poster board, glue the hat toppers onto the black circles, and add colored "buckles." Now, you can start your game.

Let's imagine yourself as a witch and try to toss the rings to get prizes or score! This game will brew up some fun at Halloween parties.

10 Halloween Game Ideas for Adults

11. Murder Mystery

In this game, you host a murder mystery to stimulate players to find the culprit. Make sure that the number of guest lists matches the number of characters in your murder plot. Nevertheless, you can always add more if needed.

There are many murder mystery kits online to choose from. They have scripts, roles, plots to help you have a successful party.

Murder Mystery - halloween game ideas for adults

Each participant plays a different character and has a scripted story that includes the scenario of the whole game.

Murder mystery may be an exciting Halloween game idea for your family and friends. This game helps each member interact with each other to find the clue.

12. Monster Hunting

It’s a brilliant idea to arrange your party at a scary place to make your game louder and more dramatic. It may be in the glade next to a school or a vacant lot near a cemetery.

Your guests will play this game in pairs. One will be one of many types of monsters; the other will play the role of a hunter.

Monster Hunting halloween game for adults

Once the host shouts start, the monsters run away, and the hunters have to catch up. Players need to remember that they cannot capture the other couple's monster. The reward is for the first hunter to hunt his monster and the last monster to be free.

What a waste of energy, isn't it? Therefore, the host needs to treat his guests with refreshments after finishing the hunt.

13. Trick Or Treat

This game is one of the iconic activities you can't miss on Halloween. You can customize yourself and your children to scary characters or anyone you love to.

When the sun goes down, you can travel in a group or by yourself house to house. Then, you knock on every door and say "trick or treat".

Trick Or Treat games for adults on halloween

If the homeowner chooses a treat, they will give you sweets or gifts. On the other hand, the "trick" refers to a threat or to perform mischief on the homeowner.

At a party for adults, this entertaining game includes the use of alcoholic beverages. The waiter will place some trays of juice-filled glasses on the table. Several of these glasses have bourbon. Each visitor gets a drink, and whether they get a treat (juice) or a trick (alcohol) is entirely up to them.

14. Bobbing For Stuff 

It is not a bad Halloween idea for adults to celebrate this evening together at home. All you need are several bottles of single-serving alcohol, fruits, candy, and water to fill up the bucket. Then, ask your guests to bob for stuff from the water.

Bobbing For Stuff

You may fill the water bucket with some ice to make this game even more tricky. The player must pick the bottles out of the bucket with their teeth. If they can't pull out anything, they will get a punishment.

15. Halloween Costumes Runway Contest Challenge

Halloween is about dressing up and becoming your favorite character for fun. A perfect party does not go on without a costume contest.

It’s best to inform the contest's rules in your invitation so that guests have time to prepare as best as possible for their performance.

Halloween Costumes Runway Contest Challenge

You will be overwhelmed by the unique costumes that you have never seen before. To be the winner, all you have to prepare is a crazy idea and skillful hands.

16. Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest Challenge 

Pumpkin is no stranger to Halloween; you must already be looking forward to a pumpkin carving contest. Players can create a unique pumpkin shape to become the winner.

The pumpkin carving contest is not only held in the local communities but also online. It is an enjoyable and hypercompetitive contest.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest Challenge

Submit your well-done pumpkin and wait for the result. It’s not easy to carve on a hard surface of the pumpkin, but it may get done with a little practice and patience.

Your pumpkin may become a piece of art. Otherwise, at least, you will have an accessory to decorate your party.

17. The Drinking Game: Circle Of Death

This game is one of the funniest Halloween game ideas. You need to prepare a deck of cards and a middle cup to set up. Then, lay the cards face down in a circle.

When the setup is ready, all participants sit around the circle and pick their cards following their turn. There is a drinking rule for each card.

The Drinking Game - Circle Of Death

Everyone will select a card at a time. If the player chooses the right card marked as its rule, they will have to drink. The person who finishes the last card will have to finish whatever is in the middle cup.

18. Halloween Guess Who

Halloween Guess Who is a fantastic way to break the ice at this year's Halloween gathering. When a participant comes to the party, they will get a sheet of paper with a monster's name scribbled on it.

The visitor will not be able to read this paper since others put it on their backs. Unless they can correctly determine the character on their back, have them ask other visitors for hints with Yes/No questions.

With this game, everyone has to interact with other guests to get a clue about the characters. If one makes a correct guess, don't forget to give them a lovely present.

19. Pyramid Solitaire On Halloween

This game is similar to Pyramid but with a creepy Halloween theme. It requires two players, but you can turn it into a team game if you have a bigger group.

Pyramid Solitaire On Halloween

Each team chooses a category and tries to find as many answers as possible in a limited time. The question is usually scary. There are 12 categories with question cards that you may print and use during the game.

20. Halloween Feel Box

This hands-on Halloween party game will disgust but excite your guests simultaneously. Fill boxes with chilly, slimy, or otherwise, unpleasant-to-touch things. Invite your visitors to put their hands in the boxes and try to figure out what's inside.

Halloween Feel Box - halloween game ideas for adults

Final Words

Our exciting 20 Halloween games promise to bring an unforgettable vibrant atmosphere to each party guest. These ideas are easy to implement and have a high level of team spirit to bring your guests closer together.

An important factor for the participants to play the game to the fullest is to announce a series of attractive gift lists for the winners in advance.

We recommend that you stimulate the curiosity of your participants by giving the prizes weird and creepy names instead of using their real names.

Please feel free to share this article to spread a Halloween spirit across your town to celebrate the coming October. And don't forget to visit our Personalized Halloween Gifts to order your prizes before they are sold out.

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