T-shirt Storage Ideas: How to Store Your Clothes Properly?


Last updated: May 24, 2022

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T-shirt Storage Ideas: How to Store Your Clothes Properly?

Indeed, it’s important to know how to store t-shirts.

If you're looking for the best t-shirt storage ideas to preserve your loved piece of clothes for years, this article will get your back.

It seems as simple as filling boxes with clothing and bringing them into your unit, but it's a little more complicated than that. To keep the quality of your t-shirts, make sure they are properly preserved.

This includes selecting the appropriate storage containers and storage facility, as well as taking precautions to keep moisture and bugs from spoiling your t-shirts.

Below, there will be a selection of t-shirt storage solutions that you can follow to keep them longer with you. Wait no more, here we go!

What Are the Best T-shirt Storage Ideas?

Looking for the best way to store t-shirts to save your space? Just fold and place them in a drawer. "File folding" method or roll t-shirts, perhaps, are great ideas because you can maximize your space.

In case you have no dresser or drawer, well no worries as they can easily sit on a shelf or be placed in a storage bin.

04 T-shirt Storage Ideas That Work

Below, you’re about to discover 4 examples of storing t-shirts properly. Promise that these ideas are easy to follow.

1. Use Drawer Organizers

Consider utilizing bins or drawer organizers for your t-shirts if you want to add a touch of organization. The t-shirts may then be filed folded and placed in the dividers. The end product is stunning.

how to store t-shirt - Use Drawer Organizers
Use Drawer Organizers to Store T-shirts (Source: Bella Organizing)

2. Use Wardrobe Box

You can invest in a wardrobe box to hang your t-shirts. Metal hangers should be avoided at all costs since they might cause the t-shirts to expand. They may also corrode in humid situations and shred your cloth due to their sharp edges.

Rather, choose wooden or cushioned hangers for your clothes. Plastic should not be used to cover clothes boxes. Instead, cover them with a cotton sheet to keep dust and light out.

t-shirt storage - Use Wardrobe Box
Use Wardrobe Box (Source: Uboxes - Amazon)

3. File Fold Method

For the best t-shirt storage idea, try the file-fold method. Why? Here are 2 main benefits:

  • When you file your t-shirts, you can see them at a glance.

  • The "File fold" method allows you to fit more items into a drawer.

t-shirt storage ideas - File Fold
File Fold T-shirts (Source: Core77)

4. DIY Option - Make Your Own T-shirt Storage Boxes

If you're in love with DIY, why don't you go for this option? Just use old boxes to create the t-shirt storage solutions that suit your interests. Plus, you can use wrapping paper & labels to decorate your boxes.

t-shirt storage solutions - DIY Storage box
DIY Storage Box (Source: Instructable)

T-shirt Storage Ideas - 05 Tips to Store Your Clothes

You have some great ideas to store t-shirts but, not enough. Keep scrolling down and see 5 pro tips that will help you organize t-shirts like a pro.

Tip 1: Make Sure You Wash Them All Before Storage

This tip is critical for maintaining the longevity of all the t-shirts you’re storing. T-shirts that are unwashed will be produced. mildew, mold, and start smelling if left long term. Even if they don't look or smell unclean, stains may appear over time.

Tip 2: Don't Vaccum Pack

Although vacuum packing saves a lot of space, it is also quite harmful to your t-shirts. Packing them in this manner for an extended period of time might result in permanent creases and wrinkles.

Natural fabrics require oxygen to breathe, and squeezing all of the air out of them hastens the depreciation of your clothes. To prevent smothering your belongings, pack them lightly into bins, with heavier items on the bottom.

Tip 3: Keep Bugs Out

Mothballs smell stink, it’s true. Instead, use cedar chips to deter pests. They function precisely like mothballs, but without the poisons that might ruin your clothing.

Tip 4: Store T-shirts in the Dark and Cool Place

T-shirts should be stored in a dry, dark, and cold place. If your surroundings are bright, the light might cause fading in fabrics.

Indeed, some opt to keep their clothing in attics or garages, but these spaces are prone to dramatic temperature variations, which can cause t-shirt damage.

Tip 5: Don’t Use Plastic Boxes

Perhaps, some keep their clothes in cardboard boxes or plastic bags because they are less expensive, but these ideas will leave your t-shirts vulnerable to damage.

The fact that plastic boxes may retain moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. Although free-used boxes are appealing, they may contain germs or concealed vermin (if they have previously held food). Cardboard boxes are also susceptible to moisture and humidity damage.

FAQs about T-shirt Storage Ideas

Q1: Is it better to fold t-shirts than to hang them?

Not exactly. Perhaps, all of them are good.

The folding method can be applied to those t-shirts that can easily stretch out. Otherwise, hang them if they wrinkle easily.

Q2: What is truly the best way to store t-shirts?

We can’t tell, unfortunately.

A method that is considered the best one would be the one that suits you most. Depending on your space (which is large or small), you can choose one (from the 04 ideas above) to go for.

More to read:

Bonus Part: Where to Get T-shirts When You Don’t Have Ones to be Stored?

After reading this article, you may know how to store t-shirts properly. However, if you failed to organize t-shirts and caused them to be damaged, you would need some new ones.

custom t shirt - how to store t shirts properly

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Wait no more, start customizing your t-shirt now!

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Have You Found Yourself The Best Solution?

Keeping your clothing organized and neat might be a daunting task, but living in a cluttered closet can waste time and create stress. With this guideline, Gossby hopes you will get your best t-shirt storage ideas to keep your space clean and tidy.

Thank you so much for enjoying our blog! See you in the next article.

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