How to Celebrate Halloween at Home | Information and Guide


Last updated: Jun 06, 2021

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How to Celebrate Halloween at Home | Information and Guide
Before diving into the answer to How to Celebrate Halloween at Home, let Gossby tell you something about this event. Halloween is an annual holiday that is held on Oct 31st. This year, the event will be celebrated on Sunday, Oct 31st. Halloween originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when the locals would light bonfires & wear costumes to ward off ghosts. Pope Gregory III, in the 8th century, designated November 1st as a time honoring all saints. Then, all Saints Day incorporated some of the traditions of Samhain.

All Hallows Eve or Halloween in this day and age was the name of the evening before that day. Over time, Halloween included a day of activities such as trick or treat, festive gatherings, carving jack-o-lanterns, eating treats, and donning costumes.

Halloween in 2021 - An Unlike-any-other Halloween

I reckon that you all know the reason when I say the 2021 Halloween is not like any other. It has been over a year when the pandemic has impacted worldly. Our life has changed even the smallest one.

How about a big thing, like Halloween? With the recent situation of the Covid-19 and the advancement of the vaccine, we can hope to celebrate 2021 Halloween in the presence of our beloved, and if not then, virtual meetings will always be the rescue. 

So, if you're not going out to enjoy Halloween, how can you get into the event? Check out the list below and see how to celebrate Halloween at home.

How to Celebrate Halloween at Home?

The following part will surely help you out. I will just give you a list of things that I consider the best, you know. Quality is over quantity.

05 Common Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Home

1. Preparing Halloween Gifts

Perhaps, Halloween's not the first occasion you associate with gift-giving, however, there are lots of reasons to amaze your beloved with little something. Your gifts might be simple but trust me, the recipients will cherish them.

In case you don't get have any ideas, let's check out our personalized Halloween gifts and find yourself the best one.

celebrate halloween at home

"When We're Together, Every Night is Halloween" mug

2. Get All Dressed Up

Some of you would not go trick-or-treating but you can still get into the event spirit by dressing up in your costume that you love at home. Target has a one-of-the-kind selection of Halloween costumes consisting of adaptive ones for all ages. With the wide range of family costumes, you can easily match your crew to celebrate Halloween at home.

How to Celebrate Halloween at Home - family costumes

3. Enjoy Scary Stories

What a perfect time to dive into ghost stories! Hold a scary story-telling competition, gather up your squad around a "virtual" campfire, prepare some marshmallows, and start scaring off one another. 

watching horror movies  to celebrate halloween at home

4. Carve Pumpkins

Just ask yourself: Do you think you can really celebrate Halloween without carving pumpkins? Absolutely no! So, upgrade your tools and enjoy the fun of carving pumpkins with your beloved. It would be a memorable moment, I believe.

How to Celebrate Halloween at Home

5. Decorate Your Home with Your Own Halloween Aesthetic

It's the part that I love the most about Halloween. By decorating your space, you can figure out your style and maybe you will know your persona. You can use personalized pillowscanvas or, blankets with Halloween themes to adorn your house interior. Let your vibe shine and see how people are amazed at your food of labor.

decorate your space to celebeate halloween

5+ Unique Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Home

6. Tarot Card Reading - Why not?

It sounds strange but cool, indeed. If you are looking for something odd to do, then consider tarot reading. Learn about the history of the Tarot Card and do some insightful readings with friends and family. Make sure that you practice enough before carrying out the reading on your own to get the best results. You'll get surprised then.

Halloween tarot cards

7. The Rare Halloween Blue Moon

The fact that when you read this section, there would be a blue moon rising on Halloween (this year - 2021). So, ensure that you will not miss this special event. Just peek outside after dark to enjoy this celestial event.

And yes, it won’t be blue. People call it “Blue Moon” because it’s the 2nd full moon in the month.

8. Mix up a Potion of Your Own

This October will be the ever-ghoul night, so ready to mix up your own potion with a festive drink. Think about serving your chosen cocktails inside hollowed-out mini pumpkins & garnish them with gummy worms, plastic spiders, or candy corn.
making potion - celebrate halloween at home

9. Play Halloween Music Non-stop

This year is tough and when it comes to a celebration, just forget it and chill. It's never a bad time hosting a family dance party. Dressing up and turning on the music on YouTube, Spotify, etc. and then, dancing like tomorrow doesn't exist.
how to celebrate halloween in 2021
Play Halloween Music Non-stop (Source: Marcela Laskoski)

Hurry up! 40 Halloween Party Ideas for All Ages are waiting for you.

10. Make a Halloween Countdown Calendar

You may wonder why countdown calendar in October? These are the top 5+ unique ideas of how to celebrate Halloween at home and it would be unique.

halloween celebration at home

It's prevalent for a countdown calendar in December but who says October can't get one? just DIY a handmade Halloween countdown calendar and see how excited you will be when you check every day passing by.

11. Watch A Magic Show

Instead of going out and enjoying live entertainment, watching a magic show is how you can celebrate Halloween at home this year. Perhaps, once talking about Halloween in this modern age, we always think about something strange and mysterious. So, enjoying the magic show would be one of the best parts when you decide to celebrate the event.

What Countries Celebrate Halloween?

Many countries are celebrating Halloween all around the world. With the list below, you will get the answer to the question "What countries celebrate Halloween?".

Asian Countries Celebrating Halloween

  • China

  • Dubai

  • Hong Kong

  • Japan

  • Philippines

  • Singapore

Oceania Countries Celebrating Halloween

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

European Countries Celebrating Halloween

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Czech Republic

  • Germany

  • Greece

  • Ireland

  • Italy

  • Poland

  • Romania

  • Russia

  • Spain

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • United Kingdom (and Saint Helena territory)

North America Countries Celebrating Halloween

  • Canada

  • Dominican Republic

  • Mexico

  • United States

Celebrating Halloween at Home & FAQs

Why Do We Dress Up on Halloween?

These early party people would often put on costumes to keep away any evil spirits before All Saint's Day. And, on all Hallows' Eve, dwellers would wear masks to not being recognized by the ghosts that they believed were walking around the town.

kids wearing costumes to celebrate halloween

Times marched on and young Irish, as well as Scottish tricksters, would begin to dress up in scary costumes to spooking their friends & neighbors for fun. However, fast forward to 50s America when the whole holiday became much more popular. A family-friendly evening, with vibrant, creative as well as pleasant costumes, emerged.

Why Trick-or-Treat Candy?

The 2nd Nov marked the third holiday for these Halloween trailblazers - the All Soul's Day. During the Middle Ages, kids would go "souling", collect food or money in exchange for saying prayers for the dead.

The "using" practice cam next in Scotland where kids and teenagers would perform at the doorstep of their people next door to tell jokes, sing, and then reward fruit, wine, or coins.

kids trick or treat to celebrate halloween at home

In the 1920s, children in North America would play tricks on their neighbors, following the traditions, and they promptly chased out with sweets & candies.

Final Thought

Now you get a clear answer for how to celebrate Halloween at home. The list above is just a sample thus, you can cater them to suit your purposes and interests. Any holiday or occasion allows you to spend with your families. Halloween is coming, so let's make it memorable.

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