The Best 15+ Christmas Gifts for Dad that He'll Cherish


Last updated: Nov 18, 2022

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The Best 15+ Christmas Gifts for Dad that He'll Cherish

Mastering the art of giving gifts is no mean feat, as one might make the mistake of giving something he likes instead of what the recipients want. 

Christmas is around the corner. Have you come up with any ideas for Christmas gifts for dad yet? Remember when you were a child and couldn’t wait until dawn to open a present from your own Santa Claus - Daddy? 

Now, with the role reversed, we suggest that you not take it as a problem, rather a chance to get to know your father better. 

Let us tell you this secret: Fathers love gifts. They love being cared for and heard like any other individual. Thus, let’s turn this opportunity into something even bigger, say, your loudest shout-out to the world that you care about him as much as he does for you.

Therefore, we will be providing you with more than 15 Christmas gift ideas for him, divided into four smaller sections. Now, grab your notes, and let’s begin on our quest to choose dad gifts for Christmas.

05 Best Christmas Gifts For Dad To Make Him Happy On The Special Occasion

First and foremost, conjure up the image of dad in your mind by asking yourself some questions: What does he like? What are his hobbies? What doesn't he have yet?

Once having detailed answers to those questions, look at our five common formula gifts for dad Christmas and decide which categories your dad falls into.

1. Personalized Mug For Dog Lovers 

Why not think of personalized gifts for dad to make the jolly occasion even more special?

Trust us, old daddy’s happiness is sometimes surprisingly simple. He relishes having brewed coffee steaming inside his generous palms and then feels the bittersweet taste slowly melting down his throat.

christmas mug - gifts for dad christmas

Plus, every man loves dogs - a loyal friend, and your father is no exception. At this point, you can’t go wrong with a personalized mug for dog lovers. With such a useful gift, your father will be reminded of you no matter what the distance between you two, as if you are always by his side as in the old days. 

2. Shaving Kit 

For a gentleman, a shaving kit is a must-have in his closet. It is also his little secret to become a neat and sophisticated man. 

Shaving is the best christmas gifts for dad from daughter
Shaving Kit (Source: Amazon)

Yet, not all fathers pay much attention to self-care since almost all of their time is for their children. Thus, grab this chance to purchase a quality set for your father. We are sure he’ll love it.

3. Outdoor Rocker Chair

For fathers who are interested in outdoor activities such as fishing or barbecuing, a portable rocker chair is always his go-to item. A little delicacy in choosing his favorite color can put a smile on his face.

outdoor rocker chair - dad gifts for christmas
Outdoor Rocker Chair (Source: Pinterest)

He smiles not because of receiving his desired chair, but he is happy feeling your care. “Oh, my daughter knows my favorite color”. Such a simple thing can make his day.

4. Glasses 

As parents age, their vision accordingly deteriorates with myopia, hyperopia, or the mixture of both - astigmatism.

We can tell from their intimidating names that they hurt daily routines, especially for the busy father who has to work in front of screens for an extended period.

glassses is the best gifts for dad in christmas

Therefore, spend your next weekend taking him to the ophthalmologist’s and have his eyes checked thoroughly. It may not be a surprise gift, yet an important act to say you pay close attention to his health.

5. Hand Pruner

Fathers with green thumbs should not miss out on this option. With pruners now sold in different sizes, degrees of ergonomics, and utilities, why don't you buy him a robust one? Until then, you’ll see his magical garden blooming with love.

Hand Pruner is a christmas gift for dad
Hand Pruner (Source: Amazon)

05 Heartwarming Christmas Gifts For Dad From Daughter

We believe that daughters understand dads the most, as they are great listeners, and they can connect with dads from a spiritual level. Our list of Christmas gifts for dad from daughter can duly prove our point.

6. Custom Mug

As we have mentioned earlier, a custom mug means the world to your father. Yet this time, to design the signature statement on the mug, we want you to fully exercise your creativity and contemplate what can instantly light up his smile.

mug is christmas gifts for dad from daughter
In doing so, the mug will not simply be a mug but also a tribute to your father after all those years. We suggest that you have the picture of your father printed on this Gossby mug across his classic quote for maximum surprising effects.

7. Watch

How long have you seen the same old watch on your father’s wrist? We bet it’s been a long while. Time to phase it out anyway. A Swiss analog watch with leather straps should be proper for this occasion. It reflects the mature and sophisticated side of your dearest man.

watch is an ideal christmas gift for dad

Another option might be an antique pocket watch, which can be snuggled inside the pocket like a retro gentleman. How nice is that?

8. Ties

A tie is another essential must-have in every man’s starter pack. Hesitate no more, come to the most prestigious artisan in town, and tell him everything about your father. Go over the materials, patterns, colors, and length of your desired tie assortment.

the best gifts for dad in christmas

Until then, you will have a curated treasure trove to give him.

9. Beard Oil 

Remember the days when you were so excited to snuggle under his warm, bushy beard as a naughty kid?

Now that we grow older, we realize fathers generally don’t seem to spend enough time caring for their beards, while facial hair requires as much attention as any other parts. Thus, give your Santa Claus a bottle of beard oil for the occasion.

Beard Oil is christmas gifts for dad

This item can keep your father's bush constantly moisturized and neatly in place throughout the cold winter.

10. Homemade Meals

If your dad is a man with a fine taste in gastronomy, take this chance to astonish him with some homemade French cuisine, topped with a round of champagne and cooling down with Italian desserts.

Food is proven to instigate a sense of happiness in us. Instead of hanging out on this day, why not spend time enjoying a cozy dinner with your beloved ones? No matter how the food tastes, it will be the best meal he’s ever had.

gossby black friday and cyber monday

05 Unique Christmas Gifts For Dad From Son

Unlike daughters with unsurpassed abilities to understand fathers, sons possess the ability to bond with dads thanks to their similarity in taste. Let's take a look at our Christmas gifts for dad from son.

11. Personalized Lazy Pillow

We are aware that sons rarely express their emotions to their fathers because of the so-called conventional beliefs of ‘masculinity. Yet, it sounds somewhat unreasonable to us. Either way, you can choose to channel your love into a cute little gift for your dad, like a personalized pillow.

personalized pillows are christmas gifts for dad from son
Does it break your heart every time you see him wryly grimacing with neck or back pain? Because we do. Thankfully you can make necessary adjustments to facilitate your dad’s sleeping/ slouching preferences with this pillow. Hopefully, your dad’s pain will be significantly alleviated.

Plus, it will make an adorable scene to see your dad snoring like a tractor on this gift.

12. Shoe Horn

For those who don't know, a shoehorn is a tool used to shove your feet into the shoes more easily. It is often the little-noticed detail in daily life. Move your dad to tears with this little thing. He’ll be surprised to know how caring you are.

Shoe  horn is the best christmas gifts for dad from son

This gift seems, to us, highly practical because it allows your dad to wear his shoes without having to bend too much forward or backward, especially for those with spinal problems.

13. A Modern Boombox 

Good music with good quality makes a great man. If your father puts great emphasis on entertainment, this modern boombox is not a bad idea. We are sure that you'll be happy to see him enjoying himself in the fond embrace of music.

A Modern Boombox for dad gifts in christmas

14. Custom Tool Kit

Possessing a custom mechanic tool kit is every man’s wildest dream. It will even be greater if your dad sees his name carved on every piece of the set. How wonderful! Let’s make his dream come true because you can.

15. Natural Wine Gifts Box

For sons with little time to spare, a natural wine box is a classic yet safe option. However, a safe option doesn't necessarily mean less intention, especially if they can purchase an old white wine aged 10 to 15.

the best christmas gifts for dad from son

Sure these wine bottles will be the best Christmas gifts for dad.

05 Awesome DIY Christmas Gifts for Dad

Aside from the gifts mentioned above, we believe that DIYs are also unique in their way. They tell your father that you did pour your heart and soul into making him a masterpiece.

16. 3D Postcards

3D postcards are among the most notable DIY Christmas gifts for Dad, enabling you to freely use your imagination and make the best and most unique gifts.

the best DIY christmas gifts for dad

17. Japanese Origami Or Kirigami

Japanese origami or Kirigami is the cheapest and most meaningful present for Christmas. With a paper of your dad’s favorite color, you can easily turn it into various shapes.

DIY gifts for dad in christmas

18. DIY Abstract Paintings

If you are excellent at drawing, DIY abstract paintings are a brilliant idea! Those present not only deliver your love for dad but also become a great add-on to your home decor.

paintings are the best DIY christmas gifts for dad
DIY Abstract Paintings (Source: Istockphoto)

19. Homemade Potted Plants

Let’s get your hands dirty to make some potted plants for your dad by following step-to-step DIY tutorials on Youtube! You cannot go wrong with this idea thanks to its artistic and handy values.

Homemade Potted Plants - christmas gifts for dad


That concludes our article for now. Eventually, no matter what the price range of your Christmas gifts for dads fall into, it is the love of the giver that counts. Don’t be shy to show your father that you never took him for granted and that you love him unconditionally. If it’s hard to say, express your love, care, and gratefulness to your silent hero with a meaningful gift on this Christmas!

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