Personalized Halloween Gifts - Unique Custom Gifts for Halloween Boo

Jackie Caruana
Verified Buyer
Oct 15, 2021
It arrived on time . I ordered 4 and my sisters loved it .
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Johanna Nilsson
Verified Buyer
Oct 14, 2021
I have been buying my mugs from Gossby for 2 to 3 years now. I love every single mug I have ordered. They are very thick and sturdy and are of good quality. I have never had an issue with any of the mugs I have ordered. I now have......
I have been buying my mugs from Gossby for 2 to 3 years now. I love every single mug I have ordered. They are very thick and sturdy and are of good quality. I have never had an issue with any of the mugs I have ordered. I now have a total of 7 mugs from Gossby and I have ordered 3 of them as gifts in the past for my mother and other people. Everyone who has received a mug from Gossby has loved them also. I buy the 15oz mugs everytime and I am very happy with their prices.
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Barbara Frohe
Verified Buyer
Oct 14, 2021
Looks just like me
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Teresa Butler
Verified Buyer
Oct 14, 2021
I bought this for my mama's birthday. She absolutely loved it! I was very thankful and impressed with the quality of this blanket. They had every name, color and anything else I added down perfectly. I recommend to anybody to order from here.
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Saskia Jahnke
Verified Buyer
Oct 14, 2021
The blanket is very nice, soft and worm
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Ready to Boo Your Loved Ones with Personalized Halloween Gifts at Gossby

Does Halloween first come to your mind when it comes to gift-giving? Maybe not… But it won’t do any harm to surprise your family and squad of friends with a little something worth screaming for during this hauntingly fun time of the year!

Maybe your friends - or even you! - are totally obsessed with the holiday, and you want to make something different and special this year to remember. If that’s what you’re seeking constantly, Halloween personalized gifts are born for this quest! Even better, these little finds can become the best hostess gift ever when you attend Halloween parties. 

The three best-sellers Halloween presents at Gossby this year 2021 are personalized mugs, pillows, and blankets. We know they might not be your typical type of gifts for a scary night, but you’ll be surprised at your receiver’s reactions, and you can expect some screamings and yellings!

Why is that?

  • Halloween gifts are all about scary things. No doubt, but why not go down a different path this year? Something to give on Halloween but be remembered for the rest of the year? Exactly!

  • Our gifts are all customizable so you don’t have to worry about getting the same thing with some strangers at the party (how awkward that is!)

  • A gift that speaks out your heart both visually and physically. 

  • You’ll be constantly reminded of being the most thoughtful and awesome gift-giver at any party your person goes to.

  • More wonderful outcomes are waiting for you to discover when purchasing with us!

How to Create Personalized Halloween Gifts?

We understand how exciting you’re to start creating something worth screaming for! Before diving into the personalization part, here is easy-peasy guidance to make the whole process a pleasant and fun experience.

  • Select the product type. It can either be a personalized coffee mug, a comfy pillow, or a soft-to-the-touch blanket. Or even all of the three! Think about a Halloween gift package for your beloved! 

  • Choose the design that captures your attention right away. When scrolling through our collection, you can see the default designs of each product, with the image on one side and the quote on the other.

  • Click on the list of customized options to complete your design. Pay attention to the product type as we provided 4 kinds of mugs with different price ranges.

  • Pick the customization that looks just like you and your person, including hairstyles, skin tones, handheld objects, clothing, quotes, names, etc.

  • Finalize everything by clicking the “Preview” button to see the final version of the product.

  • After making up your mind, hit the “Add to Cart” to make it happen!

Now you can see how simple the process is! With only some mouse clicks, you’re certain to receive the most unique, meaningful, and “scary-looking” Halloween presents.

So Halloween people, no tricks, just treat - skeletons, ghouls, vampires, ghosts, and everyone on your list.

What Will You Have for Halloween?

At Gossby, you're offered a diverse selection of personalized gifts for you to choose from to boo your loved ones on this spooky holiday.

They are:

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