35+ Halloween Decoration Ideas For An Unforgettable Day


Last updated: Aug 11, 2021

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35+ Halloween Decoration Ideas For An Unforgettable Day

Since Halloween is around the corner, it is no wonder why many people, including you, are browsing the net for hours for some Halloween decoration ideas. 

Whether it is the living room or the front yard you aspire to set the scene for, we’ve got you covered with this article. Let’s go through some decor inspiration for both the indoor and outdoor together!

Once you have come up with the ideal decoration for this holiday, don’t forget to check out some gift ideas in our Personalized Halloween Gifts category. Who doesn’t love receiving a fun present from the loved one on this special occasion, do they?

10 Indoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

1. Hanging Personalized Halloween-Inspired Canvas

If you are getting frustrated with those boring blank walls, it’s time to spice them up with some personalized canvas with a Halloween theme. They can make the room turn festive in minutes with minimum effort.

personalized Halloween decoration ideas canvas

Also, you can go wild with your creativity to customize the canvas that fits the specific aesthetic you’re going for this Halloween. And some funny Halloween quotes on that canvas, why not?

2. Handmade Paper Bats

These bats are easy to make and go well with different decorating styles. What can make a spookier scene than a flock of black paper bats floating on the ceiling or peeking at the window glasses in the mysterious light illuminating from the fairy light?

Handmade Paper Bats - indoor Halloween decoration ideas

3. A Spider Candy Cauldron

A spooky-looking candy cauldron made in the shape of a shimmery spider or a deadly skull makes the treat-or-trick more fun than ever.

A Spider Candy Cauldron is an ideas for Halloween decoration

You can display it on the entry table, which makes the perfect welcome to the ghouls and ghosts knocking at your door on Halloween night.

4. DIY Pumpkin Lanterns

When it comes to Halloween decorations, Jack O lanterns are the utmost classics that everyone adores. They give off the mysterious, haunting vibes with the eerie painted smiley faces and the burning candles inside.

indoor Halloween decoration ideas - DIY Pumpkin Lanterns

5. Haunting Halloween Mantel

If you wish to keep the Halloween decoration easy and simple this year, focusing merely on the mantel area is enough to bring out the creepy vibe of the room.

Haunting Halloween Mantel decoration

Covering the mantel surface with a black cobweb, then putting on top the net some pumpkin lanterns, paper bats, fallen leaves is enough to create an aesthetic enchanted witch den.

6. Spooky Paper Lamps

If you want to make the ornaments more unique, Halloween decoration DIY is the way to go.

Paper lamps are the best decor choice for anyone passionate about handmade ornaments. All the things you need to prepare to make a paper lamp are used glass jars, paper towels, fairy lights, and a marker pen.

Spooky Paper Lamps

You can place them on the corner of the living room, on the stairs, or on the entry table.

7. Luminary Floating Witch Hats

Floating witch hats are the must-have ornamental pieces for a witchy dinner table setup. Hang up some witch hats on the ceiling right above the eating table, then drape a color-matching cloth cover over the table. Lastly, light some candles and enjoy the fun scene!

Luminary Floating Witch Hats Halloween decoration ideas

8. Spider Web And Fake Spiders

A spider web can make a place ten times scarier without too many added ornaments. Start by sticking some hooks on the walls. Next, hang the web up and add some scary spiders to finish the decoration.

Spider Web And Fake Spiders

You can easily find the decorating spider webs and fake spiders of choice through any online shopping platform.

9. Halloween-Themed Balloons

If your family has small children, opting for some Halloween-themed balloons can make the most delightful party setup. To take things to the next level, you can create a balloon arch on the wall.

Halloween-Themed Balloons

Firstly, make an invisible curve on the wall with double-sided tapes. Finish up by sticking the balloons directly on the tapes, and you have had a beautiful balloon arch!

10. Spell Books On The Mantel

The spell books' bright orange and hauntingly illustrated cover is everything you ask for in a stylish Halloween scene. The mantel top is probably the best place if you have some decorative books to display.

Spell Books On The Mantel - indoor Halloween decoration ideas

10 Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

11. Painted Wooden Sign

A lettered wooden sign is a perfect welcoming gesture for the guests coming to your house on this special occasion. You can personalize the sign by painting your favorite saying and adding some artful illustration on the wood.

Painted Wooden Sign Halloween decoration

12. A Skeleton Scene In The Yard

Want your yard to look occupied and fun all the time during this holiday? Why don’t you invite some skeleton friends over for a drink in the front yard? Set up a table, place some skeletons on the chairs, and let them catch up with one another!

A Skeleton Scene In The Yard Halloween decoration

13. Cemetery Yard

Let your dear guests enjoy the most festive scene the moment they walk into your front yard with this cemetery decoration.

Firstly, spread the creepy-face carved pumpkins all over the carpet of fallen leaves, then add some ragged ghosts and tombstones here and there. Finish off the cemetery scene with a fairy light fence shaped in miniature ghosts to brighten up your yard at night.

14. Halloween-Themed LED Lights

Hanging a string of Halloween-themed LED lights on the fence is the easiest way to stand out on a spooky Halloween night without too much hassle. They come in variable shapes, such as spiders, witches, pumpkins, or ghosts, that you can opt for.

Halloween-Themed LED Lights Halloween decoration

15. Zombies Party 

When you and your loved ones have the best time on Halloween night, how about holding another party for the dead zombies outside your house? Place some decorative graves on the ground, and let the zombies protect them.

Halloween Lettered Fence Zombies Party

Also, you can invite some skeletons over to befriend the zombie, making a creepier scene in your front yard!

16. Fallen Branches And Fake Birds

If you are looking for minimal decor inspiration, this idea is for you. Pick up some fallen branches on the nearby trees, and put them in the carved pumpkin baskets. Stick the fake birds on the branch, and it’s time to place your finished product on the porch for display!

outdoor Halloween decoration ideas with fake birth

17. Pumpkin Luminaries

Pumpkin luminaries are simple to make yet can easily give off the eerie vibe that you are longing to create. Place them in a row on the front porch, or lay them side by side on the front yard.

Pumpkin Luminaries Halloween decoration ideas for outdoor

You can add some cobwebs, paper lamps, or fake spiders to make things even more interesting.

18. Handmade Halloween Pennants

Remembering the floating pennants that you have probably come across in almost every festival? You can use pennants as a Halloween decoration for your front porch as well.

Handmade Halloween Pennants decoration ideas

Cut orange papers into triangle pieces, stick them to a rope, then hang it up on the front porch. Writing some welcome notes on the pennants will make the decoration more personal and unique.

19. Cobwebs And Spiders

Apart from being an indoor ornament, cobwebs and spiders can make a perfect outdoor decoration as well. Hanging them outside the second-floor window or above the front door will definitely catch the eyes of every passerby.

Cobwebs And Spiders for outdoor Halloween decor

10 Unique Halloween Decoration Ideas

20. Scary Wall Tapestry 

Are you tired of the popular cobweb, LED light, art print decoration and want something more unique to play with? If so, Gossby suggests you take a look at the Halloween-themed wall tapestry. It can easily cover up a large wall area while maintaining the eeriness in the atmosphere.

Scary Wall Tapestry Halloween decoration

21. DIY Mirror Sign

If you’re having problems decorating the mirror on your mantel or entry table, trying out this DIY mirror sign might help. Pick up a red marker pen, and start scribbling some haunting, bloody letters on the mirror surface. Isn’t that easy?

DIY Mirror Sign

22. Bonehead Candles

Bonehead candles are wonderful alternatives for common options. Instead of placing the candle bottoms on a holder, you put them on top of a shallow-head skull.

Bonehead Candles as unique Halloween decoration ideas

A burning candle on a scary bonehead will be everything you ask for in decorative pieces for dining tables or entry tables.

23. Handmade Spider-web Wreaths

Wreaths are probably no stranger to you. But what about giving them a  touch-up with a DIY project and turning them into a one-of-the-kind Halloween ornament for your front door?

Handmade Spider-web Wreaths Halloween decoration

Only by weaving some cobwebs into the shaped circle, then attaching some fake spiders and fallen leaves on top, you have finished your beautiful spider-web wreath.

24. Halloween Night Campfire

This idea takes inspiration from the usual festive campfires. You have wooden wheels full of ornamental pieces such as pumpkins, flower vases, and Halloween figurines.

On both sides, there are dry branches to resemble a pile of wood. Turning on the yard’s fairy light at night will increase the eeriness of the campfire.

25. Halloween Throw Pillow Coves

Giving your throw pillows new appearances when the special October occasion comes is an interesting idea to consider. There are plenty of Halloween-themed covers that you can pick out based on the vibes you’re going for this year’s decoration.

Halloween Throw Pillow Covers Halloween decoration

26. Personalized Front Door Decals

Opting for a front door decal is the quickest way to give the house a haunting, scary look. Instead of using wooden signs or handmade wreaths, you can buy monster faces, skulls, and ghost decals to decorate your door.

Personalized Front Door Decals Halloween decoration

27. Spooky Skeletons 

Instead of letting them hang out in your front yard, let’s invite them to your house this time. You can level up the creepiness by using the mysterious, red-shaded LED lights, making the room even more haunting.

Spooky Skeletons unique Halloween decoration ideas

28. Personalized Masquerade Masks

Customizing some masquerade masks to hang on the walls or simply display them on the mantel is a good idea if you love handmade products. You can also put them on if you are invited to a fancy Halloween party.

Personalized Masquerade Masks

29. Head-Bone Curtain Holdback

Small details can make such significant differences to the whole. Replacing your normal curtain holdback with a head-bone one can make the scene look spookier immediately. Don’t forget to throw in some floating paper bats and fake spiders to complete the look.

Head-Bone Curtain Holdback Halloween decoration ideas

10 Vintage Halloween Decoration Ideas

30. Personalized Halloween-Themed Blankets

Instead of searching for old ornamental pieces, why don’t you just customize a vintage-style one for yourself? Start by jazzing up your bedroom with personalized blankets about Halloween.

Personalized Halloween-Themed Blankets

No need to rack your brain about hassling DIY decorations. You can always turn your bed into a Halloween zone by covering it with a personalized fleece blanket. It’s great to have a pumpkin or skull blanket on this day, but it’s super cool to make a signature with your name on it, right?

31. Ceramic Pumpkins

The bright orange shades of those ceramic pumpkins can instantly drive you back to the good old days. You can use them as an ornamental piece themselves or put candies, flowers, or fallen branches inside for a unique look.

Ceramic Pumpkins

32. Mask Garland

Mask garland is basically a string of paper masks painted with Halloween-themed characters. It was a common decorative piece back in the 1980s.

Mask Garland as vintage Halloween decoration ideas

The colorful hues of the masks, such as orange, yellow, and black, will make perfect Halloween ornaments for your house.

33. Cardboard Cutouts

Kids born in the early 2000s will probably feel the kick of reminiscence once they lay their eyes on these cardboard cutouts. If you want to give the house a vintage vibe, you can use those cutouts to decorate the windows, the front doors, or the walls.

Cardboard Cutouts Halloween decoration

34. Paper Music Boxes With Animated Characters On Top

These miniature paper music boxes are wonderful if you love a little bit of nostalgia for your Halloween indoor decoration. To make the look more vintage with some vintage Halloween decorations, you can place some pumpkins, fallen leaves around the boxes.

35. Vintage Halloween-Inspired Prints

Those art prints had won the hearts of people back in the 1900s with their whimsical, mysterious vibes. They are mostly paintings of ancient people celebrating Halloween in different ways.

Vintage Halloween-Inspired Prints

Hanging them on the walls or putting them on the mantel will give the decoration a more antique style.

36. Tissue Dancers

The first Halloween tissue dancers were the production of the Beistle Company in the 1920s. There is a skeleton, a witch, and a creepy-looking cat in one package.

Tissue Dancers

All three characters have dangling hands and feet to make them look more interesting when being hung on the wall.

37. Vintage Halloween Figurines

Figurines are probably the easiest vintage ornaments that you find these days. They are everywhere in secondhand shops, carrying the old festive spirit of people back in the days. Dining tables, mantel top, entry tables are some of the perfect spots for those vintage figurines.

Vintage Halloween Figurines

38. Music Box With Spooky Tunes

To take a trip to the past and enjoy the seasonal spirit back then, what is better than hearing the spooky tunes of a vintage music box.

Music Box With Spooky Tunes

With the Halloween-themed drawings and the letters engraved on the wood, no wonder that they are well-loved as a Halloween ornamental piece.

39. Metal Tin Sign

For someone who doesn’t know, a metal tin sign is simply a small sign made of metal that has Halloween-related drawings on them. They can be attached to the doors, the front yard’s fence, or the wooden piece on the porch.

Metal Tin Sign - vintage Halloween decoration ideas

The Bottom Line

Our Halloween decoration ideas post has come to an end. Don’t wait until the last minute. Prepare and order some items now for a creepy yet joyful Halloween to come.

Hopefully, it has provided you with some unique and worth-trying decorating ideas. All in all, take care, and we wish you the best Halloween with your loved ones!

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