10 Personalized Gifts For Girlfriend That Can Never Go Wrong


Last updated: Nov 09, 2021

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10 Personalized Gifts For Girlfriend That Can Never Go Wrong

Are you looking for personalized gifts for girlfriends?

Then you should go nowhere else, and we have already gathered a collection of customized gifts that every girl will like and treasure.

They are not complicated and expensive to prepare but unquestionably authentic to show the thought and care you devoted to selecting the item, personalized quotes, and images!

Top 10 Sweet Personalized Gift Ideas for Girlfriends

A personalized gift for her - your girlfriend, should present your deep love and affection. Engraving her name or adding several heart-warming lines should be enough.

The collection below will include some romantic options from Gossby. If you love them, just click on the gifts and start customizing the details (both digital art & quote) that will be printed on them.

1. "My Heart Is Wherever You Are" Mug

Let's get started with a personalized mug idea.

Who will not love the cherished image of a man kissing his girlfriend on the forehead and who will not be touched reading that your heart is wherever she is?

ceramic mug - personalized gifts for girlfriend

A forehead kiss means sincere love and care, and it tells her you are into her true personality and not her physical appearance. The kiss on the forehead also shows the fact you will always be there for her and love her with all your heart!

This print on the mug makes it one of the best-preferred personalized girlfriend gifts.

2. "The Day I Met You" Throw Pillow

Pillows are always a perfect gift for couples, and giving a comfortable pillow to your girl means you want her to have a night of better sleep and enjoy her time at home as comfortably as possible. You can also prepare the two pillows and share them every night with your girlfriend.

Do not forget to add a personal image and love words, especially when it comes to a gift not only for a special celebration but also a normal day.

throw pillow - customized gifts for girlfriend

This custom pillow features an image of the lovey-dovey couple to tell her you want to embrace her with your close arm and that the day you met her - you found the one whom to be loved and treasured by your soul.

Every day, she wakes up and smiles while reading the words “I Love You” on the pillow. How a meaningful gift you can prepare for your girlfriend!

3. "You're My Person - You'll Always Be My Person" Two-tone Mug

We have another idea for a personalized couple gift. It is a mug with the confirmation: You are my person and will always be mine.

For a relationship, considering her always as your person means you deeply fall in love with her. She is the one you can hardly live without and stay mad at.

two tone mug - custom gifts for girlfriend

On the other hand, you also want a commitment in your relationship. You two connect and understand each other very well and will support the other in everything.

Printing all those affectionate on the mug, she will feel loved every time she uses the cup.

4. "Life Is Better With Cats" Fleece Blanket

Apart from pillows, bedding inspires other customized gifts for girlfriends. For instance, you can deliver personalized blankets - a thoughtful gift for her to provide comfortable bedding all year round, particularly during the winter months.

Imagine that you two are sitting on a sofa, watching a romantic film. You can embrace your girlfriend and share the blanket with her. It is a chance to be closer together, heart by heart.

fleece blanket - personalized girlfriend gifts

The best part is to decorate the blankets and turn them into custom gifts for your girlfriend.

Lovey cats are way-great if your girl loves animals or even greater if she has pets. Your couple and your lovely cat make a perfect family!

5. "Every time I See You - I Fall In Love All Over Again" Mug

On the one side of the mugs, there is a romantic art of a kissing couple. The lady is wearing a gorgeous red dress, and the man is wearing the perfect-fit tuxedo, reminiscent of your first date. The heart balloon even makes the vibe sweeter and more cherished for a girl.

couple mug - custom girlfriend gifts

It features your couple’s image on Valentine’s Day or a special anniversary. Your love for her is always warning and devoted as on the very first day! That’s why you want to give these sweet mugs as a personalized valentines gift for her.

6. "You Had Me At Meow" Wrapped Canvas

We cannot get enough custom gifts for girlfriends. You will agree with us, seeing this cat canvas given to your girlfriend who loves pets.

Canvas itself is a good gift, considering its durable material and lively colors. You can hang a custom canvas on the wall instead of pictures, and it will last for years to come.

wrapped canvas - best personalized gifts for girlfriend

A personalized canvas is even better, as she’ll know that this gift is only made for her. And it is adorable to tell your girlfriend that she is as lovely as a cat you loved at first meow, just like the way you fell in love with her at first sight.

7. Engraved Jewelry

To be honest, no lady will not love jewelry. It is sparkly and valuable.

You also need to know that each jewelry gem and shape have their meaning. For example, diamond refers to initiation and clarity; meanwhile, emerald means deep love and compassion.

Engraved Jewelry
Engraved Jewelry (Source: Custom Chic 801 - Etsy)

If you are looking for jewelry as personalized gifts for her, you should carefully check its meaning in advance and add a personal touch by engaging her name or a short quote on it.

8. Custom T-shirt

T-shirts are the must-mentioned custom girlfriend gifts. This can be an old but gold idea.

t shirt is the best custom gift for girlfriend

If you are skillful, you can buy a basic T-shirt and spend a day drawing interesting patterns and quotes on it. Otherwise, borrow a helping hand from Gossby to print it on the shirt for you and turn it into a lovely personalized gift.

9. Couple Photo Books

Make her happy and surprised with well-prepared photo books on special occasions such as her birthday or the wedding anniversary. These personalized girlfriend gifts are ideal for revising good old memories from the beginning stage of your love story to the present.

Couple Photo Books
Couple Photo Books (Source: DS Gift Studio - Etsy)

Later you can share the albums for your children or friends to show people how deep your love is for each other.

10. Personalized Cards

Custom gifts for girlfriends would be more meaningful if they come with a personalized card. You just need several pieces of carton paper, cutting, and gluing tools to make one. Otherwise, download some templates available online.

Personalized Cards
Personalized Cards (Source: Fran Johnson House - Etsy)

Make it personalized by writing down true-to-heart lines to express how much you love and treasure your girl.

Why Should You Choose Personalized Gifts for Your Girlfriend?

Personalized gifts are the best for personal relationships. Every time your girl receives a custom gift from you, she knows how thoughtful you think about her and your relationship.

Reason 1: A Treasured Keepsake about a Beautiful Love

While ordinary gifts such as chocolates or flowers are quickly forgotten, all personalized gifts are keepsakes with a token of love and good memories for many years to come.

We can say that for sure your girlfriend always keeps and treasures your custom girlfriend gifts. Every time she uses or sees them, she will think about you with a smile on her lips.

Why Should You Choose Personalized Gifts for Your Girlfriend
03 Reasons To Choose Personalized Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Reason 2: Showing How Deep Is Your Love to Her

Although most personalized gifts for girlfriends are simple, they still require a great effort to consider which gifts your lover will adore and how to make them live. Thus, the receiver will know how much care and affection you have.

Reason 3: Inexpensive But Meaningful Gifts to Make Her Happy

Custom gifts are also not expensive since they are daily items such as T-shirts, pillows, blankets, or mugs. And the real value is the time you devote to creating the gifts that will make your girlfriend burst into cries and smiles.

More thoughtful personalized gifts for the women of your life:

The Bottom Line!

With this article on personalized gifts for girlfriend - wonderful ideas by Gossby, you will not struggle to find out the perfect presents for her.

Whatever you choose next time for an anniversary or celebration, the best gifts should reflect your sincerity and true love. Also, do not hesitate to write down your cherished words to her, along with the gift.

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