Christmas Activities: 25 Best Things to Do for the Festive Holiday


Last updated: Nov 21, 2022

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Christmas Activities: 25 Best Things to Do for the Festive Holiday

To some people, Christmas is the time to mark the end of a hectic working year, while others see this occasion as the time for tightening family and friendship bondings. 

Whatever viewpoint you have, it would be best to spend some time participating in Christmas activities to "charge" energy for the coming year or simply find a little peace in mind. 

05 Christmas Activities For Family

Nothing beats engaging in Christmas activities as a family. Here are some of the best things to do to tighten the family bond.

#1. Wreath Making

The first name on the list of Christmas activities is making a Christmas wreath, a fun DIY Xmas décor project! You can collect greenery twigs and pine cones on a little winter stroll with the kids, clip some off the foot of the Xmas tree, or perhaps just purchase some at the shop.

making wreath is the best things to do in christmas

Let the youngsters adorn the greens using Christmas decorations and ribbons by attaching them to a wire ring (a bent hanger works).

#2. Decorate Christmas Tree

Adorning a Xmas tree is always on the list of Christmas activities. Every year, add a child-made Christmas ornament to the tradition to make it more wonderful.

Decorate Christmas Tree - nest christmas activities

Make a time note on the personalized Christmas ornaments so you can remember when you made them! A DIY Xmas project is one of our favorites, and it can simply become a festive tradition that chronicles your kid's growing-up process and inventiveness every year.

#3. Christmas Movie Night

A classic film is on the top of the Christmas activities list. Make it a family weekend tradition in December by allowing members to choose a holiday movie to watch.

Christmas Movie Night is a great activities on Christmas

All you have to do is prepare a warm drink, take a few favorite sweet snacks, and settle in on the couch for a wonderful night with your family.

#4. Donate During the Holiday Season

Xmas is the time to give. Collect your unused toys, books, games, or items and give them to Charity Groups in the town. Several families have to tighten their belts due to the additional holidays’ additional expenditures, so why don't we help them out a little bit?

christmas activities for families

To many parents, taking the kid to the Christmas activities that help the community is a way to educate the children about the value of caring and sharing.

#5. Family Game Night

If you’re not playing games with your folks, it's not Xmas. Games like Scrabble, Cluedo, and Monopoly are ideal for individuals with a competitive spirit. Try Pictionary, Charades, or Trivia if you enjoy team-based games.

Family Game Night for family activities on christmas

05 Christmas Activities For Kids

Christmas is the time for giving love. So why don’t you make use of this holiday to teach your kid how to show affection to one another?

#6. Make Ornaments

Your kid's unique ornaments will add a youthful touch to your Christmas tree. You can buy and decorate Xmas balls using markers or watercolor paint or make your decorations.

make ornaments - best christmas activities for kids

Whatever you choose, remember to mark the decorations so you may recall them season after season.

#7. Bake Some Holiday Cookies

Asking your child to help you in the cooking fulfills several goals.

Bake Some Holiday Cookies - best things to do on christmas

First and foremost, you will have some quality family time with your children. Additionally, Christmas activities like cooking teach children various vital life skills, such as calculating, following instructions, and being creative, among others. After all of the excitement, you get to enjoy some delicious goodies!

#8. Find Out What Christmas Is All About

One of the most meaningful Christmas activities is telling your kids about the history of Christmas.

Depending on your kid's age, you can begin with basic tales about Jesus' arrival and the 3 Wise Men. Take a bit of time to discuss various elements of the ritual if you join church ceremonies. If you're not sure where to begin, the church members or other church-visiting households may be able to help.

Even if your family isn't religious, Xmas gives a wonderful chance to talk about love, family, neighborhood, charity, thankfulness, and traditions.

#9. Make Your Own Christmas Card

The laborious job of drafting, writing, and delivering Xmas cards is more enjoyable when you're doing them with your child. Make a list of everyone, including family, relatives, and neighbors, so that you can send them Christmas gifts.

christmas activities about making cards

The cards may take on whatever appearance you like, from basic crayon drawings to more unique details with glitter or stickers.

#10. Sing Holiday Carols

Warm up your vocal cords with some family members and friends. Christmas caroling is a delightful pastime for persons of different ages this December. Singing Xmas carols with your family at home, in a local community, or at a local nursing home or hospital are perfect Christmas gifts to give in the holiday season.

Sing Holiday Carols is the best christmas activities for kids

Before doing these Christmas activities, arrange the itinerary and music playlist early to ensure a pleasant encounter. Clarify what will occur and run through some fundamental behavioral guidelines with your children.

More ideas to celebrate Christmas can be found in these articles above. Check it out and wish you a Merry Christmas!

05 Christmas Activities For Adults

Being an adult doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun during this holiday. Here are some fun holiday activities for you after a year of hard work because you deserve a jolly holiday just like kids do!

#11. White Elephant Gift Exchange

This activity is a traditional Christmas gifts exchange activity enjoyed by small-scale to large parties throughout Christmas. To start this game, tell each participant beforehand to bring a wrapped present to add to a communal gift table.

White Elephant Gift Exchange - christmas activities
Our "Always Sisters" Personalized Christmas Ornament

Every participant then selects a present from the table individually, possibly taking a present from the other player. Until there are no more presents upon the table, the game is over.

#12. Charades For The Holidays

Adorning a tree, enjoying snowball battles, ice-skating, and other activities are typical charades - one of the most popular games in Christmas activities. You can find various Xmas charade printouts online to utilize as a resource for your favorite Christmas situations.

Charades For The Holidays

#13. What Is The Name Of That Christmas Song?

Divide the participants into two or three teams for the ultimate festive Xmas party. The goal of this game is for groups to jot down the name of a song after hearing one part of it.

Have the answers ready because you will probably want to double-check which team scored the most accurate responses with the proper songs.

#14. Karaoke For The Holidays

The best Christmas activities can not go without Karaoke.

Organize a Xmas karaoke party for your friends and family who have been waiting so long for their favorite Christmas songs. Make every effort to locate singalong versions of famous Christmas music, and keep two microphones on hand in case of a duet.

Karaoke For The Holidays - christmas activities for adults

#15. Relay Of Christmas Carols In Pictionary

Pictionary, the traditional drawing game, can be transformed into a Christmas activities relay using Xmas tunes. To play, a participant from one team must first obtain the song's title from the organizer and then sketch out the song.

Depending on the drawing, the rest of the teams determine what song is the correct answer. After that, the squad representative dashes back to the coordinator to get another song, and on and on, till they've completed all rounds of Pictionary. The winning team is the one who guesses more songs.

05 Christmas Eve Activities

Haven’t planned on doing anything this Christmas Eve? Let’s see what we have for you below!

#16. Celebrate Christmas Eve With A Special Dinner

Many family rituals revolve around meals, and so do the same for Christmas Eve dinner! For example, the whole family can cook homemade pizza for Christmas Eve, which the kids will adore. The members can prepare the dough, and after that, everybody gets to make their personalized pizza according to personal preferences.

Celebrate Christmas Eve With A Special Dinner

#17. Sharing With Friends

One of the best Christmas activities is to invite closest friends to come and celebrate the end of the year. The activities can include cooking food and preparing snacks for the children, making cookies, playing themed games, or talking about what we have accomplished within the year.

Sharing With Friends for Christmas Eve Activities

#18. Christmas Light

A Christmas lights drive across downtown is one of the greatest Christmas activities. Throughout the month, you can scout the ideal lighting locations.

Otherwise, the family members can sit around, grab some snacks, gaze at the Xmas lights or fireworks, and enjoy some Christmas tunes.

#19. Wrap Christmas Gifts

Everyone is certainly all too familiar with the routine of wrapping gifts. Based on the number of gifts you have, this Christmas activity may occupy all night!

Wrap Christmas Gifts for christmas eve activities

You can also teach your kid some basic steps in wrapping presents to give them a meaningful experience.

#20. Play Some Games

When is the better time to host an amazing family gaming evening than Christmas Eve? I'm talking about board games like UNO, Werewolf, and Twister!

Play Some Christmas Games

personalized Christmas gifts

05 Christmas Day Activities

After a night of feasting, you will probably be wary. Here are some chilling Christmas day activities for you to relax.

#21. Take A Walk In The Park

It's important to get some movement and fresh air after a night of partying and feasting. Putting on the winter jacket and going for a walk in any natural environment will suffice if you don't have a state park within a reasonable distance.

As for the adults at the party, how about a delicious hand-warmer made from one of these hot cocktails?

Take A Walk In The Park for Christmas Day Activities

#22. Take It Easy And Enjoy The Day

It is not a bad idea to spend some time hugging your loved ones on the sofa, sipping hot drinks, and just being together as a family, unwinding and having fun. Or simply seeing the children as they enjoy their new toys and socialize with others would be enough.

relax with family in christmas morning

#23. Voluntary Christmas Activities

This activity is becoming increasingly common, particularly for families that wish to spread the holiday cheer to someone less blessed. Volunteering for a few hours on Christmas Day might give you a new appreciation for the family and a little peace of mind on that special day.

Voluntary Christmas Activities

Voluntary opportunities are always available, particularly at a time of year. Several individuals will devote their time to homeless shelters or assist in collecting donated goods for other families.

#24. Ice-Skating

This sport is among the best Christmas activities for the whole family, and it'll be much more enjoyable if you combine it with a few additional outdoor activities. Be careful since ice skating can be exhausting, so bear that in mind when planning your day. If you're exhausted after skating, don't go right into another strenuous activity like sledding.

Ice-Skating for christmas day activities

#25. A Call to the Family

Even if your family cannot participate in Christmas activities together, you may still communicate with them. Thanks to technological advancements, family members may now utilize video calls to see relatives far away to share a day with them.

A Call to the Family for christmas day activities

The Final Words!

Christmas is coming close to town, so picturing some activities and personalized Christmas gifts is not too early. 

With our list of the most meaningful Christmas activities, Gossby hopes you have grasped the ideas of what to do at the end of the year to have a peaceful and memorable time with your loved ones. What are you waiting for? It’s time to prepare these activities beforehand for the best Christmas ever!
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