You’ll Thank Us For These 10 Personalized Gifts For Her!


Last updated: Nov 01, 2021

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You’ll Thank Us For These 10 Personalized Gifts For Her!

When reading this article, we know you truly love your partner or female family members and want to surprise her with unique and meaningful presents. The following 10 personalized gifts for her will not disappoint your beloved woman and help strengthen your bonds.

Check them out now!

When to Send Personalized Gifts for Her?

Believe us, preparation and timing are both important when you send gifts to her.

Her birthday, holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Women's Day, Mother's Day, or Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, family union... are good to send custom gifts for her and celebrate the days together. Gifting something related to her can make your girl feel special and respected.

When to Send Personalized Gifts for Her
When to Send Personalized Gifts for Her?
So. why you should choose personalized gifts for her:
  1. When she has a busy week: A personalized quote dropped off on her desktop can make an exhausting week more bearable.

  2. When she has a new job: It is worth celebrating when she has a career move. A pen with her name can be a good present.

  3. When she is physically or mentally sick: Although a gift cannot take the sickness or hurt away, it encourages the receiver to feel loved.

However, the most meaningful custom gifts for her can be given for no good reason. We meant you do not have to wait for a special occasion but give unexpected presents on a typical day just to surprise her and say how much you love and care for your love.

10 Best Customized Gift Ideas for Her

When it comes to a personalized gift for her, it doesn't matter how much money you invest but how much effort & thoughtfulness you spend on creating it.

So, the personalized gift ideas for her should be creative.

1. "5 Things You Should Know About My Wife" Mug - A Gift for Your Girlfriend

So far, a mug is always a good idea for a gift for couples. It's also a good personalized gift for your wife as you can customize the mug with your own personal touches.

This personalized mug bears a thoughtful meaning, opening the door to the world of you two. One side of this special customized gift for her has the image of the couple with your names on it - the king and the queen. You live an independent and happy life like the owners of a kingdom!

Then, enter five exciting things about your girl on the other side. This is an opportunity to tell her how special she is in your eyes and how much you understand her. Imagine she can read your lovely words every morning while enjoying her favorite beverage!

2. "Mother & Children Forever Linked Together" Wrapped Canvas

The Mother & Children canvas is a beautiful personalized gift for mom on a special occasion such as her birthday or Mother’s Day.

wrapped canvas - personalized gift ideas for her

As its name suggests, the custom canvas is to showcase for everyone your lovey-dovey mon and children's relationship. The words mean your forever love to her, even when you are a child or an adult.

This personalized gift for her from Gossby is also supposed to last decades without losing the frame or fading in colors, just like the strong family bond.

3. "I Love You - My Little Princess" Throw Pillow

If you find a personalized gift for your daughter, we have another idea - a Mother & Little Princess pillow. Giving your kid a personalized throw pillow provides her a safe feeling that you are on her side at night.

throw pillow - customized gifts for her

The present from Gossby features a cherished image of mother and daughter, along with a sweet quote, “I love my little princess.” You're a queen and your little girl is an adorable princess that you'll treasure for good.

4. "Husband & Wife - Best Partners In Crime For Life" T-shirt

A cool girlfriend will jump it for fun, receiving this personalized shirt.

The quote means every sense of the words. As a hubby and wife, you two become the closest friends - who are always ready to help each other plan a crime!

t shirt - custom gifts for her

This shirt will tell your partner that you are ready to be back up all the time and help her get away even if she commits a criminal act.

This funny shirt deserves the coolest personalized gift for her. Your girl will jump with joy seeing this present and knowing that you will be there for her. And don't forget to sign your name and your partner’s on it to make a just-because gift for her and fill her with sweetness.

5. "Apparently We're Trouble When We Are Together Who Knew" T-shirt

The shirts are old but gold customized gifts for her and any occasion. They are convenient and comfortable to wear. Not to mention, you can print special images or funny slogans to put a smile on the receiver’s lips.

sister t shirt - personalized gifts for her birthday

You can turn a normal shirt into a personalized gift for your sister by sending some messages to her on the shirt. Hey sis, being together and we can fight against any people and anything that messes with us. Cheers! That’s what this cool shirt says out loud.

Too excited to buy such sister T-shirts? Let Gossby give you a hand!

6.  "All I Want for Christmas is You" Xmas-themed Mug

Since the introduction of Mariah Carey’s song, the saying “All I want for Christmas is you" has become one of the most commonly-used and sweet love confessions - saying that you are my desired gift on such a special day.

xmas mug - personalized gifts for her christmas

Why don't you print this meaningful quote on your personalized gift for her on Christmas?

Mugs are an excellent choice. They often feature two sides: the first one is an image of your couple and another one for the quote - where you write down what is inside your heart. 

7. Engraved Cutting Board Paddle 

A cutting board is a straightforward idea of customized gifts for her who likes cooking, for example, your granny.

Engraved Cutting Board Paddle - personalized gifts for her anniversary
Engraved Cutting Board Paddle (Source: Sofia's Findings - Etsy)

This present keeps on giving due to its practical convenience. Your grandma will use it almost daily to prepare her meal, and whenever she slices bread or chops tomatoes, she'll remember you - who gives the gift and has a smile on her face.

8. Personalized Card For Her Birthday Or Even A Normal Day

When planning personalized gift ideas for her, you should always think about the card that will go with the present. Sometimes, the card can be given on normal days just to wish your girl a surprise and happiness in the very morning.

It is recommended to make a custom card rather than buy one!

Personalized Card For Her Birthday
Personalized Card For Her Birthday (Source: Hemana Paperie - Etsy)

The card can be as simple as a piece of paper with some simple decorations. Draw it or print some online template available. If you have more time, we suggest creating a photo card by printing her daily photos or your memorable couple photos.

9. Picture Frames To Save Memorable Moments

Photos help capture your happy moments together with your girl, and a frame will keep them prolong their longevity. Thus, a photo frame is a good personalized gift for her!

You can make it customized by building your frame, or if you do not have experience with woodworking, you can buy a simple frame and decorate it yourself.

Personalized Picture Frames
A Picture Frame (Source: DUSTandTHINGS - Etsy)

Also, print your couple’s photo and add a love quote, making it ready to hang on the wall or put on her working desk!

10. PastBook Photo Book 

We all love remembering the good old days, and the photos will relive those happy memories from the first date to yesterday. Thus, if your couple often takes pictures together, it's time to create a photo book as a personalized gift for her, especially on a wedding or anniversary.

A photo book takes time to prepare. She'll feel loved, thinking you worked hard to put it all together. It would be even more wonderful to write a letter or quote beside each photo to remind her how you treasure your two’s memories.

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Wrapping Up!

Whatever personalized gifts for her, you should prepare them with all your heart, and she will definitely be touched by your effort and sincerity. Gossby has many ready-to-customize gifts for your reference.

Moreover, you should not only send her gifts but also be kind and care for her in real life, no matter whether she is your granny, mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, or close friend!

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