20+ Best Gifts for Girlfriends that Melt Her Heart Instantly (2022)


Last updated: Apr 21, 2022

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20+ Best Gifts for Girlfriends that Melt Her Heart Instantly (2022)

Giving gifts to your girlfriend, whether you two just started dating or have been together for a long time, always bears a special meaning. It's a simple yet effective method to keep the fire burning.

Have trouble picking the perfect gifts for your girlfriend? Worry not! We've got your back. In this article, you will find some inspiring ideas to impress your special lady on every occasion.

06 Cute Gift Ideas For Girlfriend That Steal Her Heart

Check out our top five recommendations for the best gifts to wow your beautiful girlfriend:

#1. "I Work Hard So That My Dog Can Have A Better Life" T-shirt

They say: "laughter is the best medicine". Put the biggest smile on your girlfriend's face with a funny (possibly punny) personalized gift for her. There's not a thoughtful way to lift your girl's mood.

personalized t shirt gifts for girlfriend
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Speaking of funny T-shirts for her, we've got a bunch here at Gossby. Even more so, you can customize the design, adding personal touches to make the T-shirt exclusive.

Take the design below for example. You have the option to add the pet’s name and breed to create a present she'll truly appreciate.  Like the design so much? Why not get one for yourself, too? Creating a killer personalized couple T-shirt has never been easier!

#2. Coasters

If your girlfriend's a fan of home décors, coasters with cute patterns/designs will be the go-to choice.

coasters are Cute Gifts For Girlfriend

These items, though small, will be amazing "ice breakers". When she has guests coming over, she can proudly tell them about the story behind these adorable coasters and the romantic relationship between you two.

#3. Blanket With A Special Message

Wanting to keep your GF warm inside and out? A blanket with a customized message is what you should go for. It's like you're hugging her all the time! 

blanket is a funny gifts for girlfriends
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This item will let her know how much you love her, how special she is to you, and how much you want to be next to her but can’t always, so the blanket will. The best thing about this present is that you can even put her dog on the design to make the blanket one of a kind.

Overall, this personalized blanket would be one of the best gifts for your girlfriend.

#4. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Does she have a thing for board games? If the answer is a yes, then you can not go wrong with a set of wooden jigsaw puzzles. Not only does it allow you to spend some quality time with each other, but it will be a great decoration for the house after you finish.

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles gifts for girlfriends

#5. Customized Poster

Sometimes flowers and balloons as gifts can be cliché and boring. Why not give your special someone something that can stay with her longer, like a personalized poster?

poster is a cute gift for girlfriend
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his item allows you to use your girl as your muse for the design. You can create the character in the poster with her features, such as her lovely hair, complexion, clothing, even her favorite drink can be in it too, and most importantly, her best pup.

This personal girlfriend gift will surely put a smile on her face and make her love you even more than she already does.

Sweeten your relationship with our Personalized Couple Gifts Category!

banner personalized gifts for couples

#6. "Life Is Better With A Dog" Mug

If two of you all love dogs and you already have one, you will love this mug. Not just a special gift for your girlfriend showing how much you care about her, this mug also expresses your love for the fur friend.

Kill 2 birds with 1 stone, why not?

a ceramic mug - the best gifts for girlfriend
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05 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Girlfriends To Tell Her How Deep Is Your Love

The best way to express your love to your special woman is to give her a thoughtful gift. Below are our suggestions for you:

#1. Pillow With Love Messages

Love letters are great, but you know what’s better? A personalized pillow with thoughtful messages as the design.

pillow is Thoughtful Gifts For Girlfriends
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The design of the figures is changeable, so you can customize it to resemble you guys, from her hair to your complexion. Go ahead and put the love bird’s names on it to give it a personal touch.

#2. Lovely Hardcover Journal

A journal is a great present for your girlfriend since it will keep all of her exceptional thoughts and be a place for her to express her incredible mind through words.

Lovely Hardcover Journal is Thoughtful Gifts For Girlfriends

You can choose the one with a customized cover design so that the gift can be even more special than it already is. With this item, you will always be there with your significant other when she writes down her feelings.

#3. Biker Couple Mug

Is your girl an edgy biker? Then this personalized mug will be the best present you can give her.

Since this is a custom item, you can choose the design of the characters and the quote. Once she receives this gift, it will surely be her favorite one in her mugs collection.

mug is the best gifts for girlfriends
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#4. Bed Sheet

This suggestion might not be the first thing you think of when choosing a gift for your girlfriend, which is the exact reason why it would make a pleasant surprise for her.

Bed Sheet will be gifts for girlfriends

It will be the highlight piece of her room, bringing her comfort and coziness every time she lays out on the bed. With this item, she will get good sleep all night, knowing that you always love and care about her.

#5. Blanket With Pet Design

If your girlfriend is a fan of illustration, she will be more than happy to receive this blanket. You can design it with her as the main character and her dogs as well.

Thoughtful Gifts For Girlfriends
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The best part is that you can make the figure look exactly like her by changing the hair color and complexion. Plus, you can also change the number of the dogs and put their name on the design to make the blanket more personal to your special girl.

05 Best Gift Ideas For Girlfriend To Because She Is Your Only One

Are you looking for the best gifts for your girlfriend to let her know that she is the only one for you? Check out the following ideas!

#1. Soulmate Mug

Suppose the biker design above is not what you are looking for; take a look at this soulmate mug. This alternative is a soft yet powerful message to your girlfriend that will bring tears of joy to her eyes.

soul mate mug is Best Gift Ideas For Girlfriend
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Put both yours and her name on the mug to tell her that she is your soulmate. Every time she takes a sip from this item, she will instantly think of you and how incredible you are.

#2. Matching Puzzle Keychain Set

What can say you two are the perfect match better than a set of puzzle keychains? They might be small accessories, but she will see your love through them. These matching items will be there with you two and be a reminder of the other person no matter where you go.

Matching Puzzle Keychain Set for girlfriends

#3. Cat Poster For Animal Lovers

Nothing can make an animal lover happier than an illustration of the pets! By giving her this exceptional gift, she will know that you care not only about her but also about her interest and her pet.

can poster is the best girlfriends gifts
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You can customize the number of the cats, breed, and name. Besides, the quote on the poster is also changeable.

#4. Couple Necklace Set

Jewelry is every girl’s best friend. A couple-necklace set is the best way to show your girl how much you love and appreciate her. With these necklaces, your girl can impress her friends and make them jealous of how cute and perfect you two are together.

Couple Necklace Set is girlfriend gifts

#5. Personalized Wrapped Canvas

If you already gave her posters to decorate the house, why not change it up a bit by giving her a personalized canvas print? With the design of her and the lovely dog, it will make a great addition to the house decors collection.

girls and dog canvas gift for girlfriend
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Since it is a personalized item, you can add her name and the dog's name, so that it will be even more special to her. What an ideal gift for your other half!

05 DIY Gifts For Girlfriend To Show Your Love To Her Is So Unique

Even though store-bought gifts are great, sometimes they can be predictable. Thus, to change things up a little bit, try to spend some extra time making DIY gifts for your girlfriend. Below are some easy-to-make gift ideas to try.

#1. Bath Bombs

A nice warm bath can help your girlfriend relax after a long working-hard day. Why don’t you try to elevate this soothing experience with some homemade bath bombs?

Bath Bombs is the best DIY gifts for girlfriends

With some easy-to-find ingredients, such as essential oil and baking soda, you will soon create the best-customized bath bombs as good gifts for your girlfriend.

#2. Camera Straps

If your significant other is a photography junkie, then this item is the ideal choice.

DIY Camera Straps gift for your girlfriend

Even though you can easily get one from any store, it will mean so much more if you make it yourself. With this gift, you can always be with her on every trip she takes and help her create and master her crafts.

#3. Jewelry Holder

Have you ever seen your girlfriend having trouble finding her jewelry since she keeps leaving them around? You will be an exceptional partner if you help her out by making a jewelry holder for her. This way, her jewelry will always be organized and ready for her to use.

DIY Jewelry Holder for girlfriends

#4. Candy Love Bouquet

This one is a classic gift with a twist. Instead of roses or your girlfriend’s favorite flower, try to give her a candy love bouquet to show her how sweet your love is.

Fill it with her favorite snack, such as chocolate, lollipops, Snickers, etc. This present will make an exceptional surprise for your sweet-tooth girl.

#5. Love Message Jar

If you are not a very handy person, you can still create this simple yet meaningful DIY gift. All you have to do is write the love messages that you want to tell your special girl in small notes and put them in an empty glass jar.

Love Message Jar girlfriend gifts

You can decorate the jar with some stickers and dry flowers to give it a more unique and like no other look. Even when you are not there with her, your love will still reach her and warm her heart through the notes you wrote.

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Show Your Love, Creatively!

Love can be expressed in many ways; some show their love through words, others show their feelings through actions. Still, small gifts for your girlfriend every once in a while will make a big difference to your relationship since they make her feel loved and cared for.

The above recommendations, especially the personalized items, are the best way to express your appreciation and love to your significant other. What are you waiting for? Visit Gossby and get one of these amazing and thoughtful gifts for your girlfriend right now!

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