Halloween Party Ideas - Figure Out The 40 Best Ideas For Holiday


Last updated: Aug 16, 2021

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Halloween Party Ideas - Figure Out The 40 Best Ideas For Holiday

Are you struggling to come up with unique Halloween party ideas this year?

The fact that people often reuse their ideas makes Halloween parties boring and unattractive over the years. However, everything will become easy when you generate new ideas by referring to the options below.

No party is fulfilled without a game or two. And no game is completed without a tempting reward; it's time to check out the gift ideas in our Personalized Halloween Gifts section.

Let's scroll down and look for your ideas now!

10 Halloween Party Ideas For Kids

1. Mummy Sack Race

You use toilet paper and wrap it around the children’s body parts to turn them into mummies. Afterward, kids need to finish the race without scratching as little paper as they can.

Mummy Sack Race halloween party ideas for kids

Please note that you should only use toilet paper because it is easy to tear and does not restrict the kid’s movements. Also, it is advisable to use a large space for this game, for example, an outdoor garden.

2. Eyeball Pong

This game is almost identical to beer pong, but you will try other interesting punishments instead of using beer. In addition, you will decorate the balls with eye shapes to make them more attractive and suited to the theme.

Eyeball Pong - party ideas for kids on halloween

Kids throw the ball to score in the personalized mug. You can also limit the number of times the ball hits the table to increase the game difficulty.

3. Donuts On A String

Kids love to eat sweets and play games simultaneously, so this is no doubt one of their favorite games. The player eating a donut in the shortest time is the winner.

Donuts On A String ideas for halloween party

In addition, you can replace the donuts with other foods to increase the difficulty, such as an apple.

4. Eyeball Toss

You can try eyeball toss as one of the Halloween party ideas for kids. All you need is to attach the paper/plastic cups to the wall. Players have to toss the ball into the cups skillfully.

Eyeball Toss ideas for halloween party

Moreover, to level up the game, you can use different cup sizes. As a result, the smaller the size, the more points kids get.

5. Jack Stack

You can try using paper cups to create a puzzle for young children. You will draw on paper cups so that children put them together to puzzle out the final image. The image can be a meaningful thing for the Halloween season or simply a funny pumpkin shape.

Jack Stack halloween party ideas for kids

6. Roll A Monster

You draw one or more monsters with simple details. Then, you cut them into pieces of paper so the kids can freely put them together to shape the monsters they want.

Roll A Monster for halloween party ideas

7. Eyeball Hunt

Kids play the role of hunters to find the eyeballs that you secretly hide in the house or the garden. The winner finds the most eyeballs. Note that you should choose places that are relatively visible and within reach of children.

eyeball hunt on halloween

8. Witch Hat And Ring Toss

You can take advantage of witch hats to create a fun toss game. Kids need to toss the rings to the top of the hat at a certain distance. The winner scores the most.

9. Halloween Bowling

Bowling at the Halloween party sounds interesting? You only need to sacrifice some empty soda bottles and a pumpkin to create this game. These empty bottles can be decorated in eye-catching designs by you and/or the kids.

Halloween Bowling

10. Spider Walking Game

Challenge your kids with a balanced game. You draw on the floor or use colorful tapes to make a spider web on the ground. The kids are not allowed to step off the line and will walk to pick the candy or stickers they want as a reward.

Spider Walking Game

11 Halloween Party Ideas For Adults

11. Hocus Pocus: The Game

This board game is worth trying at the Halloween party. It is suitable for 4-5 participants; you can prepare one or two decks to ensure everyone can enjoy it.

Hocus Pocus - halloween party ideas for adults

12. Scary Movie

While some people love playing games, some prefer watching scary movies. There are many ideal choices for a Halloween party, but you may want to choose psychological and horror movies.

Scary Movie - adult halloween party ideas

Besides, the best and scariest movie is usually the one that people haven’t watched.

13. Ouija

Mature people love to scare themself with horrors and mysteries like ouija. Thus, you can use the ouija board as one of the Halloween party ideas for adults.

Ouija ideas for adults on halloween

14. Adult Eyeball Pong

The same rules apply to this game as Kid’s eyeball pong. However, you can use attractive adult punishments and rewards for the winner to make it more interesting. For example, a personalized canvas is a good idea. 

Adult Eyeball Pong party ideas

15. Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest

Have you ever held a Pumpkin Carving Contest? It makes the atmosphere of the party more bustle. The participants are especially excited to show off their talents and be creative with many different pumpkin ideas.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest

After the contest, you can decorate your home with the final products or use them as guests’ gifts.

16. Halloween Soundtrack

Adults love themed spaces, so using the right soundtrack for the Halloween party helps you create a unique party. You want to turn the volume to an average level to allow people to communicate or join other activities without being distracted.

17. Scary Box

You can find things that create a sense of horror and put them in black boxes to disguise what is inside. Then, participants try to guess the object, and the team that guesses the most correctly wins.

Scary Box for halloween party ideas adults

The special factor of this game is the scary feeling when you don't know what you will touch.

18. Finish My Horror Story

When you invite guests to your Halloween party, you'll tell them an open-ended horror story, then ask them to think about the ending.

Finish My Horror Story

When they attend the party, they will also share their ideas. That brings each person's experience and creates a great atmosphere for the Halloween party.

19. Bobbing An Apple 

You can start the party with this fun game as it brings tons of fun. Players try to grab apples in the water by their mouths.

Bobbing An Apple for adult party ideas halloween

Catching the apple by mouth will be very entertaining and make people burst into laughter without control. You can also try another version like Bite Apple On A String. Instead of using a bucket of water, you hang the apple on a dangling rope, and the player's task is to eat the apple.

20. Spin The Bottle

You can use a bottle to spin. When it points to someone, that person may have to drink a Halloween fluid that you have prepared or simply tell a horror story.

Spin The Bottle

21. Halloween Wheel

Let’s try making a wheel with multiple options. Any guest who comes to your Halloween party must spin once, and the results will surprise them. It could be a reward or maybe a humorous request.

Halloween Wheel

10 Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

22. Spider Web Lamps

With an empty wine bottle and a small light bulb, you can invent your spider web lamps. To add a spooky touch, draw or tape a layer of spider webs outside the bottle.

Spider Web Lamps

23. Monster Legs 

Let’s decorate your table like a monster. You can use fake fur for coating the table’s legs and use sponges or cardboard pieces for the claws. It’s a good idea as people will gather around the monster table for food and have time to admire your decoration.

Monster Legs halloween decor ideas for party

24. Scary Balloons

Why don’t you use balloons to decorate? You can paint them with various shapes such as huge, hollow eyes, scary pumpkins, bats, etc. It is one of the simplest and most cost-effective Halloween party decoration ideas you can try.

Scary Balloons halloween party decor ideas

25. Spider Sack

You can use white spools of wool and other colors to create spider sacks. You use glue to harden the yarns for making spheres shape and make a small spider on them. Then hang them for attractive decorations.

Spider Sac halloween party ideas

26. Small Pumpkin Lamps

You will buy battery-powered candles available at electronics stores, then decorate the orange paper cups with black pens. Top it up with purchased candles, and you've got unique lights for your Halloween party.

Small Pumpkin Lamps halloween ideas

27. Witch Brooms

You can surprise your guests with a witch broom surrounded by plenty of presents for contests winners. It is the best idea for the corner of the room where people don’t pay much attention and easily be surprised when noticing.

Witch Brooms halloween party decor

The materials for this decoration are a long tree stick, a rope, and a large piece of paper.

28. Blood Hands-On The Window

You just need to dip your hand in the red paint, then touch the window. You want to let a few drops of paint roll down, then write a few horror sentences on the window.

Blood Hands-On The Window

This decoration is very effective because it is easy to see and creates a scary atmosphere for the Halloween party. You can also use lipstick to write scary words if you don't want to touch the paint.

29. Spider Web Glass

Every guest who comes to your Halloween party will have a drink, so why not take advantage of the glass they hold? Let’s draw a spider web on it with puff paint.

Spider Web Glass halloween

30. A Blanket Ghost

You can use a personalized blanket to create spooky ghosts in your home. You will drape the blanket over the cane with the ball, then attach the eyes and mouth with paper. And as a result, you've got a blanket ghost in your house.

a sacry blanket as a halloween party decor ideas

31. Monster Door

“Wow” is what guests have to burst out when they are in front of your door. Do they go into a monster's mouth? Yes, and for that reason, decorate your door well to make an impression from the first steps to the Halloween party.

Monster Door halloween party decor

10 Halloween Party Food Ideas

32. Dead Cake

You can easily make a dead cake at home. The process is to bake a cake, as usual, and cover it with cream. Then, you pour the “blood” made by water, cornstarch, and red food coloring directly on the top of the cake.

Dead Cake - Halloween Party Food Ideas

33. Bloody Syringes

The vampires at the party must be bloodthirsty, so you can prepare bloody syringes to satisfy them. These syringes include alcohol, tomato juice, lemon, and some other ingredients depending on the recipe you use.

Bloody Syringes Halloween Party Food Ideas

34. Pumpkin Egg

You can decorate a boiled egg easily by removing half of the egg’s white part and shaping the yolk with the slots and paprika.

Pumpkin Egg

35. Ghost Pizza

It’s a good idea to make pizza decorations with cheese, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, and anything at hand. Easy but attractive!

Ghost Pizza food party decoration on halloween

36. Graveyard Chicken

You can decorate your dishes by using slices of chicken as a headstone. Sounds easy, right?

Graveyard Chicken  - halloween party ideas

37. Scary Oreo Pop

Kids love this food because it’s quite cute and delicious. It has a layer of white chocolate coating outside an oreo.

Scary Oreo Pop

38. Spider Web Cake

If you want to replace the dead cake with a more interesting one, let’s try spider web cake. It is as simple as dead cake.

Spider Web Cake

39. Strawberry Ghost

Coating chocolate outside a strawberry and decorate it like a ghost. People won’t be able to resist this snack!

Strawberry Ghost

40. Scary Cookie

You can decorate your cookies like an eyeball or Halloween-related shape. It is one of the easy Halloween party food ideas to scare people with a sweet tooth.

Scary Cookie

41. Jack-O-Lantern Pie

Make a pie with a pumpkin shape. It looks attractive and whets any guest’s appetite immediately.

Jack-O-Lantern Pie Halloween Party Food Ideas


Applying these Halloween party ideas above is advisable as your friends and relatives surely love them and can’t stop bursting into laughter with the cheeky game, decorations, and snacks. 

These ideas are also simple to carry out, so you will not waste too much time preparing for the Halloween party. However, if you don’t want to spoil the fun, don't make the party too creepy if small children will be around!

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