DIY Christmas Ornaments: Easy Decorative Ideas To Make At Home


Last updated: Oct 05, 2023

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DIY Christmas Ornaments: Easy Decorative Ideas To Make At Home

The holiday season is fast approaching and this time of the year can be a common cause of stress for many families. Your budget can often be stretched thin during this time. Plus, there’s a lot of added stress in trying to get all of your loved ones gifts they will enjoy. 

It can also be really hard to find the extra money to buy new Christmas decorations for your home. Adding new ornaments to the tree is a Christmas tradition that is well-loved, but when you are struggling to find the money it can be hard to decorate your tree to your liking. 

This is where DIY Christmas Ornaments come in. You can create unique DIY Christmas tree ornaments to make your dream Christmas decor a reality today. Plus, these DIY Christmas tree ornaments make great gifts for family members and your friends.

Budget-friendly, homemade Christmas ornaments are the perfect holiday tradition for you to begin today. We’ve browsed the internet to find easy, creative DIY Christmas ornaments ideas that you can create today. Let’s explore.

Why Make Your Own Christmas Ornament?

Making your own Christmas ornaments are a great idea for you and your family. DIY Christmas ornaments are often inexpensive and truly put your creativity to the test. 

paige cody unsplash kids decorate christmas tree
Adding your own touches on the ornaments makes decorating the Christmas tree that much more special! (Source: Paige Cody - Unsplash)

Making your own Christmas ornaments at home is a fun-filled way to spend an afternoon with your loved ones. You can have competitions with your friends and family to see who can create the most creative ornament or funniest ornament.

Turning this activity into a part of your Christmas celebration isn't a bad idea! Making your DIY ornaments is a fun activity for the entire family and creates long-lasting memories with each other. 

Christmas DIY ornaments are more special and leave you with all of the warm heart fuzzies because of the beautiful memories you make whilst creating them. Plus, making your DIY ornament is a great way to instill a sense of achievement within yourself and your kiddos!

cozy christmas home decor
You don't have to spend a ton of money to feel the magical vibe of this joyous occasion! (Source: Lynda Hinton - Unsplash)

The best part about making your ornaments is that they are so affordable. This means you can make multiples as gifts for your entire family without any worries. 

Running behind on gift shopping for the Holidays? Check out our last-minute Christmas gift guide!

20 Easy Christmas Ornaments You Can Make At Home

We’ve explored the internet to put together is an amazing list of easy DIY Christmas ornaments that everyone can make from home. Here are the 20 easiest DIY ideas for Christmas ornaments in 2022:

#1 Angel Tree Topper

A beautiful angel tree topper is easy to make. Simply cut out the paper shapes you need to create the wings and glue them to a cardboard cone. This cone makes up the body, which you can decorate with feathers, glitter, and other embellishments as you see fit. 

#2 Christmas Star Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

Simply twist the pipe cleaners into star shapes to create amazing ornaments that you can hang from your tree with ease. You can add glitter and other embellishments to the ornaments to make them pop. 

christmas star paper yellow
Don't be afraid to put your creativity to the test, no one's keeping scores! (Source: Markus Spiske - Unsplash)

#3 Clay Tree Ornaments

Make tree ornaments from clay and bake them. Then, you can paint them and add other embellishments as you see fit. These cute ornaments will last forever and make incredible Christmas gifts for your family and friends. 

#4 Popsicle Stick Sled Ornament

These adorable little popsicle stick sled ornaments look so cute around the tree or on your bookshelf. All you need is a hot glue gun and paint to create adorable little sleds for your home today.

#5 Fruit Ornaments

You can dehydrate fruits and string them up to make stunning, nice-smelling ornaments. We find that orange works the best for this style of ornament. Plus, they are completely recyclable and environmentally friendly. 

#6 Pinecone Ornaments

Find some pinecones and use some spray paint to make them look glossy and Christmassy. Adorn with a bow or other cute embellishments to make an adorable ornament your family will love.

The simple pinecones can make the best ornaments for your Christmas trees. (Source: Donna G - Unsplash)

#7 Bottle Cap Reindeer

Kids will love creating this reindeer ornament. Simply use a bottle cap and glue on some googly eyes and other facial features. Use pipe cleaners for the horns and then glue them onto a plain bauble to create this ornament.

#8 Jingle Bells Pipe Cleaner Wind Chime

Buy some small bells from the dollar store and paint them to create a unique finish. String them together with a pipe cleaner and then use this pipe cleaner to hang this ornament outside for a lovely Christmas wind chime.

#9 Twig Trees

Twig trees are so cute and you can use them to decorate your home. You can make smaller twig trees to use as tree ornaments or bigger trees to make stunning DIY Christmas trees at home. 

fir needles
If you want to save money on an actual Christmas tree, buy an artificial one or make one yourself! (Source: Annie Spratt - Unsplash)

Collect twigs of the size you need and glue them together. Add extras such as stars and glitter to add a bit of sparkle to them. When finished, you will have a stunning twig tree that will look incredible in your Christmas decor.

#10 Marble Bauble

Marble your baubles for a chic DIY Christmas ornament your loved ones will be wowed by.

#11 DIY Advent Calendar

This is a cute Christmas gift your loved one is sure to enjoy. You can sew mini bags and hang them from ribbon to create a stunning advent calendar. Fill it with mini treats for yourselves or your loved ones to truly enjoy this Christmas decor.

#12 Felt Coffee Cup Ornament

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Use some simple felt and hot glue to create cute coffee mug ornaments your friends will love. Add their names for an additional personal touch.

hot cocoa christmas
This probably has nothing to with Christmas ornaments, but we just feel like spreading the hot cocoa vibe. (Source: Toa Heftiba - Unsplash)

#13 Terrarium Baubles

Create mini terrariums out of glass baubles for unique, bespoke DIY Christmas ornaments 2022 that will provide an earthy feel to your Christmas decor.

#14 Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

This popsicle sticks snowflakes are simple and cute. Inspired by Scandinavian decor, kids will love creating these easy DIY Christmas ornaments. Keep them clear or add decorations.

#15 Paper Candles

Adorable paper candles are a cute DIY Christmas decor you can make with ease from home. You can add glitter and colors to make candles that truly pop.

handmade materials christmas ornaments
Get creative with the ornaments! (Source: Kira Auf Der Heide - Unsplash)

#16 Wreath Ornaments

Use pipe cleaners to create stunning wreath ornaments that you can hang from your tree or glue to your door with ease.

#17 Cinnamon Trees

Use cinnamon sticks to create cute little trees. These DIY Christmas ornaments easy are small great and look incredible and are sure to be a hit this Christmas. You can add twigs, leaves, and other embellishments to give this ornament a more natural feel.

#18 Felt Santa hats

Use simple felt and hot glue to create cute little Santa hats that you can add to your tree with ease. Kids will love getting to create this one, and you can add names for a unique bit of personalization.

santa hat on a stick
Nothing screams Christmas like a little Santa hat ornament! (Source: Mel Poole - Unsplash)

#19 Peg Ornaments

Make a wreath by gluing clothe pegs together. Paint them for an added Christmassy feel. This is a DIY Christmas ornaments idea that is super simple to do from home with your family.

#20 Unicorn Bauble

Start with a plain white bauble and add unicorn-themed adornments to create stunning unicorn baubles. You can change the theme depending on your favorite mythical creature - mermaid baubles, Santa baubles, and even zombie baubles can all be created with ease.

Personalized Ornaments - DIY Christmas Ornaments For Lazy Souls

The downside to DIY is that they take a lot of effort and time. Thankfully, for lazy souls, there are plenty of personalized ornaments available to purchase online.

These ornaments are DIY for the digital age, and allow you to design bespoke personalized ornaments from the comfort of your couch. 

Custom Acrylic Ornament - Best Friends Gifts - Partner in Crime
Custom Acrylic Ornament - Best Friends Gifts - Partner in Crime

Shop with Gossby

You can create these personalized ornaments with your family in minutes, choosing from a range of stunning, unique designs. You can then have your ornament on its way to your home in mere minutes, and all you have to do then is wait for its arrival.

The beauty in personalized ornaments is that they are stress-free, take no time and result in no unsightly messes around your home. We recommend shopping with a reputable eCommerce retailer to ensure you receive the highest quality personalized ornament available. 

Customize Your Christmas Ornament Gossby

Gossby is a trusted e-commerce platform that allows you to customize unique ornaments and other custom Christmas gifts using our resources. This means you can give highly personalized Christmas ornaments to your family and friends with ease.

kitty sitting under christmas tree
Shop stress-free Christmas ornaments on a budget with Gossby! (Source: Kevin Turcios - Unsplash)

With over 30,000 reviews on Trustpilot (and an average rating of over 4 stars!) we offer thousands of premier base designs for you to choose from. We offer the same high-quality services as Vistaprint and Snapfish, but for the lowest prices on the market. This means you save your money so your Christmas budget can stretch further!

Start creating thoughtful, budget-friendly custom Christmas gifts for friends and family right now!

Final Thoughts

DIY Christmas ornaments are fun ways to get prepared for the holiday season. Affordable and unique, these DIY ornaments are a stunning addition to any Christmas home decor. Plus, you can make incredible memories with your loved ones as you create these unique ornaments.

For our lazier souls out there who still want to DIY a Christmas ornament as a gift or for themselves, we offer unique personalized Christmas ornaments. Each of the ornaments is made from designs created by our in-house artist team. All you have to do is personalize and order - your perfect DIY Christmas ornament will be on its way to you in one click. 

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