How to Frame a Canvas Print? Comprehensive Guide to Frame any Type of Canvas


Last updated: Sep 01, 2021

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How to Frame a Canvas Print? Comprehensive Guide to Frame any Type of Canvas

Is framing a canvas print easy and how to do it? You’ll find the best answer to that question in this article, promise!

In fact, framing a canvas print is a bit different from a picture as you don’t need glass or a frame with a back cover. For all of the materials to frame your art, you can find them at an art supply, craft store or even you can DIY your own frame.

So, how to frame a canvas print

For those who own canvas at Gossby, this article is for you too. Let’s check it now and have stunning wall art for your home then.

How to Frame a Canvas Print?

Here are the 8 steps you can follow to frame a canvas print. No worries. It’s easy to do.

Step 1: Measure Your Canvas

Carefully measure canvas size because you want your canvas print will properly fit the frame you’ll buy or DIY. Using the measuring steel tape to record the exact length, width, and depth of the canvas.

measure size to frame a canvas print

Step 2: Consider Suitable Frame

Whether you make your own frame or buy one from a store, you should select a frame that fits the artwork. While traditional hues like black and white work with everything, you can add a burst of color or texture to a minimalist canvas with a frame. Look for anything that contrasts and isn't too identical to the image.

consider suitable frame for canvas
Our "Wild & Free" wrapped canvas
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Step 3: Purchase a Frame or DIY

You can buy a frame from a craft store or create one on your own. The frame should be the same size as the canvas in length, width, and depth.

Frames may be made from any sort of wood. Cut the edges of the wood to 45-degree angles after measuring the lengths to match the canvas.

select frame for a canvas print

Step 4: Purchase Canvas Clips

Canvas clips or flat braces and screws, depending on the sort of frame you have, will be required. Canvas clips work well with frames that feature an inner lip into which the canvas may be inserted.

These canvas clips are designed to accommodate stretcher bars that are 1 ½” to 1 ¾” broad.

canvas clips to frame canvas print

Flat bracing and screws function best with open frames that do not have a lip. What is on the image will determine how you frame a canvas print.

Offset clips are the ideal option if the stretcher bars are wider than1 ¾”  broad.

Step 5: Frame Your Canvas and Attach the Clips

Place the frame with the ornamental side facing down, taking care not to damage it. Place the canvas carefully into the frame and attach it with canvas clips or flat bracing and screws.

Frame Your Canvas and Attach the Clips

Step 6: Attach the Hanging Wire

While the canvas is still flipped over in the frame, indicate where you want the hanging wire to go by marking 14 to 13 of the way from the top of the frame in the middle of the frame's edges.

Attach the Hanging Wire to fame a canvas print

Attach the two screws to the specified locations on either side of the frame. Cut a piece of hanging wire six to eight inches longer than the frame's width. Tie the hanging wire to the screws and twist the excess.

Step 7: Attach a Dust Cover

A dust cover can be added to the back of a canvas when it is framed. You can cut a piece of kraft paper that is the same size as or larger than the frame. Then, attach the kraft paper to the rear of the frame using double-sided tape.

Attach a dust cover - can you frame a canvas print

Step 8: Hang Your Canvas

Just hang it. And, want to hang your canvas like a pro?

Level up Your Living Space with Gossby

What is the Type of Canvas at Gossby?

At Gossby, we provide you with the wrapped canvas.

Basically, a wrapped canvas is a specific type of stretched canvas where the image appears on both the front and the sides of the canvas. The staples of a wrapped canvas are placed in the back & the sides are about 1.25” thick or more.

Plus, more than just a simple canvas, Gossby provides you with a wide range of personalized canvases allowing you to customize the art your way.

how to frame a canvas print at gossby
Our "You Had Me At Meow" canvas
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Can You Frame a Wrapped Canvas?

Although many people choose to display wrapped canvas without a frame, they may absolutely be framed!

A floating frame is a prevalent choice for wrapped canvas right now. This style of the frame gives canvas paintings a polished aspect while yet allowing the canvas's edges to show.

Visit our category, claim the special deal and start customizing the most beautiful canvas for yourself or your loved ones!

banner personalized canvas

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The Bottom Line!

There are several methods for framing a canvas for your house, whether it is your own artwork or a custom canvas print. When selecting a frame, think about how to choose a good canvas size for certain areas of your home. A wide-open wall, for instance, would benefit from one giant statement piece or a combination of smaller ones.

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