20 Quarantine Gifts For Father’s Day: The Secret of How To Make Dad Happy


Last updated: Jun 01, 2021

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20 Quarantine Gifts For Father’s Day: The Secret of How To Make Dad Happy

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the prolonged quarantine, many people’s lives have been changed. And certainly, it’s hard to celebrate anniversaries such as birthdays, weddings, etc., especially Father’s day - one of the most important days to unite family members and honor the father figure in our lives. 

So, the best quarantine gifts are what you should consider as the lockdown prevents you from meeting your loved ones. That’s why we picked out the top 10 activities and 20 meaningful gifts that match your Dad’s interests and hobbies the most.

If you’re staying with Dad or have an opportunity to meet him during this time, participate in activities such as having a picnic, planting some new trees, etc. In case you can’t meet your Dad in person, virtual or online activities combined with sending him gifts are meant to strengthen the bond between you two.

20 Best Quarantine Gifts For Father’s Day 

Undoubtedly, giving gifts is one of the most practical activities; we want to introduce 20 personalized best Father’s day giftsfor every type of father. Keep reading to pick out your one-of-a-kind present.

1. Personalized Coffee Mug

Is your Dad keen on drinking tea or coffee every morning? A custom mug will make a practical yet lovely present to him as he can use it anywhere: at home, at the office, when he goes on a picnic, and so on. You can choose to customize the mug with photos or words to make it stand out from others in the kitchen.

mugs are quarantine gifts

2. Custom Fleece Blanket

personalized fleece blanket is one of the best gifts for people who work from home as it will keep them warm and comfortable while watching TV, working at home, or even sleeping. 

blanket is the best quarantine gifts

3. Personalized Canvas

If decorating around the house is what Dad likes doing in his free time, the custom canvas can be a piece of his creative work. It can be a picture of your family or whatever he likes, such as basketball team, music bands, etc.

canvas - gifts during quarantine

4. Funny Dad T-shirts

Have you ever thought about personalizing T-shirts that include a unique imprint? Design one item for your Dad to make him happy when he looks at it every day.

t shirts - gifts to send during quarantine

5. Personalized Poster

In case you need more references about quarantine birthday gifts for your Dad who had everything, a poster can be an ideal one. Besides, it’s customizable, so you can easily design as you wish.

poster - gifts for quarantine

Insulated Water Bottle

For environmental-conscious Dads, an insulated water bottle is practical and necessary. This item helps keep the water, tea, or coffee warm and save the environment at the same time.

water bottle - funny quarantine gifts

Running Shoes

For the fathers who are enthusiastic runners, consider sending him a pair of running shoes. Ensure that they fit and are of high quality to avoid unexpected injuries.

shoes - best gifts during quarantine

Beard Trimmer

A beard trimmer will make his daily routine much more simple and relaxing. You should choose a high-quality product kit to ensure it’s usable for a long time. 

trimmer - gifts for people in quarantine

Massage Gun

Do you want to help your father release all of his stress and pains after a long day at work? A massage gun will be the savior that gives him comfortable moments to relax.

massage gun - quarantine gifts ideas

Wireless Headphones

If your Dad loves music, don’t ignore the wireless headphones. They are convenient for him to enjoy his favorite songs anytime. 

headphone - good quarantine gift

Craft Brewing Kit

Enjoying cups of beer at home has never been easier with a craft brewing kit. He can freely experiment with the flavors and make ones exclusive to himself and his friends.

brewing kits - best gifts for quarantine


A turntable will be a multi-use item for fathers who devote themselves to old and classic music. It provides him a chance to enjoy his favorite music as well as becoming a highlight in his room’s decoration.

turntable - fun quarantine gifts


A wristwatch is a useful item for almost all types of dads. It isn’t always convenient for us to tell the time so that a wristwatch can be a savior and a piece of fashionable accessories.

watch - quarantine gifts

Musical Instruments

A beautifully designed and quality guitar or saxophones can support the fathers to be skillful musicians! You should pay attention to high-quality items, which may cost you a bit more but are worth paying.

instrument - best quarantine gifts


You can keep in mind the topics that he is interested in while choosing the book content. It can be adventurous, romantic, detective, etc.

book - gifts during quarantine

Gardening Tools

Is he excited about gardening? Then a lawnmower, a string trimmer, or some other manual tools can be of great help for his gardening tasks!

gardening tools - gifts to send during quarantine

Household Tools Kit

When a father wants to fix or repair something, he won’t have to buy tools anymore. This kit provides everything that he needs!

tool kits - gifts for quarantine

Fishing Rod

If your father is dedicated to fishing, nothing is more suitable than a fishing rod. It can be a helpful tool that contributes to his success during fishing trips.

fishing rod - gifts for dad


A bottle of wine can amaze your Dad a lot when he’s the one who spends his love on this type of drink. Don’t forget to consider his favorite taste to choose the best one.

wine - funny quarantine gifts

Cooking Tools

Spending time in the kitchen to create tasty meals for the family is what your father always wants to do? A chopping board or a kit of cutleries can make him happy all day!

cooking tool - best gifts during quarantine

How To Make Dad Happy During The Social-distancing Period

Family activities are necessary as you can spend time enjoying meaningful things together. You have to ensure that the activities are safe according to COVID-19 safety rules and not too complicated to organize. 

Top 10 Best Social Distancing Activities 

You can take a look at the best quarantine anniversary ideas for bonding activities below, then choose as many as you wish to create a great day for the best father in the world.

Have A Picnic In Your Backyard

Transforming the backyard into an awesome place for a picnic is an ideal choice. You only need to clean the backyard one day before the picnic, then prepare your father’s favorite snacks and beverages, and enjoy a wonderful day out in the sun together.

picnic - how to make your dad happy

Serve Him With A Wonderful Meal

Put your love into the food and surprise him with your cooking skills! A lunch with best-loved dishes and family members is definitely what all people are looking for during this distancing period.

cooking meals - how to make your dad happy when he's mad

Plant Some Trees and Flowers

Do you have a garden at home? If yes, don’t miss this opportunity for doing some gardening as it can help you understand more about your Dad’s hobbies. 

plant flower to make dad happy

Spend time to renovate your lawn, then plant some new trees to increase the aesthetics aspect of your home. And when he looks at the trees, he will instantly be reminded of you.

Hold A Bingo Tournament

It’s about time for your family, especially your father, to relax and play some games together. A bingo tournament is a fun and bonding activity that will fill the room with laughter and excitement.

bingo to make dad happy

Go on A Virtual Travel

Obviously, it isn’t easy to travel at this unprecedented time, so how about going on a virtual trip? You two can “visit” the beaches or volcanoes in Hawaii, go on a gondola in the heart of Venice, or check in at Chele La Pass, Bhutan.

making dad happy by travel

Enjoy Movie Nights

Nothing is better than watching your favorite movies on a cozy night with your family. Don’t forget to prepare drinks and snacks to have the best experience.

movie makes dad happy

Stargaze And Listen To His Stories

Starry nights are magnificent, but not everyone seems to realize their miracles. Stargazing together and listening to Dad’s good-old-days stories can help you understand more about your beloved father.

sharing story to make happy moment for dad

Create Unique Family’s T-shirts

You can buy several white T-shirts and unleash your creativity while designing them. Dyeing or painting on the shirts will make it a fun activity for the whole family.

make dad happy

Show Him Your Love Through Video Calls

For those living far from their fathers or husbands, connecting via video calls is the most convenient and easy-to-do activity. Don’t forget to tell him how much you miss and love him and plan to meet soon.

video call to make dad happy

Give Him Some Wonderful Gifts

Why don’t you send wonderful gifts during quarantine to him? It will keep his memories about that day and be supportive to him in his life and work.

give dad gifts making him joyful


Overall, you’ve read all the information about the social distancing gifts. Expectedly, you’ll find it’s understandable and helpful for you to celebrate a wonderful anniversary for your family.

Don’t forget to organize some activities to unite your family and spend meaningful time together. Finally, you can take a look at the whole list of best quarantine gifts for Father’s day above and make your decision.

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