20 New Year Wishes to Kick-off 2022 With Lucky and Happiness


Last updated: Apr 21, 2022

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20 New Year Wishes to Kick-off 2022 With Lucky and Happiness

Apart from cleaning and beautifying your house to welcome the arrival of the New Year, expressing your love and care for family and friends via gifts or red pocket accompanied by New Year wishes is indispensable!

If you are looking for some good suggestions for these lucky wishes, you’ve come to the right site! We also introduce a new way to convey those meaningful messages with the help of GossbyFeeling curious? Stay tuned and check it out!

What Should You Say On New Year?

New Year bells are ringing. There are only a few days left to plan year-end parties and gifts. Pop the champagne, exchange some presents and enjoy beautiful fireworks. Of course, it’s never enough without Happy New Year wishes. Although there’s no clear proof to demonstrate the truth behind it, we believe that positive messages bring blessings.

Once you work on touching words for colleagues, family, or friends, it always and forever should be the finest stuff for a fresh start. These thoughts open a fresh page in one's life as a tradition. The more good words to share, the more confidence in the bright future ahead. Whether you believe in this culture or not, the real value you can expect at least is a delight to your loved ones.

What Should You Say On New Year

Besides, a great wish should mention the meaning of the past year. The good or the bad, they all make for a memorable journey where you've received loads of love and help from those around you. 

Sincere words can represent gratitude, regret, or a goodbye to the old. Time reflection is important to look back first and kick off an amazing beginning ahead. Direct speech or filling in the cards both require careful preparation. If you do not have a specific idea yet, let our article cover every bit and piece. Scroll down for the good suggestions!

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05 Happy New Year Wishes for Family

Even if it may be just a simple dinner on New Year's Eve, God gives you the most precious gift - the warmth and cheerfulness heats in each person's heart.

Family members always love and support you unconditionally, whether the ups or the downs. Have you ever responded to this? If not, it is never too late to convey your care during the upcoming celebration. Here are some touching happy New Year wishes for family.

1/ “Out with the old and in with the new, but I could not ask for more. Thank you for staying by my side any time. I am also here for you.”

Expressing your gratitude to your beloved ones for their accompaniment all the time, as well as telling them that you are willing to do the same thing for them.

Out with the old and in with the new - new year wishes for family

2/ “The past year is full of the good and the bad. Thank you for making my worst days easier and brighter. Hope the best will come to us in 2022."

There are always sad and happy moments in our life; they coexist like two faces of a coin. Still, your family and friends will always stay by your side no matter if life turns bad or good.

The past year is full of the good and the bad - happy new year wishes for family

3/ “Having a happy family like ours is God's best blessing. Hope we always stay healthy and enjoy many more New Year's Eve together. But first, may we all have a wonderful 2022."

Having a loving family is one of the best gifts from God! Wishing that our family all stay healthy and happy. 

Having a happy family like ours is God's best blessing - new year messages for family

4/ "2022 comes with unexplored memories ahead, but you guys are my constant. May this year bring our family peace, joy, and prosperity. I love you all."

You flip over the old 2021 chapter to start on a whole new chapter of your life. Yet, some things stay with the time - Your family.

2022 comes with unexplored memories ahead - new year quotes for family

5/ "As we stay together on New Year's Eve, I want to express my sincerest thanks and love to our family. Thank you for making this past year so special for me."

What makes a moment/period stay special forever in our mind is the feelings and person that tightly connect to those pieces of memories. In short, home is where the heart is. Even if you live far away from family, be sure to send them a card with those heartfelt family messages.

As we stay together on New Year's Eve - new year wishes for family

Looking for meaningful gifts for family's loved ones? Browse our collection of personalized gifts for families. Get special deals & start customizing your unique gift!

personalized family gifts

05 Happy New Year Wishes for Friends

Having a few close friends is another great gift of life. Like siblings, they always care and protect you from the cruelness of life or give you “an umbrella” when it is “raining” outside.

Never take it for granted, but give your sincere heart back. Send these loving happy New Year wishes for friends and see how smiles grow on their faces!

1/ "Thank you for always loving me at my worst. Now, get ready for the most amazing 365 days ahead as all my best wishes go to you!"

Showing them the gratitude that comes deep from your heart for them, as well as wishing all the best for them!

Thank you for always loving - new year wishes for friends

2/ "Another year has come, and thankfully our friendship remains unchanged. May all your sorrows turn into joy, and triumphs always shine on you."

Another chapter is flipped over, and there comes a new blank chapter waiting to be written together.

Another year has come - new year wishes messages for best friends

3/ "Dear my best friend, you are one of those who made my 2021. I'm so grateful for that. Hope to share more sparkling memories in 2022. Love you 3000."

We can not get rid of those blue days in our life. Luckily, we still got these amazing people that make these days brighter and feel better.

Dear my best friend - new year wishes for besties

4/ “Get rid of the bad and prepare for wonders. This year must include 365 days full of blessings and happiness, as I wish you the best. Are you ready for it?”

Deep from our heart, we pray for blissfulness and fortunate to come to our good friends.

Get rid of the bad and prepare for wonders - happy new year wishes for friends

5/ "May your spirits be filled with courage, confidence, and ambition for the unique journey ahead. I wish nothing but good for you, my lovely friends!"

The unknown road ahead is waiting to be discovered by us. Hopefully, we all have the courage and a heart filled with love that keeps us strong every time facing life obstacles.

May your spirits be filled with courage - new year messages for best friends

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personalized gifts for best friends

05 Happy New Year Wishes for Loved Ones

Your message represents your affection and anticipation for the upcoming journey.

A simple rule of thumb is that words from your heart win over them easily. If you want some detailed examples, sit back and read on! Our list has a few impressive happy New Year wishes for your loved ones.

1/ “Guess what is coming for you in 2022? Peek-a-boo that is my love. I have become smitten with you deeper every day. It’s something that will never change next year. May our relationship always stay strong and romantic, my darling.”

Sincere words that come from your heart can always melt your lover’s heart. Make a vow that your love will stay regardless of the flow of time.

Guess what is coming for you in 2022 - new year wishes for loved one

2/ “A great journey of ours has come to an end. Yet, there are many more years of love and happiness. My sweetheart, growing old with you is the best thing ever to happen in my life."

The end of an old chapter of your life equals the finale of unfortunate, but not the good old thing - Love.

A great journey of ours has come - new year wishes for loved ones

3/ “Having you in my arms is the greatest gift in 2021. Thank you for being the only one in my life. Hope our love be blessed with laughter, beautiful memories, and eternity."

Love makes life much better and more colorful than ever. Hopefully, this blessing gift of life will last forever.

Having you in my arms is the greatest gift - happy new year wishes of love

4/ "We have had 365 days full of emotions together. But I never regretted wanting you to be my last. No matter what, I will never stop loving you!"

Despite the flow of time, their position in your heart and mind will never change.

We have had 365 days full of emotions together - new year messages for your love

5/ "Fireworks are exploding in the sky, and it is a pity not to have you by my side. But you know what? Nothing can be brighter than your smile. Hope to hold your hand next New Year's Eve. May our bond will become stronger with love, trust, and longing. Love you, my bae.”

Although you two can not stay together physically due to the long geographic distance, the flame of love inside will never stop burning.

Fireworks are exploding in the sky - new year quotes for someone you love

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Banner personalized gifts for couples

05 Short Happy New Year Wishes

Searching for some short but meaningful New Year messages? Do not skip on this part. The following suggestions can satisfy your requirement: 

  1. “Wish you a Happy New Year with fresh blessings!”

  2. “May your 2022 blossom like New Year’s firework”

  3. “2022 will be YOUR year!”

  4. “Hope for health, wealth, and happiness to come with your New Year.”

  5. “Have a Happy New Year and tons of wonders!”

People often choose several common ways, including cards, messages, or direct speech, to deliver wishes. However, these methods possibly become out-of-date and less effective nowadays. Luckily, technology development offers a better solution - print those messages on personalized gifts (gifts with personal touches). Sounds strange? Here are the reasons you should give it a try.

Reason 1: A Perfect Alternative for Gifts & Cards

Instead of spending a fortune on cards and gifts, you can now save a little with personalized gifts. It allows you to freely custom art and quote, clearly showing your personal touch.

a new year wish is printed on a mug
Arts & Messages Are Printed On A Mug - A Perfect Personalized Gift
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Your wishes come at the same time as tangible items. It has practical and lasting value. Most importantly, it reaches the receiver in a surprise and unpredictable way.

Reason 2: Create Feelings of Unique

People pray the same wonderful things for their loved ones. So, how do your messages stand out from the crowd? Personalized gifts are here to help.

The last days of the year left everyone with some special feelings. Though you spend a lot of time preparing, your wishes sometimes get knocked down by the excitement of the party.

Special Feeling - Happy New Year Quotes
Personalized Gifts for New Year Create Special Feeling (Source: NeONBRAND - Unsplash)

Let’s save the best for last! Your customized gift with touching words is an emotional explosion for the receiver. It includes joy, thrilling, and gratitude that create an unforgettable moment. That is how your wishes come to change the game!

Reason 3: Build Connection

A gift or card does a good job of bringing people together. But you get double (or more) power with a personalized gift. The emotions it brings to the show create a deep impression on the recipient. It is the premise for building or strengthening a relationship.

Build Connection - Happy New Year Wishes
Personalized Gifts Build A Strong Connection - (Source: Priscilla Du Preez - Unsplash)

A custom item also shows how much you spent on the relationship. It makes your partner feel endless love and effort. Without a doubt, no one could refuse such a sincere heart.

Wish You A Year Of Joy & Luck!

The world has changed a lot, but sending each other New Year wishes remains a forever unchanged tradition on this special occasion. Everyone always sends their best prayers for themselves and their loved ones.

Believe it or not, the sweet messages add joy and hope for the journey ahead. As the last word, we wish you the greatest year-end celebration and 365 days ahead with your friends, family, and lover.

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