Wedding Gifts For Bride: Perfect Gift Ideas For Brides And Brides-To-Be


Last updated: Nov 29, 2021

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Wedding Gifts For Bride: Perfect Gift Ideas For Brides And Brides-To-Be

Have an upcoming friend's wedding? Finding the perfect wedding gifts for bride doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are many wedding gift ideas for the bride, and you’re sure to find a gift that your friend will love. 

There are many classic gifts available to give your friend on their wedding day. However, these classic gifts tend to get bought by other wedding-goers. It feels pretty terrible when you spend so much time putting together a gift only to see that the bride has already received something just like it. 

This guide will share with you some unique wedding presents for the bride. After reading this article, you will be ready to buy your friend an incredible wedding gift. 

What Do You Give Brides-To-Be?

Exploring wedding gifts for bride, you might have come up with traditional gift ideas like watches, cufflinks, or jewelry items. All of these items are perfectly good for gifts. However, these are wedding presents for the bride that every other guest from the wedding would have already given. 
If you want to really impress the bride-to-be, go for the personalized option!

Being a close friend, you have to look for something unique to help you create memories together. Perhaps, a personalized gift would be an excellent idea as a wedding presents for the bride. 

Like the idea? Let’s explore what personalized wedding presents for bride are available.

10 Best Wedding Gifts For Bride To Celebrate Her Big Day

Here are some gift ideas to surprise a bride-to-be on her big day. Subtle, thoughtful, and caring is the common theme of the presents you will find on the list. A little hint? There are some personalized wedding gift ideas for bride as well. But what exactly are they? Let's explore:

"I'm Yours - No Refund" Mug 

A beautiful quote, isn't it? These mugs as wedding gifts for bride and groom will undoubtedly be loved. Whether you want to give them to the bride or the couple, these mugs will symbolize your love and affection for the couple. 


This cute, funny personalized mug is among the perfect wedding gifts for bride from friend. This mug adds a touch of character which your friends will love. This thoughtful gift is sure to win you brownie points on your friend’s special day. 

Personalizing it with their names is possible with Gossby. Gossby allows you to add a beautiful personal touch to this thoughtful gift which your friends are sure to love. So, go for this personalized wedding gift idea and give a thoughtful gift that commemorates this special day that your friends will love. 

"When I Say I Love You More..." Wrapped Canvas 

One of the most fantastic wedding gifts for bride and groom is the custom wrapped canvas with the beautiful quote. This quote symbolizes marriage well and is a unique gift that your friend will cherish.  

This canvas is a thoughtful gift that will look beautiful in any home. Gossby allows you to personalize this canvas to make this gift highly personal. 


You can always add a bit of personalization by adding the couple's names in the canvas or tweaking the design. Your bride friend will love receiving a gift that is so thoughtful and personal. 

Mr. and Mrs. Door Mat

This cute doormat is a great choice for the wedding gift for the bride from a friend. This simple, modern door mat highlights the change in your bride friend’s last name and delightfully honors the new couple.

A doormat makes a great wedding and housewarming gift for couples who are about to tie the knot!

You can personalize this doormat to create a lovely gift that is sure to be memorable on your friend’s special day.

"Husband & Wife Best Partners In Crime For Life" T-shirt 

Gossby also provides personalized t-shirts. You can utilize them as wedding day gifts for bride. This T-shirt has a funny quote that is sure to make the bride smile. This T-shirt is the perfect personalized wedding gifts for bride from groom.

Don’t forget to get this quote in her favorite color, and you'll see her wearing it all the time. You can also add other personal touches including the wedding date etc. to make this gift even more memorable. 

The Night Sky - Custom Star Map

You can get the date of the wedding customized into a uniquely beautiful custom star map canvas. This canvas captures the exact night sky on the couple’s special date. This gift is special as you can give it to the groom and the wife. This personalized wedding gift for the groom and bride is sure to be memorable and loved. 

"To My Wife, Our Home Ain't No Castle..." Two-tone Mug 

A beautiful quote indeed, especially for the couple who has just married. 

This two-tone mug is a beautiful way to gift this quote to your just-married friends. From Gossby, you can get wedding presents for bride at competitive prices. These personalized gifts are sure to be loved by the bride as they are so unique and thoughtful. 

So, what are you waiting for? Add a touch of personalization and present it to your friend at her wedding. This is one of the best wedding gift ideas for bride that will certainly steal her heart! It's unique, thoughtful, and personal - something a lot different than the other classic gifts people buy. 

Couple Date Night Experience

If giving a gift item isn’t your thing, giving the gift of an experience is a great second option. Purchasing a voucher for a nice dinner, entertainment venue or hotel stay is sure to be well-received by the bride and groom.

A memorable date before their big day might just be what the bride and groom need.

A date night allows your favorite wedded couple to spend quality time with one another and allows them to decompress from the hectic wedding planning.

"The Day I Met You" Throw Pillow 

The first day the bride and groom would have met is always a special one. This is the date that started it all and is the reason why you are all going to their wedding. This is an important date that deserves to be commemorated. 


By giving this custom pillow, you can create a beautiful reminder of their special day every single night. What could be more precious than such a wedding day gift? 

By adding a touch of customization, you can add a bit of fun to your gifts, making them even more special for the couple. You can add details, memories, and other personal touches. A personalized wedding gift is sure to spark joy for your bride-to-be friend and is an affordable way to show how much you care. 


Weddings can be stressful to plan. A spa-day or spa treatment such as a massage, facial, or mani-pedi is a great gift to help your bride friend relax after the wedding. 

A full-on spa day to set the bride in the mood doesn't sound like a bad idea.

A voucher for a spa treatment is thoughtful and differs from many classic wedding gifts for bride. Your friend will love having a gift they can use, and it’s sure to make the new bride feel very pampered. 

You can even book a couples spa experience to give a gift to the bride and the groom!

"Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours Is My Favorite" Mug 

Are you looking for a specialized wedding gift for a bride from a friend? In that case, this mug with the "Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours Is My Favorite" quote is the perfect option. 


With this mug, you can relate to all the stories your friend has shared with you about their love story, the funny ones, the silly ones, and the happy ones. What could be more special to present them as a gift?

We are sure such a mug would make a special place in the bride and groom's hearts. This mug symbolizes all of the times you and your friends laughed, cried, and experienced joy because of this relationship. This mug is the perfect way to celebrate couples who are about to tie the knot. 

Why Choose Personalized Gifts As Wedding Day Gifts For Bride?

For obvious reasons, your friend as a bride is a lot more unique to you than anyone else. This is the reason you are investing your time and resources in bringing up unique wedding gifts for bride

Going for personalized gifts for the bride helps you achieve the unique, memorable gift idea you are wanting. Customized gifts are special and can last forever, depicting their everlasting love for their spouse. Created from the heart, these gifts truly highlight the love you have for your friend. 

A personalized gift is unique, thoughtful, and personal.

Moreover, they also highlight your love and care for your friend, so you must not miss it at any cost. And they are inexpensive as well, so you don't have to invest a lot as well for resting an impact on your friend's lives. However, they are very meaningful and showcase how much you genuinely care. 

If you’re still stumped as to what personalized wedding gift to buy for the bride, or perhaps you want to give a gift for both the bride and the groom, check out our guide to the 30 best personalized wedding gifts that newlyweds need. 

It's The Thoughts That Count!

From mugs to pillows, these wedding gifts for bride are unique and can help you relish your happiness with your friends. Don’t feel like you are stuck and have to give a classic gift. These unique gift ideas are memorable and are sure to be loved by the bride.

At Gossby, you can find all the customized wedding gift ideas that your bride will love in one place. We have an extensive catalog of incredible personalized wedding gifts your friend will love. Shop our personalized wedding gift range now.  

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