Gossby Guide: How to Make Personalized Christmas Ornaments?


Last updated: Nov 10, 2022

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Gossby Guide: How to Make Personalized Christmas Ornaments?

This Christmas, make your holiday memorable by adding a personal touch to your Christmas tree with one-of-a-kind personalized ornaments.

Joyfully decorating the tree with family is one of the most special traditions that we can’t miss on Christmas. Due to that, to make the tradition more unique, you can make personalized Christmas ornaments to commemorate milestones or the special people in your life.

Because you would love to engage and add to the family little triumphs over personal thicks and thins, nothing can be better than touching Christmas ornaments.

In this article, Gossby will share with your a detailed guide on how to make personalized Christmas ornaments.

Ready to have a memorable holiday, aren’t you?

How to Make Personalized Christmas Ornaments at Gossby?

Want to have an exclusive Christmas gift for your loved ones? Gossby will give you a hand.

With a wide range of designs, quotes, themes, shapes…, you can fully create unique personalized Christmas ornaments your way to decorate your tree or to give it to someone you love. Where you’re looking for an ornament that can be long-lasting with your family for years or the one with a stunning shape, you can totally customize the perfect Christmas ornament that suits your interest the most.

Check out these steps below and know how to make personalized Christmas ornaments.

Step 1: Select Your Favorite Ornament’s Design

Browse our personalized Christmas ornament collection and select your most favorite type of design and quote you love.

making personalized christmas ornaments

Step 2: Start Customizing Your Christmas Ornaments

By clicking on your loved ornaments, keep scrolling down a little bit and you’ll see the customized section where you can select elements that you would love to be printed on your ornaments.

1. Choose Your Ornament Types

There are 2 types of ornament that you can select:

  • Ornament Medallion (made of Aluminium or MDF/plastic)

  • Ornament Scalloped (made of Aluminium only)

The size of these 2 types is 2.75” x 4”.

make your own ornaments this christmas

2. Select Your Loved Quotes

Click on the “Quotes” section and you’ll be provided some touching messages. Read and select ones that melt your loved ones’ hearts.

create personalized christmas ornaments

3. Customize What will be Printed on Your Ornaments 

  • Main subject: Select who will appear on ornaments (this option can be a bit different from design to design)

  • Name: Texting the name of the person (12 characters only - no special ones).

  • Appearance: choosing skin tones, hairstyles, clothes… is available.

  • Pet breeds: this option is available with pet ornaments. You can select the breed that your pets (cat or dog) are.

  • Angle wing: if you choose the memorial design, you can choose to add an angle wing to the subject.

way to make personalized christmas ornaments
way to make personalized christmas ornaments 2

Step 3: Preview Your Ornaments

After customizing your personalized Christmas ornaments, press the “Preview” button to review.

preview your christmas ornaments

Step 4: Order Away

To completely make your personalized Christmas ornaments, press “art to cart” and fill the “order check out”.

Finally, click on the “place your order” button.

Done! All the rest will be handled by Gossby.

final step to make personalized christmas ornaments

That’s the answer to “How to Make Personalized Christmas Ornaments”.

With just 4 simple steps, you’re about to create unique ornaments to decorate your home or give to your special people.

Browse Our Wide Selection of Personalized Ornaments

Gossby provides you with a wide range of ornament themes such as:

1. Family-themed Ornament

Nothing can be more important than family. Your grandparents, parents, siblings… will be always by your side whenever you’re feeling blue. With the family-themed ornament, you can spice up your relationship and express how much you love them.

Family-themed Ornament
"The Love between a Mother & Daughter is Forever" Christmas ornament

2. Sister-themed Ornament

Your besties or your “sisters by hearts” will burst into happy tears once they receive a sister-themed ornament. It’s just because they know how special they mean to you.

Sister-themed Ornament
"There is No Greater Gift than Friendship" Christmas ornament

3. Pet-themed Ornament

Because your beloved pets are members of the family, why not celebrate them with one-of-a-kind pet ornaments that reflect their personalities? This year, decorate your Christmas tree with unique pet-themed ornaments that you may personalize with their names and other details.

Pet-themed Ornament
"Meow" Christmas ornament

4. Loving Memorial Ornament

One can leave the world but never your heart. Keeping the beautiful memory you’ve been through together by printing it on a long-lasting ornament can be great.

Loving Memorial Ornament
"I Am Always With You" Christmas ornament

Want to get more ideas for a festive holiday ahead? Check these articles below now!

Why Choosing Personalized Christmas Ornaments?

The personalized trend has grown its prevalence for years and the truth is that everyone loves it. By personalizing things like gifts, decor items, and more, the owners can show off their persona or they can create a one-of-a-kind item having its own story behind it.

Personalized Christmas ornament, yes, it’s the same as another customized item, and below, there are 3 reasons why you should go for it.

Reason 1. Essential Decor Items for Your Christmas Trees

When it’s come to Christmas tree decoration, we always think about ornaments. Yes, it’s true. Personalized ornaments are not the only way to style your Christmas tree but the simplest and most unique as they are.

Reason 2. Perfect for Gift-giving

Not only are effective decor items, but personalized ornaments are also perfect gifts for your special someone in your life. With touching messages and arts you customize, the ornaments will express how much you care about the recipients.

Reason 3. Precious Treasured Keepsakes for Years

When you personalize something, you put your soul, feeling, and love into it. Giving it to someone you love or just for yourself is all great to keep beautiful memory long-lasting with both of you.

Final Thought

A warm holiday greeting in the shape of a personalized Christmas ornament might add a little more cheer to the tree-trimming experience. Our unique ornaments make holiday greetings especially special and are ideal for marking major events and milestones. Personalize one ornament for each member of your family and begin building a collection of treasured keepsakes to be enjoyed year after year.

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