Canvas Prints: Simple Yet Impeccable Items To Decorate Your Home


Last updated: Aug 23, 2021

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Canvas Prints: Simple Yet Impeccable Items To Decorate Your Home

There’s nothing more satisfying than having your lovely house decorated with unique artwork like canvas prints. They are the missing element for the transformation of your living space. They also offer ideal gift choices for your dearest one on special occasions.

There are diverse options for you to choose from, making it difficult to find the best one for your needs.

In the following article, Gossby will provide you with basic ideas of some outstanding printing choices and their benefits for your optimal choice. Let’s get started!

What is a Canvas Print?

A canvas print is a picture or portrait that has been created using inkjet printers (or similar technology) and then stretched to fit snugly over the canvas. After printing, the picture is extended across the frame and beyond its edges. Framed canvas prints and frameless borders are the two most common forms of canvas prints.

10 Best Canvas Prints for Your Living Space

When the market is full of wall art options, you will find it difficult to choose the best type of printing for your needs. With the suggestions of the top 10 canvas prints below, we hope that you can make your optimal choice and bring home the best one.

1. Collage Canvas Prints

A wonderful way to turn the blank space on your wall into an exhibit of art. Collage prints will do you good if you are looking for the option of fitting various pictures in a limited space. The wall decor options are limitless. Try different combinations to find the one you love!

Collage Canvas Prints

You can freely apply your creativity to this artwork because any combination of printing will look good with this option. However, remember that the layout and color contribute greatly to the final result of your printing look.

There’s no specific rule for you to follow when arranging collage printings. As long as you find the true beauty in your printings, it will help upgrade the look of your house.

2. Panoramic Prints

The panoramic style is suitable for displaying pictures of landscapes and nature views. Photos of large groups like weddings and family reunions are also recommended to go well with this option.

Panoramic canvas Prints
This printing style is ideal wall art for any room, especially a big living room with empty walls. Spice up your living room in an artistic fashion!

3. Gallery-wrapped Canvas Prints

The name of this style speaks for itself since the photos are printed onto canvas and stretched across the wood frame to fully cover the sides of the frame. Thanks to this gallery-wrapped style, you can avoid any unwanted wrinkle, ensuring the best quality of your printing.

Gallery-wrapped Canvas Prints

The neat edges and sides will provide a continuous look to avoid a cut-off point like the traditional printing. This frame option is also portable, making it easier for you to move it around your house. The gallery edges will bring you the vibes at the museum due to its elegant and classic concept.

4. Hanging Canvas Prints

The hanging printing style will offer you the most comfortable and easy-to-use option of printing. With this useful choice, you can have spare space for other items since the hanging style doesn’t take up much space. All you need to do is use the twine on the top of the canvas and hang it on the wall.

Hanging Canvas Prints

This printing option also comes in handy when you need to move your house frequently. However, with the lightweight option for your convenience, this canvas print will not satisfy your needs for attractive, high-end artwork. It is preferable to show your photos rather than artistic printings.

For those who love decorating living space with rustic wall art, the hanging canvas prints would be a perfect option to go for.

5. Personalized Canvas Prints

With the option of custom canvas prints, you can expect a new breath of life to your living space. Like a personalized gift for your home, this unique piece of artwork will bring you joy as it shows your dedication to your sweet home.  

One special point about this type is that you can freely choose the material and style based on your preference. Customized canvas prints will be a good choice for decorating, giving your house a fresh look. 

personalized canvas prints
Our "You Had Me At Meow" Personalized Wrapped Canvas
Sending canvas prints to your family members or friends is one of the best ways to show them your unconditional love. When you custom print on your own, you can have messages printed with the picture. This heart-warming gesture will make the receiver jump for joy when seeing your gift.

6. Square Prints

The square option is one of the most popular choices in terms of canvas prints. The size often comes at 16x16 inches to give you the most suitable option for your house.

Square Canvas Prints

The square style will focus your whole attention on the printing better than other large photos. With this wonderful style, you will have outstanding printing on canvas for the impressive look of your house.

7. Framed Canvas Prints

When you are bored with the usual look of the printing, you can add the frame to make it look more attractive.

It is highly recommended to think about your surrounding environment to ensure that your choice of frame will go well with it. Some popular options are colorful frames with various color options or monochrome tones like black or white for a minimalist aesthetic.

Framed Canvas Prints

This framed canvas comes in ready-to-hang condition, making it easier for you to use it whenever you want. You can also decide the thickness and the size of your dream according to your taste.

8. Split Photo Canvas

You can create a noteworthy visual effect on the split option by dividing the printing into several canvases. This choice will make your house more appealing because it requires further imagination from the visitors.

Split Photo Canvas

One useful tip is to choose multiple canvases of the same size and place them about 1 inch apart. The more creative you are, the better illusion you cause to the visitors when looking at the split canvas.

9. Vertical Prints

The vertical style will provide perspective from top to bottom, ensuring that you can carefully observe all the printing details. There are diverse options for vertical canvas, and you can select one of them according to your taste.

Vertical canvas Prints

Photos of landscapes or subjects with a considerable contrast in color and layout will look better on vertical printings.

10. Horizontal Canvas

A horizontal canvas print is an awesome choice for a brilliant focal point or supplemental photo. Horizontal options offer a landscape-style layout, giving your house an elegant and sophisticated look.

Horizontal Canvas

They go well with any background option from the kitchen, dining room to the bedroom. You can also combine this horizontal style with many mixtures of colors and layouts.

05 Benefits Of Canvas Prints

The canvas print is one of the most common ways to level up your living space when it comes to home decor. It is undeniable that canvas prints are wonderful gift options for any occasion all year round. The popularity lies in the artistic value and heart-warming messages they convey to your special person.

Take a closer look at the top five benefits that the best canvas prints offer before making a final buying decision.

1. Exceptional Artwork

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people customizing or buying canvas prints. They are said to be museum-style printings that anyone can have in their own house.

Exceptional canvas Artwork

The premium quality of the printings outweighs that of normal photographs. The interesting thing is that you don’t need to take an incredible photo to get a fantastic canvas print. The cutting-edge printing technology will provide the printings with detailed finishes and 3-dimension quality.

Canvas prints will meet all your expectations of artistic spirits you want to catch in every corner of your house. The polished satin texture and the depth of specialized colors will make the printing stand out with a unique look.

2. Lifelong Option

If you want a better way other than a photograph to save your memories, go for the option of canvas prints. Not only do they keep your beautiful memories forever, but they also improve the quality of your picture from ordinary to one-of-a-kind artwork.

benefits of best canvas prints

The combination of pigmented ink and cotton or polyester material used in the printing process will ensure the long-lasting quality of your printing. There’s no need to worry about the canvas having dilapidated conditions since the material and ink will ensure the permanent beauty of your work.

If the weather in your living area is humid and wet, you can use a special setting spray to protect the work from such elements. You can also easily clean the print using a cloth and specific cleaning water to maintain its excellent condition.

3. Wallet-friendly

When you compare canvas prints with other forms of paintings, it is obvious that canvas options are much more affordable than the rest. You can pick up several canvas prints for the price of only one painting.

Wallet-friendly best personalized canvas prints

You can expect to spend a small fraction of the price while still receiving high-quality printing. It will do you good when you need to redecorate your house or buy a gift for your special one.

4. Versatility

When printing on canvas, you will have a wide range of sizes and shapes to choose from. It offers you the exact look you wish by allowing you to personalize your printing.

Versatility of best canvas prints

You can notice the versatile ability when you use it in whatever environment and background color. It fits naturally in any decor style or interior design, regardless of the different color options and lighting choices.

5. Perfect For Any Purpose

If you are looking for a piece of artwork for the new look of your house, consider the choice of a canvas print. You will love the premium quality of this printing style at a reasonable price with amazing features.

pros of a canvas print

This kind of printing is also a perfect gift choice for your family members or friends on celebrations or memorable anniversaries. It comes with various options from size to shape, giving you a wide range of choices for each receiver.

Owning Personalized Canvas Prints With Gossby

Personalized canvas prints have gained popularity for their artistic quality and versatility in usage. You can customize your favorite designs and choose to convey personal messages through printing when you trust the Gossby

Gossby offers the wonderful services of customizing your one-of-a-kind printing on canvas by giving you step-by-step instructions. If you don’t come up with any quotes, Gossby also offers a wide range of available choices. You can give them a try and carefully consider the best one based on your purpose of use.

shop best personalized canvas prints with gossby

Check out our personalized canvas collection and start customizing your wall art.

There are diverse size options for you to choose from, ensuring your best experience with a suitable size for your home. Personalized canvas also makes it easier for you to decide on your material and patterns.

This printing option can be seen as a treasured keepsake for keeping all your memorable moments throughout your life. It is also a brilliant gift idea for your beloved people like your mother, father, or sibling. The canvas with lovely pictures and touching quotes will take the receiver by surprise.

They will even cherish the gift more if they know that there’s no other copy in this world because the printing is customized for them. It shows your care and gratitude to your special person, giving you a chance to express your love without saying words out loud.

Our category will give you more wall art ideas to level up your living space!

banner personalized canvas

FAQs about Canvas Prints

Is there any question you need to know more about a canvas print? let's check out the list of most common questions and answer below:

Question 1: What Canvas Prints' Sizes Should I Get?

Answer: Before you can build a gallery wall, you must first find the correct frame for a canvas print.

Because it fits in smaller spaces, the 10-by-8 and 10-by-10 sizes are by far the most popular. If you want to draw more attention to your chosen gallery, larger frames larger than 20-by-20 inches are employed.

If you truly want to make a statement, select a 30-by-30-inch poster, particularly if the space is large and just contains one photo.

Question 2: How Can I Hang a Canvas Print?

Answer: In reality, there are a variety of canvas painting hanging options available to you:
  • Nails: This tried-and-true method works well with small and medium prints. Depending on the print, you'll need to select properly sized nails.
  • Sawtooth hanger: use sawtooth hangers for bigger canvas prints.
  • Adhesive strips: this is the easiest to hang a canvas print and does the least amount of harm to the walls.

Question 3: How I Can Frame a Canvas Print?

Answer: Simply said, when it comes to how to frame a canvas, you have three options:

  • traditional frame

  • floating frame

  • no frame

Each frame has its pros & cons. For starters, if the canvas print will be moved about a lot in the house, we recommend opting for floating frames (or if you have children).

Question 4: How to Stretch Canvas at Home?

Answer: If you simply have the canvas print and want to stretch it, follow these steps:

A 1 × 2 block of wood for framing, a tape measure, a pencil, a circular saw, a corner clamp, a countersink drill bit, a cordless drill, a staple gun, screws, and something to hang the picture with are all required.

Question 5: Will Canvas Prints Fade?

Answer: Although the fade-resistant inks used by Gossby Canvas are intended to endure a long time, there are a few factors that might affect longevity:

  • The kind of ink used in crafts

  • Room environmental conditions

  • Canvas is high quality (we use durable materials for longevity)

  • Lamination is a term used to describe the process (surefire way of making your canvas print last for a long time).

Question 6: How to Keep Canvas Prints Clean?

Answer: To properly clean a canvas, use a lint-free, soft feather duster or dry cloth to dust it. To thoroughly clean the afflicted region, use warm soapy water and gently rub the stain out.

Wrapped Up!

The choice of canvas prints for decoration and celebrations will not let you down with their unique charm and artistic side. It would be a perfect choice to show your taste in art and your love to other people when choosing a gift.

After reading the article on awesome canvas types, it is your turn to choose the most suitable one for your house and your dearest person. It is advisable to think carefully and stick to Gossby for great suggestions before jumping to buying conclusions.

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