The 10 Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts For Lesbian Couples


Last updated: Dec 23, 2021

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The 10 Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts For Lesbian Couples

Chances are, Valentine’s Day is one of the most special days for those who are in lesbian relationships to show affection to their beloved. On this day, we tend to strive to find out something new and of course, unique - to do so their sweethearts can feel loved.

Some will decide to prepare exceptional meals or plan a trip to have some time chilling with their cherished people. However, you don’t have to do that much to express your boundless love to your girlfriend when it comes to Valentine’s Day, we believe.

Just a little thing like giving your gals some gifts that come from the bottom of your hearts, you’ll capture their hearts for sure. So now, for those who have no idea about Valentine's Day gifts for lesbians, Gossby has collected a list of 15 sweet gift ideas that suit any lesbian couple.

What Would Be Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts For Lesbian Couples?

Finding perfect lesbian Valentine's gifts isn’t easy; however, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Just remember, a perfect gift is not about how much or how fancy it is. It’s about how much your love is put into it.

Indeed, you can easily add your love to gifts and make them special with those enabling you to customize, we mean - let consider going for personalized lesbian Valentine's gifts.


There would be thousands of reasons you can vividly find on Google but here are the top 3:

  • With personalized gifts, you’re about to give special and memorable ones that your other halves will cherish forever

  • They suit any type of person.

  • They are affordable but meaningful because you put your thoughts while customizing them.

So, let us show you some most-loved personalized lesbian Valentine’s gift ideas to go for.

05 Sweet Valentine's Gifts for Lesbian with Personal Touches

The list below will include the top 05 best personalized Valentine's Day gifts for lesbians that you can easily find at Gossby. From digital illustrations to sweet messages printed on each gift, you can customize them all.

So, ready to discover? Here you are.

1. “To My Girlfriend, I May Not Be Able To Solve All Of Your Problems…” Mug

How sweet this lesbian Valentine’s gift is. This custom mug is not just an ordinary item for your sweeties to enjoy their favorite beverage but a keepsake, preserving all of the beautiful memories you’ve been through together.

custom mug - valentine's day gifts for lesbian
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The image of a couple along with the touching message “To My Girlfriend…” is about to tell your ladies that you’ll never leave them alone.

2. “All of Me Loves All of You” Throw Pillow

If you’re looking for something special to make your sweetheart burst into happy tears, you won’t want to miss out on this lesbian Valentine’s gift. The words “All of Me Loves All of You”, printed on the custom pillow, are likely a symbol standing for an eternal love you want to give her. Interestingly, there are 4 more options for you in case you want to change the message.

custom pillow - valentines gifts for lesbian
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3. “You’re My Person - You’ll Always Be My Person” Fleece Blanket

Not just an item to warm your other half’s heart, this Valentine's Day gift for lesbians - the “You’re My Person - You’ll Always Be My Person” custom fleece blanket will surely warm her whole body when it comes to a cold day.

custom blanket - lesbian valentines gifts
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The touch of personalization printed on the blanket (both the image and quote) is about telling your girlfriend that she will be the only one you love. It’s always and forever.

4. “Nice Butt…” Wrapped Canvas

If you’re on the hunt for gifts that are both romantic and funny, this “Nice Butt…” custom canvas will be what you need. Hang this canvas print on the wall and your girlfriend will laugh so hard whenever she looks at it. “Nice Butt”, such a simple word but it’s also so sweet because your beloved will know that to you, she’s the most beautiful woman in the world.

custom canvas - lesbian valentines presents
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5. “Apparently We Are Trouble When We Are Together - Who Knew” T-shirt

Another hilarious lesbian Valentine's gift you can find at Gossby, this custom t-shirt will bring a big smile to your beloved’s heart once receiving it. With a touch of customization, this t-shirt is truly a thing that sweetens your love and also tells the world about an unbreakable relationship you’re in.

custom t shirt - valentines gifts for lesbian couples
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Want to discover more options for your beloved? Browse our "Pride - LGBTQ+" collection and choose the best one that your partner will love.

Banner personalized gifts for LGBT

05 Charming Valentine's Gifts for Lesbian (Extra Options)

If you’re not into the 05 personalized Valentine's Day gifts for lesbians mentioned above, no worries as we will give you 05 more charming options to choose from.

Let's take a look!

1. Sleeping Mask with Heart Pattern

This sleeping mask with a heart-shaped dot design has a smoother and soft inner surface, offering comfort for your sweetheart’s eyes when it comes to bedtime. Lined with a thick layer of fleece, the sleeping mask will block any light from her eyes for a blissful sleep.

A Heart Sleeping Mask
A Heart Sleeping Mask (Source: Mille Saisons - Etsy)

2. “What I Love About You” Journal

Without a doubt, this journal is one of the most thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts for lesbian couples. It has 112 pages that contain a lot of fill-in-the-blank prompts so, you and your loved girlfriend can write down your love journey and preserve it for years.

A "What I Love About You" Journal
A "What I Love About You" Journal (Source: Knock Knock Store - Amazon)

3. Heart Fingerless Gloves

This lesbian Valentine's gift is an essential item to protect her hands and keep them warm during cold days. Made of wool and acrylic yarn, these gloves will give her comfort while using them.

Heart Fingerless Gloves
Heart Fingerless Gloves (Source: Ever After Handmade - Amazon)

4. Rainbow Neon Moonlight

Of course, this Valentine’s gift is super cool and you know, gay also. This rainbow neon moonlight will add a gorgeous ambiance to your sweetie’s room. Moreover, if you live together, it’s sure that you’ll get to take advantage of this special gift.

A Rainbow Neon Moonlight
A Rainbow Neon Moonlight (Source: XIYUNTE Store - Amazon)

5. Heart-shaped Waffle

You don’t read it wrong, it's a heart-shaped waffle, yes. It’s not cheesy like you’re thinking as we don’t mean you’ll wrap it up and give it to your girlfriend. Just think outside the box, what about having a romantic breakfast in bed with your sweetie? You got us, didn't you?

Heart-shaped Waffle
Heart-shaped Waffle (Source: Waffle Wow! Store - Amazon)

Did You Find The Best One?

So, you have them all, the top 10 fun and sweet Valentine's Day gifts for lesbians to give to your wife or girlfriend. With this list, finding a lesbian gift for your beloved on Valentine's will be much easier and of course, you won’t go wrong with it.

Ready to surprise your love? Pick the best one and give it to her now!

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