15 Best Halloween Gift Ideas For 2021 to Boo Your Loved Ones


Last updated: Aug 05, 2021

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15 Best Halloween Gift Ideas For 2021 to Boo Your Loved Ones

This statement may sound controversial, but Halloween really is the best time of the year. While some people are not associated with Halloween gifts, there are plenty of reasons to surprise your loved ones with a little something on Halloween.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic is temporarily under control, we can hold and enjoy parties to celebrate holidays like Halloween in comfort. Without further ado, let’s take a look at these 15 Halloween gift ideas to make this spooky season special!

05 Halloween Gifts for Kids

1. I Try To Be Good But I Take After My Grandma T-Shirt

Your kids will not get enough of this T-shirt from Gossby. The cutesy prints of dinosaurs and the funny quote will look adorable on your little ones. If you don’t have kids, the shirt makes the perfect Halloween gift for your niece or nephew.

personalized t shirts - halloween gifts for kids

The best thing is, the T-shirt can be worn on almost any occasion, not only on Halloween. There are 5 sizes, and the prints and quotes are customizable. What’s better than a spooky customized T-shirt for Halloween?!

2. LED Skeleton Gloves

Does your kid want to dress up as a skeleton this Halloween? Their costume wouldn’t be complete without these LED glowing gloves! The gloves can stretch well to fit any kid from the age of 6 to late teens, even adults with rather small hands.

led skeleton gloves - best halloween presents for kids

Even better, you can make use of these gloves in winter as warming gloves, of course, with the LED off. They seem practical enough!

3. Luminous Bouncy Balls

This luminous bouncy ball package is a steal deal as they come with 72 balls in 6 different themes to match with your kid’s costume, including Haunted Ghost, Spooky Eyeballs, Fairy-tale Witch, Kitty Cat, Pumpkin Face, and Tricky Balts.

Luminous Bouncy Balls - halloween gifts

As long as you make sure to keep the balls exposed to as much light as possible, your kids will have the best time of their life going out for candies with these Halloween gifts for kids in their goody bags.

4. Halloween Candy Bag

It’s a good idea to get a Halloween trick-or-treat bag for your little one in their first year of going out for treats. A cute bag with classic Jack O’Lantern print embroidered may just be what your kid needs to win more treats from your neighbors.

Halloween Candy Bag - perfect halloween gifts for kids

5. Reversible Ghost Plushie

Kids love plushies! And cutesy ghost plushies for this Halloween? Even better!

Reversible Ghost Plushie - halloween presents for kids

Friendly ghost or scary ghost? Why choose when it takes seconds to switch from one side to another. A special thing about this product is that the scary side even glows in the dark; it would be a nice little surprise for your kid.

05 Halloween Gifts for Adults

1. I Put A Spell On Mug And Now You’re Mine Mug 

Wouldn’t it be great to take a sip of tea from a bewitching mug like this one? Okay, maybe not that bewitching, but you’ve got to admit it’s a cheeky mug!

personalized mug - halloween gifts for adults

The prints on the mug can be customized to your likings, so surprise your friends with a wicked Halloween quote and their names on it! This personalized mug would be great as a decoration or to enjoy hot beverages daily.

2. Graveyard Bath Bomb

After a day out celebrating Halloween, it’s a good idea to relax in the tub with this macabre bath bomb. You know, just what a girl needs in her life, undead, of course.

Graveyard Bath Bomb - halloween presents for adults

Not only does it resemble death, but it also screams death! It smells of carefully arranged funeral flowers (not an exaggeration) and freshly dug graves. The rich kaolin clay combined with avocado oil aids in nourishing a fresh look for the skin - dead or undead.

3. On A Dark Desert Highway Cool Wind In My Hair T-Shirt

It’s not a bad idea to wear matching outfits with your bestie this Halloween. The sizes and colors vary, so you can rest assured if you and your bestie don’t share the same size and color preference. As seen in the photo, two witches are sitting on a broomstick with their names included.

personalized t shirt is the best gifts for adults on halloween

The names can be changed as well as the witches’ appearance, including the complexion and hair color. Plus, the custom T-shirt comes in two designs of different necks, loose and fitting.

It can be fun customizing the T-shirt and making it a gift to your friend this Halloween. She would be surprised at how well you know her!

4. Skull Decanter and Glasses

This set of skull-shaped decanters and glasses is just what you need for a fun Halloween get-together. And believe us, these glasses will always be on-season for any cocktail connoisseur.

Skull Decanter and Glasses - halloween gift ideas

We’re talking whiskey, scotch, vodka, and more! Anything with this set is just more fun and spooky! So, if you often come over to your friend’s for a girls/guys night in, this set would be a great option to have. Besides, don’t you think these skulls also look quite awesome as a decoration for your kitchen shelf?

5. Cuddly Ghost Pillow

So, your friend has no intention of going out on Halloween. They just want to stay home and sleep through all the fun. No problem! This cuddly ghost pillow can help with that.

Cuddly Ghost Pillow for halloween presents

Being able to celebrate Halloween while staying home is kind of flexible, don’t you think? The cuddly ghost pillow makes it all possible. It will also fit in just fine as a Halloween sofa décor in case your friend plans to hold an in-door party this spooky season.

05 Cute Halloween Gifts

1. When I Am With You, The Only Place I Want To Be Is Closer Mug

We know, another mug option! Hear us out, though! This mug might just be one of the best Halloween gifts for adults you’ll ever find, especially if your partner is into cheesy and romantic stuff.

Surprise your other half this Halloween with a beautifully customized mug and a lovely quote on the backside that you can also change to your liking. How cool is that?!

personalized couple mug - cute halloween gifts

As your girlfriend/boyfriend sips coffee or tea from the mug every morning and sees the quote on the back, they’re constantly reminded of how much you love them. This gift will make a precious keepsake and put a smile on their face the moment they drink from it and think of you.

2. Cute Ghost Candles

Boo! These adorably scary candles will make your partner fall head over heels for you again. Who wouldn’t? Look at how cute they are!

Cute Ghost Candles - the cutest halloween presents

These mini ghost candles come in various colors, including basic shades like black and baby powder, to subtle neutrals like jasmine and light grey.

3. Black Spider Air Plant Holder

If your loved one is fond of plants, don’t miss out on this chance to score by buying them this spooky black spider air plant holder!

Black Spider Air Plant Holder - best halloween gift ideas

The product includes a live Tillandsia Ionantha, but the seller also offers 2 other variations: Tillandsia Streptophylla and Tillandsia Xerographica, so you have more options.

Nonetheless, this plant holder will look great with the air plant you already have, as long as it fits in the 1.25-inch diameter.

4. No Face - Mononoke Enamel Pin

That’s it - the perfect gift to make your significant other love you more.

No Face - Mononoke Enamel Pin

This ying-yang enamel pin of Princess Mononoke and No Face will turn any outfit into a festive Halloween look. It’s even better if the gift recipient is into Ghibli movies or anime in general.

5. Anatomically Correct Chocolate Skull

The final item on the list of cute Halloween gifts never fails to let us down. If your other half is a nurse or doctor, surprise them with this anatomically correct chocolate skull for Halloween!

Anatomically Correct Chocolate Skull - halloween present ideas

As the skull is made to the real size, don’t be taken aback to see that it’s rather big.


In the end, we hope you find the perfect Halloween gifts for your loved ones this spooky season. 

Whether it’s for your kid’s first Halloween, your friend who’s overly obsessed with Halloween, or your boo, there’s always something for everyone from these scary Halloween presents.

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