Last-minute Christmas Gifts: Easy Yet Thoughtful Ideas To Save Your Holidays


Last updated: Dec 04, 2022

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Last-minute Christmas Gifts: Easy Yet Thoughtful Ideas To Save Your Holidays

If you haven’t noticed, it’s already December - the last month of the year. Yep, the holidays just creep upon us once again. But as the year comes to an end, your schedule also starts to take a turn towards the more chaotic. Before long, you suddenly realize you don’t have but one present in hand. 

Whether gift shopping just enters your mind or you decided to tackle Christmas spontaneously, we’ve got your back! Enjoy a well-crafted list of last-minute Christmas gifts for friends, family members, or some co-workers you awkwardly talk to in the hall. 

Most of these items can be delivered to the recipient’s doorsteps in just a few days. The rest you can pick up from a corner shop in minutes. 

How To Choose The Perfect Last-minute Christmas Gifts?

Shopping on a deadline itself is already a challenge. You have to figure out what to get for someone, where to get it, whether you can have it delivered on time,... It’s like taking the SAT.

To rub salt on the matter, there are global shipping delays and shortages to account for. So, how can you pick up the right last-minute Christmas gifts during this hectic time?

mel poole unsplash christmas gifts
We've all been there. So try not to panic over forgetting to get someone a Christmas present. There's still time to fix it! (Source: Mel Poole - Unsplash)

Here are a few tips that may help you make up your mind:

Know The Recipient

A great present comes from understanding. Get to know the recipient’s interests, hobbies, or problems. Give them items that contribute to their interests or solve their problems. 

Go For The Practical

The best gifts are the ones that can be used, on a daily basis if possible. Don’t give something that will end up on the shelf gathering dust.

Make It Personal!

A gift with personal touches for sure tops a generic gift. It shows how much you care about the recipient as well as how well you know them. A personalized gift is also more exclusive and unique. 

A personalized gift worths a thousand words. (Source: Kira Auf Der Heide - Unsplash)

Quality Never Hurts

Whatever you decide to get as gifts, always invest in quality. A physical item or an experience, make sure to get the best of its class. 

Consider Shipping Time

There’s nothing worse than planning the most elaborate Christmas gifts only to see them arrive at the recipient’s door in March. Put the shipping time into consideration if you decide to shop online.

The global logistics scene is kind of hectic at the moment. Do expect delays if you order shipment from off-shore. Also, look for offline alternatives from nearby stores while you’re at it, just in case.

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20 Thoughtful Last-minute Christmas Gifts That Will Save Your Holidays!

Here’s a list of 20 uniquely beautiful gifts for all of you procrastinators out there to pick up last minute. Check out these last-minute gift ideas that are sure to dazzle!

#1 An Indoor Plant

Kicking off the list, we have indoor plants. We know, we know, it’s a cliche gift to get for the holiday. But it’s a cliche for a reason. Indoor plants are always in stock, easy to care for, and beautiful. They liven up the living space with colors and make great decorative pieces. 

More interestingly, you can subscribe to monthly houseplant boxes to keep the recipient home’s green all year round. There are also tons of herbs and roots options available for growing indoors. Indulge the recipient in a world of greens for a healthy lifestyle. 

#2 Mother & Daughters Forever Linked Together - Personalized Mug (Express Shipping Available)

If you’re spending this Christmas apart from your mother/daughters, send them this personalized mug to warm their hearts. Made with high-quality ceramic, it’s a durable cup suitable for everyday use and more. 

mother and daughter custom mug gossby

Gossby’s custom mugs celebrate the fond memories of motherly love with stunning illustrations and quotes. Enjoying your morning coffee or afternoon tea will never be the same again. Want to impress the most special lady in your life? Get one of these awesome last-minute Christmas gifts for mom!

#3 An Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler

A leak-free, well-insulated steel tumbler is one of the easiest last-minute Christmas gifts you can pick up. Help the recipient keeps their coffee steaming hot all through their communes to the office across town or, as of late, in the middle of the living room. Relieve them from the disappointment that is a cold sip of coffee. 

#4 Because Of You I Laugh A Little Harder Cry A Little Less And Smile A Lot More - Personalized Ornament (Express Shipping Available)

It won’t be Christmas without the decorations. In fact, most of the joyous spirit of this holiday comes from the various decorative pieces we put inside our homes. Speaking of decorative pieces, this personalized ornament should not be missed out on. 

best friends ornament gossby
button shop now gossby

Customizable with up to 9 women, it’s one of the perfect last-minute Christmas gifts ideas for a group of besties. Send the ornament to their doors with all of your love and care. 

#5 An Instant Camera

What’s better than a camera that captures the moment? An instant camera that allows you to retrieve the frame as you capture it. Don’t just take photos with your smartphone and leave them gathering dust in the digital storage. 

Treasure the moment by creating a tangible picture instantly with a Polaroid or Fujifilm Instax. These often come with a fun design, bright colors, perfect for capturing the stories!

#6 This Our My Couch Go Sit Over There - Personalized Pillow (Express Shipping Available)

Feeling lazy? Then this personalized pillow is for you. One of the more budget-friendly yet incredible presents, Our soft and expensively fluffy pillow will immediately cushion all your worries away.

lazy dog pillow gossby

Customizable with the doggo’s breed and name, it will be the one personalized pillow to be cherished for years. 

#7 A Bottle Of Wine

Wanna grab a thoughtful last-minute gift to hide the fact that you forgot? Easy, get a bottle of wine and no one will remember a thing in the morning. It doesn’t have to be an expensive bottle, just bring enough to get everyone wasted! 

If the recipient is a true fan of wine and spirits, surprise them even more with a monthly wine box subscription. It often features a wide selection of great liquor at an affordable price. 

#8 Mother & Daughter Forever Linked Together - Personalized Mug (Express Shipping Available)

A personalized gift for moms, a treasure trove of memories, and more, this custom ceramic mug celebrates everything good and pure about motherly love. Featuring the same quote from our previous model, it bears the same message of appreciation in a more stunning pinkish palate. 

mother-daughter-mug pink
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More Amazing Gift Ideas To Check Out: 

#9 A MasterClass

Here’s one of the most thoughtful last-minute Christmas gifts for him you can find! Make the life-long journey of learning more fun and accessible with a subscription to MasterClass.

For the insatiable scholar, this will make an invaluable gift. A series of virtual classes, taught by the most prestigious instructors in the business, ready at a mouseclick. To top everything up, you can easily make the subscription within minutes, making it one of the best last-minute gifts ever!

#10 Meow - Personalized Ornament (Express Shipping Available)

For the cat lovers out there, get them this adorable custom ornament. Personalize the ornament with the cutest illustration ever of their cats. Add names, breed, and more to create a unique design that speaks to the love of the recipient. It’s like you’ve forgotten a thing!

meow peaking cat ornament
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#11 Murray’s Cheese Monthly Subscription

Send the recipient only the best of Murray's cheese. Bombard the aficionados with a good gouda or creamy brie on a monthly basis. Fresh cheese delivered to their door, along with detailed guides to the flavors and suggested beverage pairings for each, it doesn’t get any better than that. 

#12 Our First Christmas Together 2021 - Ver 2 - Personalized Ornament (Express Shipping Available)

Here’s a meaningful last-minute pick-up for your friends or family members who have just welcomed a baby into their world. Help them celebrate the first Christmas together with the most heartfelt custom ornament. 

family 1st christmas ornament
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#13 Music For The Whole Year

Forget to pick out something for your girlfriend or Mrs. wife? Well, there’s still room to make up for it. One of the easiest last-minute Christmas gifts for her is a year-long supply of music from the world’s top streaming platforms. 

Sometimes, the most simple, practical route is the best. Give her a whole year’s worth of music with a subscription to Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music Unlimited. Let’s be honest? Who can ever get enough of music?

#14 FRIENDS - Personalized Mug (Express Shipping Available)

Running late on the presents? We’ve got you covered. Here's one of the perfect last-minute Christmas gifts for best friends you can order within minutes! A "FRIENDS" personalized mug from Gossby.

custom friends mug gossby
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It comes with the cutest customizable chibi-style artwork ever in various builds and two available sizes. Surprise your besties with awesome personalized best friend mugs for their everyday use!

#15 A Bluetooth Speaker

Blasting your jams everywhere - that’s the dream! With a portable Bluetooth speaker, the recipient can bust out a tune anywhere they go. A front porch poker game, hum-along shower, a spontaneous karaoke session, they have the power to supply it. 

#16 World's Best Dog Mom - Personalized Mug (Express Shipping Available)

Looking for the perfect last-minute gifts for your dog fanatic of a friend? We’ve got it right here! Ready to melt the heart of any dog owner, this personalized mug is everything you want and more. Impress your girlfriend with a unique item that she can enjoy using every single day. 

best dog mom mug
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#17 Books On The Go

Looking for the best last-minute Christmas gifts for dad? How about a Kindle, or a portable library as we like to call it? It makes the perfect last-minute gift for voracious readers.

Instead of carrying a suitcase that barely fits 10 thick novels, the recipient will now only travel one thin tablet. Now that’s a massive upgrade.  Get the Paperwhite model for its backlit screen with zero glare, so they can enjoy reading outside or in bed with the lights out. 

#18 Life Is Better With Grandkids Mug - Personalized Mug (Express Shipping Available)

For the grandmas and grandpas of the world, this personalized mug will make their day. Put the biggest smile on their faces whenever they enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning or tea in the afternoon.

grandma custom mug gossby
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A practical item fit for everyday use, that’s as thoughtful as last-minute Christmas gifts for grandparents get.

#19 A Box Of Treats

Who needs breakfast in bed when you get a scrumptious, decadent box of freshly baked cookies or jelly-filled, chocolate-covered donuts? Satisfy the sweet tooth you know with the most indulgent of treats you can find around. That’s what we call a sweet start to the day!

#20 All I want for Christmas is you | Dog - Personalized Mug (Express Shipping Available)

If getting a Christmas present for your partner completely phases out of your mind, there’s still time to fix that. Get them one of these incredibly personalized mugs from Gossby.

couple and dog christmas mug
button shop now gossby

Perfect last-minute gifts for couples, they celebrate all the memories and stories you cherish. These cup masterpieces will put the biggest smiles on your boyfriend's or girlfriend's face. 

personalized christmas gifts sale gossby

There’s Still Time To Impress!

We’ve all been there, buried under a mountain of work and completely phased out on what we’re supposed to do. Christmas is fast approaching, yet, there’s still time. It’s not too late to impress our loved ones - the key lays in finding the perfect last-minute Christmas gifts

We hope you can use the ideas above or they can inspire you, at the very least. If you like what you’ve read, maybe check out more meaningful gift ideas from the articles below:

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