30+ Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Grandpa that Moves Him to Tears of Joy


Last updated: Jun 06, 2022

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30+ Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Grandpa that Moves Him to Tears of Joy

Are you having trouble with choosing amongst the endless catalogs of gifts for grandpa?

Take a look at the list of Father’s Day gift ideas for grandpa (including 30+ marvelous items) that deliver the message from your heart to the most important man in your life on this upcoming holiday.

We've categorized the presents to suit every grandpa's hobbies and guarantee to make him burst into happy tears!

Top 30+ Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandpa

1. Personalized Coffee Mug - For Grandpa Who Enjoys Coffee Time with Love

Giving a coffee mug to your grandpa on Father’s Day is such a good idea if he’s into drinking coffee. Moreover, you can level up his coffee time with love by adding your personal touches (as you can see via the image) to the mug.

He’ll remember his thoughtful grandkid whenever he’s taking a sip. Overall, nothing but a personalized mug will be one of the best personalized Father’s Day gifts for grandpa.

father's day gifts for grandpa - coffee mugs
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Price: $13.99

2. Whiskey Set - For Grandpa Who’s Big on Drinking

A glass of whiskey is an excellent companion for grandpa's hangout time with his old-time friends. The classy cooling stones enhance the taste without requiring cleanup. What’s on earth could be one of the best  Father’s Day gift ideas for grandpa who loves whisky than this one.

father's day gift ideas for grandpa - Whiskey Set
Price: $89.99 (Source: Jillmo)

3. Personalized Throw Pillow - For Grandpa Who Loves to Relax on Couch

A throw pillow would be one of the greatest grandpa gifts for Father's Day. It’s not just a decor item to adorn his living room but an essential one that he can hug while enjoying his favorite TV shows.
Interestingly, the pillow is customizable so you can make it a unique one that only your granddad has.
grandpa gifts for father's day - throw pillows
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Price: $28.99

4. Vitamin Supplements - Father's Day Gift Idea for Grandpa Who Cares about Health

A decent dose of vitamins strengthens the immune system to ensure grandpa stays healthy. He'll maintain the daily medicine dosage thanks to this convenient item!

father's day gifts for new grandpa - vitamin
Price: $279.99 (Source: Prescribed for Life)

5. Personalized Fleece Blanket - For Grandpa Who Loves the Coziness

With a touch of personalization, you add to the blanket, it’s not just an item that keeps your grandpa warm during the cold weather but also warms his heart. This kind of Father’s Day gift for grandpa is marvelous as he can snuggle down in it while enjoying his quality time.

best father's day gifts for grandpa - fleece blankets
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Price: $39.99

6. Socks - For Grandpa Who’s Proud of His Foot-wear Collection

A pair of socks doesn't only warm the feet but also brightens up the day with colorful patterns. Whether your grandpa has a sweet tooth or likes mischievous quotes printed on them, he will surely enjoy heartfelt moments all day long!

unique father's day gifts for grandpa - Socks
Price: $28.57+ (Source: Gifts By Silver Birch)

7. Tile Mate Keychain - For Grandpa Who Tends to Forget His Keys 

Tile Mate trackers are the right assistant for finding the keys or any small thing that gets lost easily. Don't worry if your grandpa is a beginner in tech gadgets; the voice control function is a big help, making it one of the most-loved Father’s Day gift ideas for grandpa.

ideas for father's day gifts for grandpa - Keychain
Price: $34.94 (Source: Tile)

8. Pajamas - For Grandpa Who Likes Lounging Around the House

Wearing a set of soft cotton pajamas is one of the best gift ideas for grandpa to stay cozy without overheating. The checkered pattern is always in style, too! If you're running out of grandpa gift ideas for Father's Day, this option will get your back.

Pajamas would be one of the best father's day gifts for grandpa
Price: $38.99 (Source: Hanes)

9. Grandpa & Grandkid T-shirts - For Grandpa With an Old-school Sence of Humor

If he’s a funny grandfather, this personalized t-shirt will make him laugh so hard. Things that are printed on it (from the humorous message to the grandpa-grandchildren image) seem to tell him that whatever life will be, you’ll always be by his side. No doubt, getting personalized Father's Day gifts for grandpa is always a good choice to go for.

personalized father's day gifts for grandpa - t shirts
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Price: $23.99

10. A Pair of Running Shoes - Father's Day Gift for Grandpa Who Stays Sporty

Grandpa enjoyed running in his youth, and he can maintain this hobby with a trusty pair of shoes. The smooth leather ensures keeps the feet dry even in high humidity levels!

practical father's day gift ideas for grandpa - Running Shoes
Price: $198.15 (Source: ALTRA)

11. Leather Notebook - For Grandpa Who Enjoys Journaling

A collection of grandpa's life stories is a cherished keepsake book for your family. His signature handwriting will take you on a sentimental journey through his life chapters, from childhood memories to unforgettable adventures. When it comes to perfect Father's Day gift ideas for grandpa who love writing, this option would be the best!

Leather Notebook is one of the most unique father's day gifts for grandpa
Price: $43.13+ (Source: By Amber And Rose)

12. Foot Massage - For Grandpa Who Needs Special Cares

A shiatsu foot massager offers deep-kneading therapy to relieve foot pain and keep grandpa energized all day long. The massaging process encourages blood circulation to relax the nerves.

Foot Massage is a good gift to give grandpa on Father's Day
Price: $315.99 (Source: Cloud Massage)

13. Kindle E-readers - Idea for Father's Day Gift for Grandpa Who’s into Reading

Kindle reading tablet provides a pocket library with endless e-book resources. Within 5 minutes, you can guide grandpa to adjust the font size and screen brightness level to protect his eyes from the long reading hours. Therefore, this one is one of the unique Father’s Day gifts for grandpa you can go for.

Kindle E-readers are truly unique father's day gifts for grandpa
Price: $214.99 (Source: Amazon)

14. Dog Dad Mug - For Grandpa Who Loves His Fur Friends

Looking for Father's Day gift ideas for grandpa who loves dogs? Well, this one would be your need.
As the holiday is about to make every father feels he’s appreciated, this mug will make him burst into happy tears when he reads sweet notes printed on it (also the image of a man sitting next to his dog).
man and dog mug for grandpa on Father's Day
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Price: $13.99

15. Record Player - For Grandpa Who Loves Music

You can now infuse the living room with grandpa's favorite tune from the old-school vinyl records. The leather cover will freshen up the regular atmosphere. If someone asks me what would be great Father’s Day gift ideas for grandpa… you know my answer right?

Record Player - special ideas to give to grandpa on Father's Day
Price: $102.51 (Source: VOKSUN)

16. Apron - For Grandpa Who Loves Cooking

Inspired by the classic 1972 movie, The Godfather, The Grillfather apron helps grandpa grill delicious meals with ease. Plus, the fabric layer protects his shirt from stubborn stains.

Price: $14.49 (Source: stitched 2 remember)

17. Sleep Aid Device - Thoughtful Father's Day Gift Idea for Grandpa Who Needs Sleep Therapy

A good night’s sleep maintains strong mental and physical health. This gadget establishes a consistent sleep cycle, boosting happiness for grandpa. If you're looking for practical Father's Day gift ideas for grandpa that help him enjoy a good sleep, don't miss out on this one.

Sleep Aid Device
Price: $28.99 (Source: BUTIFINE)

18. “A Grandkid in Mommy’s Tummy” Mug - For Grandpa Who’s 1st-time Grandpa

If you’re looking for Father’s Day gifts for new grandpa, this personalized mug will have you covered. Needless to say, giving him this kind of give and he’ll feel so special because from now on, he knows that he’ll be a grandad.

The personal touch on the mug is likely a sweet saying from the newborn, telling him that he’s the world’s greatest grandfather.

grandpa mugs are always great father's day gifts for new grandpa
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Price: $13.99

19. Gardening Gloves - For Grandpa Who Owns a Vegetable Garden

Gardening gloves are the best gifts for grandpa with a green thumb. The glove protects his hands from accidental scratches and can also accompany him in garage work. Whenever you seek ideas for Father's Day gifts for grandpa who has a green thumb, try not to miss out on this option.
Gardening Gloves
Price: $86.69 (Source: ZCX)

20. A Wooden Holder - For Grandpa Who isn't Picky With Gifts

If your grandpa is the type of person who isn’t demanding, the spectacle holder is a unique choice. The mustache detail adds a bit of fun to the look, earning this present a spot on the desk or coffee table.

A Wooden Holder
Price: $175.50 (Source: Wooden Islands)

21. Telestrations Board Game - For Grandpa Who Wants to Spend Time with Grandkids

The Original Telestrations is an upgraded version of the traditional guessing game. With simple materials, each game night is guaranteed to fill grandpa's living room with laughter where everyone unleashes their imagination.

Telestrations Board Game
Price: $39.95 (Source: USAopoly)

22. Stainless Tumbler - For Grandpa Who Loves Traveling

Grandpas who are veteran travelers know a thermos is the best companion for every trip. A stainless thermos keeps the hot beverage ready in cold weather and provides a refreshing drink for the summer.

Stainless Tumbler
Price: $56.00 (Source: YETI)

23. Vacuum Robot - For Grandpa Who’s Interested in Tech Gadgets

The robot vacuum is on the top list of advanced Father’s Day gift ideas for grandpa. Thanks to the simple controls, this robot is a lifesaver for grandpa's back pain while vacuuming the house.

Vacuum Robot
Price: $199.99 (Source: +360)

24. Grandpa-grandkid Mug - For Grandpa Who Loves His Grandchildren

This “Grandpa & Grandkids Forever Linked Together” mug is more than just an item for him to enjoy his coffee time but a treasured keepsake, reminding him of an unbreakable relationship between a grandpa and grandkids. Want to see a smile on his face? This Father’s Day gift idea for grandpa will be what you need.

coffee mugs make unique father's day gifts for grandpa
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Price: $13.99

25. A Book from NY Times - For Grandpa Who’s a Loyal Baseball Fan is a loyal baseball fan

Relive the golden time of Major League teams with your grandpa through the stories in a complete history book. He surely has nostalgic stories of the big games in his time.

Browse our category and find the best Father's Day Gift Ideas for Grandpa that he loves the most!

banner Personalized Father's Day gifts

26. Classic Wallet - For Grandpa Who’s into Minimalism

Aside from keys, credit cards and coins are difficult to keep track of. The wallet centralizes necessary items in one place thanks to the simple design.

Classic Wallet
Price: $41.99 (Source: Mino Crafts)

27. “GRANDPASAURUS” T-shirt - Father's Day Gift Idea for Grandpa Who’s Really Awesome

Looking for humorous Father's Day gift ideas for grandpa that let him know how awesome he is? Here you are.

This t-shirt will not only help you to tell him that thing but also bring a big smile to his face. If your grandpa also loves to enjoy his quality time with his grandkids, you’ll see how frequently he wears this t-shirt.

Grandpasaurus t shirts are special ideas for father's day gifts for grandpa
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Price: $23.99

28. Fountain Pen - For Grandpa Who’s font of Handwritten Notes

Handwritten letters and notes hold a special place in the seniors' hearts because they represent a nostalgic era. Help your grandpa keep his neat handwriting with a classic fountain pen. 

Fountain Pen
Price: $491.23 (Source: Sailor)

29. Screen Magnifier - For Grandpa Who Stays Up to Date with the News

Watching the news from a small smartphone screen can be tiring for grandpa's eyes. The easy-to-use screen magnifier will give him a comfortable time and protect his eyesight.

Screen Magnifier
Price: $32.95 (Source: Fanlory)

30. Rustic Decor Item - For Grandpa Who Loves Vintage Collectibles

Vintage crafts earn a spot on the list of best Father’s Day gifts for grandpa, too. The vintage lamp recreates the steam-punk atmosphere and doubles as the wooden organizer dock. The light bulb warms the bedside at night for a calming effect. If you want, just think of Father's Day gifts for grandpa DIY to make it more special.

father's day gifts for grandpa diy - Wooden Table Lamp
Price: $79.99 (Source: The Craft Houses)

31. Shaving Kit - For Grandpa Who Keeps His Charm

The Truman kit maintains a neat and safe shaving time, ensuring grandpa still got his handsome look. Moreover, the compact design is suitable for traveling.

Shaving Kit
Price: $95.00 (Source: The Art of Shaving)

32. Breakfast Machine - For Grandpa Who Has no Patience in the Morning

A hearty meal starts in the early morning on the right note. Together with grandpa's favorite coffee or juice, the combination of warm ham and eggs will lift his mood all day long.

Breakfast Machine
Price: $127.17 (Source: the GoWISE USA)

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