20 Thoughtful Pet Loss Gifts to Heal The Owners' Hearts


Last updated: Jun 16, 2022

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20 Thoughtful Pet Loss Gifts to Heal The Owners' Hearts

Do you reckon that getting sentimental pet loss gifts for someone who lost a pet will lift their spirits?

Pets aren’t simply animals; they’re our friends and family loved ones. No wonder, it’s not far too easy to say goodbye to furry pets.

When that hard time arrives, showing empathy to help someone who recently lost a pet is necessary. Indeed, there’ll be various things you can do for them; however, giving them sympathy pet gifts (as treasured keepsakes) is something that will be cherished.

So, in case you’re on the hunt for heartfelt pet loss gift ideas to heal your loved ones (or yourselves) who are grieving from the loss, this article will give you the top 20 suggestions.

Keep scrolling down and discover!

What Pet Loss Gifts to Send Someone Who Lost a Pet?

We all agree that pets are parts of your lives and it’s hard to get over the time you have to say goodbye to them.

Flowers may be a great choice for any departure from life. Nevertheless, apart from them, it can be difficult to find what commemorates the loss of a beloved pal. It should be something moving and personal, which means presents must come from the soul and showcase details related to it.

Still not clear? Take a look at the following list below, then.

20 Heart-warming Pet Loss Gifts

This section will give you great 20 ideas about:

  • Pet memorial gift for dog owners

  • Pet memorial gifts for cat owners

Pet Loss Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

1. "Forever Would Have Been Too Short" Mug

If you’re in the dog loss paint, a personalized mug with a dog illustration will be a great choice. In this way, you can honor the strong relationship between you and your cherished crony.

It would be touched and feel comforted to see the portrait of your favorite dog and its name on the mug. This will be a palpable reminder of their treasured animals. Whenever using it, you’ll think of your furry companion.

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Price: $13.99
  • If you want to discover more touching ideas, go to our Personalized Mugs Category now!

2. Memorial Shadow Box

You clearly understand that the owners always desire to keep pets’ memories and never want to forget them. That’s why customized memorial shadow boxes are always on the list of pet remembrance gifts.

This box helps you preserve precious pet memorabilia such as hair, collars, or clay molds in the shape of paws. This present tries to give comfort and helps them recall the positive moments you had with your furry pal.

Memorial Shadow Box
Price: $100.00+ (Source: Cades and Birch)

3. "I Miss The Sound of Your Paws" Throw Pillow

If you’re looking for unique pet loss gifts, a memorial pillow should be the first place on your checklist. This little present will be on behalf of you to ease the grief of pet loss. Embracing this custom pillow is just like caressing your little one.

You can customize the illustration related to your fur baby and heartfelt sayings. This special pillow will bring the feeling of warmth.

throw pillow - personalized pet memorial gifts
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Price: $28.99

4. Picture Frame

The passing is permanent, but the memories between you and your pet are eternal. Hence, a picture frame of a furry pet will be one of the greatest pet loss gift ideas.

This is one of the unique pet memorial gifts because it captures the most beautiful moment you’ve been with your pet. In this way, the adored fluffy pal is always in their hearts.

Picture Frame
Price: $26.99 (Source: Life Time Creations)

5. "I Still Talk About You - I Know" Poster

Perhaps, a poster with an image of a loved pet will gradually ease the sadness.

Hang it er on the wall, so the four-legged friend is always present in your living space. This little pet loss gift with thoughtful quotations and the little angel will make the adored fluffy crony live for eternity.

poster - unique pet memorial gifts
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Price: $21.99

6. "Those We Love Don't Go Away..." Wrapped Canvas

Among a thousand pet loss gifts, a customized wrapped canvas is an ideal gift-giving idea. You can hang it in your room so that every time they remember their favorite furry mate. Chances are, you’ll probably burst into tears when receiving this present because of the familiar picture on it.

wrapped canvas - pet remembrance gifts
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Price: $28.99

7. Hand-painted Figure

A hand-painted figure would be one of the best gifts for someone who lost a pet. No doubt, it'll warm his/ her heart. This gift idea features an angel cuddling a little pup which means your furry friend is welcomed and cared for in heaven.

Dog Hand-painted Figure
Price: $29.95 (Source: Willow Tree)

8. "If Love Alone Could Have Kept You Here..." Fleece Blanket

Losing a pet is like bearing the pain of losing a loved member in life. You certainly feel lost and momentarily alone, especially at night and on cold days. The only thing you want to do is to cuddle under a cozy blanket, leave everything behind, and remember their lovely animal.

This personalized blanket having a dog design is perfect for those in the same situations. This present can bring relief and comfort. Also, the message you customize on the blanket is the motivation to give a little support to you on gloomy days.

a girl and a dog blanket
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Price: $39.99
  • To warm the giftees' hearts from the loss, check out our Personalized Blankets Category and find the best "paint killer"!

9. Photo Keyring

The truth is, there’s no word that can be seemingly helpful when the owners have lost their dear departed pet. Hence, this custom photo keyring is a simple but powerful way to bring back positive memories.

What’s more, they can always carry this handy keychain with them as if their friend was forever by their side at all times. This pet loss gift idea won’t only make them feel more secure, but it’ll also make them realize that you eternally have a deep regard for them.

That’s why this present has become popular for anyone who’s suffering from pet loss.

Dog Photo Keyring
Price: $19.07+ (Source: Posh Paws Pet Tags)

10. Dog Feeder

Finding thoughtful pet loss gifts for someone who lost their loved fur buddy is difficult.

To make your task easier, refer to this customized dog feeder among remembrance pet gifts. In this way, the owners possibly have more passerine pals and can support the homeless dogs, which will lift their spirits.

Losing a cute pet is saddening but nursing other creatures will bring happiness and smiles.

Dog Feeder
Price: $45.49+ (Source: Simply Pallets)

Browse our Personalized Memorial Gifts Category to find more sentimental ideas for yourselves or your loved ones!

personalized pet loss gifts

10 Pet Loss Gifts for Cat Owners

1. “A Piece of My Heart Lives In Heaven” Mug

Looking for gifts for cat owners whose cats just went to heaven? You can consider sending them a custom mug having their loved cat’s picture and its name.

Although this gift doesn’t have too much material meaning, it contains a lot of empathy for your friends. Moreover, it’ll help their cute cat never fall into oblivion, as it’s “always in my heart”.

girl and cat memorial mug
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Price: $13.99

2. Memorial Bracelet

Simple yet heartfelt, a bracelet is truly one of the greatest pet loss gifts. With this option, you can engrave their pet's name, paw prints, or a charm that represents the pet's personality on a sterling silver bracelet. The giftee will cherish the gift for the rest of their lives.

Cat Memorial Bracelet
Price: $35.99 (Source: Bey Liss Jewellery)

3. Scrapbook

A scrapbook is a fantastic pet loss gift idea, especially if you include the grieving owner in the process of filling out the pages. Sit with them and look over every photo they've ever taken of their cats, asking them about the memories connected with each one. It will aid in their healing by allowing them to communicate.

Price: $26.00 (Source: The Bohemian Home Decor)

4. "I Miss You - I Know" Poster

More than just a memorial gift for the loss of a pet, this custom poster can be a treasured keepsake, reminding the owners of a special bond between them and their cats. As can see on the poster, there's an image of a man sitting next to his fluffy friend and a touching dialogue which will capture any giftee's heart. The poster can be framed and placed everywhere the owners want to.

memorial poster for cat
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Price: $21.99

5. Memorial Garden Stone

If that pet owner has a green thumb and possesses a large garden, this option might be one of the greatest pet loss gift ideas. If their pet had a favorite place in their garden or backyard, they can lay the stone there to remember them.

Cat Memorial Stone
Price: $175.00 (Source: Design A Stone)

6. "A Girl & Her Cat - A Bond That Can't Be Broken" Mug

If you're seeking pet loss gift ideas representing an unbreakable connection between the cat mom and her fur kid, this mug will be what you need. Needless to say, all of the personal touches on the mug are about to tell the world that no matter where they are, they'll always be connected by hearts.

Note: gender of the owner and cat breed can be customizable!

ceramic cat and owner mug
ceramic cat and owner mug
Price: $13.99

7. Custom Felt Pet

This customizable felted cat from your photo will bring your treasured fur baby back to life. Although It's not lifesize, it's a near-perfect duplicate of your pet manufactured from fine, hypoallergenic materials.

Pet Portrait Felted Price $118.97 Pawstive
Price: $118.97 (Source: Pawstive)

8. "I Am Always with You" Mug

Saying the last goodbye to a loved pet is hurt. However, by finding gifts for someone who lost a pet, you can reduce the level of their sadness. And, a good example would be this custom cat mug.

Featuring on the mug is an image of a cat looking at its owner as well as the saying "I'm Always with You". The mug is likely to tell the giftee that the cat may leave the world but never his/ her heart!

i am always with you mug
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Price: $13.99

9. "Forever in My Heart" Wrapped Canvas

This kind of pet memorial gift will help you express your sympathy to the one who recently lost her pet. Hang the canvas on the wall and every time she admires it, a beautiful memory between her and the furry friends will be recalled vividly. It's not an exaggeration to say this item is one of the best pet loss gifts that can lift the owner's spirits.

forever in my heart cat wrapped canvas
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Price: $28.99

10. Cat Remembrance Token 

This engraved wood memorial memento is a one-of-a-kind reminder of the special link you enjoyed with your fluffy baby. A portrait of your pet is laser etched on wood for a long-lasting, fade-free finish.

Cat Memorial Pocket Token
Price: $17.95 (Source: risky beads)

More to read:

Choose the Right Pet Loss Gifts to Erase the Pain from The Loss!

Pets play an important part in the owners’ life. For them, four-legged friends are like confidantes who can share joys and sorrows and always help them keep secrets they can't tell anyone else. Hence, when they have to face pet grief, they will feel broken-hearted and grief-stricken.

It may take the owners considerably a while to come out of this grief. However, you can still help them heal this heartbreak a little faster with the pet loss gifts recommended above.

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