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10 Thoughtful Pet Memorial Gifts to Heal The Owners' Hearts


Last updated: Nov 13, 2021

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10 Thoughtful Pet Memorial Gifts to Heal The Owners' Hearts

Pets are not simply animals; they are friends and family members. Unfortunately, your soul mates just lost their loving four-legged friend. It is not easy for them to say goodbye to a furry family member.

As a pet owner, you understand how they are grieving and feeling lost. This time, show your empathy to help your friends get over this gloomy time. The best thing you can do is give them something that comforts and reminds them of their favorite animals in a special way.

Look no further! You can consider the following list of the most heartfelt and meaningful pet memorial gifts. Your friends will surely cherish this small present forever!

What to Send Someone Who is Grieving a Pet?

We all agree that pets are parts of our life who eat with us, sleep with us, and cheer us up on bad days. If you have ever experienced this grief and loss, you'll understand how hard it is to get over this time.

For the same reason, your friends are certainly suffering grief from pet loss. That’s because they know that they are slowly losing a small life in vain. It's their favorite animal that they have wholeheartedly nurtured and cared for unconditionally. That four-legged friend has always accompanied them in their happy or depressing moments.

These are the times when they need you by their side the most. And this is also the perfect time for you to show affection, caringness, and understanding to your besties. What should you do at these moments? Giving a gift is the best solution.

What to Send Someone Who is Grieving a Pet

Flowers may be a great choice for any departure from life. Nevertheless, apart from them, it can be difficult to find what commemorates the loss of a beloved pal. It should be something moving and personal, which means presents must come from the soul and showcase details related to it.

As a close friend, you can comfort them and show your empathy by giving them personalized pet memorial gifts as a remedy for pain and loss. You can customize the images of the owners and their pets your way, along with touching quotes. Surely these presents will be treasured keepsakes, reminiscent of the wonderful memories between them.

If you're looking for something similar, the list below will be helpful for you. Let’s scroll down for more ideas!.

Our Personalized Memorial Gifts Category will offer you a wide range of meaningful items that surely heal the giftees' hearts from the loss!

banner personalized memorial gifts

The 10 Touching Pet Remembrance Gifts

You may find it difficult to come up with gift-giving ideas for your friends who are experiencing the sorrow of losing a furry buddy. Remember that these gifts are different from normal ones, which should show your love, care, and especially sympathy to the owners.

Don’t worry! That’s what the personalized gifts for pet lovers from Gossby are meant for. The special point is Gossby offers customers many options about pet breeds, and you can tailor the breed that suits your friends’ pets. Let’s refer to them!

1. "Forever Would Have Been Too Short" Mug

If your friends are in the dog loss paint, a personalized mug with their dog illustration will be a great choice. In this way, you can honor the strong relationship between them and their cherished crony.

They must be touched and feel comforted when they see the portrait of their favorite dog and its name on the mug. This will be a palpable reminder of their treasured animals. Whenever using it, they will think of their furry companion.

  • If you want to discover more touching ideas, go to our Personalized Mugs Collection now!

2. "Forever In My Heart" Two-tone Mug

Looking for gifts for cat owners whose cats just went to heaven? You can consider sending them a custom mug having their loved cat’s picture and its name.

Although this gift does not have too much material meaning, it contains a lot of empathy for your friends. Moreover, it will help their cute cat never fall into oblivion, as it’s “always in my heart”.

two tone mug - memorial pet gifts

3. Pet Memorial Shadow Box

You clearly understand that the owners always desire to keep pets’ memories and never want to forget them. That’s why customized memorial shadow boxes are always on the list of pet remembrance gifts.

This box helps owners store precious pet memorabilia such as hair, collars, or clay molds in the shape of paws. This present tries to give comfort and helps them recall the positive moments they have with their furry pal. 

Pet Memorial Shadow Box
Pet Memorial Shadow Box (Source: Yewleaf Wishes - Etsy)

4. "I Miss The Sound Of Your Paws" Throw Pillow

If you seek gifts for dog owners, a memorial pillow should be the first place on your checklist. This little present will be on behalf of you to ease the grief of pet loss. Embracing this custom pillow is just like caressing your little one.

You can customize the illustration related to their fur baby and heartfelt sayings to let your mates know that you silently care for them. This special pillow will make them feel as mellow as the warmth of their companion’s paw.

throw pillow - personalized pet memorial gifts

5. Personalized Dog Remembrance Picture Frame

The passing is permanent, but the memories between your mates and their precious animal are also eternal. Hence, you should give them a personalized picture frame of their furry companion so that its shadow is always alive in their lives.

This is one of the unique pet memorial gifts because it captures the most beautiful moment and the name of their four-legged bestie. In this way, the adored fluffy pal is always in their hearts.

Personalized Dog Remembrance Picture Frame
Personalized Dog Remembrance Picture Frame (Source: Wood Life Prints - Etsy)

6. "I Still Talk About You - I Know" Poster

The sudden loss of sight of your favorite bosom pal can come as a shock to your friend. Therefore, a poster with their pet’s image will gradually ease their sadness.

Help them hang this custom poster on the wall, so their four-legged friend is always present in their living space. This little present with thoughtful quotations and the little angel will make the adored fluffy crony live for eternity.

poster - unique pet memorial gifts

7. "Those We Love Don't Go Away..." Wrapped Canvas

Among a thousand memorial pet gifts, a customized wrapped canvas is an ideal gift-giving idea. Your friends can hang it in their room so that every time they remember their favorite furry mate, they can take a look at it and remind themself: their dog still walks beside and protects them every day.

They'll probably burst into tears when receiving this present because of the familiar picture on it. After that, they are pink-eyed and lachrymose because of your care and sympathy from the bottom of your heart via heartfelt messages.

wrapped canvas - pet remembrance gifts

8. "If Love Alone Could Have Kept You Here..." Fleece Blanket

Losing a pet is like bearing the pain of losing a loved member in life. They certainly feel lost and momentarily alone, especially at night and on cold days. The only thing they want to do is to cuddle under a cozy blanket, leave everything behind, and remember their lovely animal.

fleece blanket - remembrance pet gifts

This personalized blanket having a dog design is perfect for those in the same situations. This present can bring relief and comfort to your friends who are mourning. Also, the message you customize on the blanket is the motivation to give a little support to them on gloomy days.

  • To warm the giftees' hearts from the loss, check out our Personalized Blankets Collection and find the best "paint killer"!

9. Personalized Photo Keyring

The truth is, there is no word that can be seemingly helpful when the owners have lost their dear departed animal. Hence, this custom photo keyring is a simple but powerful way to bring back positive memories.

best pet memorial gift

What’s more, they can always carry this handy keychain with them as if their friend was forever by their side at all times. This spiritual gift will not only make them feel more secure, but it will also make them realize that you eternally have a deep regard for them.

That’s why this present has become popular for anyone who is suffering from pet loss. 

10. Personalized Bird Feeder

Finding a thoughtful gift for the owners who lost their loved downy buddy is difficult, but searching for bird loss gift ideas is more challenging. That’s because birds are not popular pets like dogs or cats. 

To make your task easier, refer to this customized bird feeder among remembrance pet gifts. In this way, the bird owners possibly have more passerine pals and can support the homeless birds, which will raise their spirits.

Losing a cute animal is saddening but nursing other creatures will bring happiness and smiles.

Personalized Bird Feeder
Personalized Bird Feeder (Source: Urns Northwest)

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Final Thought!

Pets play an important part in the owners’ life. For them, four-legged friends are like confidantes who can share joys and sorrows and always help them keep secrets they can't tell anyone else. Hence, when they have to face pet grief, they will feel broken-hearted and grief-stricken.

It may take the owners considerably a while to come out of this grief. However, you can still help them heal this heartbreak a little faster with the pet memorial gifts recommended above.
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