50+ Perfect Gifts For Women To Give To The Special Ladies Of Your Life


Last updated: Feb 13, 2022

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50+ Perfect Gifts For Women To Give To The Special Ladies Of Your Life

Unlike men, women are far more complicated creatures. While you can get away with just a beer on your best buddy’s birthday, it’ll take much more to satisfy a lady. Pinpointing the best gifts for women is never an easy task. Whether she’s your wife, daughter, girlfriend, mother, or aunt, you can’t seem to find a present that is as special as her. 

This is where our list of fabulously stunning gift-for-women ideas comes in. Here, you’ll come across only the best presents for the most special women of your life. We’ve packed everything you’ve been searching for. From some affordable options that don’t feel cheap to all-out gifts that make your lady feel like an absolute queen, we’ve got them all!

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the only list of gifts for women you’ll ever need!

How To Choose The Best Gifts For Her?

Picking any gift for anyone all boils down to understanding. When you manage to grab what a person likes or dislikes, gift shopping becomes a walk in the park. The same thing applies to gift shopping for women. 

mothers - gifts for women
Mothers and grandmas are especially tricky to buy gifts for.

However, being such complicated creatures as they are, women never truly reveal what they actually want for presents. So, in order for them to keep a little class, you have to be a little attentive and sensitive. Listen to what your women say then read between the lines. 

Don’t get the lady anything because she tells you not to or that she has everything is a rookie mistake. Skip the face meaning and think deeper. Observe her daily routine, know her hobbies, pay attention to the smallest details, you may find clues to the perfect presents for the women of your life.

Top Gifts For Women That They’ll Appreciate

Been struggling with finding the things for the women of your life? Your hardship ends here! Check out these stunning gifts for women that will earn you a million points in their eyes. We’ve also divided the presents into smaller categories for easy tracking. Let’s jump right into it!

The Can’t-Go-Wrong Classics

Kicking off the list are the classic gifts for women on every occasion. These incredible presents earn the title of timeless classic for a reason. You simply can’t go wrong with any choice from the list below.

#1 Flowers

Nothing beats fresh flowers delivered right to her door. You can even add a little surprise to the act by subscribing for monthly delivery. Fill her home with the scent of flowers every day. 

fresh flowers - gifts for women
Fresh flowers every single day, she can never get enough of them.

#2 Gold Jewelry

Another classic choice for gifts for women, jewelry, gold ones to be exact, always brings a smile to a lady’s face. Get customized jewelry sets with her names or initials on them for that extra-special touch of thoughtfulness. 

#3 Kitchen Supplies

There’s not a better meal than a home-cooked one. Filled with love and care from the hands of moms or grandmothers, home-cooked meals engrave the bond of family in nutritious and mouth-watering fashions. 

kitchen supplies - gifts for women
More supplies equal more tasty and hearty meals for the whole family.

Help the ladies of your life take care of the family even better with new supplies for the kitchen, cookbooks, or new recipes to try out. Enrich the inventory of the home kitchen and help create a wonderful time together. 

#4 Sweet Treats

No one can possibly say no to some indulgent and decadent desserts. Treat the women of your life to their favorite sweets, cakes, or velvety chocolate shakes. These gifts for women are as sweet as your love for them!

#5 Perfume

Maybe it’s time to refresh the fragrance of your ladies. Add to their inventory new aromatics and scent. Always a great choice to surprise the women you love.

perfume - gifts for women
That sweet and aromatic scent will follow her everywhere.

Gifts For Women By Age

The second category we’ll be looking at is age. Here are our guidelines as well as some suggestions to help you find the best gifts for women in a certain age range.

For Children

Wowing a baby girl is simple. Just stick to what a typical child might like and you’ll get away with a stunning gift. For those to whom normal presents don’t seem to break the ice, get them something of their interest. In most cases, a new set of teatime toys would do the trick. 

Here are two of our favorites: 

#6 Giant Teddy Bears

What kid can refuse a giant, cuddly teddy bear? 

teddy bear - gifts for women
Every child needs a teddy bear.
#7 A Dollhouse

Want to make your baby girl feel like a little princess? Get her a brand new dollhouse that takes up the whole living room!

For Teenagers

Teenage girls are much more complicated to deal with. In this day and age, most of the things that impress them have something to do with technology. 

Here are our suggestions to give for your teenage daughters or granddaughters:

#8 Apple Airpods 2

We all know how much teenagers love their music. Getting your teenage daughter a pair of wireless earbuds, preferably Apple Airpods 2 will make you the coolest parents in the world. 

airpods 2 - gifts for women
Simply a must-have for tech-savvy teenagers.
#9 Wireless Charger 3 in 1

Teenagers burn through the battery of their devices. Get them an easy charging dock that fast charges everything!

#10 Phone Cases

Introducing new and cool ways to decorate phones.

Gifts For Women In Their 20s

Take a look at these stunningly hip presents, designed to impress any woman in their 20s. 

#11 Apple AirTag

This is perfect for anyone who’s always on the go with lots of things to remember. Slide the AirTag or attach it to any frequently-lost item, so everything can be tracked down with ease.

#12 3 Sisters - Sisters forever, never apart. Maybe in distance but never at heart. - Personalized Mug
sister forever mug - gifts for women
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Tell your besties and partners in crime how much they mean to you with this stunning piece of a customized ceramic mug, no matter where they are in this world. 

#13 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

A pair of stylish headphones like the Beats Solo 3 is definitely worth every penny. Indulge her with impeccable music and comfort-cushioned Bluetooth headphones that boast more than 40 hours of battery life.

#14 Miss Me With That

Hit your girlfriend with this tell-all book by former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay. She’ll absolutely love it!

#15 Amazon Gift Cards

Don’t know what exactly to get for your friend or ladies? Let her decide herself by giving her an Amazon gift card. Make sure it’s enough for the things she loves.

Gifts For Women In Their 30s

Here are some interesting gift choices for women in their 30s: 

#16 Family - First mothers day. Our first mother's day together. - Personalized Mug

Mark a turning point in the journey of life with this stunning personalized mug. Whether it’s her first time being a mother or the second born, she deserves the best gifts for mom. 

1st mother day - gifts for women
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#17 Scented Candles

Fill the room with the soothing scent of relaxation. Remind the ladies of your life just how loved she is every day.

#18 Shower Steamers
If she doesn't have a bathtub, make sure she’s not missing out with these refreshing steamers. They'll transform her bathroom into a real spa!
#19 Matching Silk Sleep Set

A great night's sleep is key to great health. A matching set of silky sleep essentials like a pillowcase, an eye mask, and a matching scrunchie are among the best gifts for women one can get!

#20 Girl and Dogs - I love you to the moon and back. - Personalized Blanket

If she prefers something multi-functional, get her this amazing personalized blanket. It doubles as both a comfy fleece blanket and a killer decorative piece for the living room. 

girl and dog blanket - gifts for women
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Gifts For Women In Their 40s

Women in their 40s are investing more into health than ever. Here are some great gifts to help them stay in shape.

#21 All-Purpose Yoga Mat

Whether she’s a newbie or a seasoned pro, this mat always suffices. Choose one with a handy strap that makes it so much easier to transport from place to place. 

yoga mat - gifts for women
Kick off a healthy routine for the women you love!
#22 Live Indoor Bonsai Tree

Being healthy isn’t just physical. An impressive flowering bonsai tree will make sure your ladies are always at peace. Just don't forget to give her the instructions to keep it alive.

For Older Women

#23 Love Tree Poster - Mother & Daughters Forever Linked Together - Personalized Poster

Surprise the mom with a stunning piece of the custom poster, fit for decorating her living room, bedroom, or any space in her home. 

button shop now 4
#24 Should And Back Massager

If you’re not there to give her the massage yourself, an electronic massager will come in handy. Don't be surprised if you end up getting one for yourself.

#25 Virtual Yoga Class Subscription

A great way for her to stay fit and healthy right from the comfort of her home!

Gifts For Women By Hobby

Everyone has their little hobbies or interests to keep life entertaining. Women, though complicated, are not an exception. By catering to what she loves, you showcase understanding, thoughtfulness, and love. 

women cooking - gifts for women
Everyone loves something.

Check out these amazing gifts for women by hobby from Gossby!

Gifts For Women Who Travel

For your friend or family member who can’t seem to stay in one spot, get her something that’s useful on the go. A cute travel mug, an inspirational book, and perhaps a camping set are among the most popular choices. 

Here are our recommendations for gifts for the “travel-holics”.

#26 Travel Mug

If she can’t live a day without a hot cup of coffee or tea, a travel mug would make the perfect present to get. Help her enjoy her drinks on the go and remind her of your love every time she does. 

#27 Instant Camera

An instant camera to record her journey across the world makes perfect sense. Want to find one of those super practical gifts for women, here’s one you should not miss.

instant camera - gifts for women
A handy camera to snap the moments she loves.
#28 Hiking Sneakers

Keep her feet dry and comfortable all through the expedition with a world-class pair of sneakers. 

For The Sporty

#29 Golf Skirts

The best gifts for women golfers? A killer set of golf skirts! Comfortable and downright fashionable, they will help her land the ball in style.

golf skirts - gifts for women
Fashion plays a major part in golf.
#30 Sense Advanced Smartwatch

For the fitness guru in your life, get her this magnificent piece of technology. It tracks her steps, monitors her calorie burn, and collects data even she’s asleep. 

For The Fashion Fanatics

Essentials for all fashionistas! 

#31 The Hacker Project Floral Print-silk Scarf

You won’t find a more savvy scarf. 

#32 Leather Loafers

This baby goes with everything.

loafers - gifts for women
A wardrobe essential.
#33 Cartier Les Heures de Parfum Collection Case

If you feel like going all out on the gifts for her, this will definitely do the trick.

For The Gourmand

#34 Custom Pet Portrait Cookie Cutter

Cookies in the shape of dogs and cats or any pet portrait, why not? While you might think it's strange to eat a cookie shaped like your dog or cat's face, she definitely won't.

cookie cutter - gifts for women
Cute cookies that taste amazing, that's the goal.
#35 Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano

This high-tech tool will let her know when the meat is cooked to perfection. 

Gifts For Women By Occasion 

We’ve saved the gifts for special occasions for last! 

Valentine’s Day

#36 Chocolate & Roses

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without chocolate and roses. They’re comfortable and easy gifts to pick up for this romantic day. However, it might get a little predictable.

#37 Couple - Every time I see you I fall in love all over again - Personalized Mug

Everything about his custom ceramic mug screams Valentine's Day. The lovely pink theme, the romantic design, the cheesy quote.

love mug - gifts for women
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#38 Couple - To My Wife, Thank You For Walking Beside Me And For Wanting Me At Your Side - Personalized Necklace

A beautiful necklace customizable with your own heartfelt message, it’s hard for your lady to fall in love with you all over again.

couple necklace - gifts for women
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Mother’s Day

#39 Mother & Daughter - Like Mother Like Daughters - Love (N) - Personalized Mug

Remind your mother of your love and show her how important she is to you with this beautiful custom mug. 

like mother mug - gifts for women
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#40 Custom Apron

If your mother loves to cook, get her a custom-made apron with her name on it. Simple, yet functional and totally affordable.

#41 Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

Help your mother enjoy endless coffee drinks with this amazing machine. You might be the first one she thanks with some homemade concoctions.

#42 Mother & Daughter/Son - The Love Between a Mother And Daughters is Forever 2D - Wooden BG/Ver 1 - Personalized Poster

Send your love and gratitude to the most special lady in your life through Gossby’s personalized poster. More than just a decorative piece, this artwork represents the motherly love shared by a mom and her children. 

mother and kids canvas - gifts for women
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#43 Mother's Day Canvas - Sunset - Mother And Children Forever Linked Together - Personalized Wrapped Canvas

Celebrate your mother with all of the fond memories cherished within this personalized wrapped canvas

mother kids sunset canvas - gifts for women
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#44 Girl and Dogs Christmas - Life is better with dogs - Personalized Mug

We’ve got the perfect gifts for women who can’t get enough doggos. Celebrate the loyal, cuddly, and fluffy friends who make this world a much better place.

christmas dog mug - gifts for women
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#45 Zodiac Constellation Necklace

If she's obsessed with horoscopes, get her a custom piece of jewelry. Custom her sign and pick the desired length to add a personalized touch. 

#46 Heaven Ornament - I love you all dearly now don't shed a tear I'm spending my Christmas with Jesus this year - Personalized Ornament 

A beautiful custom Christmas ornament, a thoughtful memorial gift, and so much more! Celebrate the memories of the late member of your family with love from heaven.

family ornament - gifts for women
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#47 Comfy Slippers

Want to find an example of where fashion meets function? Pick up a criss-cross style memory foam slipper to give her feet the optimal support. You won’t find better gifts for women, especially for those with sore feet. 


#48 Birthday Gift For Best Friends - Happy birthday to my best friend - Personalized Mug

There’s nothing fancy about this mug. It’s simply a functionally practical gift to shower your besties with love on their birthday.

happy birthday mug - gifts for women
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#49 Birthdate Book

If she lives and breathes by her astrological chart, give her this personalized book. It goes into detail about what her birth chart reveals about her past, present and future.

#50 Cat Celebration - Happy Birthday - Now give me food and scoop my poo - Personalized Mug 

Made of durable ceramic, this personalized mug is perfect for any cat owner.

cat mug - gifts for women
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Personalized Gifts For Women - More Than Just Gifts

If asked what are the best gifts for women who have everything, what would you choose? Overwhelming a woman who can afford all that she loves is no easy task. While you can now wow her with the face value of the present, opt for its sentimental value. 

A thoughtful gift that invokes her memories relives the stories of the past, or showcases your affection and care is often more appreciated. It represents understanding in the purest form.

little princess - gifts for women
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While everyone can pick up a ceramic mug at the corner shop, a personalized mug is one of a kind. It’s your time and effort that makes the personalized gift unique. While others may replicate what the item looks like, they can never copy the thoughts that go into it. 

If you want to impress your mother, girlfriend, wife, or daughter, visit Gossby’s range right away. Let us help you design the perfect gift for her. 

banner mother day gifts

She Deserves The Best

It’s impossible to wrap the importance of all the women in our life into some presents. However, gifts for women are still tokens of appreciation, love, and gratitude. As they say, it’s the thought that counts. Invest your time and energy into making the ladies feel special and cherished. They deserve it. 

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