National Dog Day in 2022 - History, Date & Activities About The Special Day


Last updated: May 12, 2022

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National Dog Day in 2022 - History, Date & Activities About The Special Day

National Dog Day is annually held on August 26th. This year, prepare to spend the holiday in your cozy home with your furry friend because going out is going to be "Ruff"! Let’s celebrate National Dog day safely with lockdown compatible activities.

History Of National Dog Day 

In 2004, Colleen Paige,  a dog advocate, and expert decided to take August 26th, the day she adopted her dog, to be a day to celebrate every dog in the world. Since then, dog lovers and people all across the globe have considered this day National Dog Day.

Although the day seems like it came out of nowhere, people have widely accepted the holiday and made it international.

Also, it makes sense for humanity to have an occasion for the beloved creature that has been around for a while. And the fact that a mere dog lover took the pleasure to invent the day makes it even more lovely and meaningful.

History Of National Dog Day

People worldwide spend this day volunteering in rescue homes, giving charity to shelters, hanging with their dogs, giving gifts to their furry babies, or, like many have chosen to do, bringing a dog to their homes and bringing home to the dogs.

This day is a perfect occasion to show appreciation to your dogs and treat them like a true “boss”, even though you are probably already indulging them daily. To show them that you're grateful for their companionship and love, many have taken this day to be their pet's birthday. Smart, right?

In 2013, the National Dog Day got recognized by the US government, and communities were founded like The Humane Society of The United States and West Coast Labrador Retriever Rescue to raise awareness of dogs.

National Dog Day Timeline 

  • 15.000 years ago - Dogs were the first animals to be domesticated by humans. From then on, the relation between man and dog is not merely about preference but evolution.

  • 10.000 years ago - Dogs had their first job as a farm manager, taking care of chickens and sheep.

  • 4.000 years ago - Dogs entered literature.

  • First Century - Military Dogs. The market of trained dogs expanded, and many dogs wound up fighting on the field with their master.

  • The 1750s  -  Guide dogs were born. They were trained to take care of blinded individuals on the street.

  • 1866 - ASPCA was founded. It was originally established to protect horses but later on included all animals, including dogs.

  • The 1930s  -  Dogs became mountain rescuers.

  • 1957 -  Dog went to space. Even though the result is quite unfavorable to Laika, we see this as a big step for the species.

  • The 2000s  - Dogs on the Internet. Pets are key for social media success.

  • 2010  -  Dogs tracked diseases. Their incredible sense of smell got utilized for healthcare services. Dogs were trained to spot infections, diseases, malaria, and even cancer.

  • 2020 - Dogs' superior sense of smell got utilized in Covid19 infection tracking. They were the first animal to contribute to the medical system in a pandemic.

National Dog Day Timeline

When Is National Dog Day? 

Eager to know everything about this year's celebration? But first, let’s see what people worldwide do to celebrate dogs!

National Dog Day All Around The World In 2022

Countries around the world have their day for dogs. November 1st is dog's day in Japan, and Nepal honors their furry friends nationally on day two of the five-day Tihar festival, commonly in October or November.

Additionally, there are many other days dedicated to loving pets, such as walking your dog day on February 22nd, Puppy day on March 23rd, International Guide Dog Day on April 28th, Take your dog to work day on June 20th, and so forth.





August, 26th 

Dog-lovers around the world honor all-breed dogs. Founded in 2004 by Pet & Home Lifestyle Expert and Author, Colleen Paige

Japan - Dogs day

November 1st

Started by the pet food industry in Japan. The origin goes back to the way that the Japanese interpret barking sounds: 1 (one) 1 (one) 1 (one) – which sounds like wan wan wan.


October or November

A religious festival where people dress the dogs up in tilaka (made from kumkuma gulal powders and yogurt), bathe them, and offer them food consisting of egg, meat, milk, and dog food. 

US - Bark in the Park

September 17th

An occasion for dog owners to meet up with others and their dogs. For non-dog people, this is an opportunity to take home a little guy. 

Canada - Woofstock 


An outside event for dog lovers to celebrate the sacred interspecies bond. A perfect time for road trips and socializing events with your pups. 

Date Of National Dog Day 

This year, we will be celebrating the day on Thursday, August 26th. Excited? It is right around the corner!

Stuck in a lockdown would hinder all the traditional activities, but it can't stop us from having fun! Instead of taking a walk, we can safely stay home and have some quality time with each other. Maybe cook a meal or cuddle while watching Netflix.

When Is National Dog Day

National Dog Day By Numbers 

  • 3.3 million dogs go to animal shelters each year.

  • 670,000  dogs are “put to sleep” in the U.S each year.

  • 1.6 million abandoned dogs are adopted each year.

  • 23 percent of pet dogs are acquired via a shelter home.

  • 1.6 is the average number of dogs owned per household.

  • 38.4 is the percent of households owning.

  • 73 percent buy their dog at least one gift a month.

National Dog Day Activities 

What to do on this meaningful day, you ask? Worry not! We have a list for you!

1. Take Your Four-legged Friend out for a Walk

Dogs live for going for a walk. They love it. So if you don’t do that regularly, consider this a great gift for the little guy!

National Dog Day Activities
Take Your Four-legged Friend out for a Walk

2. Volunteer at a Shelter Home

3.3 million dogs arrive at a shelter home each year, so giving the staff a hand on this special day is a good way to while away.

meaningful dog day activities
Volunteer at a Shelter Home

3.  Adopt a Dog

The best thing to do! Adopt a homeless dog, and you don't know how much it means to them. But make sure that you will be adopting and not shopping.

Adopt Adopt a Dog
Adopt Your Dog

4. Make Some Special Treats

Labradors or any dogs are always hungry and long for a treat. Just make it extra yummy this time, and those guys will know how much they are meant to you!

Make Some Special Treats
Make Some Special Treats

5. Show Your Dog Some Affection

A good head massage or a long comfy cuddle is an energy booster to both your canines and you.

Show Your Dog Some Affection
Show Your Dog Some Affection

6. Dress Them Up 

Some dogs love fashion! Maybe a tuxedo or a makeover with a cute hat would make their day.

Dress Them Up in national dog day 2021
Dress Your Puppy Up

7. Take Them To Swim

Dipping that fluffy bums in the clear water is something, but swimming with an actual swimsuit is a different story. Don’t you agree? Just imagine how cute (or maybe silly) they look in a body swimsuit!

swimming is the best national dog day activities
Take Your Dog To Swim

8. Buy Them A Gift

Perfect timing for a commemoration, a chewing toy, or a nice pillow. Your pup will be satisfied with something for their teeth and something for their head.

Buy Dog A Gift
Buy Fur Friend A Gift

9. Give Gifts For Dog Lovers 

This is what we've been excited about. Because obviously, you care about your pet, but that doesn't mean that you lost the caring for other fellow humans, right? A nice gift to a dog owner or a would-be dog owner is always appreciated.

Dog parents love personalized gifts for dog lovers. It is one of a kind just like the unconditional love between the owner and the dog. As dog lovers, we all want to be surrounded by things recalling our cute “furiend”. Here are some suggestions to add a personal touch to your house.

9.1. Personalized Dog Mug

Well, what could be better to start a day with a cup of love? Take a sip and let your mind wander to the moments when you were chilling with your pooch. Your heart will be filled with love and, well, coffee.

personalized mug for national dog day
Our "Dogs Are My Favorite People" Personalized Mug

If you have more than one breed under your roof, make one personalized mug for each one of them!

9.2. Personalized Funny Dog T-shirt

Being a dog parent is not easy, right? You try to work hard, always wanting the best thing for your baby. But at the end of the day, coming home and seeing your dog sleeping in peace is such a blessing.

personalized t shirts for national dog day 2021
Our "I Work So Hard..." Personalized T-shirt

That’s what this personalized T-shirt wants to show. Sometimes, dogs’ happiness is just you staying and playing with them. So, wear this T-shirt, hang out with your baby on this National Dog Day, and see how excited your dog is.

9.3. Personalized Funny Dog Pillow

The next thing to give away on National Dog Day 2022 is a lovely personalized pillow. Coming home and seeing your puppy sleeping with his tongue out is a miracle that can sweep away any fatigue and stress after a working day. This pillow will be your dog’s bed next time!
personalized dog pillows for dog day 2021
Our "This Is My Couch - Go Sit Over There" Personalized Throw Pillow

9.4. Personalized Dog-themed Fleece Blanket

Under the starry night, sit a girl and a dog and this personalized fleece blanket will be loved by any dog lover. A sweet image of the owner and the dog, along with a meaningful message makes the blanket not only an essential item for a cold day but a keepsake preserving a beautiful memory between the 2 of them.

fleece blanket - best gifts for national dog day
Our "Life Is Better With A Dog" Fleece Blanket
Shop with Gossby
  • Discover more options to make dog lovers happy with heartfelt gifts. Click here!

10. Send Dog Quotes

Sending quotes is such a classic but effective way to express your love for your dog. Dogs don’t understand what you say, but they do feel how much you love them. Sometimes, dog owners use dog quotes to personalize their house. Here are some short and sweet loving words for your dog.

10.1. "Life Is Better With Dogs"

Isn't it? 88% of people say that they are looking forward to going back home just because of their dogs. The remaining 12%? We assume they're already home. A home with dogs is the healing remedy for each of us to suffer from ups and downs.


life is better with dogs quotes for dog day
The "Life Is Better With a Dog" quote is printed on a mug

10.2. "All I Need Is My Dog And The Beach"

Anyone? Dogs and beaches are the two things that comfort us most. Imagine your little puppy jumping back and forth all excited on the beach.  Those gullible fur balls will dig holes just for the wave to ruin it, and they are somehow confused afterward. How adorable!

sending this quotes to your loved ones on national dog day
The "All I Need Is My Dog And The Beach" quote is printed on a mug

10.3. "Sorry I Can't I Have Plans With My Dog"

Isn’t that true! Sometimes you find yourself incarcerated in your house by your needy dog. But where can we go anyway? No plan is more important than feeding our dog and scooping his poo.

"Sorry I Can't I Have Plans With My Dog"
The "Sorry I Can't I Have Plans With My Dog" quote is printed on a mug

10.4. "If I Can't Bring My Dog I'm Not Going"

If he isn't going, I'm not going. That's the relationship goal! Frankly, it is indeed difficult to leave these melt-my-heart eye creatures home alone. We wish every party were dog-friendly.

If I Can't Bring My Dog I'm Not Going
The "If I Can't Bring My Dog I'm Not Going" quote is printed on a mug

10.5. "Love Is Wet Noses Slobbery Kisses Wagging Tails"

Can affection be clearer? And don’t we need something certain in our lives? Little canine friends give us the most obvious and apparent love on this planet.

Love Is Wet Noses Slobbery Kisses Wagging Tails
The "Love Is Wet Noses Slobbery Kisses Wagging Tails" quote is printed on a mug

Banner personalized gifts for dog lovers

Fun Fact About National Dog Day

1. Dogs Aren't Color-blind

  That is a huge myth! They are not colorblind. Dogs can still see colors; they are just not as vivid to them as to humans.

Fun Fact About National Dog Day
Dogs Aren't Color-blind

2. Dogs Can Sniff & Breathe at The Same Time

Unlike humans, dogs can keep the air in their noses and circulate it through their lungs simultaneously. So they don’t have to stop respiring while still being able to detect the smell.

fan facts in dog day
Dogs Can Sniff & Breathe at The Same Time

3. Their Sense of Hearing is also Spectacular 

Dogs can hear much higher sounds and a wider noise range, compared to us humans. That is why in some countries, it is said that dogs can see ghosts when they start barking in the air. Maybe, it is not what they see but what they hear.

Dog hearing
Dog's Sense of Hearing is also Spectacular

4. Dogs Have Nose-prints

This nose-print is like our fingerprints. Each one is unique, with ridges and creases.

Dogs Have Nose-prints
Dogs Have Nose-prints

5. All puppies are Deaf

Shocking, right? Dogs won’t have their hearing ability developed until they reach three weeks old. And yet, after they can hear, it is the real deal; they can hear four times better than us.

All puppies are Deaf
All puppies are Deaf

Wrapping Up!

So that’s it. Above is everything you need to know about National Dog Day. Now, go and enjoy the one time a year holiday. We hope you and your pooch will have the best time ever.

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