Easy-peasy DIY Christmas Gifts For Best Friends in 2022


Last updated: Nov 25, 2022

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Easy-peasy DIY Christmas Gifts For Best Friends in 2022

Christmas time is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning your DIY  Christmas gifts for best friends. We know you want to show your bestie how much you appreciate them this Christmas, so we’ve compiled a fun list of amazing DIY Christmas gifts for best friends.

You want to show your best friend how much you appreciate them, but trying to find a  DIY gift you can do at home is hard. Plus, how do you DIY Christmas gifts for friends who have everything else?

It’s a struggle, we feel you. Let’s take a look at our favorite fun DIY Christmas gifts for best friends.

10 Amazing DIY Christmas Gift Ideas For Best Friends

A personalized DIY Christmas gift is special because it comes from the heart. Creating a personal gift for your best friend shows how much you truly care about them. Your best friend will love receiving such a memorable gift from you.

One problem - you’re not sure how to make a DIY Christmas gift for your bestie. These 12  DIY Christmas gift ideas are easy-to-make and can be made from home. You can give the  DIY Christmas gift of your dreams worry-free!

#1. Shortbread Cookie Box

Shortbread cookies are a Christmas classic. Easy to make and delicious, these long-lasting cookies are sure to put a smile on your bestie's face. Simply follow your favorite recipe and you’re ready. You can even buy a cute, Christmas decorative box to put them in. A little effort in the wrapping process will make this gift even lovelier.

Shortbread Cookie Box
Shortbread Cookie Box (Source: Season and Suppers)

#2. Potion Love Notes

This cute DIY gift idea is sure to make your best friend feel loved. Buy some mini potion bottles and decorate the outside of the bottles with glitter and stickers. Write an adorable handwritten note for your bestie in each of the potion bottles. Once you’re done, place them all in a decorated box.

The potion bottles hold the love notes and make them fun to open. Plus, they’re easy to store, so your bestie can appreciate them for years to come.

#3. Handmade Pamper Box

Pamper your bestie this Christmas with a lovingly handmade paper box. Your box can be as DIY as you want - you can find recipes for most beauty products online. Buy or make soap, body butter, scrubs, and other goodies to give your best friend the pamper box of their dreams.

Handmade Pamper Box
Handmade Pamper Box (Source: Frugal and Thriving)

#4. Intent Candles

You can DIY intent candles that will help your best friend to feel motivated and empowered to achieve her goals. Buy some candle-making supplies and crystal chips to make this DIY gift.

Intent Candles
Intent Candles (Source: Not On The High Street)

This fun DIY Christmas gift for your best friend isn’t difficult to make. Start by cleansing the crystal chips and making your candle. Before the wax hardens, add your crystal chips to the desired decoration. The result will be a delicious-smelling, stunning intent candle your bestie will love.

#5. Hot Chocolate Station

A hot chocolate station is an amazing DIY Christmas gift for best friends. This DIY gift involves you buying all of the ingredients to make hot chocolate from scratch. You will also need to buy some unique flavor add-ons for your best friend to try.

Hot Chocolate Station
Hot Chocolate Station (Source: The DIY Mommy)
We recommend providing 3-5 extras so your best friend can experiment with flavors. Pack some chili, cinnamon, orange essence, and other flavors you think your best friend would love into the box.

The result is a beautiful hot chocolate station that your bestie can use to experiment with different hot chocolates. This is one of the best DIY Christmas gifts for friends because nothing screams Christmas like a cup of hot cocoa.

#6. DIY Mug

Personalized mugs make adorable DIY Christmas gifts for best friends. You can print your mug at home using various print methods. There is no guarantee your design will turn out how you envisioned, and making your DIY mug at home is quite time-consuming and costly. However, the result will be a beautiful personal mug your best friend will cherish!

DIY Christmas Mug
DIY Christmas Mug (Source: Kit Kraft)

#7. Homemade Lip Scrub

Lip scrub is a practical gift that your best friend will love carrying around with her. Making your homemade lip scrub is a fun DIY gift for your best friend. You can find a recipe online to create a lip scrub for your best friend.

Homemade Lip Scrub
Homemade Lip Scrub (Source: Makeup by Samantha Linn)
Use festive flavors like ginger and cinnamon to spice up your lip scrub. You can even make multiple different flavors of lip scrub to truly pamper your best friend.

#8. Sugar Scrub Creation Kit

You can DIY sugar scrub for your best friend from home. However, a better idea is to put together a sugar scrub creation kit so your best friend can create unique sugar scrubs from home.

Sugar Scrub Creation Kit
Sugar Scrub Creation Kit (Source: Salacia Salts)
This kit will need the basic ingredients for a sugar scrub, including sugar, oil, and essential oils to scent it. Your imagination is the limit in creating this DIY sugar scrub-making kit.

#9. DIY Personalized Teddy Bear

You can personalize a stuffed toy for your best friend for a unique DIY Christmas gift she will love. You can embroider your names and the date that you guys met on a stuffed toy.  You can also take things further and sew memories and other designs into the bear.

DIY Personalized Teddy Bear
DIY Personalized Teddy Bear (Source: Not On The High Street)
For our extra-creative DIYers who aren’t afraid of a time-intensive project, you can even sew the entire stuffed bear from scratch.

#10. Matching DIY Printed Tees

One of the most amazing DIY gifts for your best friend is personalized matching tees.  These can be as funny, meaningful, and creative as you want them to be.

You can print your design onto your t-shirt at home. However, this can take a lot of time and you aren’t guaranteed to get the design right. There may be some trial and error before you can create a lovely DIY t-shirt for your best friend.

All of the gifts above are DIY-friendly Christmas gift options for your best friend. No matter what your budget is, there is sure to be a gift on this list that your best friend will love.  Show them how much you cherish them by making them a personal gift today.

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If DIY Christmas Gifts Are Difficult, Here’s What To Do Instead

Making your own DIY Christmas gifts can be difficult, time-expensive, and costly. It can be frustrating to spend hours making a DIY mug, t-shirt, or other gifts only for it to turn out wrong.

Plus, there’s a lot of time and planning that goes into making a DIY gift. You have to buy all of the materials and ensure you have the time to make the gift. For our procrastinators out there who leave things to the last minute? A DIY may not be the best idea for you.

You can still give a personalized gift to your best friend this Christmas.

pillow - DIY christmas gifts for best friends
"This Is My Couch - Go Sit Over There" Personalized Throw Pillow
Personalized gifts bought from reputable online retailers are a perfect alternative to DIY.  You are guaranteed a design you love and can personalize the design as you want. You can make the gift as intricate or simple as you like.

There is a range of items that you can get personalized for your best friend.

can all be personalized to symbolize your friendship. The limit is truly your imagination.

Save your time, money and make Christmas stress-free by creating a personalized gift for your best friend this year. There are plenty of options available for you to create your dream gift for your best friend.

Shop Custom Christmas Gifts At Gossby

Gossby is the leading online personalized gift retailer. We offer a lot of value and affordability, allowing you to create the gift of your dreams without breaking your budget.

You’ll be blown away by the thousands of unique designs and ideas for Christmas we have available on our site. This means you have plenty of options to find the right gift for your best friend this Christmas. Plus, our elaborate collections of different products mean you won’t be strapped for choice.

personalized christmas gifts

We offer some of the most tailored, detailed personalization options available on the market. You can completely customize any of our designs, down to the number of people,  hairstyles, skin color, and more.

Best of all, we offer an extensive customer care service that will ensure your shopping experience is a breeze. We offer the best quality products at rock-bottom price points so that you can give more meaningful gifts to those you love today.

04 Gossby Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas

Now that DIY is likely off the cards, here are some of our favorite personalized Christmas gift offerings from Gossby.

#1. "Mother & Daughter Forever Linked Together" Mug

This is the perfect Christmas gift for your mother. Made with love and decorated with a meaningful quote, this mug is sure to pull at your mom’s heartstrings this Christmas.

personalized mug - best DIY gifts for friends on christmas

#2. "You're My People" Mug

Your sister/s will love receiving such a  thoughtful gift. You can buy one for each of you to ensure you always have a matching set. Our customers love this mug for the cute Christmas sweater designs that are sure to bring your sisters joy this Christmas.

coffee mug - fun diy christmas gifts for best friends

#3. "There Is No Greater Gift Than Friendship" Ornament

Your best friend will love receiving such a unique, personalized gift. This is the perfect option to replace some of the complex personalized DIY gift ideas mentioned above.

ornament - amazing diy christmas gifts for best friends

#4. "Meow" Ornament

Animal lovers will love this adorable personalized Christmas ornament. Get your loved ones' beloved pet caricatured onto this beautiful ornament.
Our Last Words!

Those who aren't sure what to get your best friends, hope this article will give you some great ideas to bring a joyful holiday season to your besties. Enjoy and start customizing your own gifts (by adding your thoughts, feelings, and love into them) to make this Christmas a memorable holiday that both you and your friends will remember.

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