15 Best Christmas Gifts for Best Friends that They Actually Love


Last updated: Oct 02, 2022

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 15 Best Christmas Gifts for Best Friends that They Actually Love

Christmas is just around the corner. This joyous occasion offers the perfect opportunity for us to shower the people we love with appreciation, love, and attention. During this festive of the year, picking meaningful customizable Christmas gifts for best friends is the best way to impress your besties. 

In this article, you will find 15 gift ideas that will wow your best friends. Check out these Christmas presents for best friends!

What Should I Get My BFF For Christmas?

We should be grateful to have a best friend in our life, as they are the person with whom we can always share sorrow and happiness. Therefore, it is a need that you show your gratitude and love for them to let them know how important they are in your life!

Christmas is an appropriate occasion for you to show your best friends how much they mean to you. To make the present more special, you may want to opt for meaningful personalized Christmas gifts that will help you send the message to them!

Customizing personalized gifts for best friends on Christmas is highly recommended because of their uniqueness and suitability. Specifically, you can decide which graphics and quotes to put on these items. Your friends can then understand your sentimental message more thoroughly via the presents!

Continue reading for a list of best Christmas gift ideas for best friends in the next section!

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Best Personalized Christmas Gifts For Best Friends

We will start with the list of  05 personalized gifts for best friends from Gossby. Although these are simple and inexpensive gifts, your friends will definitely love their practicality and meaning. 

#1. "Always Sisters" Ornament

Short Christmas quotes are enough to show how important your best friend means to you. Christmas is the event for giving and receiving gifts, but you don’t need any gifts because you already have an incredible one for yourself - It’s your best friend!

ornament - christmas gifts for best friends

The image of friends sitting together in front of a fireplace with Christmas-theme clothes on makes the cozy Christmas vibe much more sensible. With this Gossby ornament, your best friends will think of you whenever they enjoy a hot beverage on Christmas.

#2. "To My Best Friend..." Mug

On the contrary to the simple beauty of the above gift, this mug stands out from the crowd due to its meaningful long quote on the surface.

By sending this present to your best friends, you can guarantee them that you will always be by their side through the tough days. When they fail to handle obstacles in life, you will always be by their side to endure the pain together.

custom mug - christmas gift ideas for best friends

The graphic of girls holding their hands is another affirmation for your promise to side-by-side with your friends, tackling down the problems in life. Indeed, this item is one of those thoughtful Christmas gifts for best friends.

#3. "Friends Don't Let Friends Do Silly Things Alone" Wrapped Canvas

Personalized canvas to hang on the wall can be great personalized gifts for best friends. Yet, it can be much greater if you can customize the wrapped canvas with the picture of your friend.

The canvas print is a fact. We can’t be best friends if we haven’t at least once done stupid things together. Therefore, the quote implies that you can always be who you are when you are with your BFF.

canvas - christmas presents for best friends

Apart from the quote, the image of girls wearing informal clothes and cheering together one more time stresses that you should feel totally comfortable when being with your besties.

#4. "Apparently We're Trouble When We're Together - Who Knew" T-shirt

A group of friends can increase their intimation by wearing uniform shirts, so why don’t you consider personalized shirts from Gossby as your presents to your best friends? The quote on this shirt brings a relatively identical meaning, which is the same as the canvas picture above.

Best friends often do silly things or sometimes create trouble together. Indeed, we are always at our “crazy” version whenever hanging out with the BFF.

t shirt - the best christmas gifts for best friends

To shout out the message more publicly, you can customize the image of two girls drinking with each other and wearing stylish clothes following the actual image of you and your besties. This item is always on the top list of cute Christmas gifts for best friends!

#5. "Hangovers Are Temporary But Drunk Stories Are Forever" Poster

Truth be told, getting a hangover together is one of the quickest ways to become best friends. The poster of girls chilling at a pub or wine corner will let your best friends know what message you want to send them without using too many words.

poster - personalized christmas gifts for best friends

What’s more, the quote on the poster, despite not being Christmas quotes, will emphasize the memories you have with your BFF after each hangover. Overusing alcohol should be strictly banned, but drinking a decent amount of alcohol accompanied by your bestie will be fun.

Any Other Christmas Gifts Ideas For Best Friends?

Apart from the personalized gifts above, you can opt for many optimal ideas. The range of gift options is endless. Let’s see some more!

05 Cute Christmas Present For Best Friends

#1. "Meow" Ornament

An adorable fluffy cat is the favorite pet of many people. If your best friends are one of them, the “Meow” Christmas tree ornaments can be amazing Christmas gift ideas for them. The image of two cute cats with big round eyes is the impressive embellishment of this custom ornament.

cat ornament - cute christmas gifts for best friends

We bet that the adorable cats will melt any cat lover's heart down. There is nothing much to talk about the quote on the ornament; it just sounds like the ordinary lovely cat sound, “Meow.”

#2. "We'll Be Friends Until We're Old..." Mug

In case you want to impose a promise on Christmas presents for best friends, this Gossby mug will help you to do so. This personalized mug has a quote showing your desire, as well as a vow that you will be with your best friends from a young age until the last years of your life. The diversity in age range emphasizes that at all ages, we always need best friends.

personalized mug is a cute present for best friend on christmas

#3. Luna Star Earrings

It’s hard to find a girl who isn’t fond of lovely and blink jewelry. So, the 14k gold Luna Star earrings may be one of the cute gifts you can think of.

Luna Star Earrings
Luna Star Earrings (Source: Etsy)

Each earring includes the connection of three tiny gold-filled stars that will make your bestie look more elegant when wearing it. This present conveys the message of your best wish to her “ I hope you can always shine bright like a start.” She will definitely love it at first sight!

#4. Customizable Cards

Christmas cards are traditional Christmas gift ideas. Yet, you can turn this traditional item into something more special by customizing it in different styles based on your bestie’s favorite.

Customizable Christmas Cards
Customizable Christmas Cards (Source: Etsy)

This card does not need to be colorful nor too flashy to be special, as your best friends can still feel your love via those lines of handwriting and handmade custom. Apparently, digital and modern items sometimes can not replace those traditional presents!

#5. Water Bottle

Keeping the body hydrated is beneficial for our health. You can express your care for your best friends by giving them a glass water bottle. Unlike the casual bottle, this water bottle will remind and encourage your besties to drink more water with its hourly time markers.

Christmas Water Bottle
Christmas Water Bottle (Source: Joom)

Your best friends can follow the provided marks on the bottle to scientifically intake water for their well-being. Moreover, it would be best to opt for that 100 % plastic-free as this will allow your friend to store warm water during the cold weather of Christmas.

personalized Christmas gifts

05 Thoughtful Christmas Presents For Best Friends

Still not satisfied with all the suggestions above? If so, continue reading and note down these thoughtful items now!

#1 "You're My Person - You'll Always Be My Person" Blanket

In the freezing weather of Christmas, it’s such a wonderful feeling to wrap ourselves in a blanket, drink hot chocolate, and watch a favorite movie. Therefore, the customizable blanket is obviously one of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts for female best friends.

blanket - thoughtful christmas gifts for best friends

The blanket not only keeps your BFFs warm, but it also reminds them of your beautiful friendship via the quote and lively image on the front side. They can understand their special position in your life, and their roles will never change.

#2 "This Is My Couch - Go Sit Over There" Throw Pillow

This personalized pillow can be a decent decorative item for your BFF’s living room. The funny quote shows the common habit of dogs - rest on a pleasant and cozy sofa instead of the cold floors. This image will make your friend laugh whenever they hug it, as it somehow shows a similarity between her and this funny dog!

pillow - christmas gift ideas for best friends

Undeniably, the graphic of a cute dog sleeping while wearing a Santa Claus hat will boost the Christmas atmosphere at your BFF’s place.

#3 Back And Neck Massage Machine

Back pain and neck pain are the enemies of adults. Therefore, this massage machine can be one of the most practical Christmas presents for best friends.

Back And Neck Massage Machine
Back & Neck Massage Machine (Source: Prevention)

The item is also compact and handy that your BFFs can place it anywhere to relax their overused muscles, like on the chair at the office or on a car. Your best friend will thank you every time they use this item!

#4 Pink Pillowcase & Eye Mask

You can imagine how surprised and excited your best friend is when she receives such a girly combo for the bedroom from you. The fabric eye mask and pillowcase are totally safe for your best friend’s sensitive skin.

Pink Pillowcase And Eye Mask
Pink Pillowcase And Eye Mask (Source: Etsy)

As a result, your bestie’s facial skin condition may get better when using this silky pillowcase and eye mask. No girl can deny this thoughtful gift!

#5 Touch-screen Glove

Touch-screen gloves are thoughtful Christmas gifts for best friends because they will facilitate your BFFs in using touch-screen devices. Opt for the glove that is made with anti-slip silicone gel, which allows your best friends to hold things steadily and interact with digital devices conveniently.

Touch-screen Glove
Touch-screen Glove (Source: The New York Times)

It's The Thoughts That Count!

Christmas gifts for best friends will help to warm up your friendship. A gift is considered precious not because of its price but also due to the meaningful message that goes with it.

Now, you can start to figure out what present to offer your BFFs based on those suggestions on our list.

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