How to Wash Printed T-shirt: An in-depth Guide & Pro Tips


Last updated: Jun 17, 2021

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How to Wash Printed T-shirt: An in-depth Guide & Pro Tips

Whenever you purchase something, you always want them to be long-lasting with you, right? It’s not an exception when it comes to printed t-shirts.

You’ve tried to wash them and the result has never been good? Gossby knows your problems now. Below, a step-by-step guide of how to wash printed t-shirts in the right ways will be provided so all of you (my friends) can be with your favorite piece of cloth longer.

Preparation - What to Know before Washing Printed T-shirts?

Before cleaning your customized T-shirts, make sure you do some research to know what exactly you should and shouldn’t do. To be more convenient for you, here are some tips Gossby wants to share with you.

  • Ensure you turn the garment inside out before washing your printed T-shirts: yes, this is the first thing you have to do. By doing that, your printed t-shirts will be well protected from the effect of the detergent & friction that the garment is going to be subjected to.

how to wash screen printed shirts
  • Coldwater only: If you want your favorite t-shirts to be with you longer, keep it in mind. Coldwater will keep your designs looking fresh for a long time.

how to wash a printed t shirt
  • Don’t soak printed t-shirts too long: always avoid leaving your t-shirts to soak for too long and not stuff them into the dryer as your custom garments will be destroyed. To keep your beloved t-shirts being fresh, ensure you’re going to hang them out to dry & try not more than an hour.

how to wash a printed shirt
  • Don’t brush your printed t-shirts too hard: Gentleness is always the must whenever you wash anything and now is your printed t-shirt. Rubbing it up against the others in your wash can be enough to beat up the printed design.

  • Avoid bleach unless you want to “bye-bye” your printed t-shirts: we believe you all know how dangerous bleach will be to your t-shirts. It’s a kind of chemical that will destroy digital prints of your t-shirts.

how to keep screen printed t shirts clean

How to Wash Printed T-shirts Properly? A step-by-step Guide

You’ve already had printed T-shirts? Maybe there are high-quality personalized t-shirts you bought from Gossby. With this in-depth guide, you will know how to deal with printed t-shirts no matter if you got them from Gossby or anywhere else.

What to consider in this section?

  1. Pre-step Considerations

  2. Labels Considerations

  3. Washing Considerations

  4. Drying considerations

  5. Ironing Considerations

  6. Storing Considerations

1. Pre-step Considerations

Before undergoing any washing steps with your printed t-shirts, hit the brakes & ensure they all aren’t fresh from the press. Your t-shirts 24 hrs, at least, to get some r&r before starting experimenting with them.

The technical reason here: you need to let the ink cure & adhere to the fabrics accordingly.

For checking the print if it’s not going to dramatically crack down the middle or peel off, just give the material a stretch in the printed area & ensure all stays intact. Also, give your fingers a run over the border & check your print is perfectly transferred to your printed t-shirts.

Anyway, once shopping for personalized t-shirts at Gossby, you will get ones that are totally all-dry & rested after printing.

washing your screen t shirts

Do you reckon that you should have the green light to get washing?  It’s time for an essential color check.

Splash some little water on the print & rub it with a white cloth to ensure no colors jump ship.

You’re getting residual coloring on the cloth? Then, there’s a pretty high chance your colors could be about to run riot in the wash so, you’ve saved yourselves from potential printed t-shirt tragedy.

2. Label Considerations 

Label considerations are a bit of a grey area about printed t-shirts as some are created with the print in mind, but some are actually regarding the plain t-shirts.

When a plain t-shirt evolves to a custom print, it will undergo a massive change & you have to treat it as an entirely new garment.

Technically, the original labels don’t oversee our printing process.

3. Washing Considerations

To wash an item, would be more than just throwing it into the washing machine and hoping for the best, especially printed t-shirts. Before getting round to the actual washing, keep in mind to separate everything, your darks from your lights (to stop color running) and also your jeans from your t-shirts.

Turning your t-shirts inside out before cleaning (also drying), you should avoid it from rubbing against other fabrics & preserve the ink.

washing printed t shirts

As mentioned, doing this trick doesn’t only apply to printed t-shirts, many garments greatly benefit from being turned inside out. Also, it will prevent colors from fading too quickly & fabric retaining quality.

Once finally getting down to business & getting the clothes in the machine, you then go easy on them. Also mentioned, prevent using black at all costs as well as strong detergents. Instead, use mild soap as your printed t-shirts will thank you after being completely washed.

Lastly, Gossby would like to remind you that cold water is the best. We believe no one washes anything with hot water, right? 

4. Drying Considerations

Do you remember that the best way to dry clothes is a good old-fashioned washing line?

Why is it the best? Because it helps you avoid unexpected shrinkage that destroys your print & inevitable tantrum. Hot water as well as the heat from the dryer will be the main cause of loathing shrinkage, especially when washing cotton.

Going au natural & hanging your printed t-shirts out, ensure to do it away from direct sunlight as it’s dangerous for colors.

5. Ironing Considerations

Looking for the best way to iron your printed t-shirts? Well, the answer is not at all.

The heat, indeed, is an all-around enemy to your printed t-shirts so, ironing is absolutely the most dangerous thing. Melting the print, burning the t-shirt, then we’re at a dangerous ball game.

The point is, you should avoid ironing your printed t-shirts. In case you must do that, ensure you play it safe.

How? You’re recommended to use the lowest setting and iron your shirts turned inside out as you can maintain the structural integrity of the imprint. Remember to avoid applying steam or moisture to the print before putting the iron on it, disaster could follow.

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More to read:

Do You Find Your Answer?

So, Gossby hopes these provided guidelines about "how to wash printed t-shirts properly" will get you back the best possible lifespan of your printed t-shirts. We can say that it would be a fragile relationship between you and the t-shirts, however, if you know your stuff it can be long-lasting.

Remember to stop throwing anything in the washing machine together. That thought, about a few seconds, to save your favorite stuff.

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