Christmas Trends 2022 - How Will The Holiday Season Look Like?


Last updated: Nov 21, 2022

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Christmas Trends 2022 - How Will The Holiday Season Look Like?

Our most favorite holiday - Christmas - is in the run-up. Chances are, we kept the holiday season safe and sound, last year, with activities via Zoom. However, this year, we can look forward to more time in person with our family, loved ones, friends... a bigger guest list, and perhaps, a bit more social calendar.

So, if you're feeling festive, and thinking about heartfelt Christmas gifts or decorating your home into a festive grotto… Gossby would love to list some predictions on Christmas trends in 2022 here. Keep scrolling down and discover what Christmas 2022 will look like.

What's the New Christmas Decoration Trend in 2022?

To get the answer to this question, let’s take a look at the 05 decor trends that are predicted to be viral this Christmas.

1. Go for Personalization

Recently, personalization has been more prevalent for years and loved by many people. Since the tough time of the pandemic, we all understand the importance of family, friendships due to the pandemic, and this Christmas, we would love to celebrate the holiday special.

Personalization - Christmas decoration trends in 2021
Our "Mother & Daughter Forever Linked Together" Personalized Mug

2. Organic Sustainability

When it comes to the Christmas dinner table, the big trend will go for sustainability. Things coming from reusable crackers to recycled glassware are going to be in demand. And once again, personalization will be loved.

Eco-friendly Christmas Table Dinner
Eco-friendly Christmas Table Dinner (Source: RESET Org)

3. Rustic Decoration

No matter how modern the world will be, rustic decoration will never be the old-fashion trend. Talking about Christmas trends 2022 in decoration, rustic and farm-like aesthetics will be the main theme. The combination of monochromatic and wooden vibe is key to this 2022 holiday trend.

Rustic Decoration - Christmas trends 2021
Rustic Decoration (Source: Annie Spratt - Unsplash)

4. Boho Decoration

The fact is that the Boho decoration is one of the biggest trends and when it comes to Christmas decoration trends, it wouldn’t be an exception. Decor items for this style mostly can be hand-made. Generally, this Christmas decor trend is perfect for those who are in love with minimalist designs.

Boho - Christmas Decoration trends 2021 Camylla Battani
Boho Decoration (Source: Camylla Battani - Unsplash)

5. Botanical

Perhaps, this Christmas will see the raise of natural elements in the Christmas decor trend. According to Zoe Warren - Interior Design at Price Your Job, non-artificial Christmas trees that are surrounded with evergreen wood accessories, florals... will be stunning and lavish when we pair them together.

Botanical is one of the best Christmas trends in 2021
Botanical Decoration Trend (Source: Erwan Hesry - Unsplash)

What Colors Are Trends in Christmas 2022?

These 05 colors below are supposed to be trendy this Christmas 2022. What are they?

And, here you are:

1. Turquoise

Turquoise, somehow, is a combination between green and blue, and the color looks elegant, space-expanding, and of course - fresh. If your room is decorated with turquoise ornaments, it will be incredibly light, airy, and lavish.

Turquoise - Christmas Color Trends in 2021
Turquoise Color (Source: Manuel Will - Unsplash)

[Find more] At Gossby, you’re offered a wide collection of personalized Christmas ornaments with turquoise color (like the one below). Browse our collection (via the link) and select the best ones that you love the most.

customized christmas ornaments - 2021 trends Christmas
Our "I Hope We're Friends Until We Die..." Customized Christmas Ornament

2. Pastel Colors

In our daily life, we can catch pastel colors almost anywhere, so it’s not exaggerating to say that pastels are ruling every single aspect in this day and age. Christmas won’t be an exception. The color itself is predicted to take over the holiday season, from colorful pastel fantasies to very soft accents.

Christmas in pastel color trend
Pastel Color (Source: Visual Stories | Micheile - Unsplash)

3. The Pink

Besides pastel, another color that is considered to be trendy this Christmas is the pink color (the berry combo, to be more exact). Warm purple with pink and crimson undertones will undoubtedly provide a pleasant, happy, and stylish feel to your decor.

Christmas trend in Pink
Pink Color (Source: Bridget Mac Donald - Unsplash)

4. Silver

The muted & cooler tone coming from the silver color will help you to bring the snowy vibe to your interior design, of course without the cold temperatures. Due to the chilling vibe the silver color brings to your home, we expect it to take center stage this holiday season.

Silver - Christmas color trend
Christmas Tree with Silver Color (Source: Christina Winter - Unsplash)

5. Blue & Navy Blue

This may come as a surprise, but deep blue tones have emerged as the clear favorite of the 2018 and 2019 holiday seasons. Designers advocate combining blue, purple, and gray tones to give the illusion of a frozen tropical ocean. Would you want to give it a shot?

christmas blue and navy blue - Wayfair
Blue & Navy Blue Color (Source: Wayfair)

What Trending for Christmas Gifts in 2022?

Below, Gossby would love to share with you some ideas which we expect will be officially on the list of top Christmas gift trends in 2022.

1. Gifts with Personal Touches

We’ll never get bored with personalized gifts which contain our feelings, efforts, and creativity. There are some reasons why we love giving our loved ones personalized Christmas gifts:

  • They help us to build a strong connection

  • They are treasured keepsakes

  • They suit any occasion (not just Christmas)

Interestingly, you can customize your Christmas gift with your personal touches right here, at Gossby.

Browse our collection of Personalized Christmas Gifts or take a look at some examples below to get a closer look at this 2022 Christmas gift trend.

"Because of You, I Laugh A Little Harder" Ornament

custom ornament - Christmas gift trends 2021

"Like Mother Like Daughter" Mug

ceramic mug - chirstmas trends

"This Is My Couch - Go Sit Over There" Throw Pillow

throw pillow - gift trends in christmas

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" Wrapped Canvas

wrapped canvas - christmas gift trend 2021

"NANA & Grandkids" Fleece Blanket

personalized fleece blanket

2. Letterbox Everything

Beauty subscriptions, flowers, male grooming kits, drinks, and even brewing equipment may all be manufactured to fit through a letterbox.

What Trending in the Christmas Tree in 2022?

Have no idea to adorn your Christmas trees? No worries.

Take a look at these 05 Christmas tree decorations 2022 below:

1. Christmas Tree with Personalized Ornaments

As said, personalization has been trendy in this day and age because you’re allowed to express your thoughts, feelings, and loves by adding personal touches to customizable objects.

personalized ornaments - christmas tree trends 2021

The same with personalized gifts, you can decide what will be printed (or engraved) on the ornaments to create unique ones as treasured keepsakes, reminding you of something precious in life.

2. Neutral Christmas Tree

A slim or sparse Christmas tree with ornaments in a neutral color is perfect if you're in love with a modern & chic style. Some neutral-colored ornaments you can consider are white, beige, or gray.

Neutral Christmas Tree - 2021 Christmas trends
Neutral Christmas Tree (Source: Elle Decor)

3. Christmas Tree In Galvanized Tree Collar

This is a marvelous idea when it comes to finding a way to cover the unsightly bottom of Christmas trees. You can hide the base with a metal ring or tree collar, instead of covering it with a tree skirt.

Christmas Tree In Galvanized Tree Collar
Christmas Tree In Galvanized Tree Collar (Source: Amazon)

4. Turquoise Christmas Tree 

Well, this is an ideal way to be unique. Opt for the blue Christmas tree if you love the festive holiday. Not only is the turquoise color beautiful but it brings a peaceful and elegant vibe to your living space. Go for this option and be ready to stand out from the crowd.

Turquoise Christmas Tree
Turquoise Christmas Tree (Source: Elle Decor)

5. Night-sky Christmas Tree 

Let's combine space-inspired baubles, shapely recent moons, and not-to-miss twinkling star ornaments to make an out-of-ordinary celestial teme steeped in cosmic drama & moondust magic.

You can opt for a charcoal-colored tree and then, add twinkling lights for the best effect. Ah, don't forget the statement shooting star Christmas tree topper as it will be an ultimate finishing touch.

Have You got Your Favorite Christmas Trends?

Christmas is approaching and nothing can beat the excitement coming with searching for the perfect Christmas trends in 2022 to go for. With the list above, hopefully, you will find the best one that gives you a hand to make the holiday season a memorable one with your cherished people.

Wait no more, start creating your focal point, reflecting your “true color” by getting the right Christmas trends: decoration, gifts, colors, trees… that suit you most.

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