The 10 Touching Personalized Memorial Gifts to Keep Beautiful Memories With You


Last updated: Nov 07, 2021

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The 10 Touching Personalized Memorial Gifts to Keep Beautiful Memories With You

Losing a pet, a friend, or a family member is the most devastating event we have gone through in this life. But at the end of the day, the only thing we can do is move on and accept the truth that our loved ones are living happily up there. And sending ourselves a memorial gift is the sweetest healing remedy we can do!

If you are in the same boat and have a headache because of searching for a long time with no idea, let our collection of these personalized memorial gifts help you with this trouble!

10 Most Touching Personalized Remembrance Gifts

Finding personalized gifts for memorials is never an easy task. But don't worry because we've got you covered with 10 available options. Please scroll down to see what they are!

#1. "Because Someone We Love Is In Heaven..." Mug

This personalized mug symbolizes the connection between giftees and their loved ones will forever be strong. 

The digital illustration and touching quote - "Because someone we love is in heaven, there's a bit of heaven in our home" seems to tell the world that there is no separation between them.
Christmas Memorial Mug - personalized memorial gifts

Although those who have gone are currently in heaven, in a way, they are still present by our side. The connection between you and who you love will never change no matter what happens.

#2. Personalized Memorial Stones

Engraving their name, image, date, and last words on the stone will make them stay with you for good. That's why we recommend you consider it as a memorial gift for someone whose loved one has just passed away.

Personalized Memorial Stones
Personalized Memorial Stones (Source: Purple Heart Pallet - Etsy)

Place the stone in your garden if your deceased ones love nature, in your reading room if they live and breathe books. Every time you see them, they will recall the good memories of the old days, as if they were still there. Those beautiful moments will never be lost no matter the circumstances, like the way their name is set in stone.

#3. "A Piece Of My Heart In Heaven" Mug

Christmas is coming, and the nostalgia is increasing day by day in the hearts of people whose daughter has just gone. So, why not consider the Christmas memorial mugs as one of the personalized memorial gifts for the loss of a daughter?

custom mug - customized memorial gifts

"A piece of my heart lives in heaven" is a meaningful quote to pay tribute to their daughter, who is now in another world. Although they live in two different worlds, their hearts always contain happy memories of their daughter. Christmas is no longer a lonely day this year when they sip a hot chocolate in this “piece of heart”.

#4. Personalized Wind Chime

What do you think about wind chimes? If you're wondering whether it's a good idea for a memorial gift, the answer is a big "Yes!"

Personalized Wind Chime
Personalized Wind Chime (Source: ASTARIN Store - Amazon)

For a long time, people have always considered wind chimes to connect the two sides of the world. And it would be better if you use your beloved’s name and images to make the chimes. When the wind blows and the chimes ring, you know that your loved ones in the afterlife have just sent you a message.

#5. "I Am Always With You" Fleece Blanket

A blanket has always been a symbol of protection and affection like the way husbands protect wives. That’s what you had in mind to get the blanket as one of the personalized memorial gifts for the loss of husbands.

fleece blanket - custom memorial gifts

The personalized blanket is a harmonious combination of form and content value. The giftee will feel her heart warmed by the sacred reunion scene with her husband every time she cuddles in it. Send a little love to her from heaven, as “I am always with you.”

#6. "I Miss The Sound Of Your Paw" Throw Pillow

Losing a loyal pet can be a huge loss to every family. If you are wondering about a memorial pet gift, don't hesitate to think about a custom pillow with the quote, "I miss the sound of your paw."

Can you feel the peace in this pillow? Peaceful yet painful, as there’s no sound of your dog in life. Maybe the only thing a dog parent wants when their little one has gone is to hear that whimpering sound again.

#7. Personalized Glass Dome Bauble

Be it your family members, your friends, or your pets, you can easily print one of their pictures and make the most meaningful glass dome bauble. The delicate glass symbolizes your fragile heart when you lose them, but that your heart will always have them inside never goes wrong.

Personalized Glass Dome Bauble
Personalized Glass Dome Bauble (Source: Not On The High Street)

#8. "I Miss You More Than Anything - I Know" Wrapped Canvas

personalized canvas is a great idea if you are considering personalized memorial gifts for the loss of a mother.

A painting on a canvas is an idyllic moment when giftees and their mother enjoy the view together. "I miss you more than anything" will probably be the most suitable sentence for their mood right now. 

wrapped canvas - personalized remembrance gifts

Mother is always the person who understands us most. And believe us, she knows how you miss her and is watching you from heaven.

Can you feel what the quote wants to say? “When you miss your mother who is in another world, you might be so lonely and disappointed. But please don't worry, as she will always be there by your side, and your mother will always understand your deepest feelings for her”.

#9. "Your Wing Are Ready - But My Heart Was Not" Wrapped Canvas

Are you looking for personalized memorial gifts for the loss of a father for someone whose father has just gone? Do not worry! We offer you an ideal choice - a memorial canvas with the quote, "Your wings were ready, but my heart was not".

Our canvas will recreate the beautiful moment when giftees and their father are watching the sunset together. The picture evokes a sense of sadness, but every time you look at it, you will feel the shadow of their father is still by your side.

custom canvas - personalized memorial gifts for loss of mother

Although the person we love is indeed in the afterlife, sometimes we still cannot accept it. Nostalgia still wells up in our hearts that no words can describe. That's why maybe their wings were ready, but our hearts were not.

#10. Personalized  Memorial Album

We know that you are trying to forget the sorrow invading your mind, but sometimes, reviving the sweet memories is way better to mend your soul. Create an album that is only for your loved ones with their fav color, their handwriting, and their images...

Personalized Memorial Album
Personalized Memorial Album (Source: Flip Chap)

Albums have always been a treasure of their beautiful memories together. Choose the most beautiful photos and their handwriting in the diary, print them out, and carefully arrange them on each page. Then, you have got a thoughtful gift for someone or even for your broken heart.

banner personalized memorial gifts

Why Give Personalized Memorial Gifts?

Personalized memorial gifts are always ideal for expressing people's feelings to the deceased for many reasons. If you wonder about them, then follow us for the answer!

Reason 1: They're Treasured Keepsakes, Reminding Of Beautiful Memories

All customized memorial gifts evoke fond memories of giftees and their loved ones. Every time looking at them, they will reminisce about the best times in the past, when they and their partner were still together.

There is no need to force themselves to forget the sadness. Instead, let these keepsakes drive you to the meaningful moments they have had together and mend their soul.

They may leave us, but what they have left in our life is worth cherishing and honoring than letting yourself down in the dump. Believe us; if you are happy, they’ll smile in heaven.

Why Give Personalized Memorial Gifts

Reason 2: Lift Giftee's Spirit From The Loss

The pain of losing a loved one always makes people's days pass in misery. But with the custom memorial gifts, will help a lot in lifting the recipients from the loss.

Every time they see these personalized remembrance gifts, giftees will find peace in mind. Although the person they love is in heaven, they'll be with the giftees for good.

More to discover:

Our Last Words!

Losing a loved one will make people’s days more difficult than ever. However, believe that our loved ones will always be with us and that the connection between us will never disappear, come rain or shine. 

After reading our article, we hope our collection of personalized memorial gifts will help you express your condolences and understanding to your friends or even yourself. Send them now so that every time giftees see it, they will remember the best times together with their dearest. Have a nice day!
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