Top 10 Gift Ideas For Best Friend Female That Always Work


Last updated: Dec 03, 2021

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Top 10 Gift Ideas For Best Friend Female That Always Work

Gifting is all about spreading love! And a friend who always shows up when you need the most deserves a ton of love from you this holiday. It’s tempting to go through a list of your bestie’s belongings, pick one and add its upgrade version to the shopping cart. After all, you don’t want to risk buying something that she would leave gathering dust.

But if you want to take your gift-giving game to a notch this year, we’ve got you covered. Here are some “like no others” gift ideas for best friend females that have not yet failed us (and our website visitors) so far!

What Are The Best Gift Ideas For Female Friends? 

What To Give To A Female Friends

The pandemic has clearly shown the significance of friendship for our lives, and nailing the perfect gift for your partner in crime is a great way to show your gratitude towards the person who’s always there for you. Fortunately, shopping for a gift for friends is not as tough as for your colleagues or family members.

Yet, as you know her like the back of your hand, it does pose some pressures: you don’t want to just order her something that will be considered not thoughtful enough. A thoughtful gift that carries sentimental values will go a long way to strengthen your friendship bond.

What to give to your female best friend
What to give to your female best friend? (Source: Katie Treadway - Unsplash)

And that’s where personalized best friend gifts come in! There’s no secret that women are easier to feel sentimental than men, so a present that lends a personal touch will easily win her heart more than anything mass-made.

Adding customization elements to simple daily items like blankets, friend coffee mugs, or shirts for daily wear will make them more touching. Because they’re also practical, you won’t have to worry that they will sit unused for months.

When To Give A Gift To A Female Friends

It’s always a must to surprise your soul sister on special occasions or major milestones like graduation, moving away for a fancier job, marriage, birth-giving, etc.

When to Give Your Female Friend A Gift?
When to Give Your Female Friend A Gift? (Source: Omar Lopez - Unsplash)

However, something out of the blue and for “no reason” that screams your thoughtfulness is more heart-felt and helps to show you’re always caring about her.

So, don’t wait until when you’re obliged to buy a present for your bestie, send her something unexpectedly and wait to be attacked by a tight hug (if she’s close to you) or a bombard of “thank you” and “I love you” through phone (if she’s miles away).

The 10 Heart-Touching Gift Ideas For Female Friends?

Sentimental gifts are always a great option regardless of the occasions you seek to delight your B.F.F, from awesome gift ideas for best friend female birthday,  graduation, birthday, Christmas, to simply as a just because.

Out of 10 perfect gift ideas below, you’ll find some customized friend gifts from Gossby, which you can involve a bit in the making to bring out unique and meaningful gifts for a friend. From name, skin, hair colors, and styles to the selected number of characters, you can tailor the gifts for the closest-to-real-life custom portraits of you and your besties.

#1. "Besties Forever" Mug

People change, and friends drift apart, emotionally and/or physically. You soon realize that most of your friendships won’t last a lifetime. Distance, life, and time are what make us fail to keep our wonderful friends just as they are.

ceramic mug - gift ideas for best friend female
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However, a true friendship stays solid-rock and sustains whatever life throws at them. If you’re lucky to get one, let your ride-or-die bestie know how grateful you’re, with this personalized mug that is tailored for her only. 

#2. "Apparently We're Trouble When We're Together - Who Knew" T-shirt

Just like the lyrics in G.N.O hit by Miley Cyrus: “Send out a 911 / We’re gonna have some fun / Hey, boy, you know you better run”, girls being together is something boys should watch out for.

From bar nights, karaoke, dance parties to the streets, we bet you always had a whole lot of fun together and some hilarious memories to crack up over as trouble-makers.

t shirt - gifts for female friends
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Apparently, when you and your besties are in one place, what was seemingly a boring, lame day is turned into an adventurous, thrilling one. The vibe from this customized t-shirt makes it legitimately one of the best birthday gift ideas for female best friends.

#3. Custom Photo Book

When was the last time your pal scrolled to the end of her phone’s library or dug through the image folder on the laptop to rewind some lovely memories? Don’t let those beautiful photos of you and her be buried somewhere on the cloud by giving her a custom photo album.

Custom Photo Book
Custom Photo Book (Source: I See Me Books US - Etsy)

She’ll love flipping through it now and then, and whenever she’s doing so, memories will flash through her mind and make her smile. If you’re so lucky to have a long-life friend, take your time to select the oldest pics to help her relive amazing moments back then.

#4. "You're My Person - You'll Always Be My Person" Fleece Blanket

If your besties are a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, she definitely knows the famous line that manifests the unbreakable bond between Meredith and Christina - “you’re my person”. Everyone wants to have at least a “person” that they can share their highs and lows.

fleece blanket - gifts for best friend female
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Scream your love and appreciation for her with this personalized blanket that’s full of fun colors. It is sure to cozily wrap around her in the colder months or whenever you’re not there to give her a comforting hug.

#5. "Because Of You I Laugh A Little Harder..." Ornament

Deep connections with friends give laugh-until-your-face-hurts joys and comfort and consolation in the most trying times.

ornament - gift ideas for best friend female christmas

If you’re looking for genius Christmas gift ideas for best friend females for your sorority sister group, these custom ornaments, with a heart-warming illustration of all of you, are always a nice pick. This personalized Christmas gift can not only spruce up their Christmas trees but also become a keepsake that they treasure forever.

banner personalized best friends

#6. Zodiac Earring Sets

Another way to make your gifts for female friends special without “saying it all” is to borrow personal details, like her birthday or zodiac signs.

Zodiac Earring Sets
Zodiac Earring Sets (Source: Beadthoven Store - Amazon)

If you’ve got an Astro-obsessed in your life, then a stunning, only-for-you Zodiac earring set will make her scream with joy the moment she unwraps the gift box. Worry not if she’s ain’t that type, cause any girl will say no to dainty, delicate jewelry that flatters her face and outfit?

#7. "Drink Are Best When Mixed With Friends" Poster

There are days when you have endless laughter, joining sweet lunch dates, and good things as an excuse to pop up a bottle of champagne. Yet, there are other times when you feel like up for nothing and just need someone to share your stories with.

poster - gift ideas for best friend female birthday
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Whatever happens, your besties are always there for you: toast to your success and happiness, and drink away all the sadness with you. The drinks taste better with their presence, so does your life!

#8. "Life Is Better With You" Throw Pillow

Life is full of joys with the arrival of our best friends. You’ve got what is needed to become a better version of yourself: comfort, unconditional support, self-esteem boost, fresh perspective, honest opinions, etc.

throw pillow - cute birthday gift ideas for best friend female
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It’s great to have somebody that picks up your calls late at night just to hear you weeping about life issues and give you comforting words to move forward and stay stronger. This personalized pillow says what she probably already knows - she’s made the world a better place (and you won’t take her for granted, either).

#9. "Friend Til' The End" Wrapped Canvas

There’s no better way to honor your cute, supportive squad than this customized canvas with an illustrated portrait of all of your B.F.Fs. They are the second home that you can turn to when you badly need a sense of support and security. Let them know you always make an effort to stay beside them, without any excuse, just like what they’ve done for you.

wrapped canvas - the best gift ideas for best friend female
best gifts for best friend females

#10. Personalized Trinket Dish

Whether you want something to help your clumsy friends stay more organized, or brighten up their morning with encouraging, positive affirmations - go for a custom trinket dish.

Personalized Trinket Dish
Personalized Trinket Dish (Source: Jennifer Craft Corner - Etsy)

You’ll never again hear words like “where’s another earring” over the phone as you’re rushing her to get dressed up. Don’t forget to pick up meaningful messages so she’ll always get a daily dose of positivity every time she wakes up.

Choosing gifts for friends might not be a straightforward endeavor as you might think. How can you possibly show how important your besties are in your life with just one present? 

We’ve rounded up genius gift ideas through which you can scream “I love you” to your B.F.Fs, from far-away friends, choosiest friends, to “I’ve got everything” type of friends, anyone in between. So, scroll through the compilations of our cute, funny gifts to better prepare for the upcoming gift-giving occasion.

In The Nutshell!

We wish our list of gift ideas for best friend females has given you some inspiration for this gift-giving season. Whether she’s living miles away from you, or just around the corner, never skip gifts for a best friend female on special occasions to tell her that you’re not taking her for granted. 

When in doubt, a personalized item will make a great heart-touching surprise and perhaps help remind two of you how important your connection to each other is.

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