20 Heartfelt Christmas Gifts for Family to Place Under the Tree


Last updated: Dec 03, 2022

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20 Heartfelt Christmas Gifts for Family to Place Under the Tree

Are you struggling with what to get for your family this Christmas? We have the answer! This blog post is filled with unique, thoughtful, and creative Christmas gifts for family suggestions perfect for any member. 

Why did we say that it can fit any member? Because it’s personalized gifts that we’re talking about. Those trendy gifts that you can freely customize, so it suits your giftees! 

These are one-of-a-kind stuff that would allow you to express whatever feeling you are having towards the receivers. Whether they're a teen or an adult, you'll find some great options on this list!

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05 Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas For Family

Giving a thoughtful present on Christmas Eve can be interesting and tough at the same time. Here are our five suggestions for meaningful Christmas presents for family!

#1 Personalized Mug

Your family just said goodbye to any member, but you guys still want them to cherish the moment with you? A personalized mug can help you with that.

personalized christmas gifts for family

With just a touch of designs and adjusting in name and member, here you are. Your beloved ones are always by your side, even in the coldest month of the year. A sip of hot tea or milk would feel as if they’re hugging you, sheltering you through every hardest part of life.

If you are not saying goodbye to anyone but just want to keep them in your heart, you can remove these angel wings!

#2 Personalized Night Light

The night light is a super great item for your kids or your parents at night. Its soft light makes their bedroom cozier, guaranteeing a better night’s sleep through this cold winter.

What is more intriguing? You can personalize it with some memorable photos and the name of your family member on it.

Personalized Night Light is a christmas present for family

Indeed, this night light present will be more meaningful and warmhearted than any other big present! Each time they go to sleep, the night light will sing them to sleep for you.

#3 Personalized Ornament

If you're running out of ideas for customized presents, the ornament will never disappoint you. You can put tons of things on the ornaments to make them special and unique gifts for family on Christmas.

ornaments are the best  christmas gift ideas for family

Your loved ones will surely favor this gift thanks to its durable materials, metal matt finish, lightweight aluminum, and lovely red ribbon. Purchasing it at Gossby’s grants you a chance to customize art and quotes that carry your emotional feelings to those you love the most. This item can “speak” a thousand gentle words for you!

#4 Personalized Costume

Personalized costumes are the fourth candidate on our list. In detail, this present is the most suitable gift as you can pick it for different age groups like your children, brother, sister or your parents. Give each of your family members a fabulous family Christmas sweater!

t shirts as a good gift idea for famiuly on christmas

Pick up a design, attach personal touch (a picture or a family slogan), then a family set of clothes is ready!

#5 Personalized Wrapped Canvas

Personalized wrapped canvas with your design can become the most extra special gift your family members have ever got. Christmas is the time for a family reunion, so you can send them a canvas of themselves or the whole family to hang on the living room wall.

canvas is an amazing christmas gift for family

Your mom and dad will surely love this present, that they will hang this canvas print in their living room or bedroom for a long time. Every time your parents miss their babies, they can look at the canvas and be warm-hearted knowing you’re also thinking of them, too!

Simply upload a photo with a meaningful quote, and you'll get the unique present to surprise your loved ones on Xmas.

personalized Christmas gifts

05 Funny Christmas Gift Ideas For Family

Let’s enhance the mood of the Christmas dinner by giving each person a fun Christmas gift! Here are the five suggestions of funny Christmas gifts for family that will fill your house with laughter!

#6 Puzzle

A puzzle is amongst those excellent ideas for a more exciting holiday night! With a set of puzzles, you and your family can sit around working together on completing the puzzle pictures while sharing about your life and hearing some funny stories.

Puzzle - Funny Christmas Gift Ideas For Family

#7 Slippery

In the cold weather like Christmas, you should not miss a pair of slippers with plush sheepskin. Thanks to them, your family members can keep their feet warm, which will prevent illness and cold.

christmas Slippery for family

You can choose the family set with the same design and color, as it will be super fun when taking them off, mixing, and finding your slippers.

#8 Teddy Bear

Holding a teddy bear while sleeping may be one of the most common habits nowadays. Some might say it's childish to do so. However, you can still take it as a gift to represent yourself, who will always be there to support your loved ones.

Teddy Bear for christmas presents for family

Do not forget that a premium one with soft fabric will be much better for their skin and sleep.

#9 Socks

When we are kids, who do not usually expect to have gifts on their socks on Christmas Eve? Therefore, socks as a gift, why not? Treating your children, the spouse, with a pair of socks with funny decorations, can surprise and please them! Undoubtedly, socks are essential Christmas gifts for the family in the cold of December!

Socks is a funny gift ideas for family on christmas

#10 Kinetic Sand Box Playset

If your family has kids, kinetic sand will be a fabulous Christmas gift suitable for playing with after the winter has passed!

Imagine the whole family sitting together and building a castle in spring. How cozy and wonderful it is! After this time, the bond among family members will be strengthened, especially between parents and kids.


05 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Family

If your family members prefer a one-of-a-kind present, you should add these items below to your shopping list immediately.

#11 A Cube Lamp

Want some things for both light and decoration? A cube lamp is a wise selection. You can design it with a photo or a wish, and the receivers can put the lamp on the bedside cabinet. It is best suitable for people who love the simplicity yet meaningful items!

A Cube Lamp - Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Family

#12 Crocs

Crocs have become so trendy in recent days. They are waterproof, lightweight, and breathable, which makes your foot dry and comfortable. Crocs also come in numerous styles, colors and you can personalize them by attaching Jibbitz.

Crocs is a christmas present for family

Thus, it’s one of these go-to options for Christmas, particularly when some teenagers are in your family.

#13 Utensils

It’s a shortcoming not decorating the kitchen with something that matches the Christmas atmosphere. This is when a set of utensils are in use! They are all carved with Christmas elements such as snowflakes, Santa Claus, bell, etc.

Utensils christmas gifts for family

Your mother will probably be interested in these products as they are lovely, useful gifts that can breathe life into those boring utensils!

#14 Candles

Candles with a relaxing scent can truly be perfect Christmas gifts for family members. Their aroma can warm up the entire room in this cold weather and leave a comfortable feeling for the users.

Candles is a perfect chistmas gift ideas for family

In particular, you can specialize it by decorating the candle with red ribbons or funny stickers. Your family members will love these candles at first sight for sure!

#15 Bath Bomb

A hard-working and tiring year is coming to an end, and maybe everyone wants to soak themselves in the tub, relax and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere! The idea of a bath bomb gift might cross your mind right away at this time.

Bath Bomb Christmas gifts

These must-check bath bombs with a sweet scent and unique colors will be totally useful!

05 Amazing Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas For Family

Homemade presents are ideal as well. Receiving a gift made by you, your family can be on the cloud and feel happier than ever before!

#16 DIY Calendar

Christmas is at the end of December, which means the end of a year, so a calendar for the new year is a brilliant idea. They can keep track of passing days through this calendar.

Calendar - homemade christmas gift ideas for family

Moreover, you can make a DIY calendar by drawing or adding some family pictures to it. Whether the calendar is beautiful or not, it is made with your affection, so your family will 100% love it.

#17 Pillow

Laying down in bed after a long hard working day, you will think of a comfortable pillow right away. 

personalized throw pillows as the best gifts for family on christmas

On Christmas, a self-designed pillow with high quality can help your beloved get a better sleep quality, relax, and express your care to them. Indeed, this personalized pillow will be a very good name on this list.

#18 Notebook

Christmas - the most beautiful time of the year, is coming and marks the year's end. A notebook or a journal can then be another potential candidate for the insightful Christmas gifts for your family reunion at that time.

homemade notebook gifts for family on christmas

You can turn it into a homemade gift by customizing its cover, adding handmade flowers, pictures, or a wish. Your family can use it for taking notes for the next year and love you more each time looking at that book. 

#19 Gingerbread

When it comes to Christmas, gingerbread is a must-not-miss item. A box of gingerbread or a gingerbread house is an ideal gift. It is a symbol of Christmas, and a homemade one can even double the meaning of the gift.


You should also decorate the gift box so that your family can display it somewhere to boost the Christmas vibe of the house.

#20 Homemade Candies

Homemade candies at this special event are also highly suggested. The children will be excited to receive this Christmas dessert. A box full of chocolate truffles, peppermint chocolate, etc., will do its trick with the kids or anyone who has a sweet tooth in your family.

Homemade Candies for family on christmas

It will not only show your sweet love but also your care for your most loved. Let’s note down homemade candies on your must-buy list right away!

Some Final Words!

Apart from the item, what matters when picking presents is their meaning to the receiver. Choosing suitable Christmas gifts for your family is no longer challenging now, as this article has surely brought you some thought-provoking ideas!

It’s about time to get these personalized Christmas gifts for the dearest of your life!
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