25 Christmas Quotes for the Perfect Alternative to Gift Cards

Sep 17, 2021
25 Christmas Quotes for the Perfect Alternative to Gift Cards

Apart from the Christmas presents we offer our beloved ones on Christmas Eve, the sentimental quotes are indispensable elements to create a memorable and cozy vibe together. If you haven’t come up with optimal ideas for your Christmas quotes or sayings, we would like to recommend some!

Especially, some quotes are written on personalized Christmas gifts so that you can both deliver the gifts and your messages at the same time. The quotes-printed Christmas gifts will be amazing alternatives to Christmas cards. Scroll down and find your suitable sayings!

Why Do We Send Christmas Quotes?

Christmas is the most remarkable occasion of the year. This is the time for us to celebrate the crucial spiritual ceremony. But above all, this is the rare chance that the whole family gathers to recall all the events that have passed through a year, even sorrow or happiness.

For this reason, there aren’t any more suitable occasions than Christmas to give our beloved ones a loving message via the form of quotes or gifts. The meaningful one will show the receivers your love and care towards them and how you appreciate their appearance in your life!

Why Do We Send Christmas Quotes
Why Do We Send Christmas Quotes (Source: Kira Auf der Heide)

The way you deliver quotes is no longer limited to Christmas cards. Nowadays, you can opt for some personalized Christmas gifts that have inspirational Christmas quotes on them. You can find a few options in this article!

Christmas Quotes And Sayings For Couples

A couple may have many ceremonies for their love, but Christmas is still one of the most significant events. The Christmas quotes for couples below are effective ways to express your love to your soul partner.

05 Christmas Quotes For Him

#1 All I Want For Christmas Is You

This is one of the most famous Christmas sayings because it is related to the all-time HIT “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey. On the customized canvas, this renowned saying is the main theme. The combination of the sentimental vibe from the image and the romantic lines “All I want for Christmas is you”  will be an amazing gift for your man.

christmas quotes for him at Gossby
"All I Want for Christmas is You" quote is printed on a canvas

#2 My Husband Is Hotter Than Hot Cocoa - Funny Christmas Quotes

A funny but lovely comparison, right? The humorous “My husband is hotter than cocoa” quote will remind your husband of how much you love him and find him attractive whenever he uses the mug.

merry christmas sayings for him
"My Husband is Hotter than Hot Cocoa" quote is printed on a mug

#3 First Christmas Married

Marriage is one of the most important milestones of anyone’s lifetime. Thus, the first Christmas Eve gifts together with the role of husband and wife should be very meaningful.

the best christmas quotes for him
"First Christmas Married" quote is printed on a mug

Among many Christmas quotes, the “First Christmas married” stands out as a decent quote for newly-married couples to mark their special event. You can decide to put this quote on the Gossby personalized mug; it will surely touch the heart of your spouse when they receive the gift.

#4 It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

As we all talk about Christmas like “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” it would be a good idea to consider this “Most wonderful time” saying as a Christmas quote on the present for your boyfriend or husband.

best christmas sayings for him at gossby
"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" quote is printed on a mug

#5 The Temperature Outside Can’t Freeze My Burning Heart For You

The snowy weather can freeze many things in the winter, but not “my burning heart for you.” This is one of the noteworthy among our list that will heat the sentiment between you and your beloved one. By sending this quote, you can tell your spouse about the eternal love fire in your heart.

Christmas quotes for him

05 Christmas Quotes For Her

#1 It’s Not What’s Under The Christmas Tree That Matters; it’s Who’s Around It

The quote above is a fact. We don’t care much about the presents on Christmas, but we care about who is by our side on Christmas Eve. The product with this saying may be an optimal choice for you to offer your darling. Via the quote, you can tell your soulmate about their importance to you during the Christmas occasion.

romantic christmas quotes for her

#2 My Wife Is Hotter Than Hot Cocoa

You may find the quote “My wife is hotter than hot cocoa” quite familiar because this saying is the adverse version of the “My husband is hotter than hot cocoa.” By this, you not only tell her that she is attractive but also praise her sweetness! It’s hard to find sweeter sayings for her than this one.

christmas quotes for wife
"My Wife is Hotter than Hot Cocoa" quote is printed on a mug

#3 To My Love, God Bless The Broken Road That Led Me Straight To You

You can opt for other meaningful Christmas quotes. “To my love, God bless the broken road that led me straight to you” can be an amazing choice. This quote will show your soulmate that your love is the destiny that God has created. Everything happens for a reason, and the “broken road” is just an event arranged by God for your love story to begin.

christmas quotes for her - him - couple

#4 Love You Then, Love You Still, Always Have, Always Will

If you find Christmas quotes that are similar to a promise, this one will suit your demand! The quotation is suitable for expressing your love towards her in the past, the present, and the unknown future. Women always desire permanent love from their men. Therefore, you will make your darling feel more secure with this saying!

sweet christmas sayings

#5 I Never Ask For Gifts On Christmas Eve, Because I Already Had You With Me

As mentioned above, who will stay with us on Christmas Eve is more important than what gifts we will get at this time. Having our beloved ones beside us during the year’s special event is a valuable privilege that life offers.

perfect merry christmas quotes for her
christmas quotes & saying to send your loved ones

05 Christmas Quotes For Friends

We can’t live without our close friends, so why don’t we take Christmas as the occasion to give them touching and meaningful Christmas presents in accompaniment with lovely quotes? These special gifts will celebrate and significantly boost your friendship!

#1 All I Want For Christmas Is My Pets And My Yarn

This quotation suits best for a friend who is a pet lover! “All I Want For Christmas Is My Pets And My Yarn” will surely make your friends laugh happily once they read this line. It is also suitable for a single friend who considers that it is always better to have a pet instead of a boyfriend.

christmas quotes for friends at gossby

#2 Christmas Is Better With Sisters

Imagine that you are celebrating Christmas Eve with your sisters. What can be more memorable? This saying must be one of the most favorable Christmas quotes to send your bestie. Indeed, Christmas will be more wonderful while having your sisters with you!

christmas sayings for friends
"Christmas Is Better With Sisters" quote is printed on a mug

#3 There Is No Greater Gift Than FriendShip

Having best friends is hard, but maintaining friendships is even harder. If you send this to your friends, they will be touched and greatly treasure your friendship. “There is no greater gift than friendship” will be an awesome Christmas present for your friends.

meaingful merry christmas quotes for friends
"There is No Greater Gift than Friendship" quote is printed on a mug

#4 Do You Know What Is Rarer Than True Love? - A True Friendship

Some may say this quote is not true, but some may accept the fact. We all have to admit that friendship sometimes is more difficult to attain than a romantic relationship. Many people can find their half, but they can’t have intimate friends. Hence, never neglect the friendship you are having!

most hertfelt christmas quotes for your friends

#5 Another Christmas With You, Buddy! And, I Still Wait For Many More

Among those Christmas quotes for your good buddy, this one will serve as a recall and a counter for you and him. You guys can look back to what you have been through together and wait for a promising future of the bromance. With this quote, you can express your wish to expand the friendship as long as possible.

merry christmas sayings for friends

05 Christmas Quotes For Family

We all have to be grateful that we are born into a happy family. If you do not know how to express your love and care to our family members, you can convey them via warm-hearted quotes at Christmas events!

christmas quotes for family
Sending Merry Christmas Quotes to Your Family (Source: Ann Danilina)

#1 Nothing Is More Precious Than The Christmas Eve Dinner With Our Beloved Ones

No matter how busy you are on casual days on Christmas Eve, you can’t ignore the dinner with your family! This Christmas quote is a reminder for you to set aside all the stuff and come back home to get ready for a cozy Christmas Eve dinner with your beloved people.

#2 At Christmas, All Roads Lead Home- Marjorie Holmes

Many Christmas sayings are about the essence of being at home on Christmas Eve, and this one is not the opposite! Marjorie Holmes imposed the conception that everyone should celebrate Christmas at home with their family via this quotation. 

#3 Christmas Is, Of Course, The Time To Be Home, In Heart As Well As Body- Garry Moore

Once again, this saying highlights the importance of family on special occasions of the year. Garry Moore even emphasizes that we should be home “in heart as well as the body.” Not only physically staying at home, but we also need to let our minds immerse in the Christmas vibe at home.

#4 The Best Of All Gifts Around Any Christmas Tree: The Presence Of A Happy Family All Wrapped Up In Each Other-Burton Hills

There’s nothing more precious than having all the people we love gathering around on Christmas. The reunion atmosphere is better than any Christmas gift. Like other Christmas quotes for family, Burton Hills’s Christmas quote reminds us of the fundamental role of family one more time.

#5 Family Reunion Is The Best Gift On Christmas

This Christmas quote is a more brief version of Burton Hills. It expresses the message that a family reunion is the Christmas gift that everyone wants to receive. Once you have your family members surrounded on Christmas, you won’t care for anything else!

05 Inspirational Christmas Quotes

Some inspirational Christmas quotes on Christmas Eve will be proper gifts if you want to open up your mind and get a new life vision. Let’s check out some!

Inspirational Christmas Quotes
Enjoy Inspirational Christmas Quotes (Source: Thought Catalog)

#1 It Is Christmas In The Heart That Puts Christmas In The Air - W.T.Ellis

You don’t need to have costly decorations to create the Christmas atmosphere, as the Christmas vibe only comes with people longing for it. This is what W.T.Ellis wants to imply in his Christmas quote.

#2 Christmas Is Not As Much About Opening Our Presents As Opening Our Hearts-Janice Maeditere

As you can see, many Christmas quotes deny the role of physical Christmas gifts. Janice Maeditere’s saying is also one of them. Instead of the physical value, the emotional value is what we should be prone to on Christmas!

#3 Christmas Is A Piece Of One’s Home That One Carries In One’s Heart-Freya Stark

Freya Stark focuses on the connection between Christmas and family. Christmas is always the time we spend with our beloved people. Therefore, all the Christmas memories with them will shape our conception of Christmas, no matter where we are.

#4 Christmas Magic Is Silent. You Don’t Hear It-You Feel It. You Know It. You Believe It-Kevin Alan Milne

We don’t need the famous Christmas songs to feel the Christmas atmosphere. Like other Christmas quotes, Kevin Alan Milne’s one also stresses that we all spiritually feel and know the coming of Christmas. No one knows the reason why we can do that. It just happens.

#5 Christmas Is The Day That Holds All Time Together-Alexander Smith

All-time together” in Alexander Smith’s quote means that people seem to focus and spend most of their time on other activities than with family. Thus, that’s why Christmas is the most vital event when you should put aside all the stuff to spend with your loved ones to make up for the time we’ve wasted. 

Bottom Lines!

Christmas quotes, along with a suitable personalized Christmas gift, will be the most optimal option for you to present your beloved ones on Christmas Eve! 

Or, a proper Christmas quote will be something that changes your perspective towards Christmas far more than it used to be. Among these quotes, what is your favorite one that you will send to your intimate person?

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