Personalized T-shirt Complete Guide: How To Make A Custom T-shirt For Everyone?


Last updated: Nov 18, 2021

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Personalized T-shirt Complete Guide: How To Make A Custom T-shirt For Everyone?

Tired of the same old designs and styles? Is that the reason your wardrobe has lost its charm? Start experimenting with personalized T-shirts to bring new styles and vibes to life!

That’s where personalization comes in. You can create customized t-shirt designs to suit your needs today. Personalization allows you to create your unique style and create memorable gifts your friends will love. 

This guide will show you a complete rundown on how to make personalized t-shirts to suit your unique style.

What is A Personalized T-shirt?

A personalized t-shirt is a custom-designed t-shirt based on your preference. You can choose the photo, name, quote, 2D design, or any other design element that you want, and you can get it on your t-shirt to create a unique design for you. 

personalized t shirt for dads bearded
A customized T-shirt has certain unique features (names, personal favorite quotes, stories,...)

You can create t-shirt designs that showcase your individuality and can create designs for groups, clubs, and other hobbies. A customized t-shirt allows you to express who you are and have pretty much complete reign over the design of your shirt. 

Why The Fuss?

Customized gifts, including T-shirts, are the latest trend in the gift-giving world. When everyone has more to spend, picking a present for them becomes a challenge. We now want unique things, one-of-a-kind, exclusive to ourselves and ourselves only. Personalized gifts fit the bill perfectly. 

But there’s more to the stories. Below sits our attempt to break down the reasons behind the surging popularity of customized T-shirts:

Personalized T-shirts are Unique

What identifies us as individuals is well represented on personalized items, T-shirts included. The creativity, memories, and feelings - the intangible elements of life materialized into beautiful designs and artworks. A custom T-shirt directly connects to who we are as a person. That’s what makes it so special. 

Don't you hate it when everything in your wardrobe looks the same?

Personalized T-shirts Make Incredible Gifts

GIfts, in their purest form, represent the love, appreciation, and gratitude we have for the recipient. Personalized gifts take that value and crank it up to a whole new level. Customizing presents takes real effort and understanding. You have to know someone to tailor a gift that will grab their attention. 

In this case, a custom T-shirt given as a gift ascertains a connection, celebrates, and strengthens it with time. They say: "It's the thoughts that count."  There are a lot of those going on in a personalized gift.

Personalized T-shirts are Versatile

No matter the occasion, recipient, you can always give someone you love a custom T-shirt. It’s practical, too! Getting friends and family members a rocking T-shirt that they can sport every day sounds like a great idea. 

Personalized T-shirts are for everyone to enjoy!

Personalized T-shirts are Budget-friendly Gifts

Customizing an amazing T-shirt has never been easier, thanks to technology.  You have all the tools you need to create custom presents, right from the comfort of your homes. It’s affordable, too. As long as you have your thoughts together, the whole process takes no more than a few minutes and about $30. 

How To Craft Your Dream T-shirt At Home?

Now when you know that you can create your t-shirt design, the next question you’ll logically have is how do I make a personalized t-shirt from home?

There are two ways you can create your dream t-shirt from home. The first is by using a DIY approach and the second is using a reputable vendor to create one online for you. 

DIY Customized T-shirt

From the simple vinyl heat transfer material to the sublimation, you have a range of options here. You can buy a digital printer, create your design and transfer it to a solid-colored t-shirt that you already have. Alternatively, you can bring your t-shirt to the garment printer and get your t-shirt designed for you.

Making your own DIY T-shirt is no easy task!

Embroidery is another option available for personalization purposes; although the style differs from printing services. Embroidery can add a unique touch to your t-shirt designs. 

All of these ways require you to learn “how to make a personalized t-shirt” before you can get an excellent product in your hand. Time-expensive and labor-intensive, you can’t guarantee that you will get the results you want when you customize your dream shirt using DIY. 

Purchase Your Tee Online

The other option for making a t-shirt personalized is purchasing online through a reputable personalization vendor. With multiple sources available online, you can choose from a variety of existing designs. It is easier to choose a pre-made design than to create your own, plus you can work with beautiful designs created by leading t-shirt designers.

Besides, it can save a lot of your time and spare you the extra hassle. The best part is that using a reputable online vendor to create your t-shirt guarantees you quality and that you will get the design you’re looking for. 

Where To Get Custom T-shirts Online?

Choosing to get your t-shirts personalized online is a better choice than DIYing them yourself. We’ve created a list of a few authentic sellers who will customize your t-shirt with ease.

While placing your order, you must be sure that the effort you are putting in will eventually bring your custom t-shirt to you. Save your time and money by working with a reputable retailer of online customized t-shirts. Here are our recommendations:


Yeah, that’s us! One of the finest online stores that can offer tons of customizable designs and efficient customer support is Gossby. Being an expert in personalized gift provision, you can be sure that they’ll have the best ideas in their extensive online store. 

Besides, the price range of the gifts, including the personalized t-shirts, is affordable, so you can expect to get the maximum value for your budget. All of the designs have been created in-house by leading Gossby designers and they offer unique customization options including a customizable t-shirt with photos and a personalized unique mother and daughter t-shirt design.

Our Personalized T-shirts Collection will give more stunning designs that you will love!

banner personalized t shirt

Custom Ink

Another online store famous for personalized gifts is Custom Ink. Fast delivery, availability of hundreds of t-shirt designs, and efficient customer support are the compelling features you can enjoy while shopping with this brand.

Rush Order Tees

At Rush Order Tees, you’ll find an interactive website to customize your t-shirts. How to do a personalized t-shirt at home wouldn’t remain a question when shopping at this website. Fast delivery, better pricing, and quality review are the essential features that this store offers.

Underground Printing

With 20 years of experience in the custom-printed t-shirt industry, the store provides some of the best design options with an added touch of personalization. Fast delivery and exceptional designs are what this store promotes.

Big Frog

Providing you with multiple print options, this store can customize t-shirts for you. Designing help from the experts, fast delivery, and available designs make this store a perfect choice for making the t-shirt personalized.

All of these are reputable choices for choosing to get your customized t-shirt online. However, we recommend Gossby due to its affordability, customer service, and stellar quality.

How To Make Personalized T-shirts At Gossby?

Gossby makes customization simple. Here are the few simple steps you need to follow to get your dream t-shirt delivered to your doorstep today:

Step 1 – Choose A Base Design

The store offers a variety of pre-built designs that we are sure you’ll love. You can get everything from funny quotes to personalized, unique mother and daughter t-shirt designs in this store. 

Cat and dog lovers can get designs that they would love. There are a wide variety of designs for every niche and interest in Gossby’s catalog, so there is sure to be something you love.

Suppose you have something unique in mind. In that case, Gossby allows you to create a customized design as well. You can even tweak the existing designs to make them perfect based on your requirements.

Here are some of our top-selling T-shirt designs to get you started: 

#1 Family - Best Dad Ever Ever Ever Just Ask - Personalized Shirt


#2 Sisters - Sisters Are The Rules (The Oldest/Middle/Youngest Sister)


#3 Dog Lady & Her Bug - Life is Better With Dogs - Up to 5 Dogs Personalized Shirt


#4 Funny - Don't Mess With Papasaurus - Black


#5 Father's Day - Daddysaurus Like A Normal Dad But More Awesome (White)


#6 Girl and Dogs - Never Walk Alone


#7 Funny Dogs - I Work Hard So My Dog Can Have A Better Life


#8 Happy Mother's Day 2021 - Mother and Daughter Forever Linked Together


#9 Father & Kids - We Hooked The Best Dad (Art)


#10 Family - We're Trouble When We Are Together Who Knew


Step 2 – Customize

Once you have chosen the base design, now it is time to customize it. Whether you want to add your name or a picture to the existing design, you can do so with Gossby’s intuitive customization platform. 

Customize your dream T-shirt in minutes!

You can have your unique personalized t-shirt design drawn up in minutes. Affordable and easy-to-use, Gossby’s platform allows you to achieve your custom t-shirt dreams instantly. Simply follow the steps outlined and start customizing your t-shirt design today.

Step 3 – Preview

Now when you are done with the designing part, you must preview what you have created. A design of your own will make you happy for sure.

In case you missed something, you can always go back and edit the design. Gossby makes creating and customizing your t-shirt seamless so you can create amazing designs.

Step 4 – Make The Purchase

If everything is perfect and you are satisfied with your design creation, now you must order your t-shirt. Add them to the cart and pay for the selected t-shirt.

Kick back, relax, your order's in good hands!

Step 5- Relax and Wait

After receiving your order number, the only thing left for you to do is wait for your t-shirt to arrive. You’ll receive your personalized t-shirt with a photo or any other design within 2-3 days.

Customize Away!

Creating a customized t-shirt design online is the best way to make your dream t-shirt design a reality today. By creating your custom t-shirt with a reputable online vendor like Gossby, you are guaranteed to have a beautiful design that is high quality and will suit your wardrobe with ease. 

Shop our excuse personalized t-shirt range at Gossby today! We offer a wealth of high-quality designs that you will love. No matter what your niche or interests are, we have the perfect t-shirt design for you.

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