How To Choose Perfect T-shirts? 10 Tricks To Elevate Your Style


Last updated: Jun 27, 2021

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How To Choose Perfect T-shirts? 10 Tricks To Elevate Your Style

Have trouble choosing a T-shirt that suits your most? Bought many but none satisfies you?

Our sharings on how to find a perfect T-shirt will help you complete your wardrobe. A suitable tree is not only a fashionable item but can also help you shape people’s perceptions of you, depending on different circumstances.

Scroll down to see what criteria you need to consider when looking for T-shirts. You will find in this article general guidelines and specific instructions for individual body types and styles.

Enjoy the article and find out the answer: how to choose perfect t-shirts.

Basic Rules For Everyone

Every change starts with the simplest things. Here are 10 basic mistakes that most people make when buying t-shirts.

How To Choose a Perfect T-shirt? - 10 Secret Tips To Your Holy Grail Tee 

You may need to try on several items to find one that works for you. Keep these general guidelines in mind before you go to the store.

1. How To Choose T-shirt Size: Classic Fit, Slim Fit, And Regular Fit T-shirt

The width of a good tee should not hug your chest and abdomen, but it should not be too wide either. There are three types of T-shirts offering three different stylish appearances and fittings, including classic fit, slim fit, and regular fit T-shirts.

Tips For Choosing T-shirts
  • Classic fit features a wider cut across the shoulders and sides for comfort with a precise cut across the bust and waist. This style is a favorite for everyday wear, whether you're at home, going to bed, or running errands.

  • A regular fit hugs the body tightly while leaving just enough room for comfort at the sleeves and waist. It is suitable for streetwear or school outfits.

  • A slim-fit T-shirt has a narrow cut that makes it close to the body. Thus, it tends to hug the bust and shoulders with more curvaceous sleeves. This style helps accentuate the wearer’s muscles to boost confidence and attractiveness.

2. The Total Length Should Not Exceed The Buttocks

The overall length of the T-shirt should not be shorter than the waist and not exceed the buttocks. The bottom hem should end up only 2-3 inches below your belt.

To know how to choose the right T-shirt size, stand up straight and measure from the high point of the shoulder to below the waist. 

3. Sleeves Don't Go Past The Mid-biceps

The hem of the sleeve should end at the middle of the bicep. If it exceeds the thickest part of the muscle, it is too long. But that will be the exception for a super tall person.

Anyway, sleeves that are too short will make your entire upper body look disproportionate. Plus, regarding the width of the sleeve, your fingers will do the trick.

how to choose t shirt

All you need to do is place your index and middle fingers perpendicular to your bicep. Then, thread them into the gap between the sleeve and your skin. 

If it's too easy to do, that T-shirt is bigger than your size. But, conversely, if you find it too difficult to succeed, it tightens your upper body.

4. Shoulder Seams Should Not Be Longer Than The Length Of Your Shoulders

A shoulder seam will tell you if a T-shirt fits you or not. Its ending position should be at the outer intersection of the biceps and shoulders.

choosing a perfect t shirt

If it extends past that position, it is too big. On the other hand, a tight item will have a shoulder seam that ends in the middle of the shoulder blade.

5. V-neck vs Crewneck

Crewneck T-shirts fit everyone. It helps cover any defects related to weight and chest skin. Thus, it is a safe choice for those who have never bought T-shirts before.

Meanwhile, a V-neckline makes your neck look longer and more attractive. One caveat when choosing this style is to consider the point of the V. It should be between your collarbone and the imaginary line connecting the tops of your armpits.

v-neck shirt and crew shirt

However, V-neck tops may reveal plenty of body flaws. If you are a slim person or suffer from dermatology issues at the neck, this style is not likely to flatter you.

6. How To Choose Fabric For T-shirt: Classic Vs. Bella + Canvas Vs. Next Level 

T-shirts now come in a variety of styles and materials, but you'll find three popular types: Classic, Bella + Canvas, and Next Level.

  • Classic tee has 100% cotton, making it long-lasting and stretchy. You can look at the item tag to check the composition.

classic t shirts
  • Bella & Canvas tee is made up of 99% Airlume combed ring-spun cotton and 1% polyester. This type of product gives you a softer feel than the classic one.

Bella and canvas t shirts
  • Next Level T-shirt contains Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton. This fabric has a unique finish, creating an absolute softness on the skin.

next level t shirts

When looking for a T-shirt, the second thing to consider after the fitting is the product’s quality.

T-shirts that are made from cheap components cause you to sweat more and scratch easily to the touch. In contrast, a high-quality product has a buttery texture that perfectly fits your skin.

7. Consider Seam And Hem Quality

A T-shirt that has thorough seams & hems will fit better and last longer. However, a cheap item is not likely durable due to low-cost production. You might have it for a month, but it will soon tear and be discolored after a few washes.

how to find a perfect t shirt

8. How To Choose T-shirt Color

Choosing color is an important step to complete your outfit.

First, you need to consider the right one, which means it should be suitable for your skin tone and multiple purposes and occasions.

  • White & black are two iconic colors in fashion. They are the easiest to mix-n-match with all other items in your wardrobe.

  • Besides, gray is suitable for all skin tones. However, the only defect is that it easily reveals sweat stains. So, you had better consider wearing it on cooler days.

  • Navy is also a good foundation for most men's and women's T-shirts. It delivers a relaxed and elegant look.

choosing color of t shirts

There are plenty of colors that you may try on. But eye-catching shades do not fit a wide range of situations. For example, you may turn some heads when wearing a pink or yellow top with red pants on a winter day.

9. Patterns On The Shirt

Patterns on the chest and shoulders will distract the eyes of others and cover up the body’s flaws.

t shirt with patterns
shop with gossby

There are countless designs, but personalized t-shirts are becoming increasingly common for their uniqueness and emotional effects. Every individual detail will make out a distinctive product.

10. T-shirts With And Without Pockets

T-shirts with and without pockets: Which is better? This question remains controversial for decades. Some people are fans of pocket tops because of their convenient and practical uses. For example, you can put a pack of cigarettes, glasses, or ballpoint pens in it.

Opponents say breast pockets look too casual. It makes you lose the fashionable and formal look. Either way, this is a matter of preference. Depending on the intended use, you can get these items alternately.

Want to customize unique t-shirts for yourself or someone you love? Check our category now!

banner personalized t shirt

Expanded Recommendations For Individuals 

Each type of apparel suits different body types and situations. You need to know the characteristics of each to get the best mix-and-match ideas.

How To Choose A T-shirt For Individual Body Shapes?

Fitness experts have listed 5 types of the human body. Although the names of male and female styles are sometimes different, they are all based on the same evaluation criteria. Let's find out some tips for choosing the right clothes for each body type.

1. Trapezoid For Men And Hourglass For Women

Shoulders and chest slightly wider than the waist. Because the top and bottom of the body are about proportionate, this structure is much easier to fit all styles.

  • Pro tip: A slim-fit tee gives this person the best look.
women shapes to wear t shirts

2. Rectangle Body Shape

Shoulders, waist, and hips have the same proportions. In this case, the four outer peaks of the shoulders and the hips form a rectangle.

  • Pro tip: A V-neck T-shirt helps break up the rectangular socks, giving the body a softer look.

3. Oval Body Shape

The upper part of the body forms an oval shape, with the chest and abdomen wider than the shoulders and hips.

  • Pro tip: Avoid horizontal stripes, as they highlight the body’s width. Your outfit should accentuate the neck to draw attention away from the abdomen. Long-sleeved items also work well to mislead the eyes of others.

4. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The hips and waist are much narrower than the shoulders and bust.

  • Pro tip: A T-shirt with horizontal stripes will make your waist and hips look wider while diverting the eyes of others away from your chest and shoulders.

5. Triangle Body Shape

Chest and shoulders narrower than hips. So the challenge is to fix this imbalance.

  • Pro tip: Avoid striped tops and polo T-shirts as they reduce width at the shoulders and tighten the hips.

men shapes to wear t shirts

How To Choose T-shirts For Different Outfits?

It is easy to wear T-shirts. But one item is not suitable for all cases. Here are some useful ideas for different outfits.

1. Crewneck T-shirts For Casual Style

The Crewneck T-shirt is a simple-to-wear item for everyone. It gives a youthful and relaxed look.

It mostly suits people with long faces or slanted shoulders. The round shape of the collar harmonizes a narrow and long face.

  • Note: The collar should hug the neck or show only a little collarbone. It will be a good item if its collar doesn't stretch after many times of washing.

  • Outfit idea: Crew Neck tees paired with jeans.

wearing t shirts with jeans

Both of them deliver a casual look. This combination will be perfectly ended up with a pair of white sneakers.

2. V-neck Tees For Stylish Look

The V-neckline allows the wearer to show off their figure. This style is suitable for people with round faces and a larger upper body. It naturally elongates the neck and creates the illusion of height.

  • Note: The point of the V should not be below the imaginary line connecting the tops of your armpits.

  • Outfit idea: V-Neck & jacket.

choose v neck t shirts with jackets

A brown leather jacket is a perfect addition to a V-neck T-shirt. The combination with jeans and suede shoes helps you exude a stylish appearance.

3. Henley Tee For Muscular Chests

Henleys are ideal for guys who have well muscular chests. They are also suitable to wear in all seasons.

  • Note: Fastening one or two bottom buttons gives a more fashionable look than opening all of them.

  • Outfit idea: Henley T-shirt & blazer. 

wear henley t shirts

You will look polite in a long-sleeved henley and a blazer. The buttoned collar makes the outfit less rigid than a formal suit.

You can button up and wear dress shoes for formal events. Open buttons combined with a white pair of sneakers give you a street-style outfit.

4. Polo For Formal Outfit

Polo T-shirts are suitable for those who want to look for elegance and comfort. You can wear them to work, on a date, or to school. This cut also shows off your muscles.

  • Note: A formal event will require you to tuck the bottom hem of the polo into your pants.

  • Outfit idea: Polo & trouser. 

Polo & trouser

No matter what color of the polo you wear, the combination with trousers always gives a trendy look. Dress it up with loafers, a blazer or suit, and a printed pocket square for a summery outfit.

5. Sleeveless T-shirt Shows Off Toned Arms

A sleeveless T-shirt allows you to show off your muscles effortlessly. This item is most suitable for a summer outfit. 

  • Note: The tees with dark colors will match dark skin tones. On the contrary, a bright choice of shades works well with fairer skin.

  • Outfit idea: Sleeveless T-shirt & dark-colored pants.

Sleeveless T-shirt & dark-colored pants

Wearing a pair of dark denim pants will draw more attention to the upper body. This combination helps highlight your toned biceps and muscular chest.

6. Cap Sleeves For a Relaxed Look

A cap-sleeve tee is a special style in which your shoulders are covered completely, but your biceps are revealed fully. They come in fitted cuts or looser sleeves.

  • Note: Never wear these things to a formal event.

  • Outfit idea: Cap sleeves tees & short half pants.

This mix delivers a sporty and relaxed look. It is suitable for home, gym, or beach outfits.

7. Full-length Sleeve For The End Of Summer

A long-sleeve T-shirt covers all your arms, extending from shoulder to wrist. It features a wide range of uses at the beginning and the end of summer.

  • Note: Gray, black, and navy tees will help cover flaws in the chest and abdomen areas.

  • Outfit idea: Full-length sleeve tees & shirt.

Full-length sleeve tees & shirt

That outfit delivers a neutral style that is put together but not too formal or casual.

8. Graphic For Inspiring Youth

Printed T-shirts on both sides are indispensable items for young people. It is increasingly loved by members of all ages for the vibrant pictures and inspiring writings.

  • Note: You should consider a reliable vendor for long-lasting graphic patterns after many times of washing.

  • Outfit idea: Graphic T-shirt & whiteout.

Graphic T-shirt & white out
buy t-shirt with gossby

Minimalist items ensure to highlight the printed design on your tee. It is mostly suited with white or black denim items for a balanced look.

Also of interest:

Final Words!

Do you have more secrets on how to choose the perfect t-shirts you have up your sleeves? If you can not wait to purchase one for an imminent event, we can summarize them as follows:

  • Crewneck Tees for all casual use

  • Polo T-shirts for a formal style

  • Graphic T-shirts for an explosive personality

All in all, we hope this article provides you with the tips that help you pick the right T-shirts for all occasions. Feel free to leave comments if you have any ideas that you want to share with us.

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