20+ Awesome Wall Décor for Rooms that Make Your Living Space Gorgeous


Last updated: Jul 30, 2021

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20+ Awesome Wall Décor for Rooms that Make Your Living Space Gorgeous
When you move into a new home, it can be one of the great joys of life. However, it would also be an uncertain time especially when it comes to wall decor for rooms. Are your walls looking a bit blah? And, how do you make your wall look its best while reflecting your style?

If you do it well, you'll end up with a happy & comfortable home. But do it poorly and then, you'll end up with a hodge-podge of boring wall and paint colors that never congeal into a pleasing whole. The fact that wall decor is the most convenient & easiest way to change your home around and update. So, why don't you do it and keep your style fresh and magnificent?

In this article, Gossby will help you to figure out some great ideas for your wall decor to level up any room in your home. Keep scrolling and find your best idea.

06 Living Room Wall Decor

Spicing up your living room isn't easy but not so troublesome because you have so many options as to what you want to put up to add zest to your space. Don't let you wait so long, here are some great ways you can choose when it comes to wall decor ideas for living rooms.

1. Creating a Home-sweet-home Vibe with Personalized Family Canvas

Personalized canvas, perhaps, is the easiest way to choose when you decide to decorate your living rooms' wall. A sweet image of your family members sitting together with a touching quote will bring a heartfelt feeling to your living rooms. Whenever you're in the room and look at it, how will you describe your emotion at that moment?

personalized canvas - wall decor ideas for living room

Plus, you can think of mix-and-match style as decorating your living rooms' wall with the custom canvas along with other decor items.

2. Statement Mirror

A unique sculptural mirror would be one of your favorite ways to adorn a blank wall when it comes to wall décor ideas for living rooms that don't require a single piece of artwork. Mirrors not only reflect light, but they also open up spaces by creating the sense of a larger area. Choose a mirror with a unique or interesting shape to make it feel like a wall sculpture that is also quite practical!

statement mirrors for living room wall decor

3. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the few wall décor options for your living rooms that has an all-around influence. A wallpapered room, regardless of size, establishes a bright tone and is sure to be a center point in your house.

Wallpaper for living room wall decor

For a clean, layered effect, choose a colorful pattern or a paper that replicates natural textures, such as marble or wood graining. If you aren't ready to commit, start with a removable wallpaper that can be changed out as required.

4. Wall Mural

Hang a paper mural for something as fascinating and exquisite as art or wallpaper. Consider it a huge piece of wall art that is less expensive because it does not need to be framed. A garden or nature mural is a lovely way to create depth and texture. The best part is that it doesn't have to be permanent, so you can change it out for a different wall design later on.

Wall Mural

5. Hanging Tapestry

Wall tapestries, like big artwork, are a beautiful, one-of-a-kind wall décor option that adds a touch of soft natural texture to a room. Tapestries are attractive and functional wall art in family homes with children since they are not large and heavy items.

hanging tapstry for wall decor for living room
Plus, they're typically quite inexpensive, so you may experiment with a pair with complementary designs for some aesthetic variety. This wall decor is ideal if you're into the Boho Hippe style.

6. Painted Accent Wall

A new coat of paint is often all that is required to bring a blank wall to life. Do some quick research on accent wall ideas before you take up the paintbrush to determine what color is best for your living space.

Painted Accent Wall

Brighter paint color will instantly make your wall a focal point, whilst a softer hue will draw attention to your furniture items. You may put art on your accent wall or leave it blank, but either way, it's the easiest way to liven up your walls and add depth and character.

05 Bedroom Wall Decor

1. Bring Your Friendship to your Bedrooms with Personalized Poster

Indeed, a personalized poster is the easiest way to level up your private space when it comes to wall decor ideas for bedrooms. This retro poster has a vintage look thus, it suits those who love to decorate their rooms with this vibe.

personalized poster - bedroom wall decor

Moreover, you can custom the appearance of the 2 girls as well as the names so, are you ready to surprise your besties when you invite her to your private space?

2. Framed Fabric

When you get a little artistic with your decor, you can create a very unique appearance. If you can locate printed fabrics in a subject you like, use them to make items like throw pillow covers and use leftover yardage as wall art by framing it. And just like that, you have personalized décor that is unmistakably you.

Framed Fabric is wall decor idea for bedroom

3. Color-blocked Wall

You'd be astonished at what a can of paint and some tape can do to liven up your bedroom wall decor. Painting a part of your walls in a bold hue, such as this deep navy, adds a lot of visual appeals.

Color-blocked Wall for bedroom wall decor

4. Strategically-placed Lighting

While lighting (particularly a pendant suspended from the ceiling) isn't strictly wall art, the overall arrangement makes a compelling argument for the medium. This light's design, along with a creative paint job, provides a visual composition that perfectly outfits these walls.
Strategically-placed Lighting for bedroom

5. The Gallery Shelf

If you want to showcase your favorite photos and inspirational quotations but want a less obtrusive aesthetic than a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall, a single floating shelf is ideal.

The Gallery Shelf

05 Dining Room Wall Decor

1. Create a Funny Vibe with Personalized Dog-mom Poster

If anyone in your family loves dogs, you cannot ignore this one to spice up the dining wall. Why this poster? As said, a poster is an easy mix-n-match wall decor item, and when it comes to dining wall decor, this funny item would be the best.

personalized poster for dining room wall decor

2. Teal Accents

Here's a suggestion for people who want a more vibrant and colorful motif in their house. Teal has lately been a popular hue, and it is being used in an increasing number of homes, clothes, and other items.
Teal Accents

Teal creates a brighter tone in your dining area and might seem warm and welcome! Try a teal accent wall or drapes, as well as some eccentric accessories, to make your dining area come to life!

3. Modern Mural

Modernizing your dining area may be a difficult task. For decades, dining room décor has remained conventional and classic. Now is the ideal moment to update your dining room!
Modern Mural for bedroom wall decor
Let's refurbish and choose a sleek, fashionable wall painting for the dining area. Colors like white and black, combined with elegant calligraphy, will do the trick, and no one else will have a dining room like yours!

4. Simple Shelving

A basic shelf for storing goods or even dining room essentials is an excellent dining room wall décor concept. You may also select shelving that complements the décor of your dining room!
Simple Shelving

Put a few funny signs or dining room things on your shelf, and remember that there are so many different types and colors of shelving to select from. Have some fun with it! Choose an accent color or keep it simple with white.

5. Add Antiques

Want to save money while decorating your dining room wall and filling space? Visit your local thrift store and look for a few antiques that strike out to you! These goods are inexpensive, yet they do not appear such when styled. Place a couple of the objects on a wall shelf or in a cabinet. These fascinating buys will add to the beauty of your dining area while not breaking the budget!

05 Bathroom Wall Decor

1. Laugh-out-loud Vibe with Personalized Cat Canvas

A bathroom is a private place that you won't let anyone be there when you're in. But, how about a cat or a cat-themed canvas with a hilarious quote? It's weird at first but so funny. Just take a look at the canvas and imagine when you're entering the bathroom and you see the "canvas cat" says: Nice butt + (your name), can you resit to laugh?

personalized canvas for bathroom wall decor
  • Need some helps with wall decor? Our custom canvas collection will get your back!

2. Botanical Prints Stay Relevant

Botanical prints have been a popular addition to houses for some time now, and this trend is expected to continue in 2020. With the addition of these patterns, bathrooms in designs such as shabby chic, coastal, farmhouse, rustic, and tropical look even better.

Botanical Prints Stay Relevant for bathroom wall decor

Finding them is a piece of cake; there is a wide selection to choose from, and you won't have to spend a bunch. Even if you don't know much about the "world of art," you can't go wrong with these nature-inspired embellishments. There are even a few clever DIY ideas available to assist you in creating your botanical prints.

3. Oversize Wall Art

Large wall art items, including giant pendants, have been a popular choice in homes over the last several seasons. Oversized wall art is a highly subjective topic; although one person may think a certain piece is way too huge for space, another may think it looks just great.

Oversize Wall Art for wall decor ideas bathroom

Large wall art in the bathroom immediately draws your attention, especially in contemporary settings with little else in the way of color and design. There are two design techniques you may take here: employ a wall art addition that introduces new colors to the bathroom as an accent piece, or use one that simply incorporates colors that are already there.

4. Unusual Art Work

When looking for bathroom wall artwork, you don't have to limit yourself to framed prints, paintings, and pictures. Ideas that go beyond the box, such as the stunningly beautiful shower backsplash in natural yellow onyx stone, are as excellent as, if not better than, any other piece of wall art you can discover.

Unusual artwork for bathroom wall decor

Aside from that, you may utilize bespoke stained glass creations to give color and design to the bathroom and define its style. DIY art pieces, eccentric collections, and a variety of other items may serve as your bathroom's version of "wall art."

5. A Contrastive Wall

Many modern homes are quite minimalistic, which is why some people choose not to use too many bathroom wall decorations. If you are one among them, we offer an idea that will make the walls appear more fascinating while requiring no additional accessories.

Make one of the walls a different color by using different tiles or painting it with a different hue. In this manner, space will retain its vibrancy without the need for any wall hangings.

Wrapping Up

Nobody likes to spend their whole day staring at a blank wall, which is why wall decor for rooms is such an important aspect of the designing process. The rest is simple once you start brainstorming (unless there are too many great ideas to choose between). We've got lots of wall art ideas to stimulate your imagination, from gallery walls to DIY pieces like framing personal accessories and large-scale photographs.

Finding some ideas for:

  • Living room wall decor

  • Bedroom wall decor

  • Dining room wall decor

  • Bathroom wall decor

Hope this article will get you back.

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