20 Wall Art Decor Ideas To Spruce Up Your Blank Wall


Last updated: Aug 29, 2021

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20 Wall Art Decor Ideas To Spruce Up Your Blank Wall

Wall art decor matters, and it should not end when the final coat of paint has dried. Pay no attention to it, and you may find yourself staring at these soulless spaces in the future. If you have decided to stop treating walls as an afterthought, here are the 20 best wall art ideas that are worth considering!

Top 5 Wall Art Decor For Living Room

The living room is the most fun but also intimidating room to choose the right piece of artwork. Yet, a stunning canvas print or painting will show off your fine taste and set the vibe for the whole space. There's no need to feel pressure about decorating this room through art with the suggestions below! 

Top 1: Stay Wild Moon Child Canvas

Everyone has a free, wild spirit inside themselves, which manifests through this Boho Hippie Bohemian canvas. Does the imagery of two young girls having a good time under the bright moonlight remind you of those nights you were living to the fullest?

wild and free - wall art decor for living room
"Stay Wild Moon Child" Boho Hippie Bohemian wall art

The canvas is made of a high-quality cotton/poly blend with a polished satin finish to lend your living room an interesting look.

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Top 2: Today Is A Good Day

Sometimes, you need a reminder that today is a good day to have a good day - especially to cure your case of Monday blues. Hang this colorful canvas on a corner of your living room to get yourself inspired and turn the focus to success every morning.

Today Is A Good Day living room wall art decor

Top 3: Welcome To Our Home

Cat lovers can't take their eyes off this canvas for sure. Having furry feline friends in your life is wonderful. How about having their names printed on this adorable canvas that you can show off to your guests when they come over?

cat canvas for living room wall art decor

"Wellcome to Our Home" wall art

You can choose the number of cats (up to 5), customize your cats' breeds, and decide between two backgrounds to formulate a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Top 4: Coral Stairs & Palm Leaf

There's something incredibly arty about this geometric piece. The sleek framing, the illusion of light, and the green palm leaves that stand in contrast to the whole concept altogether contribute to the appeal of this canvas.

Coral Stairs & Palm Leaf - wall art decor living room

The manufacturer uses shrink-resistant material and latex for each piece so it can stay longer in your living room.

Top 5: Blue Nude

This scoop frame art print by Henri Matisse lends a contemporary aesthetic to any decor. You can choose between two frame colors (black and white) and six sizes to better fit your wall layout.

Blue Nude is famous wall art decor

Top 5 Wall Art Decor For Bedroom

You can go wild when sprucing up the blank wall in the bedroom! The room is a retreat and a place for "me time" and relaxation, and whatever you choose will reflect that.

The pieces should be at eye level with a minimalistic or no frame, allowing the art piece to be the center of attention. Your choice for the bedroom often reveals more about yourself than any other place in the house.

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Top 1: Mother And Children Forever Linked Together

There's nothing stronger than the bond between a mother and her children. If you're reminiscent of a carefree, peaceful childhood with your mom, this canvas is a way to hark back to those good old days. You can change the name, skin color, and hairstyle so the piece can better illustrate your family members.

mother and children canvas is perfect for bedroom wall art decor

"Mother & Children Forever Linked Together" wall art

Top 2: Vintage Fashion Magazine

Makeup is a form of self-expression. It's great to stay in vogue, but it's best to live as your true self. This piece will perch boldly next to your dressing table, just as bold and authentic as you are!

Vintage Fashion Magazine Print - bedroom wall art decor


Your bedroom should look like what's portrayed in this artwork - a tranquil and relaxing oasis. The greenery provides a calming effect to the eye, and let's put your feet down for a moment, just like the girl in the image.

TERRARIUM is perfect for wall art decor

Top 4: Peach Dash Wall Hanging

If you want to add more pattern and texture to the bedroom, your first choice should be this Peach Dash woven wall hanging. This stunning tapestry will make anyone stop and stare while the neutral shades work harmoniously with just about any wall color.

Peach Dash Wall Hanging wall art for bedroom

Top 5: You Had Me At Meow

Have you ever been woken up by your cats in the morning? If yes, there's little wonder why the eyes of the kitty friend in this print might seem strangely familiar to you. Let's celebrate the adorable furry critter with this cat-inspired canvas! Do you agree “life is better with Cats”? If yes, you can choose to print this statement on your canvas.

you had me at meow is wall art decor for bedroom

"You Had Me at Meow" wall art decor for bedroom

The manufacturer lets you add up to 3 cats inside the frame with their name printed overhead.

Top 5 Wall Art Decor For Kitchen

The kitchen is the beating heart of the house, yet, this room is often neglected in terms of artwork. Try to incorporate a graphic print in the countertop or cabinet area to boost the space's visual appeal.

Whether you want something artsy to blend with the whole design or some funny quotes to begin the day, artwork can get you covered.

Top 1: Still Life With Oranges

Food-related artwork is the go-to choice for many people when it comes to spicing up their kitchen. This digital reproduction of Jacob van Hulsdonck's work extrudes a rustic vibe, nostalgic vibe while it can fit virtually any decor. Besides, there are three size options, so you can pick the one that matches your wall size.

orange canvas for kitchen wall art decor

Top 2: Best Dog Mom Ever

Dogs love to eat, which explains why they're more likely to spend time in the kitchen with you than their cat friends do. Let's pride yourself on being a good dog mom who raises her kids happy and healthy with the quote “best dog mom ever just ask... (you puppies’ name)”!

best wall art decor for kitchen

"Best Dog Mom Ever" wall art decor for kitchen

This canvas uses high-grade, fade-resistant material with a matte finish for a smoother display and better brightness. 

Top 3: Floral Art

This floral art piece is a simple way to brighten up your day. The color of the vintage wooden wall complements the white blooms in mason jars. The whole tone is laid back and soothing, helping to set you up for the new day ahead.

floral canvas - wall art decor for kitchen

Top 4: Coffee & Wine

Is that you - someone who often struggles to choose between wine and coffee? Let's show your appreciation for both beverages by having this chic graphic print hung in your kitchen. The combination of white and black make this piece easily blend in any decor layout.

Coffee and wine wall art decor ideas

The fade-resistant archival inks help the colors retain their vibrancy for years to come, even under strong light exposure.

Top 5: Watercolor Lemon

This lighthearted kitchen canvas will make your morning easier! It adds a splash of cheerful color to the blank, boring wall. Besides, the manufacturer uses eco-solvent ink that can protect the artwork from UV damage.

Watercolor Lemon is a good wall art decor ideas for kitchen

If you feel your kitchen is too bland and dull, this buoyant graphic print is a nice way to spruce things up!

Top 5 Wall Art Decor For Bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is the place that people often overlook when decorating their house. There's nothing homey about those blank spaces, and they might become an eyesore for the whole room. Areas over the toilets or the bathtub are the best place for introducing art.

Top 1: Funny Cat

Showering can be funnier with this pet-inspired canvas. Cats show their affection in mysterious and unconventional ways, and we still wonder if watching us shower is one of their ways.

"Nice Butt" wall art decor idea for bathroom

This print, with the compliment “nice butt” on it, infuses positivity into how you feel about your body and helps you practice feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Thanks to the canvas's durable cotton blend and satin finish, there's no need to worry about hanging the piece in such a humid environment as the bathroom.

Top 2: Wood Wall Art

Mexican crazy lace agate stones are one of nature's finest creations, which is reflected in the ornate, intricate swirls of different colors. Each stone is unique, just as you are!

wood wall art decor for bathroom

This printed wood is the statement of your uniqueness. You'll be reminded of how special you are whenever stepping into the bathroom.

Top 3: Wake Up Be Awesome

Morning showering provides the burst of energy you need for a day ahead. Your spirit would get even higher when you lay your eyes on this inspirational statement!

Wake Up Be Awesome wall art decor ideas

With blue and fossil gray, this canvas can easily find a place in most bathroom themes.

Top 4: Summer Fern

A master bath needs something soothing and serene, and this summer, fern wall art is the way to go. The fern motif is a trendy decor not only for its aesthetic but also for the ease of blending with the existing decor. This watercolor art print can come in different frame choices, so it is advisable to choose a wood color that speaks to the whole concept.

Summer Fern canvas is wall art for bathroom

Top 5: Colors Of Morocco

Looking for a bolder way to decorate the bathroom? This Moroccan-inspired art piece is a nice wall art home decor idea. The wall of varying shades of pink pops no matter where you hang it.

Colors Of Morocco ideas for wall art decor

Wrapped Up

That's all wall art decor suggestions you'll need to give those empty walls a new lease of life. Give them the attention they deserve, and you'll be more proud to welcome any guest. It is important to consider the vibe and concept you want to create, so the piece you pick will not overwhelm or clash with other elements in the room.

Go with Gossby if you're looking for some pieces of art to decorate your living space!

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