Valentine’s Day Gifts For New Couples To Go Deeper


Last updated: Jan 26, 2022

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Valentine’s Day Gifts For New Couples To Go Deeper

Celebrating a Valentine when you’re new to love bounces the line of your romance. Date in an ever-loving place with some roses, not a bad idea but do you miss anything else?

Knowing what you need, we have a list of Valentine’s Day gifts for new couples consisting of some customized products from Gossby. Check out the best gift ideas for your first Valentine.

What To Get For Someone In A New Relationship?

It seems that hundreds of things ride on the first Valentine as a couple. At the initial stage of love, several things are bewildering you & your partner. Gift-giving is one of them that does your head in.

Asking your friends and no clear guidance as you might not know what your lover likes. You want them to acknowledge that you truly love them but don’t like to be over the top from the word go. Still, making an impression on the love festival is crucial that you need to balance when choosing Valentine’s Day gift ideas for new couples.

What To Get For Someone In A New Relationship

So, what should an ideal Valentine gift include?

#1. Unique

Instead of cliche presents other couples often buy such as a bundle of roses, a chocolate box…, let’s pick an extraordinary gift to glorify your very first Valentine’s Day together.

Also, you can opt for a customized Valentine’s giftemphasizing individual marks. Your boo will pay your respects for sure.

#2. Thoughtful

A gift can show how much you think about the recipient. Don’t just pick a normal gift perfunctorily without thinking too much. If you can choose a thing they like, it means that you love them and care for them.

#3. Appropriate

Depending on the courtship time, you will know how to select decent Valentine’s gifts for new couples. It’s important to let your other half know your appropriate gestures and attitude. When you can prove that, he/she can trust you more.

How To Choose The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For New Couples?

Cracking your head because of Valentine’s gifts for new couples? Check some following tips!

#1. Give A Little Head-Up

People love to be respected and honored. So you can ask your Valentine what they want to be gifted on February 14. It’s also a way to reduce your stress and simplify the big question in your head. Direct asking leads to satisfaction better than ever.

#2. Consider The Interest

Straight asking may not suit your style, hence, you can recall all of their hobbies and interests that you know. A gift fitting their passion never disappoints them and you can even get a hug back for your caring.

#3. A Gift For The Pets

Pet lovers get used to paw-inspired spots everywhere they are. And they would thank you a million if you give them a house or pet food boxes for their cute animals. You love their pets, meaning that you love them more than anything else. 

10 Valentines Gifts For New Couples

No parties, no pub crawls don’t mean a riddle of a gift can be shortened. To save your time, here are 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for new couples. Read the below!

1. Indoor Plant

Being together and growing up day by day, an indoor plant is a meaningful gift for your love at the beginning phase. Imagine you two water for it and see it grow taller as your love flies higher.

Indoor Plant
Indoor Plant (Source: Pretty In Green Plants - Etsy)

2. Picture Frame

Get a cool frame and put your photo together with your boo, that’s how Valentine’s gift for new couples works. They’ll keep in mind this cherished day forever.

Picture Frame - valentines day gift ideas for new couples
Picture Frame (Source: Lizzy Fish Signs - Etsy)

3. Sleeping Lamp

As you cannot stay by their side at night, let the warm light of the lamp sing a lullaby for them to sleep well.

Sleeping Lamp
Sleeping Lamp (Source: Lvoefi Store - Amazon)

4. Earphone

Listening to a song both of you love with an earphone is such a sweet experience. This kind of Valentine’s gift for couples also brings a fresh sentiment to your pair.

Earphone (Source: Amasing Store - Amazon)

5. Key Ring

They’ll not feel overwhelmed on your first Valentine together if you give them a little keyring. Little things say a thousand words.

Key Ring
Key Ring (Source: Rostozzi Art - Etsy)

6. Nebulizing Diffuser

How about making his/her room filled up with aromatic essential oil for therapy after a long day? They would honor this thoughtful gift and miss you whenever using it.

Nebulizing Diffuser
Nebulizing Diffuser (Source: Organic Aromas Store - Amazon)

7. Phone Case

Useful and simple, a phone case will strike joy for your dear. Anytime watching a video or joining a video call, they can get your gift and remember why it’s in their place.

Phone Case
Phone Case (Source: Woo Wie Shop - Etsy)

8. Cashmere Scarf

In the winter when the wind blows stronger, your sweetheart needs a scarf to protect their health. So nice to have it from your Valentine’s Day gift idea for new couples.

Cashmere Scarf
Cashmere Scarf (Source: Handcombed - Etsy)

9. Pajamas Set

While going to bed and coming to a dream, they will touch this wonderful gift and miss you a lot. Or when you two have a chance for camping, it will be an emotional piece of the night.

Pajamas Set
Pajamas Set (Source: AW BRIDAL Store - Amazon)

10. Homemade CDs/Mixtapes

One of the most awesome Valentine’s gifts for new couples is a mixtape or CD compiling a series of tracks that your duo has listened to together. A way to remind your first days as well.

Impress With Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts For New Couples

Why Personalized Gifts For Valentine’s Day?

Standing out of common Valentine’s Day gift ideas for new couples, personalized gifts are mentioned to be more unique and thoughtful. They contain the image, quote, and memory that you want to express. Additionally, they're unconventional as nobody else could have the same gift as your darling.

On top of that, personalized gifts are practical thanks to their useful functions. They can go with your partner many times and be used appropriately. Since you can customize the gifts, they speak your own words and thoughts.

banner personalized gifts for couples

05 Personalized Gifts For The First Romantic Valentine’s Day As A Couple

If you're stuck in the thoughts of how to glorify your first Valentine with your partner, relax for a while as we will assist you to create a memorable day. Level up your romance with the outstanding personalized Valentine’s Day gifts for new couples at Gossby.

1. “My Favorite Place Is Inside Your Hug” Personalized Mug

Though your couple is at a starting stage of love, appreciation of your honey is a need. They will fall into your arm and spend a sweet day with you when seeing the personalized mugs. Who can refuse a touching text “My favorite place is inside your hug”?

This occasion is more about the meaning and less about price. Time has stopped at your love door with this admirable gift.

valentine's day gift - how to celebrate valentine's day at home
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2. “Husband & Wife - Best Partners in Crime for Life” Personalized T-shirt

Sharing beautiful memories on special days seems to be easy with one of our favorite personalized T-shirts. It’s a meaningful gift for newlyweds to celebrate their first Valentine with digital art of a romantic couple enjoying happy moments together. 

You don’t need to shout to the world that you love him/her, this masterpiece is enough to say. A great love path is ahead, happiness is on your way.

t shirt - the most romantic valentine's day gifts for new couple
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3. “When I Say I Love You More…” Personalized Canvas

How many ways to say “I love You”? There are endless options to convey your compassion for your lovebird. With this personalized canvas repeating three amazing words, you reach a higher rank in your love life.

Don’t forget to include an animated image that you can choose by yourself. It’s time for your heart to show off with our personalized Valentine’s Day gifts for new couples.

wrapped canvas - valentine's day gifts
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4. “Every Time I See You I Fall In Love All Over Again” Personalized Mug

For every couple, expectation and reality differ a lot. Time passing by makes people forget the dreamy color of love. Yet, the personalized Valentine’s Day gifts at Gossby paint the pick scheme to your love affair like this adorable mug.

ceramic mug as the best Valentine's Day gift for new couple
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Nothing is more romantic than this quote “Every time I See you I fall in love all over again” and animation of two men kissing sweetly. No one can resist hugging you at the time receiving this ideal gift.

5. “You Are My Rainbow” Personalized Mug

LGBT couples must be proud to find the other part of their hearts. At the first sight, you may be happy to have them in life and experience ups and downs. Even when the time for being side by side is under a year, it would make them impressed with this mug as one of Gossby’s gifts for lesbian couples.

coffee mug - valentine's day gifts for a new couple
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You don’t need a fancy gadget or watches from a luxurious brand, the “You are my rainbow” mug is enough to die for. They need your love, not expensive things.

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Final Thoughts!

Economic development has rolled people around the globe into the wheel of burdens and money. Having time to spend a romantic day with your beloved one is so precious.

Let’s make a celebration engraved on your partner’s mind with awe-inspiring Valentine’s Day gifts for new couples at the upcoming love event. Despite your fresh relationship, these gift ideas will wow your lover and stamp a new milestone in your love affair.

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